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  1. [QUOTE=karbomusic;2241465]You had asked somtething like "why in the world would someone add saturation after a cab trims high end".[/QUOTE]
  3. Meaning if people [i]really[/i] listened, with headphones, to the effect of saturating a cab mic I think many would agree the effect is objectively harmful. Yet many who don't even understand what saturation is seek it on the advice of others.
  5. There have to be some standards. Otherwise, why share any best practice advice? Why tell people not to record too hot on their interface or avoid digital clipping or oversample ITB saturation? Some practices can be (generally) considered objectively better. I thought this was a good example of that.
  7. Things aren't as wild west as you're making them out to be.
  10. Sorry to be a pain. I'll leave it at that.
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