Dec 1st, 2017
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  3. Welcome to The Quest Of REG. A small offshoot of OiE's main storyline, devised to keep everyone interested and revitalized during extended times of hiatus.
  5. The main OiE Handbook, provided by PonyStrangler is 99.99% reference material, and The Quest Of REG follows the same rules, game system, and extras as it does unless stated otherwise.
  6. A '***' placed at the end of a statement indicates a rule is in place in the OiE Handbook, and should be reviewed before any questions. The Official OiE Handbook can be found here:
  8. Other Applicable Pastebins:
  9. Armoy and Enclave Storage: FULL ACCESS TO ITEMS
  10. Items and Equipment: FULL ACCESS TO AND REFERENCING
  12. OiE Companions: FULL REFERENCE
  15. The Quest of REG-HOUSE RULES:
  17. #1: Posting time will be scheduled bi-weekly at the most. I will make a GM Post every Friday-Saturday. Players have until the next scheduled GM posting date to make a reply. If 2 rounds of posting can be done in a week? EXCELLENT! If not, once a week is fine too.
  19. #2: Players that miss a scheduled posting date will have their turn skipped and will automatically be rolled an Overwatch action at the GM's discretion.***
  20. #2.5: Players that can't post until a specific time, and yet are active and chatty on Discord will be silently and harshly judged. >:[
  22. #3: Once a player has missed enough posting dates, their character will begin to accumulate progression penalties, such as: minimal NPC interaction, lost opportunities in loot gathering, and End-of-Chapter XP distribution and rewards. Only in very extreme circumstances will a player be completely removed from play.
  24. #4: Due to lack of familiarity and because they're not mine, OiE-slated Companions will NOT BE AVAILABLE in The Quest Of REG. NPC's and Support Actions will be available, but not guaranteed, at the GM's discretion.
  26. #5: In relation to Rule #4: Many areas of OiE are unfortunately unavailable, due to unfamiliarity and ownership. Available areas of exploration will be provided by the GM at their discretion.
  28. #6: As with Rule 4 and 5: Raorback Fortress will have limited access, PLEASE ASK before interacting with any established NPC's. I can and will not attempt to control any NPC's I am not familiar enough with to accurately portray.
  30. #7: More rules will be applied, if required...
  36. #0: read the Handbook, former threads & collations, Records, Bulletin board, and the rest of this pastebin before asking questions. This means all of it if possible. Time is valuable and not a commodity to waste. If you miss something important or glaringly obvious.. too bad. Nearly everything can be checked out rather quickly, so do the smart thing and READ before asking for information.
  38. #1: what an Operator brings with them is all they have to start with. If you want to take an item that is not in Innawoods, then contact a GM to see if it can be allowed. To keep from relying on Innawoods now, the Items & Equipment listing has been fully expanded to keep track of all owned items, including all single use items. Any specialized or constructed possessions will be added to the Item & Equipment paste once acquired or completed.
  40. #2: need to take or rent something useful, or have something you don't want anymore? Use the Armory: then notify a GM of what you want added or removed.
  42. #3: all actions that require a roll will be done openly. This excludes GM rolling for secret events and the like. If you are unable to access the dicebot, for any reason, ask someone to post rolls for you.
  44. #5: reposts, rerolls, prerolls, and addendums are not allowed UNLESS a GM states to do so. A repost is counted as deleting a post that is completed, whether due to Operator error or rolz fucking itself. A reroll is counted as either a repost or double posting a set of rolls. A preroll is defined as attempting to roll abilities the turn before they are allowed to be in use, or would otherwise not be allowed. Everyone should know what an addendum is.
  46. #6: due to the state of rolz, a maximum of 2 Operator responses per each GM response is allowed. Quite frankly, yes, we all love walls of text or we WOULDN'T be here! While there are no technical limitations on the number of rolls one may do, I would like Operators to keep their roll numbers under 30, IF POSSIBLE. Reading through too many gives everyone a headache. Trust me, I've had a dickmillion headaches and a few on the side. If you simply must have 5 people working to restore a banged up 1957 Chevy 4-door hardtop.. please be responsible about it.
  48. #7: since rolz allows a greater amount of freedom and flexibility, there are a number of changes to keep in mind:
  49. >Firstly, rolling dice in the standard [1d6] bracketed format may ONLY be done outside of using the third person /me action. If you are using the /me command, post your rolls after your response. I have no control over this and the rolz admin is reluctant to spend 10+ hours rewriting his code.
  50. >Secondly, since there is no preference between first person paragraph narrative or third person, it's up to the player in question to determine their posting style. There are no font selections, however, there IS an expectation of proper formatting.
  51. >Thirdly, due to the change from 4chan to rolz, as best as you can, write all first and third person written narratives in a large paragraph style. This is done for easier, simpler collation purposes over time.
  52. >Fourthly, there are several brackets that must be used to indicate specific formats:
  54. <Name of Language Goes Here> is to be used for any language that is not Common Equestrian/English.
  56. (Non-Spoken Thoughts Go Here) is to be used for private thoughts, or psionic/magical communication.
  58. *Radio Messagsse Go Here* is to be used for radio communication.
  60. Type @Name for direct notification of an Operator, a Companion, Allies, and other NPC's. This MAY be done towards a GM, but isn't required since they will be routinely checking for all relevant names to respond to.
