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  1. Kendra  Kian    10 hours ago    Almost laughed when Kian agreed, even as a part of her was ready to verbally assault whoever was insulting him. Because it was her job to tell him the truth, with a healthy serving of kisses to make the medicine go down easier. "I'm sorry," as they parted for breath, "I don't want anyone else but you." Tongues crashing back together to express the point more thoroughly, wrestling a soft moan from throat in longing for the sensation of his body molding against hers. Lashes closed as she surrendered to him, to all the feelings inside that were bubbling upwards. Kissing him with a recklessness of a drunk driver speeding along a dark and winding road along the edge of a cliff. She needed and wanted him, more than she had ever needed or wanted another person in her life. Because Kian Keller the loser, the geek, and whatever in-between had saw the truth of Kendra behind the perfect smile and poise. He had touched her in ways that no one ever had, and no one ever would again. Each time their bodies came together, she felt the world shift on it's axis, and the thrill of something familiar and new. Nothing was ever dull or repetitive, and she never would feel satisfied with someone else. At least that was the way she felt. When eventually parting for another gasp of air, teeth tugged at his lower lip, "Baby take me home?"
  2. Kian    Kendra  10 hours ago    Didn't want her to cry. Because she didn't deserve to cry. Everything that led to this point has nothing to be blamed on her for. But if she ever did cry for the sole purpose of feeling better, then Kian would hope that she did. That she found solace in doing so, because his heat ached in having the knowledge that it was him who made her sad in the first place. And while Kian had too many things to make up for, he did know what could do for her in the moment. And that was to hold her. Hold her until he had been kissed. And his heart stopped. It stopped, and it felt like it broke Not because he didn't want it, but because he felt like the shittiest fucking person on the face of the earth. "I know-- I know, people have been telling me." He kissed her again. Kian too, didn't care for what was happening. All he wanted to do was take her for the person she was, and he loved her for it. With the parting of their lips, their tongues met. Letting her know that he was there, as much as she was for him. Never again will he break. Because Kian's learned the definition of love. And it was good. It was addictive. Better than any kind of kiss from any kind of ZTA sweetheart.
  3. Kendra  Kian    9 hours ago Lower lip had begun to wobble, indicating that she was close to sobbing herself. Kendra Maine was not the sort to cry and could count on a single hand the amount of times she had done so to date. Two of those involved Kian. She was close to beginning the second hand, and that just wasn't acceptable. The warmth of Kian's arms was akin to being rolled up into a blanket when sick as someone rubbed your back as you slurped down some chicken soup, and foolish heart tried to claw its way free of chest to give itself to him once more. "You're such an idiot, Kian Keller," leaning down to press lips to his in a kiss. A wet and messy affair, given the varying stages of their tears and his snot. But she didn't care. Because when their mouths met, her soul seemed to sigh with contentment, as if the world made sense again. It was electric and fire, shocking and burning, all at once. Lips parting to permit the quick and eager reunion of tongues, that would roll and rub to communicate where words failed. Kendra belonged to Kian, despite his recent stupidity streak. Just as Kian belonged to Kendra, despite her assumptive nature.
  4. Kian    Kendra  9 hours ago Yeah. Launching himself at her with defensive words was something Kian did on a daily basis. Because that's how he grew up. He grew up thinking that he would have been better off preparing himself with every sentence that someone else spoke. Because at any given minute, those words could be used to insult him. hurt him. Or make him regret things that he's done. And he doesn't want that. So he tries to avoid it. As much as he could. Yet, the world worked in weird --mysterious-- ways. So for someone who tried to not do it. He almost always seemed to do it. On accident a good portion of the time. Hands trembled a lot more, but with every words spoken between the two of them, he pulled her in closer. Even as his lips were pressed tightly against the fabric of her top. Which was now, by the way, soggy from tears. "I'd want you Kendra." His words were allowed to trail off. As if to give her time to think about it. "Even if-- even if you were just a mistake. Because I see that you're not. I see that-- that you're the most beautiful woman on earth. That you deserved to be loved. It doesn't-- it doesn't even have to be me, I just-- want it to be me. I-- I really do."
