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Frontiersmen: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE TWISTED (edited)

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Jul 13th, 2016
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  1. <Edited version.>
  3. (3:52:27 PM) Keioseth: The last time the Frontiersmen came to the humble Wild West tech city of Geartown in Universe 411 or "Gear World" was to stop a supervillain named Spiral from obliterating the planet with a powerful dimensional vortex. He was a member of a mysterious group called the "Great Work" who seek to aid in the destruction of the multiverse in order to remake it in their image and become gods. Moments ago, Sheriff Van contacted the heroes to call in backup as Spiral had returned, this time with an army of soldiers to get revenge. Geartown's barriers are barely holding against the artillery and sustained fire from the villain's forces.
  7. (3:59:44 PM) Alstann: Sitting down in the pilot's seat, Watchman had already set a course for Universe 411 when QUARK had intercepted the sheriff's message. "Hold on, everyone," he said, flipping a switch or two to help stabilize the ship upon entering the world's atmosphere.
  9. (4:00:32 PM) GeneralFreedom: A shimmering golden portal springs to life, allowing King (and anyone else that needed it) to step through. He chooses a high vantage point and takes his time looking over the sieging forces. "Already on the surface. Things are looking grim..." He stabs his hands down and a blast of energy forms a simple circle around him. "I'm ready to engage."
  11. (4:02:19 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket blazes into the battle in a sparkling flash of light! She immediately goes after the air forces, charging into them full force with earth-shattering speed and momentum.
  13. (4:04:43 PM) Swixer: As Watchman pilots the Globetrotter towards the distress point, Captain Collider warps in using the ship's teleporter and enters the cockpit. "Sorry I'm late. The Living Colour stole all of Arcadia's visible light." He approaches Watchman in the pilot's seat with a nod of acknowledgement. "Did they say what was wrong?"
  15. (4:08:48 PM) Alstann: "He didn't say much," Watchman replied, "Just that he needed back-up. Last time Rocket and I were here, we had to deal with a wind-based villain named Spiral."
  17. (4:11:33 PM) Swixer: "No shortage of gimmicks with these guys," said Collider.
  21. (4:11:51 PM) Keioseth: Upon clearing the cloud cover, the Globetrotter is immediately targeted by the anti-air units of the Great Work forces firing all manner of projectiles at the ship: from bullets and flak to plasma and magic. Sheriff Van and his Gearboys are on the walls surrounding the town, firing their weapons through the city's defensive barriers. Ultima King would quickly be shot at by two powerful energy blasts coming from a large armored man standing at the front of the army chomping on what looks to be a cigar; likewise, Rocket, on the other hand, is surrounded by some all too familiar dimensional vortices.
  25. (4:16:58 PM) Swixer: "The ship's not going to make it against those anti-air defenses..." stated Collider. He makes his way towards the exit, casting a glance back at Watchman as he goes. "Think you can fly it through if we give you some cover?"
  27. (4:21:46 PM) Alstann: Watchman nodded at the captain. "I got it, you just handle the projectiles."
  29. (4:17:48 PM) GeneralFreedom: King raises his hands and, as the blasts near him, they deflect off a shimmering wall of mystic symbols! The ground inside his mystic circle flares, intricate lines being drawn through it. "Eluihm, rain down your bolts from the sky! Pierce and rend with unlimited fury!" There's a popping sound in the air as a storm of almost solid, spear-like lightning bolts rain down on the armored man... and anything unfortunate enough to be around him!
  31. (4:19:29 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Guys, Spiral's here again!" Cannon calls over the comms, recognizing the attack surrounding her. She knows at the speed she's going, she's not in any real danger, but the skies were going to become unfriendly, fast. "Keep an eye out for him, he's dangerous!"
  33. (4:21:42 PM) Swixer: Captain Collider touches a finger to his ear-comm as he goes for the airlock. "Hold on, Rocket. I'll lay down some firepower." Sighing heavily as the airtight visor implanted in his costume slides over his face, Captain Collider jumps through the airlock and into open space. "So much for a diplomatic approach..." Soaring through the air at supersonic speeds, Collider focuses his attention on intercepting projectiles on a collision course with the Globetrotter. His eyes burn more fiercely moments before he fires his Collider Vision, blasting through oncoming missiles as he blocks the machine gun fire with his chest. "It's like a warzone. Is this all thanks to Spiral?"
