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  6. * ''The Kingdom from [=AnimeB=]'' forums, which hate the website ''GaiaOnline''. If you ban them, they will say: "You take the Internet too seriously!"
  7. * ''[[http://www.portalofevil.com Portal of Evil]]'' - the site is mainly about identifying unusual websites, but the associated comments pages and message board allow members to really rip into them.
  8. ** Keeping in mind that as every individual site gets its own board, the quantity and tenor of traffic attracted varies quite a bit. Some sites get lot of commentary and others get none at all. Some attract a hatedom and get popular that way. Others get popular for reasons not necessarily negative. If the site owner shows up, people take notice, and the critique has the tendency to become more about their general character... which can also cut both ways if they're perceived as "good sports" by their hecklers. Of course if they're a ''bad'' sport posters who might have dismissed their site as merely mediocre will refocus their attention and accompanying snark.
  9. *** Some specific examples: the founder of the pregnancy-fetish site PG-13 was treated fairly nicely in the POE forums (and inspired more than one confused "Why are you so ''nice?''" response). When the writer of the awful ''{{Garfield}}''-ripoff webcomic ''Chester'' showed up and went into angry defense mode, though, everyone drew swords and charged.
  10. *** A video game obsessed Autistic kid charmed PoE to the point where they will to this day become quite hostile if anyone mocks him.
  11. ** POE proper has mostly been abandoned these days anyway, with most users migrating to its sister sites PoeTV (like Youtube, but videos have to be voted on before they show up on the main page, which in theory ensures high quality) and Poe News (odd news from around the globe) instead.
  12. ** In fact in a few cases the [=PoE=] boards have connected site owners with people who've [[http://friends.portalofevil.com/sp.php?pi=1000618739 sold]] or [[http://friends.portalofevil.com/sp.php?pi=1000730593 purchased]] artwork for their projects.
  13. *** There is a "Prime Directive" on [=PoE=] that protects the sites, unlike 4Chan's deliberate site attacks. If someone who learned about a site through [=PoE=] messes with the site, the owner can contact PoE to have the offender IP banned. The web master, Chet (Writing partner of Erik Wolpaw; yes, the same Chet & Erik of Old Man Murray and Portal fame) has asserted that the majority of Portal of Evil's traffic is non-ironic. The ironic, insular, and sometimes vitriolic forum-goers are outweighed by a vast silent majority that simply enjoys [=PoE=] as a useful web portal for fetish sites and whatnot.
  14. * Some shows recapped by ''TelevisionWithoutPity'' aren't exactly well-received by the recapper or the forums, some going straight to this trope while others are downright glowing in their praise.
  15. ** If a recapper clearly dislikes the show in question, it's usually done in a love/hate relationship sort of tone. For example, recapper Potes most obviously detests the skank parade of ''Rock of Love'', but will usually express a so-bad-its-good sort of enjoyment for it.
  16. * ''[[http://www.ihatecilantro.com/ IHateCilantro.com.]]'' Seriously.
  17. ** They say that a certain proportion of the population has a gene that makes cilantro taste strongly of soap to them. So they hate it and can't understand how anyone could possibly like it. The rest of us, who enjoy or at least don't mind the taste, can't fathom why they hate it so badly.
  18. * A big part of the [[http://slacktivist.typepad.com/ Slacktivist]] blog is an obsessively detailed critique of the ''LeftBehind'' series.
  19. ** Half the fun is trying to figure out whether blogger Fred Clark (a liberal Baptist with a journalism background) is more offended by ''LeftBehind'''s disturbing theology or its atrocious writing.
  20. * ''[[http://xkcdsucks.blogspot.com/ xkcdsucks]]'' [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Yeah]].
  21. -->"xkcd is not just a webcomic. It's a disease, and it's reached pandemic proportions."
  22. ** [[http://xkcdexplained.com/ xkcdexplained]] also is less about explaining the maths and science the the comic throws around and more about explaining how each and every comic demonstrates (with heavy use of HollywoodPsych) that Randall Munroe is a racist, sexist, emotionally repressed, autistic sociopath.
  23. * The late, lamented {{Anti-Shurtugal}}, a site dedicated to surprisingly coherent and well-thought-out hating on ''TheInheritanceTrilogy'' and, to a lesser degree, ''{{Twilight}}''.
  24. * ''[[http://sturgeonawards.blogspot.com/ The Sturgeon Awards]]''. In accordance to Sturgeon's Law, it hates 90% of everything.
  25. * [[http://www.tedmosbyisajerk.com/ tedmosbyyisajerk]]. It eventually got a [[{{Hatedom}} lovedom]] counterpart, [[http://www.tedmosbyisnotajerk.com tedmosbyisnotajerk]]. [[spoiler: They are both fake sites for the show HowIMetYourMother]].
  26. * Rogers Cadenhead's late, lamented Cruel Site of the Day. As you might expect by the name, each day he would post a link to a page that was amusingly snarky, or unintentionally funny in a way that brings out the reader's inner snark. Now defunct, perhaps unfortunately.
  27. * [[http://twilightsucks.com/ TwilightSucks.com]], Though lately they have been stepping away from this, as you'll find more discussion forums for other things than for the books these days.
  28. * The '''''quite NSFW''''' [[http://www.sankakucomplex.com/ Sankaku Complex]]. It is arguably an anime-centered "news" site, but in much the same vein as Encyclopaedia Dramatica, very little escapes the hate of this site and its readers. Popular [[strike:topics]] victims include: Korea (North and South), China, Japan, America, Europe, the XBox360 (and Microsoft), The {{PlayStation3}} (and Sony), TheMelancholyOfHaruhiSuzumiya (and its fandom), AyaHirano, FinalFantasyXIII(and [[FinalFantasyXIV XIV]]), manga and anime publishers, manga and anime pirates, eroge, hentai, lolicon, censorship, 2ch, 4chan, the [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment [=XBox360=], The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]], and pretty much anything else you could imagine. And [[RuleThirtyFour porn]]. As mentioned once of twice in its [[SankakuComplex entry]], it bears noting that the site is '''somewhat NSFW'''.
  29. * [[http://irategamersucks.blogspot.com/ This blog]] is the largest center of hate for TheIrateGamer. Every post is a beat down of ones of Bores videos or other related stuff, including his FanDumb.
  30. * Some people just can't stand [[http://bancomicsans.com/ Comic Sans]].
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  34. * Anime in general tends to be used as a four-letter word by certain persons on the internet who hate on the latest thing to appear "cool," or to fulfill their own personal agenda of pushing support for a hobby or medium that they enjoy instead.
