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Aug 26th, 2017
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  1. Note: could use some more humour ;)
  2. Copyright zahran ©2017
  4. *** ACrazyNoob joined the game
  5. <lurk@IRC> Welcome to the server, ACrazyNoob!
  6. <ACrazyNoob> I want a sword
  7. <ACrazyNoob> I want a sword
  8. <AHarassedAdmin> You know you have to earn it right?
  9. <ACrazyNoob> Ok. Now give me a sword
  10. <AHarassedAdmin> Fine,fine, here...
  11. <ACrazyNoob> Where can I build?
  12. <AHarassedAdmin> Seek and ye shall find
  13. <ACrazyNoob> Eh?
  14. <AHarassedAdmin> I meant if you go looking, you'll find a place
  15. <ACrazyNoob> Show me one then
  16. <AHarassedAdmin> Ugh! Fine....
  17. (After a bit of searching and teleporting ACrazyNoob there, it's done or so AHarassedAdmin thinks...)
  18. <ACrazyNoob> How do I build a house?
  19. <AHarassedAdmin> You take blocks and put them in the shape of a house
  20. <ACrazyNoob> Can you give me blocks?
  21. <AHarassedAdmin> Go look for them
  22. <ACrazyNoob> You are mean
  23. <ACrazyNoob> Can you give me blocks?
  24. <ACrazyNoob> please
  25. <ACrazyNoob> please
  26. <ACrazyNoob> please
  27. <AHarassedAdmin> Fine! What do you want?
  28. <ACrazyNoob> Stone, Brick, Wood and Lons
  29. <AHarassedAdmin> Why do you want lons?
  30. <ACrazyNoob> Erm....for the entrance!
  31. <AHarassedAdmin> Hmm....very well
  32. (A bit later)
  33. <ACrazyNoob> I want fly
  34. <ACrazyNoob> AHarassedAdmin, I want fly
  35. <AHarassedAdmin> No
  36. <ACrazyNoob> Why?
  37. <AHarassecAdmin> Because you can't
  38. <ACrazyNoob> Give me fly
  39. <ACrazyNoob> please
  40. <ACrazyNoob> please
  41. <ACrazyNoob> please
  42. <AHarassedAdmin> Ok,ok,here...
  43. <ACrazyNoob> Yay!
  44. <AHarassedAdmin> Now for my new city...
  45. <ACrazyNoob> How do I protect?
  46. <AHarassedAdmin> Go to the first position, say /area_pos1, go to the second position say /area_pos2, then say /protect <YourAreaName>
  47. <ACrazyNoob> I go to first position, then?
  48. <AHarassedAdmin> You go to the first position, an then say /area_pos1
  49. <ACrazyNoob> Say what?
  50. <AHarassedAdmin> /area_pos1
  51. <ACrazyNoob> /area_pos1
  52. <AHarassedAdmin> No, there is no space.
  53. <ACrazyNoob> What space?
  54. <AHarassedAdmin> The
  55. <ACrazyNoob> You are stupid
  56. <AHarassedAdmin> AAAGGGHHH! Go google it, if you want it!
  57. <ACrazyNoob> You are not nice to me
  58. <AHarassedAdmin> Don't tempt me...
  59. (A Few Days Later. AHarassedAdmin is on IRC.)
  60. <ACrazyNoob> SomeOtherPlayer, give me stone
  61. <SomeOtherPlayer> No, I want it
  62. <ACrazyNoob> Give me it or..
  63. <SomeOtherPlayer> NO
  64. <ACrazyNoob> I will destroy your house
  65. <SomeOtherPlayer> NO!
  66. <SomeOtherPlayer> NO!
  67. <SomeOtherPlayer> NO!
  68. <ACrazyNoob> Your are stupid, you did not protect it
  69. <ACrazyNoob> I will use my lons axe and kill you and your house!
  70. (ACrazyNoob starts his griefing run)
  71. <AHarassedAdmin@IRC> ACrazyNoob, what are you doing
  72. <ACrazyNoob> SomeOtherPlayer was mean to me
  73. <SomeOtherPlayer> I was not..
  74. <ACrazyNoob> He griefed my house...
  75. <AHarassedAdmin@IRC> You do know that I can read logs...'
  76. <ACrazyNoob> CRAP!
  77. <ACrazyNoob> CRAP!
  78. <ACrazyNoob> CRAP!
  79. <ACrazyNoob> CRAP!
  80. <AHarassedAdmin@IRC> Thank you
  81. <ACrazyNoob> Eh?
  82. <AHarassedAdmin@IRC> You've finally give me a reason
  83. <ACrazyNoob> I dont understand
  84. <ACrazyNoob> CRAP!
  85. <AHarassedAdmin@IRC> SomeServer, cmd kick ACrazyNoob
  86. *** ACrazyNoob has left the game
  87. <AHarassedAdmin@IRC> SomeServer, cmd ban ACrazyNoob cya :)
  88. <AHarassedAdmin@IRC> Yay!
  89. <lurk@IRC> Yay!
  90. <SomeOtherPlayer> Yay!
  91. YAY!!!!!
  93. Original Credit ---> zahran
  94. Production ---> Casper Productions
  95. Scripting into lua ---> CedricWolf
  96. Backstage ---> erhall
  97. Yays ---> longerstaff13, juanmati, Emerald2, rdococ and of course lurk
  98. We would like to thank everyone!
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