  35. (4:23:22 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I'm fine, it's everyone else I'm worried about," replied Rocket.
  39. (4:24:45 PM) Keioseth: The dimensional vortices begin to slowly twist down to the ground forming tornadoes which begin carving canyons in the plains and mountains around Geartown. The armored man holds his arms up towards the incoming magical lightning strikes, the devices on his arms extending away from his body. As the various pieces of tech float away, they being to spin and seem to suck in the lightning that should have hit him. The area around him is quite devastated however with troops and armored units being zapped, destroyed, or sent flying. The man aims it back at Ultima King, sending the attack back at him. The anti-air fire continues as the Captain, Rocket, and Watchman continue their advances.
  43. (4:30:14 PM) Swixer: "I can try to counterspin the vortices, see if I can't negate them completely," said the Captain. "It'll mean leaving the Globetrotter undefended, though."
  45. (4:30:33 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Last time we faced him, it seemed like he was just a lieutenant or something. There's something bigger pulling the strings, I'm sure. We need to do something about these tornadoes," Rocket says. "Any suggestions? I've never fought air before, unless you count re-entering the atmosphere." Rocket turns to take a missile out of the air with a tackle, busting right through it. "Man, I hate this guy," sighed Rocket.
  47. (4:31:26 PM) GeneralFreedom: A few bolts pierce through the barrier, sending out glass-like shards before they dissipate. He stands calmly within the circle, arms crossed while he looks away from that and towards the forming tornadoes. "I'll cover the ship. Good luck," stated Ultima King. His mystic circle starts expanding, creeping across the cliff he's standing on, forming more symbols as he prepares.
  49. (4:32:50 PM) Swixer: "Can you throw some sharpshooting in with your ace flying, Watchman?" inquired the Captain.
  51. (4:34:27 PM) Alstann: "Already on it, Cap," replied the archer, pulling a switch to reveal the twin energy cannons on the ship. Pressing a button on the terminal, Watchman blasts through a myriad of projectiles aimed at the ship in order to clear the way for landing. He doesn't get all of them, so he attempts to outmaneuver the rest with some fancy flying skills.
  53. (4:34:52 PM) Swixer: He nods towards Ultima King and seems to tense up a bit before hurtling towards the nearest tornado with a burst of sound. Disappearing into the whirling vortex, Captain Collider takes a moment to align himself with its speed and wind direction before forcefully flying in the opposite direction, attempting to counterspin and disperse it.
  57. (4:42:35 PM) Keioseth: The armored man makes his way over to Ultima King's cliff and peers into the bubble as a hologram appears next him. "These are the chumps that kicked yer ass, Spiral?" asked the armored man. "Some flim-flam-y mage, a yella chick, some dude in spandex and a spaceship? Yer a bigger waste'a'space than I figgur'd." The hologram is revealed to be Spiral who appears to be focusing on his tornadoes, but still manages to reply, "Sssscrew you, Coil." Coil laughs as he knocks on the barrier. "Alright, Dork Knight. Come out and lemme kick yer fuggin' ass," he cockily ordered. Arcane runes would appear on his armor as he then tried to get an arm through the barrier. The Globetrotter in the hands of Watchman deftly avoids the more damaging-looking projectiles, though the addition of magic-based attacks makes some nigh unavoidable as they home in on the ship. Not much seems to be happening currently with the tornado that the Captain went into as he fights against the energies within the twisters. Several futuristic, almost alien-looking fighter jets break off from the aerial units to open fire on Rocket with energy weapons and missiles.
  61. (4:47:45 PM) GeneralFreedom: King swings his arms and makes a quick series of gestures. The Globetrotter would start to sprout golden armor along its surface. It's weightless, but definitely effective. Especially against the incoming magic shots! King watches the man try to pull through his barrier and hums thoughtfully. He raises his hands and slams them together, causing two enormous stone hands to rise from the ground and slam together, aiming to catch the goon in between. "How obnoxious," sighed the mystic.
  63. (4:48:04 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket suddenly turns, seeing the armored guy known as Coil. Looks like a priority target to her. "Get that big guy! I bet he's the commander," she calls over the comms. "I'm going to keep taking out air support. Call for backup if you need me to be your big gun!" Rocket calls out as she avoids blasts, not that she needed to, but at her speed she was doing it anyways. She concentrates on taking down the anti-aircraft weaponry and VTOLs.