  35. ** There are, of course, people who genuinely just aren't fond of the art and animation styles used in most anime which is more noticeable in some countries. Though not a fault of the original anime themselves, the dubbings also have the tendency to sound really cheesy especially when expressing emotions such as sadness or shock. It doesn't help matters when certain anime fans tend to view their favorite shows as much more artistic than "western media", which is probably why there is such a vocal hatedom in the first place.
  36. ** There's also people hating it simply because they advocate or follow the AnimationAgeGhetto. As much of the popularity of Anime in the western world are from teenagers and young adults, this has brought the issue into light.
  37. * How many people who love to hate on ''DragonBall Z'' [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch ever watched anything more than]] the "[[MemeticMutation Over 9000]]" video?
  38. ** This happens with {{Shonen}} anime in general, really, even by other fans of anime, as a counter to the oft annoying, younger, vocal fandom such popular anime tend to generate. Which are, you know, the target audience. Because anime is SeriousBusiness, therefore young people should not have shows made for them, and if they did no one else should be allowed to like them.
  39. *** It might have more to do with being an adult having to listen to it or otherwise be exposed to it. Sometimes hatred develops from being exposed to something against one's will.
  40. ** Fans of {{Shonen}} anime in general ''love'' to hate on each others' favored series (see, for example, the "{{Pirate}}s vs. {{Ninja}}" rivalry personified in the ''{{Naruto}}'' and ''OnePiece'' fandoms), as well as DBZ. This is especially hilarious when you consider that most modern Shonen action series owe their very ''existence'' to Dragonball, as said series' authors have more likely than not mentioned publicly at some point.
  41. *** Teens and pre-teens in general tend to be clique-y and close-minded about their hobbies and interests. You see it among music and video game fans, and anime is no exception.
  42. * ''{{Bleach}}'' is a strange case as there's a hatedom for everything that happened after about fifteen episodes in when it changed from MonsterOfTheWeek to a serial plot with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters.
  43. ** Fandom tends to be divided on when exactly ''Bleach'' turned bad. Some of the more commonly held opinions are A) After the first 15 episodes, B) After the Soul Society Arc, C) At some point in Hueco Mundo, D) During Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra, or E) Never.
  44. ** In terms of characters, Toshiro Hitsugaya is probably the first who's managed to be [[EnsembleDarkhorse the most popular]] and [[AmericansHateTingle most despised]] at the same time.
  45. * ''ToraDora'' has had a bit of flak for being "just another f* cking tsundere show", after people got tired of ''ZeroNoTsukaima'' and the like. It was a victim of a wrong timing.
  46. ** The main problem being that "f* cking {{Tsundere}} shows" and the like are what make money in Japan. Japanese otaku are generally in it for the cute girls, so the economy being what it is it's usually more profitable to make shows about {{Magical Girlfriend}}s and {{Unwanted Harem}}s and the like. Western anime fans tend to prefer shows heavier on plot, which is why {{Moe}} gets such a bad rap and the Key series (''{{Clannad}}'', ''{{Air}}'', and ''{{Kanon}}'') were released to moderate sales and mixed reviews in the US despite being incredibly popular in Japan.
  47. * ''ToLoveRu'' has its share of haters who feel there are just too many harem/romantic comedy shows about right now. And the excessive FanService is not helping it.
  48. * Anti-''SailorMoon'' websites were such a huge trend in TheNineties that there ended up being at least two websites calling themselves anti-''anti-anti-SailorMoon''.
  49. ** On that note, Imagine this as a ThisIsSparta moment: [[TheLoad Chi]]. [[TheScrappy Bi]]. [[BaseBreaker Usa]].
  50. ** While not nearly as huge and frothing as Chibi-Usa's, Sailor Mercury also had a notable hatedom - mainly as a backlash when unofficial polls started showing that she was the most popular character, if only by a small margin.
  51. * ''MobileSuitGundamWing'' got a lot of hatedom in the early 2000s, mostly from fans of the Universal Century continuity of ''{{Gundam}}'', who seemed to feel that the show is plotless tripe starring YaoiGuys in ugly, [[PlotArmor invincible]] HumongousMecha who slaughter entire armies while hypocritically preaching peace, that the entire series is plagiarized one hundred percent from ''MobileSuitZetaGundam'', and that anyone who got into ''{{Gundam}}'' through it isn't a "real fan". ''MobileFighterGGundam'' and ''MobileSuitGundamSEED'' get similar sentiments, the former for being "''StreetFighter'' with HumongousMecha" and the latter for being a bright and shiny "remake" of the original series.
  52. ** Recently, most of the SEED hate is actually directed at ''MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'' in particular, with the original series only catching heat via Guilt By Association.
  53. *** A particular amount of SEED fans have [[{{DisContinuity}} completely written off]] the sequel to avoid guilt by association. Although, many UC Gundam fans don't acknowledge the CE Universe in its entirety at all.
  54. ** Now, there's quite a bit of Hatedom for ''MobileSuitZetaGundam'' and ''MobileSuitVictoryGundam'', mostly via HypeBacklash (as the UC fans will loudly declare these two the best Gundam shows evar). Most complaints center on the shows' CrapsackWorld setting, the fact that everyone in the cast is either a {{Jerkass}} or TooDumbToLive, and the excessive use of [[PsychicPowers Newtype abilities]] to the detriment of the plot.
  55. ** Also, the hate can stem from how the 90's UC ''{{Gundam}}'' had ended on a sour note with ''MobileSuitVictoryGundam'' being the only UC series that received a full series rather than an OriginalVideoAnimation or Movie to make way for the new era of super Gundams. It's not easy moving on after being so close to the universe that gave life to ''{{Gundam}}''.
  56. * TheSlayers It might be new recently but the art style is so 80s. This is because, although the latest installment of the anime was in 2009, the first anime was in 1995 and the novel it was based on is from 1990.
  57. * LuckyStar is acquiring a PeripheryHatedom of a lot of people whose first experience of it was one or another annoying viral video not actually made by the creators themselves, as well as people whose lack of familiarity with Japanese culture keeps them from understanding jokes making fun of it.
  58. ** And people who like coherent, structured plots in their anime, this might qualify as PeripheryHatedom as well.
  59. * Thanks to dodgy CGI, OffModel moments, and ''StrikeWitches'', {{GONZO}} ended up having a fairly large Hatedom.
  60. * ''InitialD'' often gets major bashing for its character designs (usually by {{moe}} fans) or the bad CG (which only really is bad in First Stage).
  61. * Bloody anime, such as ''HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi'' and ''ElfenLied''. People just see the murder (which doesn't happen that often) and not the plot.