  5. Kendra  Kian    9 hours ago It was good that Kian let her speak without interrupting or interjecting, to just let the foremost thoughts come forth as it would encourage her to continue to let him see the weaker aspects of herself that she covered up with an annoying amount of self-confidence. It almost meant, that he was hearing her, instead of launching a defense of hurtful words or accusations like he had at the diner. A loud sniffle was given as he admitted to not having the answers, heartbroken and relieved at the same time. Because of neither them had the answers, then neither of them had true advantage over the other. Small protesting gasp of pain was made, as he collected her hands in his. The urgency of his touch agitating the muscles of arm in sling. An accident, and she wouldn't yell at him for it. "Do you really want me, Kian? Even if I am just some drunk girl mistake?" wanting to kiss him, just needing it all to make sense again. Because operating without him, didn't at all. She was miserable.
  6. Kian    Kendra  9 hours ago Hasn't even spoken to Mary-Angela in a long while. But again, like most things nowadays it was kian's fault. And he didn't mean for things to constantly be his fault. Sometimes it just happened that way. And it sucked. But he had to hold on to the belief, that eventually things were going to get better. Kendra never stopped being Kian's favorite person. Now until the end of whatever they had, she was going to be his favorite person. It didn't matter what happened. it didn't matter what she said, she showed him what it was like to be happy. Genuinely happy. All of her questions were not answered. At least not immediately. Aside from the tears preventing him to speak, accumulating in broken hiccups, he didn't want to cut her off. She deserved to speak. To tell him what she felt. "I don't know, Kendra. I don't-- I don't know how I'm supposed to know. I don't know how to explain the fact that you're the one for me. All I know is that I want you to be." Grabbed both her hands with his own set, shoulder brushed against his eyes to wipe away at the wetness. "And I've never wanted someone to be the one for me, as much as I do you."
  7. Kendra  Kian    9 hours ago Kendra could blame Kian for a lot of things at present, but she wasn't voicing them. Mostly because she was under the assumption that he didn't give a fuck. He had Gemma finally. The girl he had wanted all along, next to like Mary Angela. And she had just been a drunk girl mistake, right? Isn't that what he had said in the middle of the diner? "I want to believe that," her own eyes beginning to water in response, because she selfishly wanted it to be true. Kendra wanted to feel like she was his favorite person again. To go back to the way it had been before.. whatever led him to kiss Gemma again. "But you bailed on me without an explanation or apology when I was trying to give you a chance," indicating the night of the fourth, "And then you were weird at the coffee shop. Only to see you be so into whatever conversation you were having with Gemma when she came in? What am I supposed to think Kian? How am I supposed to know that I'm the one for you?" And just like that the cool facade was breaking, and the vulnerable part of herself was exposed again.
  8. Kian    Kendra  9 hours ago could she really blame him? Could she really blame him for feeling the way that he did? Because if that had been the case then the two of them had a lot to talk about. And that transcended more than just the sobs coming from the bassist. Nearly broke when she had caressed his scalp, because it meant something. "Kendr--Ken--K--" Cried a lot more, but hugged her even tighter. "I didn't I--" That wasn't the case. She had it all wrong. "That's not what's going on, Kendra." Shook his head. "I didn't have my f-- f-- f-- fill of Gemma. I just-- I just don't-- I'm in love with you, okay? More than-- maybe more than I should, but I do."
  9. Kendra  Kian    8 hours ago It was growing increasingly difficult to not touch him, as Kian clung to her for anchor, as if there was a risk that upon release he'd lose all sense of gravity and float away into the space. The tremors of emotion that racked his lean frame, coaxed fingers to collect in the dark curls of his hair, a soothing gesture that she had done so many times before. Ignoring the passersby as she all but scowled at him. "So you got your fill of Gemma, realized she's a dud in comparison to me. And now what, exactly?" chin elevating in degrees, somehow managing to seem superior despite her shirt being wet with his tears and the stupid cast.
