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  1. [2015-05-04 14:01:15] <Casshan> Eve is flying around over the slowly-recovering ruins of Bóthar-Contráth and suddenly vaguely remembers something about hearing schoolgirls the last time she met the other people in the chantry. Deciding that her odds of finding someone were pretty good, she floats over and touches down in the middle of the courtyard leading to the most school-ish looking building around, walking around...
  2. [2015-05-04 14:01:16] <Casshan> ...somewhat aimlessly until she finds someone.
  3. [2015-05-04 14:04:11] * Ai_Nitami is checking the flowerbed, trying to determine the condition of lilies.
  4. [2015-05-04 14:09:00] * Casshan steps behind Ai somewhat audibly.
  5. [2015-05-04 14:09:48] * Ai_Nitami blinks, and turns.
  6. [2015-05-04 14:09:58] <Ai_Nitami> "Oh! You are that robot girl from before, right?"
  7. [2015-05-04 14:12:02] * Casshan nods and rubs her head, smiling a bit. "Yeah...! I remembered hearing something about schoolgirls... or something. Figured I'd find at least one of you if I went around with that in mind."
  8. [2015-05-04 14:14:16] <Ai_Nitami> "It is my Estate!" Ai says, then paused. "Well, no, but I treat it as such! So, what's with schoolgirls?"
  9. [2015-05-04 14:14:59] <Casshan> "I think I was supposed to be a gym teacher. For a while, anyway."
  10. [2015-05-04 14:15:21] <Casshan> "And then it was home ec! I got some mileage out of that, at least."
  11. [2015-05-04 14:15:30] <Casshan> "Shame most of the schools were destroyed."
  12. [2015-05-04 14:16:19] * Ai_Nitami shrugs. "Pick one of the school and start teaching, then. Claim you are new teacher or something. Figured students around here won't mind having cyborg as PE Teacher."
  13. [2015-05-04 14:16:27] <Ai_Nitami> "Need some help?"
  14. [2015-05-04 14:17:39] <Casshan> "I think I'll be fine. I just wanted to say hi and chat a bit."
  15. [2015-05-04 14:17:58] * Casshan rubs a horn of plastic and metal jutting past her temple. "I might have given the wrong impression earlier."
  16. [2015-05-04 14:18:25] <Ai_Nitami> ".. ah. About Kitsune-chan?"
  17. [2015-05-04 14:22:53] <Casshan> "I suppose folding her up into a letter was a bit mean."
  18. [2015-05-04 14:23:59] <Ai_Nitami> "Nah. She is... how do I say this?"
  19. [2015-05-04 14:24:02] * Ai_Nitami ponders.
  20. [2015-05-04 14:25:53] <Casshan> "Honestly is fine. I'm pretty vulgar."
  21. [2015-05-04 14:27:20] <Ai_Nitami> "I'll greatly appreciate if you don't accidentally trigger her compulsion to... what's the words? I think it is 'Gives what you deserve', though."
  22. [2015-05-04 14:29:13] <Casshan> "Hey, I never asked for this."
  23. [2015-05-04 14:29:31] <Ai_Nitami> "Yes. That. Never says that around her."
  24. [2015-05-04 14:29:43] <Casshan> "...nnnn."
  25. [2015-05-04 14:31:15] <Ai_Nitami> "Any teaching plan, then?"
  26. [2015-05-04 14:31:22] * Casshan looks at Ai and twitches slightly, gritting her teeth. "I promised myself I'd try to get along since I'm basically stuck with all of you forever, barring something crazy happens."
  27. [2015-05-04 14:31:33] * Casshan sighs and nods.
  28. [2015-05-04 14:32:08] <Casshan> "I noticed the people around here are all pretty wimpy. I was thinking a combined regimen of diet, exercise and augmentations could go a long way!"
  29. [2015-05-04 14:32:44] <Ai_Nitami> "An interesting solution, to be sure."
  30. [2015-05-04 14:33:14] <Ai_Nitami> "... hmm, I don't mind having more fit schoolgirls, honestly."
  31. [2015-05-04 14:33:32] <Casshan> "Well, they don't have to have huge robot arms."
  32. [2015-05-04 14:33:50] <Casshan> "That's passe. The new hotness is CNT and silicone muscle."
  33. [2015-05-04 14:34:30] * Ai_Nitami claps. "That's perfectly acceptable. Oh, add fleur-de-lis symbol somehwere, too!"
  34. [2015-05-04 14:35:39] <Casshan> "Really, the only issue is that modifying growing bodies causes developmental issues. It's better to rely on nanomachines, or make sure there's an infrastructure of doctors and... I'm not boring you with this, am I?"
  35. [2015-05-04 14:36:04] * Casshan sways slightly, reaching into her pack to pull out a bottle of sports drink.
  36. [2015-05-04 14:36:44] <Ai_Nitami> "Well, I don't mind! It isn't like I have something to do. Other than checking for lilies, I guess - they are quite finicky!"
  37. [2015-05-04 14:37:20] <Casshan> "Ah, well then!"
  38. [2015-05-04 14:37:41] * Casshan smiles. "I figured you'd be the more approachable out of the group."
  39. [2015-05-04 14:38:37] * Ai_Nitami shrug. "Oh, sorry for more-or-less ignoring you back then. I have  a lot on my mind."
  40. [2015-05-04 14:40:27] <Casshan> "'s fine. The sky exploded and we fought evil clones of everything."