  62. * ''[=~K-On!~=]'' is hated by a large portion of the ''SuzumiyaHaruhi'' fans to the point of FandomRivalry, since they believe that its production caused KyotoAnimation to delay the second season of their favorite show. The fact that said second season [[MindScrew turned out very quirky]] doesn't help matters.
  63. ** Some ''K-on!'' hate extends well beyond that, and is arguably as much due to both its incredible hype and popularity (the cause of a lot of ''Haruhi'' hate before it... until [[BrokenBase Endless Eight]], of course) and the backlash against "{{Moe}} for the Sake of Moe" series in general.
  64. * ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' has caused its fair share of {{flamewar}}s and then some. This has abated over time allowing normal people not to feel guilty about genuinely enjoying the series but between the [[{{Understatement}} bizarre]] [[GainaxEnding ending]] and the propensity for fans to get a little too sucked into it (as a series about personal identity and human relationships penned by a man [[CreatorBreakdown coping with depression]] it's either compelling or pure {{Narm}}, and most people come down for the former).
  65. * The ''{{Pokemon}}'' anime, definitely, especially from fans of the games who see it as giving the franchise a childish, "dorky" image. While not as bad as around Johto League (under SeasonalRot) it's still got a lot of haters. This is mostly due to being a PeripheryHatedom to many.
  66. * {{Digimon}} and {{Pokemon}} fans are relatively friendly these days, but {{FandomRivalry}} got pretty nasty back in the day. Then again, there's also lots of overlap.
  67. * ''RevolutionaryGirlUtena'' had a large hatedom for Shiori Takatsuki, a character many see as a conniving witch who only wants to hurt her [[BrokenBird lovelorn]] ''[[SchoolGirlLesbians best friend]]''. (Though considering the context of the word "witch" in the show...)
  68. * ''OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' tends to get this treatment with anime fans who are into Shonen. The fact that the point of the anime and manga is that is [[AffectionateParody spoofs Shojo cliches]] tends to get overlooked.
  69. * There seems to be a large hatedom for ''MahouSenseiNegima'', which characterizes it as "''Bastard!!'' for pedophiles and grubby [[PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy weaboos]]". Often complaints are heard about Ken Akamatsu's inability to correctly draw a clenched fist. [[CompletelyMissingThePoint They really missed]] [[GodModeSue the point]] [[UnwantedHarem on that one]].
  70. * [[FourKidsEntertainment 4Kids freakin' Entertainment]]. There are people who actually like the work for who they are, which are ''overwhelmingly'' outnumbered by those who consider them "awful, soulless demons" (actual quote) who get their gnarled, murderous hands on an anime with a large fandom, stab it several times with a butcher knife the size of the Eiffel Tower, mangle its bloody corpse until it's no longer recognizable, and release the resultant {{Macekre}} into the wild while rubbing their greedy, grubby hands together in anticipation of the endless amounts of cash that will soon pour in while sacrificing the respect of millions.
  71. There is absolutely ''no'' in-between.
  72. ** A couple of cases advocating [=4Kids=] as a possibly-necessary evil: ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series}}'', and TheAbridgedSeries genre as a whole would not have surfaced as it did if it weren't for the company's sometime [[{{Narm}} badly comical]] editing practices. Another case would be ''TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'', which not only got back into public perception, but was also actually handled ''well'' compared to [=4Kids=] [[{{Macekre}} other properties]]. There may be a few other good examples(as well as [[OnePiece some]] that ''do'' deserve the company getting major flak), but if you look close enough, you'll find that it's not all unashamed money-grubbing and baby-eating(that is thoroughly sanitized and garnished with fluffy pink dressings).
  73. ** Worse, hatedom toward anime & manga in general may originated from people who watched 4Kids dub, [[DidNotDoTheResearch failing to research]] and judge that all anime are like what they see on 4Kids TV. This is mostly due to the edits they did with ''OnePiece'', although the work they did with ''{{Pokemon}}'' has some bad moments yet remain mostly intact. Scott Ransoomair's [[http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=145 VGCats]] comic on it had some people fearing 4Kids had gotten ahold of Naruto, as well.
  74. * ''AxisPowersHetalia'' has rapidly growing hatedom, coming mainly from people who hate it because it trivializes historical events by leaving out a lot of the violence (or replacing it with metaphor) and playing up the {{Moe}} factor. (This was intended to avoid offending people and stirring up controversy; it obviously [[InternetBackdraft backfired a bit]].) Not to mention the blatant HoYay pandering, which has spawned a {{shipping}} [[{{FanDumb}} fandom]] so annoying, many viewers who actually enjoyed the series have become [[{{FanDisillusionment}} completely disfranchised.]]
  75. * Any show with substantial FanService, such as ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' and the aforementioned ''NeonGenesisEvangelion''. Same goes with [[MsFanservice particularly]] [[EstrogenBrigadeBait fanservice-oriented]] characters, such as [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Yoko]].
  76. * Near from ''DeathNote'' has quite a large hatedom. In fact, he is probably the most hated character in the entire series.
  77. * ''SonicX'' gets this from both the SonicTheHedgehog fandom and outside of it.
  78. * ''HighschoolOfTheDead'' is starting to grow a pretty large hatedom. Haters have been calling the show "overrated", "overhyped", and "stupid" and have openly complained about the gratuitous fanservice. Also because of how early it is in the series, users of the website {{MyAnimeList}} that hate the show have also complained about the almost two-dozen reviews the show has received.
  79. * ''FullmetalAlchemist'' has this with its fan base. Their is a huge case of hate of fans from the manga/Brotherhood who believe that the first anime is complete trash and is insult to Hiromu Arakawa, despite the fact that many fans of the manga/Brotherhood were orginally fans of the first anime and Arakawa herself let the writers of the first anime develop their own plot. The conversely is true with the first anime fans who believe that Brotherhood can can never match to the orginal, despite the fact both are based from the manga. FanDumb at its finest.
  80. * The anime series of ''TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' draws strong hate from fans of the manga to the extreme of advocating the violent destruction of production studio BeeTrain. Needless to say a new Bee Train production is announced you are sure to see some ever bitter Tusbasa manga fans [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch waiting in the wings to bitch]] about the next [[IncrediblyLamePun Bee Train train wreck]].
  81. * Speaking of "train wreck", ''CodeGeass'' got (and still gets) a '''lot''' of hate; you'll hear people trashing everything from {{CLAMP}}'s character designs to Goro Taniguchi's direction, the show's writing, the overall plotline, the characters' personalities, just about any aspect of the show (except maybe the music). And for extra fun, every single character has their own compartmentalized Hatedom, often blind to their CharacterDevelopment or their {{Canon}} personalities. A fan of Lelouch? That means you're a blind fangirl who doesn't realize that he's the new [[GodwinsLaw Hitler]]. Like Suzaku? Then you're an idiot idealist who's blind to reality just like him. And so on...
