Sunset + Anon One-shots [✔]

Oct 4th, 2015
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  1. +---------------------------------------------------------------+
  2. | Sunset + Anon One-shots |
  3. | |
  4. | A series of unrelated greens about everyone's favourite |
  5. | bacon-haired heartthrob. |
  6. | ALLERGY WARNING: May contain traces of Anon. |
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  9. -------~~~~----~~~~==:{| Table of Contents |}:==~~~~----~~~~-------
  11. Maximum Onions - Portal Closure .......................... (1.01)
  12. Maximum Cheese - Fall Formal ............................. (1.02)
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  17. ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~{ 1.01 }~-~-~-
  18. Maximum Onions - Portal Closure
  20. Prompt:
  21. >"Oh! Anon! Hehe, what are you doing...uhm, good evening!"
  22. >"Where am I going? No where!"
  23. >"I know it's the middle of the night, bu-"
  24. >"I need my back pack for..."
  25. >"Uhm...listen, Anon, I'm just...going home. Okay?"
  26. >"I'm finally going home."
  27. >"Yeah..."
  28. >"I'll, uh...I'll see you tomorrow."
  29. >"Good night..."
  30. >"And thanks."
  31. >"For everything."
  32. ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
  34. >>"I'll uh... I'll see you tomorrow."
  35. >>"Good night..."
  36. >>"And thanks."
  37. >>"For everything."
  39. >The sky pours like a punctured bucket, casting a misty haze in the air around you.
  40. >The drum-roll of thick droplets rattle the tented fabric overhead. An umbrella-shaped area around you wavers lightly with the wind, glassy with moisture.
  41. >Elsewhere, the droplets mercilessly bombard the waterlogged concrete, erupting into misty splashes shaped like midsummer weeds.
  42. >Amidst the rapidly dying water-weeds, an unapologetically striking damsel stares back at you with saddened eyes.
  43. >Sunset stands in front of the infamous horse statue, utterly unperturbed by the rain.
  44. >Her crimson-gold hair clings to her face like wet strands of torn love letters.
  46. >You do the incredibly ungentlemanly thing and entirely fail to offer her your umbrella.
  47. >Sunset doesn't seem to mind.
  48. >Strangely enough, she seems happy to see you despite your shocked stupor.
  49. >Sunset tilts her head slightly, her smile crumpled with sadness.
  50. >You both know she won't be back tomorrow.
  51. >She lies, but she means well.
  52. >The opalescent globes of her eyes glitter with what you hope are raindrops.
  55. >You take a very slow step forward, almost as to not shatter the barely held-up facade before you.
  56. >Sunset tries her damnedest to keep up that radiant smile you've come to adore over the years.
  57. >But you know better. She's hurting mightily on the inside, trying to stay strong for you.
  58. >You glimpse the corners of her mouth wavering, her radiant smile about to fall apart.
  59. >She persists valiantly.
  60. >Fighting for courage. For herself, and for you.
  62. >You feel scalding hot droplets making jagged cuts down your cheeks, one after another.
  63. >A tearful lump chokes your throat, refusing to be swallowed.
  64. >The closer you get to her, the blurrier she gets.
  65. >You don't dare blink your eyes, lest you shed more tears.
  66. >Her silhouette almost fades into the rain, foreshadowing the unthinkable.
  67. >You don't dare try to wipe the tears from your face — because you aren't crying, dammit.
  68. >Sunset wouldn't want to see you cry. Not like this. Not right now.
  69. >You continue to stride forward slowly. The soft sloshing of wet soles accented by clik-clok of heels on wet concrete.
  70. >Sunset meets you at the halfway mark, like she had done with you so many moons ago.
  71. >Friendship is a two-way street, she had said quite often.
  72. >Her hands are resting lightly on your chest, feeling the broken rhythm of your breaths. You're sobbing quietly.
  75. >Sunset leans in, resting her head against your neck.
  76. >>"Anon, please. You know I can't stay here. I-I don't belong here."
  77. >Tears begin flowing from your eyes, hot against the cold winds like streams of lava.
  78. >For a moment, you lose yourself in tears. And you hate yourself for being selfish.
