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  1. Yes, I do support a two state solution. I think the settlements need to be ended, the people there appropriately moved and compensated, and for a strict border line to be established, demilitarized by UN Forces. Someone like Switzerland should observe free and fair elections in Palestine, and people must be compensated for loss of land, limb, and life.
  3. Over seventy years ago, the world reflected on the Holocaust and said never again. Never again would the Jewish people be oppressed; never again would systemic suppression, segregation, and imprisonment of the Jewish people be tolerated; never again would silence in the face of violence be humanity’s motto.
  5. We must once more rise and be worthy of these great people, whose heirs we are. Never again should Palestinian children be pelted with stones or have their water cut off to force them to give up their land. Never again should Israeli children fear they will be bombed, and die in a place where they should instead learn. Never again should political demagogues, in Israel and in Palestine, rail against each other’s peoples as the enemy, as demons.
  7. Many lies have been told by so-called leaders, lies telling people you can’t trust your neighbor because his ancestors are not yours, and his God is not your God. These are the lies of evil men, the lies of men so afraid of the truth they will kill thousands to keep the truth from being known.
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