  82. * {{Moe}} anime has a very vocal Hatedom, particularly anything after ''HaruhiSuzumiya'' and ''LuckyStar'' or shows by KyoAni. Older shows like ''AzumangaDaioh'' escape the hate.
  83. * Speaking of KyoAni, this can extend to anime-producing companies as a whole. StudioGainax is a notable example, as several of its titles have been critically acclaimed, but they also suffer from massive amounts of HypeAversion, HypeBacklash, and the resulting [[FanHater fan hating]].
  84. * ''{{Inuyasha}}'', big time. A lot of it comes from the story's slow pacing (particularly after the Band of Seven Arc) and unnecessary [[TestOfCharacter tests of character]].
  85. * The fandom of KimiNoIruMachi pretty much went through the FiveStagesOfGrief after what most saw as headache-inducing plot elements. After which, quite of few sections of the fandom became a Hatedom.
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  89. * ''{{Watchmen}}'' has a hatedom, even though the one for the film is much bigger (because obviously [[UnpleasableFanbase cutting a few subplots out]] ruins the whole thing), but some of the film whiners are probably going to get at the comic itself sooner or later.
  90. ** Other reasons for hatred include: [[HypeAversion Hype Aversion]], the arguably sexist treatment of Laurie and her mother, wanting the [[SilverAge Silver Age back]], and knowing that {{Watchmen}} was one of two comics that kicked off the DarkAge.
  91. *** Also: general hatred of Alan Moore.
  92. * A significant chunk of the readership of many newspaper comics seem to consist of people who read simply to complain about them from an informed P.O.V. Examples include ''MallardFillmore'', ''ForBetterOrForWorse'' (particularly over the last few years), ''FunkyWinkerbean'' (ditto), and ''Gasoline Alley''. Then you get something like ''TheFamilyCircus'', which makes one wonder whether or not anybody actually likes it for unironic reasons.
  93. ** Genuine ''Family Circus'' fans seem to be little kids and sentimental moms and grandmas, who apparently don't do a lot of posting online.
  94. *** Also AffablyEvil [[BuffytheVampireSlayer mayors]].
  95. *** Adrian Monk, sure he's fictional but still...
  96. *** [[PinkyAndTheBrain Dim-witted mice]] enjoy it too.
  97. ** See also the reviews of the ''Family Cirus'' book collections on Amazon.com-- many apply overblown FreudWasRight and EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory interpretations to the mind-numbingly simple comics, or just make stuff up.
  98. *** Part of this can be laid at the feet of "Dysfunctional Family Cirus", a humour site (now dead) dedicated to providing alternate captions to F.C. cartoons. Naturally, [[SubvertedKidsShow weirdness abounded]]. The site died when Bil Keane politely asked its administrator to cease and desist.
  99. *** Another defunct site, "The Nameless Dread", would caption Keane's strips with dialogue taken from the works of HPLovecraft.
  100. * One site which specializes in this is [[http://joshreads.com/ The Comics Curmudgeon]], which treats the funny papers the way ''[[MysteryScienceTheater3000 MST3k]]'' treated B-movies.
  101. * ''Lasagna Cat'' takes ''{{Garfield}}'' strips and acts them out, word for word, with {{laughtrack}}s.
  102. ** Another way to mock ''Garfield'' is removing the titular cat, and seeing just how much funnier the strips became.
  103. *** That is called "GarfieldMinusGarfield," and is not done ironically (Jim Davis has endorsed it). Maybe you're thinking of the thing where [[http://www.truthandbeautybombs.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=4997=0=asc&start=0 Garfield's thought bubbles are removed,]] which is more in line with the acerbic ''Lasagnacat'' (and this trope).
  104. ** Then there's the [[http://www.dougshaw.com/garfield.html Garfield Randomizer]], which just throws panels from different comics on different dates together in the hopes that hilarity will ensue.
  105. * Comic book fans have started to despise MarkMillar, Adam Beechen (who gets blamed for [[{{Batman}} Cassandra Cain's]] CharacterDerailment), JeffLoeb (though a bit softer, due to a CreatorBreakdown caused by the death of his son), RobLiefeld (as a backlash to his art style dominating the DarkAgeOfComics), ChuckAusten (especially for his bizarre X-Men stories), JuddWinick, and even the once revered FrankMiller.
  106. * Here's an experiment for you. Go look for a website that isn't maintained by JackChick that depicts any of his cartoons in a favorable matter. HarderThanHard Difficulty: It's not just a list of Christian links the web-maker is slapping together to give their links page some mass; they're honestly agreeing with him.
  107. ** [[http://www.monsterwax.com This site]] comes the closest, and has even been listed as pro-Chick at Wikipedia. Nonetheless, the site still isn't exactly in favour of Chick's values.
  108. ** [[http://www.rr-bb.com Rapture Ready]] frequently has members who make mention of having bought 50+ copies of his tracts and how much they agree with his message.
  109. * JoeQuesada. Apparently, turning [[SpiderMan one of Marvel's most popular characters]] into a single loser with no redeeming traits, through a [[OneMoreDay ''literal'' deal with the devil,]] and [[YouSuck rubbing the readers' noses in it]] every chance he gets isn't the best way to gain popularity. Go figure. Some people also act as if he walks around Marvel offices, with a Napoleon hat, ordering the writers to write what he wants, just to piss off the fans.
  110. * Of a similar note: Dan Didio, Joe Quesada's DC counterpart, often blamed for ''{{Countdown}}'', Cass Cain's CharacterDerailment, and everything bad that has happened in DC since the mid 2000s.
  111. * Just like ''SonicX'', [[ComicBook/SonicTheHedgehog Archie's Sonic comic]] and the [[SonicTheComic Fleetway's Sonic The Hedgehog]] get this a lot.
  112. * While he definitely has more fans than haters, and is even considered a good writer by the majority of his detractors, writer GeoffJohns has a small but vocal hatedom, particularly due his tendency to retcon past events (leading to the term Geoffcon being used on some internet forums), and for his apparent favoritism towards SilverAge characters such as GreenLantern, Hal Jordan and TheFlash, Barry Allen (who replaced Kyle Rayner and Wally West as the main title bearers respectively).
  113. * {{Jim Shooter}}
  114. * No matter how many revisions are made to the character, it seems like there will always be a large portion of the {{Batman}} fanbase that greatly dislikes Robin on a conceptual level. Regardless of how the character is written, for these fans there's something [[LighterAndSofter fundamentally offputting]] about the Boy Wonder being the sidekick of [[DarkerAndEdgier The Dark Knight]].