  79. >Sunset is fighting to keep her calm, and you aren't even trying.
  80. >But you love her so much.
  82. >Sunset's voice cracks tearfully, climbing up an octave.
  83. >>"P-please don't cry, love. Please don't make me leave thinking you won't be alright."
  84. >Sunset pecks a gentle kiss on your neck, leaving scalding hot tear marks under your jaw.
  85. >You grab her hand and rub it against your face.
  86. >She responds, grabbing onto your cheek and wiping at your tears with her thumb.
  87. >Her hands are unforgettably soft and lovely.
  88. >You'd give anything to make this moment last, even for a second.
  91. >>"We promised we'd be strong for each other—"
  92. >The beleaguered damsel lets wracking sobs seep into her voice, her facade shattering painfully before you.
  93. >>"—so please. Oh god I beg you please. Please don't make my cry, my love..."
  94. >Sunset hangs onto your neck, burying her face in your chest.
  95. >>"I am so so so sorry, baby... I don't wanna leave you like this—"
  96. >You toss the umbrella aside, and wrap your darling Sunny in a tight embrace.
  97. >Rain be damned. Portal be damned. Equestria be damned.
  98. >You quietly curse this wretched day.
  100. >You take her left hand, idly rubbing a small piece of metal adorning one of her fingers.
  101. >A mood ring you had gotten her on a road trip together. A cheap gift shop knick-knack.
  102. >It means a world to her.
  103. >You fight back the tears, stroking her ember-gold hair.
  104. >Her shoulders are shaking, wringing tears and muffled pleas with each sob.
  105. >You clench her tightly in your arms, gazing upward at nothing in particular.
  106. >The rain keeps pouring unapologetically, and you close your eyes.
  107. >Some tears aren't washed easily.
  110. >Sunset spends a few minutes in your arms, collecting herself.
  111. >She looks up at you, pulling your chin down.
  112. >Your lips meet hers, deliberately and slowly.
  113. >She strokes your hair, savoring every second of the unforgettable moment.
  114. >And just like that, she breaks off the kiss. Almost too soon.
  115. >She backs into the portal, not breaking eye contact with you for a second.
  116. >Her hands slowly part yours, and you reluctantly let go.
  117. >You reach feebly toward her, grasping at thin air.
  118. >As Sunset begins to cross the divide, she whispers.
  119. >>"I love you."
  120. >You muster up the brightest smile you can manage.
  121. "I love you too."
  123. -- fin --
  128. ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~{ 1.02 }~-~-~-
  129. Maximum Cheese - Fall Formal
  131. Prompt: Anon tries to ask Sunset out to the Fall Formal.
  132. ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
  134. >Today is the day.
  135. >No more pussying out.
  136. >You'll man up and ask Sunset out to the Fall Formal.
  137. >You walk into the electronics lab, where Sunset spent most of her free time as of late.
  138. >She's bent over a large contraption she's been assembling for the past week. All by herself.
  139. >For someone who's never seen computerized machinery before jumping portals, she was surprisingly adept at messing with them.
  140. >If there ever was a fetish for quick-learning genius horse girls, you are stricken with it.
  142. >You let out a dry cough, trying to get her attention.
  143. "S-Sunset?"
  144. >She turns around, letting her blood-orange-yellow hair fan out rather dramatically.
  145. >She gives you a radiant smile.
  146. >>"Oh, it's you! Just in time, too. I could use your help with calibrating the friendship defraculator..."
  147. >She pulls out a pair of test probes and some kind of a voltage-measuring device.
  148. >Her hands brush against yours briefly as she hands them to you. Just like in one of your Chinese cartoons.
  149. >Sunset smiles at you sweetly.
  150. >Did... did she notice?
  152. >>"Here. When the device powers up, I want you to take measurements on the PCB rails.... this one and this one. I'll be manning the potentiometer, and you let me know when there are unusual fluctuations."
  153. >You have absolutely no idea what she's talking about.
  154. >Why were you here again?
  155. >Oh, right. Fall Formal.
  156. "S-Sunset. I was wondering if you'd...."
  157. >Sunset gasps.
  158. >>"YES, of course!"