  41. [2015-05-04 14:41:03] <Casshan> "Honestly, I'd be a bit of a bitch to hold being ignored at a time like that against any of you."
  42. [2015-05-04 14:43:46] <Ai_Nitami> "Yes. Plus the present."
  43. [2015-05-04 14:43:49] * Ai_Nitami shudders.
  44. [2015-05-04 14:44:06] <Ai_Nitami> "So! Anyway. Want to try your luck inside?"
  45. [2015-05-04 14:44:19] <Casshan> "Could be fun."
  46. [2015-05-04 14:44:58] * Casshan laughs a bit. "You know, I actually wanted to be a science teacher growing up. Turning into a flying cyborg superhero feels like an accident."
  47. [2015-05-04 14:45:21] <Casshan> "And being seen more in terms of... I guess physical things?"
  48. [2015-05-04 14:45:32] <Ai_Nitami> "I don't see why you can't teach science on the side,"
  49. [2015-05-04 14:45:49] * Ai_Nitami inspect Casshan. "Yes, well. I can say you are physically quite fit."
  50. [2015-05-04 14:48:06] * Casshan laughs a bit and thumps her collarbone, which has what looks like a bit of engine jutting out of it. It seems to rev a bit at the compliments. "Hee. If the metal is a bit spooky, I do have some spare parts in my luggage."
  51. [2015-05-04 14:48:24] <Casshan> "Never know when you need meat-legs."
  52. [2015-05-04 14:48:59] * Ai_Nitami raise her eyebrow. "You keep flesh-and-blood components?"
  53. [2015-05-04 14:49:45] <Casshan> "Well you know. The closest thing to it."
  54. [2015-05-04 14:50:52] <Ai_Nitami> "... can you do the opposite? Get machine, put flesh-and-blood stuffs on it. Does it count as cyborg?"
  55. [2015-05-04 14:52:39] <Casshan> "Totally."
  56. [2015-05-04 14:53:27] <Casshan> "Robots that are smart enough are people, so adding tissues to them for any number of reasons makes them cyborgs. And... I suppose upgrading an inanimate or semi-animate object with the traits of a person would have the same effect..."
  57. [2015-05-04 14:57:42] <--| Darkened has left #QQNobilisIC
  58. [2015-05-04 14:58:18] -->| Darkened ( has joined #QQNobilisIC
  59. [2015-05-04 14:58:31] <Darkened> Pidgin crashed
  60. [2015-05-04 15:26:25] =-= Lian is now known as Kitsune-chan
  61. [2015-05-04 15:26:36] * Kitsune-chan grumbles something about needing siblings to deflect parent
  62. [2015-05-04 15:40:10] * Casshan floats up behind Kitsune-chan. "Hey!"
  63. [2015-05-04 15:44:36] <Kitsune-chan> "hello"
  64. [2015-05-04 15:49:07] * Casshan tucks her arms behind her back.
  65. [2015-05-04 15:49:14] <Casshan> "I've been looking for you. Do you have a moment?"
  66. [2015-05-04 15:50:07] <Kitsune-chan> "yeah"
  67. [2015-05-04 15:50:49] <Kitsune-chan> "Understand though if you complain about being a transhuman post god I'm going to feel a need to give you a reason to complain"
  68. [2015-05-04 15:52:38] <Casshan> "...n."
  69. [2015-05-04 15:53:03] <Casshan> "Let's agree to a truce until the city is repaired."
  70. [2015-05-04 15:54:01] <Casshan> "I won't fire you out of a cannon into the sun and escalate things until there's at least some city to damage collaterally."
  71. [2015-05-04 15:54:05] * Casshan coughs. "That was a joke."
  72. [2015-05-04 15:54:37] <Kitsune-chan> "I'm merely pointing out how intrinsically awesome being a cybernetic entity who has complete control of her life is something someone shouldn't complain about. Vs being stuck as a silly maid."
  73. [2015-05-04 16:02:27] <Casshan> "You're making some pretty hefty assumptions about me."
  74. [2015-05-04 16:04:03] <Kitsune-chan> "Tell me how i am wrong. Tell me your state isn't better than how you were born"
  75. [2015-05-04 16:06:47] * Casshan sighs and lies back as she floats along the air, engines humming softly. "Power is great and all, but some people had different kinds of extraordinary lives planned out. If I'm being reasonable, there's all new challenges I can whine about too."
  76. [2015-05-04 16:07:25] <Casshan> "What I do know is that I /especially/ didn't ask to fight an evil sky made of un-being on my first day at the office."
  77. [2015-05-04 16:07:32] <Casshan> "Or used car lot. Whatever."
  78. [2015-05-04 16:10:38] <Kitsune-chan> "The responsibilities you take for yourself are yours to choose"
  79. [2015-05-04 16:12:32] <Casshan> "I'll believe you on that."
  80. [2015-05-04 16:12:54] * Casshan touches to the ground and leans against a wall. "So what is it you do around here?"
  81. [2015-05-04 16:13:56] <Kitsune-chan> "Get people what they deserve"
  82. [2015-05-04 16:25:05] <Casshan> "As in?"
  83. [2015-05-04 16:40:43] <Kitsune-chan> "That's really it?"
  84. [2015-05-04 16:41:40] <Casshan> "I mean, do you punish them? Reward them? Help them along?"
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