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  118. [[folder:Film]]
  119. * The ''{{Robocop}}'' Fan Forums are unusually dedicated to hating on everything after the very first movie.
  120. ** See also: the ''{{Highlander}}'' fandom. There's a reason one of their slogans is "There should have been only one!"
  121. * GeorgeLucas seems to be a popular target. Mostly because of the prequel trilogy, followed by things in the ExpandedUniverse (although he isn't involved much in that). This extends beyond ''StarWars'' since, even in movies where he and Spielberg collaborate, he gets blamed for the aspects of said movies that people don't like (even though Spielberg occasionally screws the pooch, too. Remember [[ETTheExtraTerrestrial the walkie-talkies?]]).
  122. ** It's half-jokingly said that [[http://www.jivemagazine.com/column.php?pid=3381 true Star Wars fans hate Star Wars]].
  123. ** DavidBrin is a whopper of a case study on hatedom for Jedi George. So much that he and MattStover took the argument to the publishers in the form of ''Star Wars On Trial.'' You know it's going to get interesting when they have Karen "Madame Mandalore" Traviss ''defending'' the GFFA.
  124. * SeltzerAndFriedberg. It's so common it can barely even be called a group.
  125. * Arguably, any AlternateDVDCommentary site that apes off of ''{{MST3K}}''.
  126. ** On the other hand, those sites that started up before ''{{Rifftrax}}'' (or do their commentaries for free) have their own hatedoms against them.
  127. * The recent BluRay vs HD-{{DVD}} format war. The biggest clue it was all about hate for some was that a lot of the supposed BluRay fans hardly said anything about BluRay after HD-{{DVD}} was discontinued.
  128. * American ''{{Godzilla}}'' films are subject to that.
  129. * ''BatmanAndRobin''. Much of the hate for the film is dredged up memories from how awful it was as a ''{{Batman}}'' film when compared to the significantly better received [[TheDarkKnightSaga films started by]] [[strike: ChristopherNolan]] TimBurton. After that, many folks just can't forgive it for killing the ''Batman'' film franchise for almost ten years. [[FridgeLogic Even if Nolan probably wouldn't have been able to even start his trilogy otherwise]].
  130. ** There are ''[[TheDarkKnight The Dark]] [[http://thedarkknightsucks.com/ Knight]]'' hatedoms too.
  131. ** Similarly, ''{{Catwoman}}''.
  132. * This is arguably even more true of ''SupermanReturns''. Most of the initial reviews said that it was an okay movie, but too long, and a bit disappointing considering it was the first ''Film/{{Superman}}'' movie in 20 years. In three years its become a crime against humanity.
  133. * Most of the movies directed by MichaelBay. Among the most common complaints are his reliance on pyrotechnics, chase sequences, gun play, and use of jokes as substitution for genuine character development. Yes, that's right, people hate Michael Bay for making action movies. Much like ''{{Halo}}'', below, liking his work is actually used as an insult in some circles.
  134. ** Ditto for RolandEmmerich.
  135. ** Bay's recent movie ''[[Film/{{Transformers}} Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen]]'' has sparked much of this. Complaints range from heavy reliance on tried and true action movie clichés; hard to follow action sequences; and characters that ([[http://www.scifiscoop.com/news/the-transformers-revenge-of-the-fallen-racism-debate/ likely accidentally]]) come off as [[UncleTomfoolery flagrantly racist]].
  136. * ''DragonBallEvolution'' was hated by practically everyone who cared about it in the first place [[TaintedByThePreview before it was even out]].
  137. * UweBoll. To the point that there was even a petition that demanded he stop making movies (as of May, 2010, there are 355,714 signatures).
  138. * The German movie ''[[GoodbyeLenin Good-bye Lenin!]]'' receives a lot of fiery, misdirected hate for the sole crime of depicting a loyal socialist (Alex's mother) as a sympathetic human being. Never mind that the majority of the film's characters eagerly embrace capitalism when it arrives, or that the methods Alex employs to keep his mother from learning the BerlinWall has fallen are actually a parody of the propaganda tactics used by East Germany's government... as far as [[FanDumb some people]] are concerned, it might as well be a love letter to [[JosefStalin Stalin]].
  139. * There is InternetBackdraft of Hiroshima and Nagasaki proportions over the fact that ''TheMatrix'' sequels/video-games/anime/comics even exist.
  140. ** Most people are at least forgiving of ''TheAnimatrix'', mostly because of ''The Second Renaissance'' which is just [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome made of awesome]].
  141. * [[http://www.danielcraigisnotbond.com Daniel Craig Is Not Bond]]. Yeah, apparently, some people can't handle an actor change in a 40+ year film franchise, with about half-a-dozen actors who have played the role previously.
  142. * RepoTheGeneticOpera. There's the people spreading the fallacy in the lead-up to the release of the movie RepoMen that RepoTheGeneticOpera! is a rip-off of a book called Repossession Mambo, which was written by the screenwriter of RepoMen. For those of you playing at home, RepoTheGeneticOpera! was released in 2008 and had been produced as a stage musical for over a decade before that. Despite the claims of the RepoMen screenwriter that he had the novel basically written out since 2003 and wrote a short story with the same concept before that (which was never published), it should be noted that Repossession Mambo didn't see professional publication until 2009. YouFailHistoryForever doesn't even begin to cover it...
  143. *** [[http://blogs.amctv.com/horror-hacker/2010/02/repo-men-and-repo-the-genetic-opera.php One film critic on AMC]] was even making this claim until she was called on it.
  144. * Director JamesCameron and his films have a very vocal hatedom, even in ThisVeryWiki. His two most notable films, Avatar and Titanic, are the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_films two highest grossing films ever]], but [[InternetBackdraft many internet forums sees them as the worst films of all time]]. [[ItsPopularNowItSucks Then again, the internet doesn't like popular.]]
  145. ** Averted with both {{Aliens}} and [[{{Terminator}} Terminator 2: Judgement Day]]. Even hardcore haters of Titanic and Avatar seem to absolutely adore both of those.
  146. *** You'd be surprised, there a good number of people who argue that Aliens is a blasphemous bastardization of everything Ridley Scott did in the first film. T2 gets much less hate, but I've seen people saying that it "dumbed down" things from the first movie.
  147. * ''Film/TheLastAirbender'' has gotten one hell of a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHi1zaN0ooc hatedom]] which has three distinct but overlapping parts.