  65. (4:48:42 PM) Swixer: After a moment, Collider flies out of the vortex and crashes into a nearby mountain, disappearing in a plume of dust. Once he regathers his wits, he speaks over the comms again. "There's something off about these twisters. I think they're comprised of multiversal energy, somehow. And something tells me that it's not entirely this Spiral character's doing."
  67. (4:53:33 PM) Alstann: "Appreciate the back-up, King," said Watchman as he attempted to fire on any more projectiles and possible anti-air weapons on the ground. "Spiral mentioned last time that he was part of something called the 'Great Work.' Apparently another group of villains styling themselves as gods from what we gathered."
  69. (4:56:43 PM) Swixer: "Someone should have told them it's been done before," replied Collider. Using a combination of his X-ray and telescopic vision, Captain Collider attempts to determine if the fighter jets are manned or unmanned.
  73. (4:59:33 PM) Keioseth: "Nice of y'all to join us, I was a little afraid that communicator thing wasn't going to work." The familiar voice of Van cuts through to the team. "Was just informed that the genny's about to overheat, so we are about to be up shit creek without a damned boat," he continued, referencing the town's shield generator. His local militia continues to fire on the advancing infantry. The jets are manned by people of numerous near-human species. Watchman takes a chunk out of the army with a strafing run using the newfound Ultima King armor to add some magical defenses to the Globetrotter. Rocket makes short work of the jets and VTOLs after her while King attempts to rock-smash Coil. "I'm obnoxious? That's rightly funny coming from a flim-flam-y mage," exclaimed the armored villain. The pieces of his suit expand out again to meet the stony hands. The tornadoes begin converging on Geartown.
  77. (5:08:36 PM) GeneralFreedom: When the armor expands to catch the stones, King extends his hands and a wave of frozen air lashes towards him! It's cold enough to turn the water in the air into ice and freeze and crack the ground in its path!
  79. (5:08:36 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Van? If you guys have some kind of bunker, it's probably best that you guys hole up and let us take care of this. You've done a good job, now it's our turn," stated Rocket as she turns and attempts to take down this new armored villain from above.
  81. (5:17:41 PM) Swixer: Still using his telescopic vision, Captain Collider observes the exchange happening between Coil and Ultima King. "She's right. It's time to put a stop to this," proclaimed Collider. Flying over towards Ultima's cliff, Collider hovers above Coil and Ultima, raising his voice over their battle. "I take it you're at least partially responsible for all of this."
  83. (5:19:42 PM) Alstann: Watchman attempts to land near the battle between Ultima King and Coil if the anti-air guns have been destroyed. "Sheriff," he says on comms, "Any info on the attackers?"
  87. (5:24:52 PM) Keioseth: "They appeared right outta the damned sky and started raining hellfire down on my city! That's all I got," replied Van. He turns to the Gearboys giving them orders to move people below ground. Coil snarls, vanishing in, well, a coil of energy and reappearing in the back of the army with Spiral, immediately saying, "Shit, there I was, 3 on 1. You done yet, Spiral? Bossman's gonna be pissed if'n you don't do yer damned job. He gave us these powers for a reason." Spiral, who is now looking strained and weakened replied, "Ssssshut up, I'm working assss fassst asssss I can!"
  91. (5:28:53 PM) Swixer: Floating down to the ground after Coil pulls a vanishing act, Captain Collider turns his attention to Ultima King. "Are you good to go?"
  93. (5:30:12 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I doubt you'll get much information from them," King sighs as his stone hands crumble to dust and the ice melts away. He slams his hands to the ground and his various symbols flare violently. "I'm ready. Trade off. I'll work on the tornadoes, you take the villains?" The air begins to ripple unnaturally as whipping, reversed tornadoes begin forming around Spiral's! "I may not be able to disperse them either, but I should be able to buy some time working on a larger scale!"
  95. (5:34:36 PM) Swixer: He nods as Ultima King begins to ascend. "Sounds like a plan." With that, he takes off towards the large army protecting Spiral and Coil. As he swoops in, he raises his normally calm and low voice to an angry shout. "HEY! I asked you a question!" Landing in the center of the army with an explosive rush of dust and air, Captain Collider begins walking pointedly through its ranks towards Spiral and Coil. "But I already know the answer."
  97. (5:31:01 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Alright. We gotta find Spiral and take him out," Rocket says, hovering above the city. "Once I know where he is, I'm going to rip through the enemy lines and kick up a dust cloud to suppress enemy fire."
