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  1. Heaven and hell
  2. 10:40-10:50 pm  Friday
  3. I smoke about 4 hits of a joint. I don’t immediately feel effects while my friends did
  4. 10:50-11:30pm Friday
  5. I walk back on the gravel road to my tent. I want to listen to music so I play some blink-182, STRFKR, and Nirvana and all of them sounded good but not exceptional. I eat some sweet munchies and Rancherito chips. I only get effects in waves,  but they are strong like visuals and dizzieness.
  6. 11:30-11:40pm
  7. One of my friends, “John” is acting dumb. I tell him to shut up but he does not listen. I stay passive after and he calms down. I talk about a girl I like who gave me some candy at school.
  8. 11:40-11:50pm
  9. Another friend, “Collin” helps my wright my report. I only feel stupid and no other effects.
  10. 11:55pm-12:15am Friday-Saturday
  11. I feel tired as I put my head on my pillow. Human sadness is playing and I feel a deep, emotional Bond with the music, like it had been a part of my life. My arms and legs feel paralyzed and warm like an opiate when I keep them still.
  12. 6:00-9:00am Saturday
  13. We wake up before the rest of the people at camp to wake up the others so that we can get our unloading out of the way and eat breakfast. I help cook and feel fine and sober throughout the time.
  14. 9:50am Saturday
  15. I take the first 50mg Tramadol pill on the walk to the cacheing competition. I let it dissolve in my mouth.
  16. 10:30am
  17. I take the second pill 10 minutes late since people were looking. I only feel painkiller effects
  18. 10:45am-10:55
  19. I take th Le third pill and feel effects. My mouth is numb and tingly since I rubbed the Tramadol against the roof of my mouth. The color of the world is greatly brightened and I can focus on multiple colors at once.
  20. 11:00am
  21. Most of my effects wear off. I take the final 50mg pill for a total of 200mg.
  22. 11:05-11:10am
  23. I eat some food and it tastes bland.
  24. My hearing is impaired when I talk and listen at the same time. I put my phone up to charge. I am content with life and feel light.
  25. 11:40-11:50am
  26. I take the topiramate 200mg pill. It tastes MUCH more bitter and is much bigger than the tramamadol pills. I feel nauseous and almost throw up.
  27. 11:50am-12:05pm
  28. I get numb and overwhelmed by The sound of people talking. I feel spaced out and dizzy. I think that the Tramadol has kicked in but not the topiramate. I have small pupils.
  29. 12:05+pm
  30. I feel euphoric and socially happy. The colors look amazing. I’m numb and disoriented. Time goes slower, a telltale effect of topiramate. I can only feel my hands when i rub them together. I am in a world of my own even though my friends are around me as we walk to the caching event. Sounds stack on top of eachother. My vision occasionally shakes as well as the feeling in my body. The topiramate has kicked in!
  31. 12:25pm
  32. I feel stupid and can’t process my thoughts. I don’t feel any Tramadol effects and i am hot. It feels like a million years since we started walking even through we just got to the event building.
  33. 12:30pm
  34. I am peaking on topiramate and tramadol at the same time! The itchiness went away, replaced by stimulation in my face and legs. My sense of space warps rapidly. My vision is only on my phone as I type.
  35. 12:35pm
  36. I forget what I type. I am supremely comfortable.
  37. 12:50pm
  38. I no longer have consistent effects, but I am cycling through the previous ones and histamine itch. I am excited and jittery since Collin John and Lenard are talking about the plan and we are about the contest that’s about to start and I just asked a girl for her digits. I also feel happy :) like a seratonin high. The effects bond well from here on out and are almost inseparable.
  39. 1:00pm
  40. I remember writing things that I didn’t write. When I sit down, I get a rush of effects, an effect symptomatic of either drug. 10 minutes either feels like an instant or an hour.
  41. 1:10pm
  42. I can feel my peak dropping. We are getting ready to go for the competition. Strangely, even though topiramate lasts longer, I only feel tramadol effects.