  148. ** The first hatedom is made up of activists angered that [[http://www.racebending.com/v3/press/the-last-airbender-timeline/ casting calls]] showed preference for white actors for the leads even though the original cartoon is in an Asian-inspired universe, Aang is widely considered to be Asian, and two of the leads are originally dark-skinned. This controversy was stirred up long before the movie was released, making it an example of TaintedByThePreview. One notable member of this hatedom is [[http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100630/REVIEWS/100639999 Roger Ebert]]. Their main website is called [[http://www.racebending.com/v3/ Racebending]].
  149. ** The second hatedom involves fans of AvatarTheLastAirbender who were annoyed by the changes made to characterization and the loss of a lot of important plot points - Aang becomes joyless and angsty, Katara is a victim of {{Chickification}}, and Sokka loses his sense of humor. Even more grating were inexplicable mispronunciation of names - Aang becomes Uhng, Sokka ("sock") becomes Sohka ("soak"), Iroh (Eye-ro) becomes Ear-o, and the Avatar becomes the Ahvatar. The fandom of the original show is more upset over
  150. ** The third hatedom is made up of critics and viewers with more conventional criticism such as poor actors, writing, dialogue, and/or 3D.
  151. * ''TheRoom''. The only reason it's popular is because it's so bad it's good.
  152. ** Speaking of which, fans of the NostalgiaCritic hated Tommy Wiseau for taking down the review for copyright infringement, even though the review was made for fair use.
  153. * The ''Film/ResidentEvil'' film series has its fair share of detractors. Some fans are simply unhappy about the overall B-movie quality of the films, others angry that the movies focus on action instead of horror and mystery like the games (amongst [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks other things]]), but ask almost any ResidentEvil fan who hates the movies about the one thing they hate most about them, and more often or not they'll say the same thing: [[GodModeSue Alice]].
  154. * The [[TheFilmOfTheBook Film versions]] [[Film/HarryPotter of]] ''HarryPotter'' has a rather large hatedom amongst those who are fans of the books; usually because a character's role is either diminished or completely cut, as well as [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks other changes]]. It's even more evident on [[ThisVeryWiki This Very Wiki]], where most of the subjective articles have [[AdaptationDecay Adaptation Decay]] thrown around under virtually every mention of ''Harry Potter''. Some people even declare the series [[RuinedFOREVER ruined FOREVER]] because of the films. Funnily enough, fans often seem to forget that Rowling ''herself'', you know, the person who ''actually wrote it'', loves the movies. (though for many people, [[DeathOfTheAuthor that doesn't matter]])
  155. * [[Film/TheSmurfs The Smurfs movie]] is getting this in droves. On one hand you have the usual "raped my childhood" arguement, on the other hand, there are some people who think that the animation is a major step down for the people who gave us SurfsUp and CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs.
  156. * LeonardoDiCaprio had one after ''{{Titanic}}'' came out and {{fangirl}}s and overexposure ensued. [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap It waned]] after he got better roles in the 2000s (mostly MartinScorsese movies).
  157. [[/folder]]
  159. [[folder: Literature]]
  160. * There is no one in the history of the universe other than the author who will defend ''{{The Legend of Rah and the Muggles}}''.
  161. ** Case in point: [[http://www.amazon.com/review/product/1589894006/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?%5Fencoding=UTF8oints=1 The reviews on amazon.com]].
  162. * TerryGoodkind's ''{{Sword of Truth}}'' series has quite a few detractors that descend into this trope. This is probably because, while the series may have its merits, Terry Goodkind is [[SmallNameBigEgo an asshat]]. The controversy surrounding {{Objectivism}} in general doesn't help.
  163. * Apparently a lot of people buy ''AnitaBlake: Vampire Hunter'' books for the purpose of relishing in their hatred for the series. Many, though, were genuine fans before the series [[JumpTheShark jumped the shark]].
  164. ** Chris Sims of the "Invincible Super Blog" has an entire category for hating [[http://www.the-isb.com/?cat=91 Anita Blake]]. This effort led him to [[http://www.the-isb.com/images/AnitaBlakePullquote.jpg being]] [[http://www.the-isb.com/?p=75 quoted]] in the hardcopy TPB of the series.
  165. * The site Anti-Shurtugal did this for Christopher Paolini's ''InheritanceCycle''. As does a lot of the Internet, especially after the movie came out.
  166. ** It's hard to tell if [[http://eragon-sporkings.wikispaces.com/ Kippur]] ''hates'' the Inheritance books, but her sporkings suggest how she thinks of the books. And [[http://www.inheritanceforums.com half of their own fansite.]]
  167. ** It is nearly impossible to talk about on the internet, because you'll either have a rabid fandom ripping on you if you don't swear you love it eternally or a hatedom ripping on you for not professing your desire to crucify Christopher Paolini. It makes anyone reasonable just read it and never speak of it again whatever they think.
  168. * OrsonScottCard gets a lot of hate, and not just for the political rants which have increasingly [[WriterOnBoard invaded his fictional writings]]. Exhibit A: the AlternateCharacterInterpretation of [[EndersGame Ender Wiggin]] as Adolf Hitler.
  169. * ''HarryPotter'' has less of this you might expect, but it's still there. About half HypeBacklash and half [[BrokenBase former fans that are angry about it not going the way they wanted.]]
  170. ** Circa 2001, there was more substantial ''Harry Potter'' hate due to its FandomRivalry with ''TheLordOfTheRings''. This evaporated after the ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'' film trilogy ended and their respective movies were no longer competing at the box office.
  171. * PhilipPullman, the guy who wrote HisDarkMaterials, was honestly surprised how much Hatedom Harry Potter has, whereas his series has flown under the radar despiste its critique to organised religion. He seems to be succeeding to whip up controversy with TheGoodManJesusAndTheScoundrelChrist.
  172. * ''TheGrapesOfWrath'' might be described as having had a [[MisaimedFandom Misaimed Hatedom]], based on incorrect interpretations of the book as a Communist tract. These people had ''book burnings''. Fortunately, the fervor seems to have died down over the years.
  173. * The ''LeftBehind'' series of books has a devoted hater in [[http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/ Slacktivist]], a self-described evangelical Christian of a liberal bent who has spent years doing a page by page deconstruction of the books. He's only on the second one, in a series of triple digits. Left Behind has notably also inspired "[[http://exharpazo.blogspot.com/ hatefic]]" by people that think that a four-year-old can do better.
  174. * ''ASongOfIceAndFire'', or more specifically [[GeorgeRRMartin George RR Martin]] himself has a pair of devout haters in none other than [[strike:two guys posing as]] [[{{Goodfellas}} Ray Liotta]] and (Mr HairTriggerTemper) Joe Pesci. In all fairness, "Liotta" and "Pesci" are actually fans of the series itself, they've simply developed a caustic hatred for Martin based on his well-documented string of failures to finish ''A Dance With Dragons''. Hence the name of the blog: "[[http://grrrm.livejournal.com/ Finish the Book, George]]".