  99. (5:35:58 PM) Alstann: "We need to think of something fast," said Watchman on the comms. "I can see the army from up this cliff, so I can still use the Globetrotter for extra firepower if you need it."
  101. (5:39:23 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Let's hold out on the cannons, Watchy. If we wanted to obliterate the whole army, I'm sure Collider would have just nuked them from orbit," Rocket says. Going ahead with her plan, she swoops and flies low through the enemy ranks, causing them to either scatter or get nailed by her missile-like power. She flies low enough that the speed kicks up a blanket of dust from the desert, scattering it in all directions and effectively blanketing the battlefield.
  103. (5:41:23 PM) Alstann: "Like I said: only if you need it." Watchman flicks a few switches and says, "QUARK, take over and wait for our signal." In a few seconds, the archer emerges from the ship and glances around, getting his bearings. Using his grapnel gun, he fires a grappling hook at a higher cliff and zips towards it, hoping to find an even better vantage point of the battle.
  107. (5:43:24 PM) Keioseth: Van steps out of the safety of the town on a robotic horse and makes a beeline for the heroes. Coil makes mocking hand puppets as Cap calls down to them before rolling his eyes, "A'ight, Spiral, gimme a lil' boosty-boost. so I can knock the air outta that windbag." Spiral grits his teeth saying, "You're ssssso demanding." He holds out a hand, placing it against Coil's back. The armored villain is engulfed in dimensional energies for a moment. As the energies fade, Coil grins and holds his arms outstretched, causing the armor to extend and spin and fire two multiversal energy beams at Cap. The beams tear through their own infantry and ground armor units. Van rides his horse to the cliffs and ends up next to Watchman, "Man, the stupid ass things I do for my city." He pulls out what looks like a lever action rifle but more high tech. The tornadoes stop just short of turning Geartown into a new Grand Canyon and begin acting like drills burrowing into the ground.
  111. (5:49:58 PM) Alstann: Watchman was already looking through a pair of high-tech binoculars when Van came into contact with him. "You should consider another job, Sheriff," he said, observing the battle between Collider and Coil.
  113. (5:56:28 PM) Keioseth: Van sighs, "I know. I'm too nice and it's liable ta kill me some day." The near silent shot rips from the lever action rifle, burning a hole clean through one of the tanks.
  115. (5:49:31 PM) Swixer: Captain Collider pushes off of the ground as the beams of energy fly towards him, narrowly avoiding them. Once he's clear, he peers back down at the destruction left in the beam's wake. "Your own men. You'd kill your own men..." His expression becomes stern as he turns back towards Coil. Saying nothing more, he races towards him at supersonic speed, attempting to lay a solid, super strong hand on him and hammer throw him away from the rest of the battle and any potential danger to the lives of the people around them. If successful, he would shoot Spiral an "I'm coming back" look before flying after the thrown Coil.
  117. (5:53:15 PM) GeneralFreedom: King lets out a grunt as the magic energy around him continues to rage and burn white. His twisters keeping Spiral's in check begin to gleam with swirls of gold. "Seingart! Lend your might. Forge the winds into a barricade!"
  119. (5:54:29 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket is all about getting information, but this isn't the time. "Can we question them after we stopped them, boss? Not that I'm questioning you, but we have to give priority to saving the townsfolk!" The woman flies above her dust cloud. "Think you can hit Spiral from there, Watchman?"
  121. (5:58:17 PM) Alstann: "It'll be tough, but I can manage," he replied to Rocket, pulling the compound bow off his back and unfolding it with a quick snap. "Keep those twisters in check, King. I got a bead on him." Selecting an explosive arrow from his quiver, he nocks it against the bowstring and aims it at Spiral, squinting. Finally, he loosed his arrow at the target.
  125. (6:03:18 PM) Keioseth: The tornadoes continue to burrow down into the planet. Spiral laughs as Coil is tossed and flips Cap off as he gives him the look. As Cap is en route to catch up with Coil, the beams that were fired at him earlier do a 180 and blast right back at him. The troops are currently blindly firing at Rocket through the dust cloud. Just before Watch lets his arrow fly, there is a sudden pulse through what felt like the planet itself. The arrow lands next to Spiral and the explosion sends him to the ground.