  10. Kian    Kendra  8 hours ago *hurt
  11. Kian    Kendra  8 hours ago Kept his sob going, even as more and more people passed by them either sharing awkward glances, or trying their best to just completely ignore the two. The tremble in his hands were evident, and she'd feel it if she didn't move. Because for as much as they shook, they still held on for as tight as they possibly could. Her question caused him to stop. Head lifting to meet her gaze. "I-- Kendra, I-- yesterday at the coffee shop--" The lower --pouted-- lip trembled, quaking at the idea of her thinking that he would even kiss Gemma again. "I asked it all to stop." Sniffle. "Because I told her--" Basically. "--that no-- no-- that I didn't want that anymore. That I didn't want to- to- to- to- urt you anymore."
  12. Kendra  Kian    8 hours ago Mouth opened to form the word bullshit when Kian began to break down, despite claiming it was nothing -- only to be effectively silence with the abrupt abandon of maintaining any reputation he had by falling to his knees and hugging her waist. The press of head to breast was both familiar and irritating, considering that it was he that had broke her heart. Twice. "How can you miss me if you're locking lips with Gemma?" fingers fighting to console him with a combing gesture to hair, even as they wanted to form into a fist to punch him. Neither happening at the moment.
  13. Kian    Kendra  8 hours ago Just didn't want himself to be looked at as someone who was weak and pathetic. Which is the exact reason why he was ugly crying. Because the pain of loss was heavily outweighing the urge not to cry in public. But he did anyway. "Nothing Kendra--" Whimpered and sobbed, before throwing himself at her, knees planted on the grass. And arms wrapped around her waist, head leaned against her chest. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I miss you. That's-- that's what's wrong."
  14. Kendra  Kian    8 hours ago the contortion of Kian's face was abrupt, and something out of a horror flick from the 70s with heavily implications of demonic possession. "..No you're not," frown of concern eventually winning out on lips and the purse of brows. "What's wrong?" not thinking for a moment that it had anything to do with her.
  15. Kian    Kendra  8 hours ago teared up. Again. Probably the fifteenth time this morning. Because he misses her, and it's hard. And they haven't talked. And he's confused. And he feels so-- so alone. "Good-- that's good." Lowered his hand. "I'm fine-- I guess. I mean I am fine. I'm alive. I just--" Blew air from his mouth. "Yeah."
  16. Kendra  Kian    8 hours ago lips twisted, warring with itself to smile at his abundance of adorableness and frown that he wasn't properly taking care of himself. But that wasn't her business was it? "I'm fine," she wasn't, even as fingers were rubbing at her sore shoulder in an awkward manner. "You?"
  17. Kian    Kendra  8 hours ago rubbed the bottom of his palm, the part where wrist meets hand, against his eyes. Repeatedly while he approached her. "I-- I feel like it too." Her honesty wasn't brushed off. "How are you, Kendra?" Of course, he was going to put her before him. Again. Any day, any time. "Have you been-- uh-- well? I guess?"
  18. Kendra  Kian    7 hours ago At the tentative address, blonde head jerked upwards and towards the speaker. Mocha depths widening a fraction upon realizing it was Kian, and that he appeared to be sick. The knee jerk reaction to comfort him was strong, but the scorned side of herself was a bit louder. "..You look like shit, Keller," honest as ever.
  19. Kian    Kendra  7 hours ago was on his way to the cafe, actually. When he saw a certain someone sit on a bench. Kian sported heavy eye bags, as well as puffy cheeks and nose. Hasn't had a decent sleep in days. Approached her slowly. Carefully. "Hey, Ken-- Kendra."
  20. Kendra  Kian    7 hours ago took a seat on one of the benches in the courtyard, if only to set down her backpack as her shoulder was beginning to ache from the weight. Fished out phone to check her recent alerts.
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