NPC Adventures #1

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  1. The marvelous castle halls were decorated with exaggerated elegance, walls smothered with paintings of pale-skinned, red-eyed women and floors lined with highest-quality carpets.  Past these halls lied a large, yet dimly-lit room, aplenty with long couches and flimsy chairs, a fireplace crackling on the other side of the door.  Pale, busty women in black-and-white clothing half-sliding off their bodies sat in all of these, guffawing and cackling while pointing their deep red-painted fingernails at each other and sitting only partially on their chairs.  None of them even noticed the creaking of the door or the tiny footsteps that followed.
  3.         THWACK.  The loud noise of something snapping against the wall was enough to shut them all up at once, or at least quiet them down, as all their eyes turned at once to look at the door.  Standing there was the poutiest face there could ever be, with freckles and glowing red eyes, holding a now-snapped-in-half broom near the bristles and shooting them all a horrifying glare.  Their surprise only lasted a few seconds before they started making noise again, only to be interrupted by a loud A-HEM.
  5.         "Listen up, you slackers!  This is important and we have a REAL job to do!"  Corona Escamille, in all the glory of the bulky threads of a promoted maid, tossed the broom to the side and put both her hands on her hips while enunciating to the best of her ability.  "The Mistress is leaving on vacation tomorrow with guests, and you're all going to see her off while on your best behavior-- do I make myself clear?"
  7.         "No, not really."  A violet-haired woman able to show her up at least threefold by her chest alone kept on leaning, only her head positioned upside-down over the couch arm to gaze at the small, determined girl.  "What does she care?"
  9.         "W-Well!"  Corona's face would become as puffy as the ponytail on the back of her head.  "We're her servants and it's our job to make sure she gets the best treatment we can offer!"
  11.         "Sooo let's just leave her aloooone," another one chimed in.  "A profeeeeessional like her would rather not be seeeen with people like uuuus anyway, no?"
  13.         "Well, that's true, you REALLY don't do anything, but..."  She only gets a scoff in return as they turn back to each other.
  15.         "... And so I said to him, you're really okay with your girlfriend not having THESE?  And that's when I..."
  17.         "Why don't they ever listen?  ;_;"
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