  175. ** They've eventually been joined by the Slynt Forums, now known as "[[http://iswintercoming.proboards.com/ Is Winter Coming?]]", a play on the series' insanely-quotable ArcWords "Winter Is Coming."
  176. * ''TheCatcherInTheRye'' is hated by many people due to the fact it has [[ClusterFBomb some obscene language]] and [[MisBlamed may have caused Mark Chapman to kill John Lennon]] of TheBeatles. Many of these people [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch have never read it]].
  177. * Among the fans of the StarWarsExpandedUniverse, you are not allowed to like any of Karen Traviss' works. Apparently, she hates continuity, hates the franchise itself, and is the single cause of everything that has gone wrong with the literary side of the franchise for the last few years. Never mind the fact that WordOfGod states that every aspect of the ExpandedUniverse is supposed to be viewed with BroadStrokes anyway, or that the ''entire point of a SharedUniverse in the first place'' is to allow different writers to tell stories from different perspectives. This hatred is so great that nearly every example on this very wiki that refers to one of Traviss' works contains some form of derogatory comment about her which isn't surprising considering that she equates her critics with the organizations like the Taliban, which turns this into a CyclicTrope. SmallNameBigEgo feeds Hatedom which gets a response from SmallNameBigEgo and so on.
  178. ** And before her, there was Kevin J. Anderson. At least Traviss has a few defenders.
  179. * Kate Chopin's ''The Awakening'' had an incredible hatedom at the time it was published. Those who didn't hate the female protagonist for her perceived selfishness reviled Chopin for her salaciousness in the novel compared to her previous works (in fairness, Chopin did have a penchant for writing steamy sex scenes). The few people who did like it did so for all the wrong reasons, misinterpreting it as a tragic love story instead of a feminist novel. It has a modern-day hatedom too, though not a very vocal one. ValuesDissonance plus earnest Women's Lit classes, delicious! It's not uncommon to hear a wish that a dithering or {{Wangst}}y character in a completely unrelated story would "just get in the damn ocean already".
  180. * The most active, most vocal fans in the MaximumRide fandom are the ones who despise 95% of the source material; usually the exception is the scientists or the basic concept.
  181. * Keenan from {{Wicked Lovely}} is hands down the most despised character.
  182. * Besides PeripheryHatedom, The book series {{Twilight}} has a hatedom for its targeted demographic for a variety of reasons: intense hatred for Bella, often called a {{Mary Sue}}; {{Our Vampires Are Different}} exacerbated after Stephanie Meyer herself admitted to not researching vampire folklore; and thinly veiled Mormon doctrine used as plot points. Much of it stems from a HypeBacklash, as much of the [[FanHater very vocal fans]] as the works themselves, especially after the movies became international blockbusters. Surprisingly, unlike ''HarryPotter'', there wasn't a major religious HateDom.
  183. [[/folder]]
  185. [[folder: Live Action TV]]
  186. * If a show has a TransAtlanticEquivalent, you can safely bet that the fans of the original are pre-disposed to be a hatedom for it. Hell, it'd be easier to list the exceptions. Not to mention a TransPacific Equivalent, ''KathAndKim''.
  187. ** To name exceptions, one of the obvious ones would be ''TheOffice''. Both the American and the original version are loved but it certainly didn't start out that way. The American ''Office'' attracted a vocal hatedom among fans of the British original pretty much from the moment it was first ''announced'', and didn't really shake it until GrowingTheBeard in Season 2.
  188. ** This is one of the reasons why many a Whovian really disliked the FOX TV movie. The fact it's American is almost always listed first.
  189. * The people who watch ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' now seem to consist entirely of people complaining about the quality of the show compared to season one, most commonly over the GenreShift from AnyoneCanDie to DeathIsCheap and the pandering to [[{{Shipping}} shippers]] ruining the story in general. Hatedom started to cool down ever since Season 4 started when the show [[GrowingTheBeard Grew The Beard]]. [[{{Cancellation}} Too little, too late.]]
  190. * ''{{Lost}}'' has its main hatedom magnet in the form of Kate. It can get pretty disturbing when one lurks through the net reading the vitriolic comments about her, to the point that it leaks towards the actress.
  191. ** On a related note, there are fans and non-haters of hers and other less reviled characters who provide for a much needed counter-balance in the criticisms. But hatred does give one a louder voice, after all...
  192. * A surprisingly large amount of people calling themselves ''DoctorWho'' fans seem to watch the new show solely so that they can write bilious essays on TheDoctorWhoForum or other such 'fan' sites about how much they hate the program these days.
  193. ** There's also plenty of people who have latched on to one doctor and despise the rest. There was plenty of rage about Eleven replacing Ten and complaining about how much the new episodes would suck, even before the new seasons started.
  194. ** You'll be hard pressed to find someone who actually claims they like the new Dalek design. The best you'll get is likely to be a "I don't mind it".
  195. * Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, who pretty much helmed the ''StarTrek'' franchise after Gene Roddenberry's death. Discussion of how they handled the franchise is guaranteed InternetBackdraft.
  196. * SoapOperas. Especially ''GeneralHospital'', where God help you if you a) Like anyone other than the main [[{{Shipping}} ship]] quad, or b) Like any pairing in that ship quad over another.
  197. * Season Four and Five of ''StargateAtlantis'' seemed to breed an incredible amount of fan hate, primarily on livejournal, with accusations ranging from most racist show on television to most misogynistic show on television, or most anti insert-your-pet-cause-here show on television.
  198. * ''StargateUniverse'' has a rather virulent {{Hatedom}}, complaining about how it's totally different from ''StargateSG1'' and ''StargateAtlantis'', how it has [[HotterAndSexier too much sex]], too little humor, or how it has no interesting female characters. If the staggeringly low viewer ratings that the show has received are any indication, this actually seems to be the vocal minority of an apathetic but otherwise silent majority.
  199. * Most of the fans on Jim Butcher's forum accept the fact that there was a short-lived TV series based on ''{{The Dresden Files}}'' and that some changes had to be made in order for it to work as a TV show (and which Jim himself accepts, if doesn't necessarily ''like''). But to hear some people, you'd think the TV series was responsible for the Spanish Influenza pandemic. There's been a few who refuse to go near the graphic novels, simply because the TV series ''exists'' which is unfortunate, because the comics have much better reception. And written by Jim Butcher himself, so they're essentially WordOfGod approved AdaptationDistillation.