  129. (6:06:53 PM) Swixer: "I'm taking the other one away from the fight. If I can just--" Before he can finish, Captain Collider's super hearing picks up on the approaching beam just in time for him to spin around and watch it nail him. With a cry of pain, he spirals out of his flight path and clips a nearby mountain, landing a few yards away from Coil. With the chest emblem of his suit burned clean through and the flesh beneath badly seared, Collider pushes himself up to a knee, wincing in pain.
  131. (6:09:37 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "You okay, Collider?" Rocket asks. She makes her way to Coil, aiming to take him down with a quick tackle before he has an opportunity to hurt Collider again.
  133. (6:09:48 PM) GeneralFreedom: King extends a hand to the sky and silver flames begin to rise along his arm. "Eluihm. Send your primal flame. The first fire... Burn to ash." The flames shoot from his hand and into the sky, where they gather into a roaring ball before streaking towards the downed Spiral. "Enough of this. You will do no more harm to this world."
  135. (6:12:43 PM) Swixer: "I'm...fine." He grasps his chest as Rocket comes in for her tackle, standing up. "Help the others with Spiral! I can handle this..."
  137. (6:14:04 PM) Alstann: Watchman examines the battlefield again with his binoculars to check on Spiral's status. "They really seem to want your world, Sheriff."
  139. (6:15:55 PM) Keioseth: "Well I mean, who wouldn't? Endless desert in all direction forever," replied Van.
  141. (6:15:29 PM) GeneralFreedom: "This world is crying out. Whatever Spiral is doing is causing an intense disturbance in the Natural Order. This must end," stated Ultima King.
  143. (6:18:15 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "If you get blasted again, I'm kicking his ass for you, and I'm not gonna let you live it down, buddy," Rocket says, taking off at a high speed charge at Spiral. She's enveloped in her cosmic energy, and her aim is clearly to take him down in one quick strike.
  147. (6:19:19 PM) Keioseth: Coil stands up and nearly falls back down to the ground, laughing at Cap. "That was worth the trip!" He crudely reenacts what just happened using his fingers complete with an explosion sound from his mouth. "Whew, I mean that was really pricele-" Rocket sends the man to the ground before blasting off towards Spiral. "Ow..." He gets up again. "That was less fun." The beams once again rip through the air, but this time one breaks off for Rocket while the other heads for the recovering Captain. The ground pulses again, but this time it's followed by intense quaking which only seems to be getting worse as the tornadoes continue to spin. Spiral clutches his side and coughs up a blackish liquid, likely his blood, and is immediately hit by King's attack placing him at the bottom of a crater. The quaking continues, but something is amiss in the tornadoes now. They begin wildly lashing out, one destabilizes completely sending waves of highly focused multiversal energy into a mountain nearby - the one with the mine from the last trip here - completely vaporizing it off the face of the planet. "The... miners. We didn't have time to get them to town..." Van drops to his knees aghast by the crater that used to be the mountain mine.
  151. (6:28:42 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I'm doing my best to contain the power from these 'tornadoes' but it seems like a losing battle," King gasps. "Take Spiral down. I'll switch my tactics." King takes a seat and pinpoints of light form along his armor. Energy shifts along his body, connecting these points as he syncs himself fully with his mystic circles. "Bold Seingart, aid me. Return order..." He weaves a spell that attempts to pull the unstable energy directly from the tornadoes, redirect and disperse it! "Hateful Eluihm, show mercy. Ancient Horol... Guide me..."
  153. (6:25:43 PM) Swixer: He closes his eyes and smiles to himself as she leaves. "I wouldn't expect you to." Now back on his feet, he pushes off the ground again and soars away from the beam, rushing to intercept the one headed for the retreating Rocket by taking it on himself. The two beams would strike the airborne Collider at once, creating an explosion as they do so. For a moment it seems that Collider has been wiped out by the blasts but, from the smoke, his voice rings out again, albeit somewhat trembling from the pain of the blows. "...Seventeen." Floating out of the cloud of smoke, Captain Collider lands before Coil, his costume burnt and ripped by the attacks he's withstood. "Yeah. Seventeen."
  155. (6:26:58 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket had been heading towards Spiral, but pauses as she witnesses the mountain explode. Holy crap, did y'all see that? What the hell is going on?" Aware of Coil's energy beam heading for her, she was about to evade it before Captain Collider intercepted it. "Goddamnit, Collider." Rocket huffs. "You don't need to take shots for me," she says, with no small amount of concern in her voice.