  43. 1:15pm
  44. We sprint and I have an easy time because of the Tramadol
  45. 1:15-2:00pm
  46. I get very mad at Lenard when he insults me about something random. This is the start of the unpleasantness. I try to hit him. I am in excruciating pain from running into spearheads, wild carrot, cacti, and the histamines from tramadol. I go slower and I feel much better. I realize that this is what a usual Tramadol experience is like, which is what I have not had before. I sit down in a clearing, much to the protest of my friends. They continue without me. They come back and I go to the start line. At this point I am still getting body load from topiramate. The color i see is actually dulled instead of boosted.
  47. 2:00-2:40pm
  48. I arrive at the start line and sit Down. I feel strong Tramadol effects but no topiramate. I started chatting in the r/drugs discord and forget the letter U.
  49. 2:40pm
  50. The topiramate body load comes back in warm comfy waves.
  51. 2:50-3:00pm
  52. I hear music and am thinking a thousand thoughts in my head. I am thankful for the world. I sit down and am happy that time is slower but am worried that I might get addicted to topiramate.
  53. 3:15pm
  54. I finally am able to use the restroom. I listen to music and feel a strange urge to record every second in this log. I brush my teeth when I get to the tent.
  55. 3:35pm
  56. I feel almost no effects except numbness and itchiness but I keep seeing duplicate people on the road walking back to the start line. My numbness spikes up again.
  57. 3:45pm
  58. I feel calm and my hearing is loud. I talk to some strangers about random stuff including drugs at the end.
  59. 4:10-4:20pm
  60. I have a hard time typing and constantly smile. My thoughts race. This is like both topiramate and tramadol effects, like a second peak.
  61. 4:30pm
  62. I feel dizzy and get temperature flashes.
  63. 5:00pm
  64. I get annoyed, impatient, and hot as my friends smoke weed as I wait, citing the idea that I am an asshole when I’m high on weed.
  65. 5:05-5:10pm
  66. We walk through the forest and I get scratched. I can’t hear them talk.
  67. 5:10pm
  68. We get to the road and I ask for a hug from Lenarrt and John and we all calm down and become positive. Collin also hugs me. I have minor calming social effects by this point.
  69. 5:45pm
  70. Time goes faster than usual, a welcome change for topiramate.
  71. 6:00pm
  72. Time slows down again and when I feel the urge to be negative I give somebody a hug ❤️
  73. 6:20-6:35pm
  74. I am incredibly sedated and probably have the peak Tramadol body load of the entire trip. I hear auditory pressure. My whole body itches.
  75. 6:40-6:45pm
  76. I feel less sedated but also less itchy
  77. 6:45-7:00pm
  78. I get the effects back but less strong. They continue growing to a very strong point until i am smiling greatly. When I stare at one spot my vision turns two dimensional. It feels like I have to reach feet across my keyboard.
  79. 7:20pm
  80. I have very minor respiratory depression and asthma. I the music I’m listening to, when you die by mgmt sounds heavenly, although my back hurts and my itch is coming back.
  81. 7:30pm
  82. I am tired and nodding off. I am very numb and sedated. Collin, John, lennart are still high on marajuana. They invite another person into the tent. to smoke with them.
  83. 7:45-7:55pm
  84. I have a hard time keeping my eyes open and I have a hard time keeping a sense of reality. I draw conclusions based off of incomplete ideas and randomly complain. I greatly enjoyed the music.
  85. 8:00-8:05pm
  86. I have the same effects as before but I have a hard time seeing and I am incredibly sedated.
  87. 8:20
  88. My phone seems 3D and my memory goes  away quickly.
  89. 8:40pm
  90. I only feel calm and cool.
  91. 9:00pm
  92. I’m much less itchy and I feel almost no effects. I’m just comfortable and have a very low blood pressure. When I got up I could feel some body dizzieness though.
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