  159. "--what? Really?"
  160. >She tosses you a pair of goggles.
  161. >>"I am so sorry about that. Safety first, right?"
  162. >Sunset winks at you, sending your heartrate into the stratosphere.
  163. "Y-you too..."
  164. >She giggles sweetly.
  166. >>"Are you ready?"
  167. >You gulp and nod.
  168. >It's just "taking measurements on the PC-whatsits rails," right?
  169. >....whatever THAT means.
  170. >The corners of Sunset's candy-gloss lips crease up with excitement.
  171. >>"Alright! Heeere we go!"
  172. >She cranks a rather severe looking dial to the [ON] position.
  173. >The massive contraption before you begins to hum.
  174. >Oh boy.
  176. >You edge closer to the exposed PCB.
  177. >The red probe is positive, right?
  178. >...Or was it black?
  179. >You can't even remember which rail you were supposed to be testing.
  180. >Sunset shouts at you over the increasingly loud electrical hum.
  181. >>"Whenever you're ready! It's about to hit peak power soon!"
  182. >You swallow hard. This is bad.
  183. >Which rail was it??? Was it the one next to the black rectangular thing?
  184. >You curse under your breath.
  185. >Sunset's waiting on you, you've got to do SOMETHING.
  186. >Just measure both at once maybe?
  187. >Something in your head screams at the idiotic suggestion.
  188. >You decide to heed your common sense. Life was still worth living.
  189. >Red probe on one rail.
  190. >Black probe on the other thing, and---
  192. >The device in your hand shows some indecipherable numbers, along with a bright-green LED dot.
  193. >Phew. You're still alive.
  195. >You do that for a few more minutes, taking instructions from Sunset every now and then.
  196. >When it's all said and done, Sunset slowly dials down the machine.
  197. >The incessant humming subsides with it.
  198. >You can physically feel the electricity tingling in your teeth.
  199. >You're suddenly glad that you listened to your common sense.
  201. >Sunset beams at you, setting your heart on fire again.
  202. >>"Thanks for the help. You capable assistant, you~"
  203. >She playfully jabs at your shoulder.
  204. >You blush and feign injury.
  205. "C-can't help ya with a broken bone..."
  206. >You cringe at your own awful, spaghettic delivery.
  208. >Why did you even show up here? Determination or not, you were never going to stop being so awkward.
  209. >Sunset would NEVER go out with someone like you...
  210. >You feel some of the courage draining out of you.
  211. >But Sunset doesn't seem to care. She just gently smiles at you.
  212. >She's changed so much in the past year or so. There was not a trace of the angsty bully she used to be.
  213. >You feel like you could get lost staring at her smiling like that forever.
  214. >Maybe forever and a half.
  215. >Sunset catches you staring, and looks away blushing.
  216. >She puts on a sad smile.
  218. >>"I know you have... feelings... for me."
  219. >You recoil at the abrupt revelation.
  220. >Sunset boops at your nose with her gloved finger.
  221. >>"You're really bad at hiding your feelings, you know. I could practically hear your heart beating from a mile away."
  222. >You scrunch your nose involuntarily. She giggles.
  223. >>"I like you. I really do. You're a great person, and there's something searingly beautiful about you. It intrigues me, and I want to... I want to get to know you better."
  224. >She pauses, locking eyes with you.
  225. >You sense a hint of uncertainty in her.
  226. "I'm assuming there's a "but" at the end of that sentence."
  227. >She nods.
  229. >>"You're right. As much as I like you I just.... can't."
  230. >She gestures out towards the window. Lunch is almost over, and students are trickling in one by one.
  231. >>"I've hurt people. Ruined relationships. I tried my best to mend as many of them as I could, but... it just wasn't enough. There are still people who aren't couples anymore because of what I've done. Best friends who refuse to talk because of what I had said."
  232. >She shifts her gaze down, closing her eyes.
  233. >Her left hand balls into a fist over her chest.
  234. >>"I can't possibly have what I want -- not while there's still people hurting because of me. I don't deserve it."
  235. >She turns her head towards you, her eyes glittering with sadness.
  237. >>"I-I know that the Fall Formal is coming up soon, and you probably wanted me to come with you."