  157. (6:40:52 PM) Keioseth: Spiral, in his new crater home, pounds his fist against his chest twice before extending his arm with two fingers out. "Spiral, out." He then vanishes in a vortex. Coil huffs as he stands up. "Seventeen- what?"
  159. (6:41:38 PM) Swixer: "Seventeen would-be conquerors this month. And you know what? They all think they're special. They all think they're working towards some higher purpose. But when it was all said and done, the only thing that was left of all their high hopes and delusions of grandeur was a number. Seventeen world conquerors, twenty-five bank robbers, fifty purse snatchers. It's all the same to us. You hurt people for your own stupid reasons and you hope it'll all work out in the end. Whether it's because you believe you're special or stronger or more intelligent." With a burst of speed, Captain Collider attempts to punch Coil a good distance. If successful, he would follow up his punch by zooming behind the airborne Coil and uppercutting him into the air. "It never does."
  161. (6:49:53 PM) Keioseth: "Man, I'm not--" He's hit and sent flying. "--doing this because I believe in my bossman!" He's hit again and sent into the air. "I just like killin' people!" He stops midair and spins to face the good Captain; his armor extends and he fires several blasts at the hero. Another of the tornadoes begins to destabilize.
  163. (6:32:21 PM) Alstann: After seeing the mountain get vaporized, Watchman spoke into his comm, "QUARK, I need an analysis of the multiversal energy in the immediate area. There's something else going on." The archer then pulls out a trick arrow and aims it in a seemingly random direction before firing it. The strong wind speeds carry the arrow far into the distance before slingshotting it at the airborn Coil. The arrowhead would detonate, releasing a dark blue foaming substance that would harden like cement after ten seconds.
  165. (6:35:33 PM) Swixer: QUARK's voice chimes back at Watchman's request. "I shall produce results presently."
  167. (6:54:20 PM) GeneralFreedom: King keeps up his efforts, his armor gleaming with magical power! "King's of Theon, heed my call. Forces of the Natural Order, hear the cry of this world. MAY BALANCE BE RESTORED!" A web of light flashes across the sky, almost like shimmering cracks. The color is... indescribable. Something that humans weren't truly meant to see or comprehend. The light bends and twists around the tornadoes and seems to start pulling it elsewhere. Reality seems to groan under the taxing display of mysticism...
  169. (6:53:00 PM) Swixer: [QUARK]: I have some grave news, Watchman. It seems as if those 'tornadoes' that are currently doing a proverbial 'number' on this planet's surface are losing their dimensional cohesion. By my closest approximation, without our mutual friend to rein them in, they should reach a catastrophic event horizon which will effectively reduce much of this planet to less of this planet. In a few minutes, give or take."
  171. (6:59:21 PM) Alstann: "Great," he said after hearing QUARK's report. "Sheriff, we need to pull through. There's nothing you could have done for the miners--" Before going on, he pauses to see Ultima King's display of reality-bending magic.
  173. (6:56:50 PM) Swixer: As Captain Collider flies up at Coil, he deftly dodges and swoops between the blasts, attempting to grab the villain around the throat and fly him into the stratosphere. "And I like helping people. Ask me if I give a damn about what you like." After flying him up a considerable amount, Collider continues, "See, that's the thing your kind doesn't really get. It's not the fight that matters: it's the people you're fighting for. And right now, they need my help. So you'll forgive me for not holding back."
  177. (6:59:26 PM) Keioseth: The arrow that had been fired at Coil from Watchman vanishes within a vortex before it gets to him. As Cap flies the villain up and up and up, another vortex opens above the two. Spiral and the arrow reappear; the arrow has been changed somewhat from the one that Watchman originally shot, enhanced by Spiral's powers. He fires it down at them, for a moment Collider gets ready to be hit but then... it goes right into the head of Coil, ejecting the blue foam into his head with some of it spilling out of his mouth and onto Cap. Spiral shakes his head. "Never did like that guy." VWHOOSH, Spiral's gone again.
  181. (7:04:15 PM) Swixer: As he draws back his hand to hit Coil with another punch, Spiral appears and hits him with the arrow instead. Surprised, Collider lets go of Coil's body and watches it float away in the vacuum of space. For a moment he just watches him float, trying to come to grips with what just happened. Then, he remembers what's going on on the planet's surface and swoops down to lend a hand.
  185. (7:06:31 PM) Keioseth: There is a brilliant flash of colors from King's magic when the world comes into focus again, all around the heroes and Geartown, the desert is gone. There's a vast ocean near by, thick forests, rivers, fields of grass, almost like a Garden of Eden.
