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  3. Furret, Raticate's cute and Docile cousin, was never really a staple in the days of D/P/P, but has found use again as a paperclip in B/W.
  4. The name "Furret" was originally typo and spelling error, that made actually it through to the game.
  6. "Masuda has been one of the main employees who approve or reject designs for new Pokémon. Most characters take around six months to design, while more central ones take more than a year."
  8. While this being contradictory to the above statement made by Junichi Masuda, Furret's typo status actually gives it some valuable Niche's in B/W's NU tier, where it can reign unholy Ferret warfare without competition from other rodents.
  10. SET 1
  12. Name: Wrath of the held item
  13. Nature:Jolly
  14. Ability: Frisk
  16. EV spread: 252 ATK, 252 SPEED, 4 HP
  18. Item:Focus Sash
  20. Move 1:Covet
  21. Move 2:Knock Off/Fling
  22. Move 3:Trick
  23. Move 4:Endeavour
  25. Description:
  26. The flagship set for Furret's reign of terror in RU was blessed with a gift from the dreamworld heavens in the form Frisk,
  27. Furret can function as an excellent check to the many heavily item reliant pokemon in the RU metagame. This set aim's to cause your opponent great despair, by treating their held item's like a common Grandmother's handbag. Furret is a trickster who will steal whichever item it Covets, with either Trick, or Covet. Covet also gets STAB so don't be surprised if you nab a few KO's in the process. The choice between Knock Off and Fling is a hard one, because you could run into an opponent holding an Iron Ball, which will do considerable damage when thrown at the foe. But with Knock Off, Furret also acts as a schoolyard bully, knocking away your items and leaving them in the dust, which is extremely useful against the common Drapion, who relies so heavily on Black Sludge, or Smeargle who needs his precious focus sash to thrive.
  28. The aim behind this set is to heckle your opponent into a fury, so they mercilessly attack your Furret.... who if still holding a focus sash, will use endeavour to cause even more fury, truly many a foe will tremble beneath your mighty Ferret, Furret.
  30. An example of the power of an Iron Ball Fling, if you are lucky enough to recieve one,
  31. on the highly rampart and common Sunflora.
  33. min176  av191   max208
  35. on Sunflora's 291hp (KO'd after a Covet and Spikes)
  40. SET 2
  42. Name:Resorting to Last Resort
  44. Ability:Keen Eye
  45. Nature:Adamant
  46. EV spread: 252 ATK, 252 Speed, 4hp
  48. Item: Life Orb
  50. Move 1: Hone Claws/Focus Energy
  51. Move 2: Last Resort
  52. Move 3: Nothing
  53. Move 4: Nothing
  56. Decription:
  57. Coming off a base 76 attack, one might think Furret's Last Resort would be to run a set with Last Resort, But you are horribly mis-informed.
  58. After a single Hone Claws boost, Furret will reach an astonishing 414 attack, this coupled with a 140 Base Power STAB move, and with it has the added joys of an accumulated accuracy boost for a %100 accuracy move. Some sets run Focus Energy for Crit Hax, to help break through curse walls, but this is generally outclassed by the power of the Hone Claws variant.
  59. As an example of the wrath of this pokemon, if a Hitmonlee with an Adamant nature (Standard) were foolish  enough to switch into this Ferret (Furret) after it attained it's boost,
  60. it would be outsped, and take this much damage:
  62. Regular damage  529     Average damage  573     Max damage  624
  64. And all users of Hitmonlee know that Hitmonlee only has 241hp uninvested,
  65. but sadly Hitmonlee is in RU...
  67. Although, Furret has definately established itself as one of, if not, the deadliest FEAR mon,
  68. in the game.
  75. SET 3
  76. Name: Acorn Rest
  78. Ability:Run Away
  79. Nature:Impish
  80. EV Spread: 252HP, 252Def, 4Speed
  82. Item: Lum/Chesto Berry
  84. Move 1: Rest
  85. Move 2: Defense Curl
  86. Move 3: Toxic
  87. Move 4: U Turn
  89. Description:
  90. Relying on it's slightly higher base defense, Furret reaches a very respectable 85/64 physical bulk, although respectable doesn't always necessarily mean outstanding it's bulk allows it to occasionally get off a rest, or maybe a toxic.
  91. Although often outclassed by it's #1 rival for a fast bulky support in NU, Eviolite Sentret,
  92. Furret does have a few things going for it, It's speed allows it to outrun common threats such as Emboar, and sacrifice itself to poison them, or use it's access to U Turn to hit like a 5 year old Tomboy's Tonka Truck whilst switching out to avoid imminent death.
  96. CHECKS:
  97. Unburden Hitmonlee, Fighting priority(Hitmonchan),
  98. and for the 1st mentioned set,
  99. any pokemon that does not rely heavily on it's item is likely to be the victor in a fight for supremacy.
  102. Furret has an extremely diverse movepool, but without gimmicks, hardly any of it's stats are usable, and it is just a less powerful version of Linoone, leaving it at the bottom of the rodent food chain. The rodent food chain currently looks something like this,
  103. Linoone>Raticate>Bibarel>Watchog>Furret
  104. In theory, you could try a Work up set, with something like Work up/Return/Hidden Power Fighting/Ice Beam with maximum investment in SpA to catch an opponent off guard, but as soon as he see's the nature of your trickery he will surely dispatch of you quickly.
  105. A Baton pass set is also viable, with Baton Pass/Defense Curl/Work up/Amnesia, as you can turn any pokemon into a seemingly invulnerable death machine, although this is somewhat harder to play.
  108. Furret's dream world ability has been released,
  110. (UNCONFIRMED) hopefully next generation it will recieve Pick Up, or Pickpocket, for it's item sets.
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