Something - Update Log 5.0

61042 May 24th, 2019 92 Never
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  1. (+)Created another place that will have some things that are different from the other one including lighting and functions that will be used in this version of the place so that some scripts do not counteract each other.
  2. (+)Added script to change the speed at which the walking sound plays to be at the right speed of your actual movements.
  3. (*)Redo of the game design to colors I prefer more.
  4. (*)Made my scripts into Packages for easier use to move them to places or to use one and make it so that it is easier to update. (I might make people allowed to download my packages.)
  5. (-)Disabled "Table Testing." script due to the game now being 'published'.
  6. (-)"print" will be commented due to it no longer needed in the 'published build'. (Unless if the game is being really buggy for others than it will be turned back on.)
  7. (*)Adjusted fog to give a better artistic expression of what I am trying to show.
  8. Hope you enjoy. ~CasualDegenerate
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