  62. At the end of a response you may type: #1/X to indicate how many walls of text you have left. You may also use a single > sign to indicate that you have completed posting and are awaiting a response.
  64. #8: don't overpost. What this means is: do not drop a response, then drop another response or series of responses without waiting for responses in return. GM's must be given time to catch up on responses to prevent from being backlogged. This is due to having numerous overposts in the past and lacking the time to properly respond to others.
  66. #9: there is an absolute maximum of 5 Operators allowed during an Operation, not including a GM controlled Companion or Ally. This is done to allow a rotation of Operators equal "screen time" and to cut down on multiple response times.-NOT APPLICAPLE
  68. #10: unless stated that an Operator is well and truly dead, either by vaporization, fatal injury/injuries, complete bleedout, or by other fatal means that cannot be recovered from, a final post is allowed by making their Iron Will rolls to save versus death, and depending on the form of injuries sustained, the Operator will survive for a short period longer, become comatose, or, if the roll/rolls fail, they will die. As one can imagine, death is permanent.
  70. #11: GM's will not push back times for an Operation. Don't make it on time? You're shit out of luck. If you miss an Operation, request in on the next one and you will be given an available slot if possible.
  72. #12: only those directly participating in an Operation may host a group call to prevent disasters like those that have occurred in the past. Communication is vital, so to put it shortly: do not interrupt.
  74. #13: similarly, the #OiE channels are not to be used for blogposting, external discussions, or anything else. They are ONLY for ingame use. Want to shitpost or share news? Do it elsewhere. This rule will be closely enforced.
  76. #14: when a GM states that there is an Operation beginning, those going on it are immediately required to finish their conversations as quickly as possible. Clearing yourself must be your ONLY priority at that point. Failure to do so may cause those still posting to get "lost" for a while. Don't expect to continue a prior conversation while participating either.
  78. #15: if you are stuck and the GM is unable to give any more information, consider the situation, contexts, and the area carefully. It's HARD MODE now people, Easy Mode is long since over, thus there will be no more spoilers, hints, tips, or advice. You're on your own now, deal with it.
  80. #16: there will be no breaking of the 4th, 5th, and 6th walls. This rule will be closely enforced.
  83. >METAGAMING is defined as using OR abusing information that is not available to a particular Operator/NPC; abusing features, abilities, skills that were not meant for anything other than their intended purposes; taking items from Operators/NPC's that have not been earned, allowed for use, are not capable of being used, and etc.
  85. >POWERGAMING is defined as allowing an Operator/NPC to attempt, perform, resolve, or complete actions that they should not be able to; nor use, borrow, ask for, or exploit skills, abilities, or awarded, given, or sold items that are deemed too powerful or too game-breaking for use.
  87. >Violators will be warned on the first attempt. They will only be given ONE chance to correct their mistake. After this, they will be severely punished for breaking either of these rules immediately, in the otherwise highly unlikely chance that they aren't permanently removed at that time.
  89. #18: for the purposes of item, weapon, armor, or knowledge advancement, ie: using Alchemy, Engineering, or Research, a maximum of 10 responses in a row are allowed, after which a break must be written in. This was previously limited to 3, 5, and 8 posts in a row, which did not properly allow for time constraints nor posting space. Completing more than 10 responses in a row will result in negative effects, effectively simulating one wearing down and burning out from their efforts.
  91. #19: have nothing to do? Learn a language or a new skill, build cracker barrels until you have the best damn cracker barrels on Tallus, improve a Tertiary skill.. seriously, do SOMETHING! Don't wait on one specific GM all the time unless you have no other choice. It takes an average of 15-20 minutes per GM post typing at 120 words per minute, and 30-40 minutes for others depending on the response required. Yes, that is correct, do the math.
  93. #20: the allowable number of weapons that may be taken on an Operation has been limited to an absolute maximum of 4. You may take a maximum of ONE primary firearm, ONE secondary firearm, and up to two melee weapons. And before asking whether or not an Ally or Companion can or will carry something for you, the answer is an automatic no. This rule is non-negotiable to prevent exploitation. If, however, an Operator infield needs to grab another Operator's weapon or weapons, they're going to be weighed down for it, but is otherwise allowable.
  95. #21: anthro shit is not allowed anywhere.
  97. #22: avoid spoiling anything for, or to, anyone. OPENLY THEORIZING ABOUT SOMETHING is only allowed on the Discord channel. This rule will be closely enforced.
  99. #23: similar to above, don't share or spoil your future plans to others, unless you feel it to be absolutely necessary. Leave what should be hidden, hidden.
  101. #24: if anyone, for any reason, ever wastes my or one of my GM's time, that person is to be handed down severe penalties. If you are: playing another game at the same time as an Operation is going on, consistently fucking around, doing something else and somehow NOT notifying us that you really aren't available for an Operation, even though you promised to be active by taking a slot on it, you are going on an automatic, permanent vacation. tl;dr version: you will be instantly removed. Don't fuck around. Really.
  103. #25: shitposting other Operators, being a prissy bitch, whining, dramafagging, or other interruptions will not be tolerated. As has been explained before, #OiE is a TEAM-BASED STRATEGIC GAME REVOLVING AROUND FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW EQUINES, HUMANS, AND EVERYTHING BEING DRUNK, STONED, HIGH, OR TRIPPING HALF THE TIME. This, of course, necessitates a modicum of personal contact and rational thought. If this can't be done.. then you are doubly shit out of luck.
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