  238. >Sunset's face crumples. She's on the verge of tears.
  239. >It drives nails into your heart watching her like this.
  240. "Sunset--"
  241. >>"And... my answer to you is.... no."
  242. >She drops her gaze further downward. Little beads of glitter begin tracing their way to the cold floor of the lab.
  243. >>"I'm.... I'm so sorry. I just can't. Not while I'm responsible for so much pain. I don't deserve happiness."
  245. >It kills you to see her like this.
  246. >There are so many things you could say to her right now. So many things she probably wants to hear you say.
  247. >But you were never the one for the eloquence.
  248. >Why bother? You'd just end up spilling more spaghetti anyway.
  250. >Sunset continues.
  251. >>"Maybe someday. Maybe when I've atoned for what I've done, and found out who I really am."
  252. >She glances at you before turning her head towards the midday Sun.
  253. >>"I still feel it in me, you know. All of that scalding-hot wrath that used to seethe within me, ready to spill out at the slightest provocation. I felt it at the Dazzlings' concert when they got really close to defeating my friends."
  255. >You hear yourself blurting something out. You just hope it's not something cringey or meme-y for once.
  256. "But you didn't let it take control of you, as far as I could tell."
  258. >Sunset smiles weakly.
  259. >>"It almost did. I felt the demoness in me edging itself out ever so slightly. But I wanted to do anything and pay any price to help my friends. Even if it meant... bringing *that* thing back..."
  260. >Her voice trails off.
  261. >Something spurs you on to speak. To say something.
  262. >Fuck it.
  263. >You bite the bullet and let your mouth take the wheel.
  265. "Are you not redeemed?"
  266. >>"...Huh?"
  267. "You did your best to mend the friendships you ruined, tried your damnedest to regain everyone's trust, and was ready to throw it all away for the sake of people that used to be your adversaries."
  268. >You hear your voice get shaky at the end, but you steel yourself.
  269. "Now you're going above and beyond your role as a regular high school girl with... strange circumstances. You're trying to protect the entire world by trying to figure why magic works and stop it from destabilizing the world. A world, I might add, that isn't even your home to begin with."
  270. >Sunset stares at her feet.
  272. "So I ask again: Are you not redeemed?"
  273. >Against your better judgement, you take Sunset's hand and pull her in for a hug.
  275. >She gasps quietly, but doesn't protest.
  276. >Instead, she buries her face in your shoulder. You feel it moisten a little.
  277. >You gently stroke her blood-orange gold hair.
  278. "I'm not the most socially aware person on the planet, or in the school for that matter. You remember the poetry recital night?"
  279. >>"You thought the crowd was cheering instead of shouting at you to get off the stage."
  280. "Yeah. That's me alright."
  281. >Sunset lets out a short, muffled giggle.
  282. "And Sunset, even *I* can see that most people have forgiven you. Even those who haven't reconciled with their social circle kind of admit that they would've fallen out of the relationship anyway, with or without your intervention."
  283. >You gently squeeze the nape of her neck.
  284. "Everyone here likes who you are, Sunny -- and it's not from a magic spell's command. Your friends look past the things you've done before. All except one person."
  285. >Sunset breaks out of the hug, locking eyes with you.
  287. >>"Wh-what do you mean?"
  288. >You playfully boop her nose.
  289. "You've done so much for everyone. Nurtured relationships, saved the world..."
  290. >She scrunches up involuntarily. It's heart-stoppingly adorable.
  291. "So I ask again: Are you not redeemed? Will you not forgive yourself?"
  293. >A genuine smile slowly spreads across her face.
  294. >>"I could.... stop and smell the roses for a moment, I suppose."
  295. >She edges in closer to your face.
  296. >Her forehead is almost touching yours.
  297. >Is this actually happening?
  298. "I'll be your rose, if you'd let me."
  299. >Sunset lets out a soft chuckle, her eyes half closed.
  300. >>"How could one man be *this* cheesy, I wonder..."
  301. >You shrug, unable to come up with a retort.
  302. >Moments later, you find her cinnamon-hot lips clinging longingly against yours.
  304. THE END
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