  189. (7:07:07 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Goddamnit, I wish he'd sit still for a second," Cannon says, flying through where Spiral -was-. She turns around, surveying the damage and figuring out what's next. Then everything...changes. "Okay, this is weird even by our standards."
  191. (7:08:01 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Well. Not exactly expected..." King mutters and maintains his seated position as the mystic circles fade. There are still deep scars cut into the ground from the sheer mystic energy.
  193. (7:09:15 PM) Alstann: "Ultima King," he said into the comm, trying to make sense of everything, "What's going on?"
  195. (7:09:26 PM) Keioseth: Van looks around at everything, "What the fuh...?"
  197. (7:10:48 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Give me a moment to process all of this," King answers and slowly rises to his feet. "I would like to say the land is healed. That this is the will of the Natural Order."
  199. (7:11:23 PM) Swixer: Captain Collider soon lands back on the planet's surface with the other heroes, his costume looking a little worse for wear. "You've been busy. I guess you didn't really need me after all."
  201. (7:11:55 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Metaversal energy and the power of the fundamental, primal energies of this world..." He muses, then nods to the Captain. "Your aid was appreciated. It's hard to cast spells while being harassed by lowlifes."
  203. (7:13:50 PM) Swixer: "Well, we're down to one lowlife now. Spiral put an arrow through Coil's head," replied Captain Collider. He exhales a bit, recollecting himself. "Just as I was about to do something similar."
  205. (7:13:03 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "So... Who did this?" asked Rocket.
  207. (7:14:46 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Hm... I won't mourn someone like him," King mutters and examines the reborn world. "I would like to say the world did this, Rocket. With a little help. This is what it desired."
  211. (7:13:17 PM) Keioseth: The citizens of Geartown emerge from the city, children running out and playing in the grass.
  215. (7:14:27 PM) Swixer: Collider watches the children play for a bit. "Are the others...?"
  217. (7:14:24 PM) Alstann: Watchman surveys the area before turning to Van. "Come on, Sheriff. Let's get back to town first."
  219. (7:16:43 PM) Keioseth: Van nods at Watch and follows him back to town glancing over his shoulder at the forest below the cliff where an army once stood.
  221. (7:15:45 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Yeah, but something had to trigger it, or it would have just done it a long time ago, right?" She says, watching a kid play in the grass. "Also, I'd be a lot happier if we'd have captured one of them alive."
  223. (7:16:13 PM) GeneralFreedom: King nods. "As I said, it was likely awakened by the meeting of fundamental forces. The will of the world," King says, mostly to himself. He shakes his head. "Perhaps I'm overthinking it, though! Magic isn't always precise."
  225. (7:17:36 PM) Swixer: "For now, just be happy with the end result. Geartown is safe, the people of this planet are relatively unharmed and we can walk away knowing we had a part in that. That's what it's all about -- the people. We can't forget that."
  227. (7:18:25 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Yeah, and hey, maybe even better quality of life." She says, then looks around. "As long as everyone's safe, I'm happy."
  229. (7:18:51 PM) GeneralFreedom: "Of course," King laughs softly.
  231. (7:20:08 PM) Alstann: Watchman makes his way to the group with Van behind him. "I take it we won for now? We're still missing Spiral."
  233. (7:20:43 PM) GeneralFreedom: "I was hoping the Primal Flame would consume him... No such luck," said Ultima King.
  235. (7:20:44 PM) Swixer: "He'll turn up again. And next time, we'll make sure he pays for what he tried to do here," replied the Captain.
  237. (7:21:31 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "You guys head on back when you're ready," said Rocket. "I think I'm gonna stick around for the day and help out since the place has taken a bit of, er, damage."
  239. (7:21:29 PM) Keioseth: [ROLL CREDITS!]
  241. (7:21:58 PM) Keioseth: [AFTER CREDITS SCENE!]
  243. (7:24:58 PM) Keioseth: Spiral appears in a wide open room, a large but well built man sits in the dark on something akin to a couch with the only light in the room coming from a large screen showing the Forum Malvanum. "You failed again, dear Spiral." Spiral drops to a knee, "My lord, I am truly sorry for my actions, I know that I do not deserve it, but please give me another chance!" The light allows a glimpse of a grin, "I am a merciful god."
  245. [END]
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