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  1. So, is this it? It didn't feel like it. It still doesn't feel like it. Today went by in a flash. I can barely remember it, except for those few memorable moments. Those moments will last a lifetime. But today was more than just the last day of school. Today was more than just our last day as a student.
  3. Today was the last day that we were yelled at by our teachers – whether it was for being late to class, or for playing cards in the middle of a lesson, or for just being an ass. Today was the day we grew closer to the ‘loner kid’, the one we never talked to during the entire semester.
  5. Today was also goodbye to the people we see every day, many of which we take for granted, and many who we may never see again. Today is the day that friendships, years in the making, will simply vanish. Today is the day that many of us will be forced to let go; to release the people that we have been holding on to for so long, for no apparent reason. Today is the last day that you will wake up and come to school just to see his/her face, because no matter how bitchy life is, you know everything’s better when they’re around. Today is the day that that shoulder, the one you've been leaning on for the last few months, just disappears.
  7. But today is also the day that gives way for a new shoulder to take its place. Today is the day that quite a few of us will start marking days off the calendar, until we start seeing the one we’ve been waiting years to see, everyday. The one we've been holding out for; the one who keeps us going every day; the one who you’d give anything for...even your friends.
  9. Maybe today’s just the day we either recalculate or miscalculate what we have...every single one of us. The things we have to say goodbye to, the things we’re going to say hello to. The ones we finally let go of...whether happily, wilfully, blindly, reluctantly, or forcefully. And I’m pretty sure many of us, either now or in a couple years, are going to wish they could give anything to relive today...to tell someone something they forgot to tell, or was afraid to tell, or just didn’t want to tell; maybe to simply get a chance to show appreciation for what is no longer there.
  11. Today we venture out into the unknown. No one to pass the blame on anymore; no one to pick up the slack for anymore. Today is done.
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