  200. * Almost anything with a {{laugh track}} can fall into this, particularly if it's also "lowbrow." ''AccordingToJim'' is the quintessential example.
  201. * The only reason ''Cavemen'' never produced FanHaters is that the fans were few and far between. As it was, it came ready-made to mock. ("It's based on an ''insurance commercial''!")
  202. * The long-running Russian reality show ''Dom-2'' is ferociously hated by seemingly everyone, from teenagers to public morality activists to higher officials. Its presenter Kseniya Sobchak is hated even more.
  203. * In the most recent season of the American version of ''BigBrother'', [[EliminationHoudini Natalie]] became arguably the most hated player of the game. She not only couldn't win a challenge by herself, wasn't even ''trying'' most of the time and making Kevin or Jessie win for her, lied to everyone, left people out of ''her own alliance'' out of the truth behind her lies, acted ''very'' high-and-mighty when she finally won Head of Household, and was just a coattail rider overall. Impressive considering [[FanNickname Hirochima]], the first contestant since ''Season 4'' to be kicked out was in this season, Ronnie attracted a hatedom, and Jessie had a Hatedom the size of his Fandom.
  204. * The UK version of BigBrother built up a growing hatedom in its own right as each successive series/season was promoted and broadcast. The haters were mainly annoyed and bored with the way that the programme kept distorting schedules and grabbing news coverage, in spite of being increasingly seen as a tired retreading of a worn-out concept, with shrinking audience numbers and public interest.
  205. * ''MyFamily'' is frequently cited by critics, journalists and fans of British comedy as one of the worst sitcoms ever to come out of the UK. If there is a discussion about the decline of British TV, the show is almost guaranteed to be mentioned at some point. It doesn't help that former stars seem to consider it an OldShame, and that the two lead actors have admitted they refused to film an episode because the script was so bad.
  206. * For years now a small group of fans of the original BattlestarGalactica have been bitching about the remake. This has since extended into a Hatedom for literally every person involved in the project, and anything else they do, especially Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. The instant its announced they're doing a new project, the bitching about how its going to suck, and it'll be the last time they work in the industry, begins.
  207. * Many fans of the mega BBC NatureDocumentary ''Life'' feel this way about the American broadcast version of the documentary. They vocally complain about the massively dumbed down, amateurish, and grating OprahWinfrey narration, [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks which replaces the original narration]] by Sir DavidAttenborough, who is a greatly beloved tradition for these sorts of mega nature documentaries because of his expertise, knowledge, and scholarly enthusiasm. Over 80% of the Amazon reviews of the Ophah Winfrey version are one star and were specifically written to warn prospective buyers to buy the DVD or BluRay version with the Attenborough narration.
  208. * Speaking of OprahWinfrey. A good chunk of Australians are starting to become this in regards to her Multi-million dollar Australian holiday (four million of which was provided by the Australian Government). Gripes include: Specially flying an ''American'' audience out to take up the first five rows of her special Opera house shows, being ''everywhere'' in the media for two weeks, and finally a video, made for her American audience, and featuring a (minor) Australian celebrity, explaining that in Australia [[TheThemeParkVersion Men are called "Blokes", Women are called "Sheilas"]] and ''[[ProductPlacement everybody hangs out at McDonalds]]''.
  209. * Reality TV shown on channels like MTV get a lot of hate from people for constantly recycled formulas and the "fakeness" of many of the shows, meaning that a good portion of each show is staged or scripted.
  210. * MadTV is (or was) the most hated show on FOX. Don't believe us? Then take a look at [[http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mad%20tv this]]. It's ''really'' reviled in Seattle, and sometimes blamed for the {{Cancellation}} of the long-running and beloved AlmostLive. It was to the point where FOX considered not even showing it in the Seattle market.
  211. * In the ''PowerRangers'' community, there are three seasons that are considered the worst, ''Turbo,'' ''Wild Force,'' and ''Operation Overdrive.'' Of those three, ''Turbo'' and ''Wild Force'' get something of a pass. ''Turbo'' has the NostalgiaFilter working since it's the last appearance of the few remaining Mighty Morphin' rangers Tommy, Katherine, and Adam. ''Wild Force'' is more pitied than anything else, falling victim to ExecutiveMeddling and TheyJustDidntCare, getting trapped in the Saban-to-Disney buyout mess, and having two of the best reunion shows in the history of the franchise don't hurt either. However, it's nearly impossible to find '''ANYBODY''' who likes ''Operation Overdrive.''
  212. * {{Law and Order Special Victims Unit}}. Tends to go {{Beyond the Impossible}} when focused on a certain male detective. [[spoiler:It's Stabler! Shhh!]]
  213. * When it was first released, ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' had a significant hatedom, particularly among teenage girls who wanted to distance themselves from how vapid and shallow the main character and concept seemed (particularly very early on, during the romance arc with Angel). Now, people who dislike the show don't care anymore and fans just hate on the final series.
  214. * ''{{Glee}}''. Partially because of HypeBacklash, partially because of all the camp, partially because of all the (possibly deliberate) UnfortunateImplications, partially because etc. There's a lot of different reasons some people dislike the show.
  215. * One word: ''{{iCarly}}''.
  216. [[/folder]]
  218. [[folder:Music]]
  219. * In general, any music that is [[ItsPopularNowItSucks popular]] can gain a huge hatedom.
  220. * The hip-hop community in general seems to get its kicks from bashing WillSmith's rap career - though it's more the fans and critics than the performers - deriding his songs as "soft". May or may not originate from Smith's single "Parents Just Don't Understand" nabbing the Grammy for best Hip-Hop recording when up against PublicEnemy's "Fear Of A Black Planet" (which, of course, was a ''whole album'', not to mention, an instant classic). Many considered Smith won because [[ButNotTooBlack "He didn't scare white people"]]. That of course opens up a whole ''different'' can of worms.
  221. ** For that matter, rap music in general (or "[[DetractorNickname crap]] music", as detractors like to call it).
  222. ** Hip-hop and rap are full of this. Mainstream rap vs. old school. Old school vs. old old school (the battle over what counts as old school hip hop qualifies as hatedom and FanDumb), alt. hip-hop vs. main stream, and it just goes on...
  223. *** SouthernRap is TheScrappy for an increasing number of rap fans.
  224. * Along with Rap, Country music has a large hatedom. In fact they practically represent an American cultural war; critics of the former often charge it with being a representation of how debauched and corrupt contemporary urban culture has gotten, while critics of the latter are quick to see it as the reactionary ravings of backwards, uneducated old fogeys.
  225. ** Then there are a number of people who say "I like all music, except I hate rap and country."
  226. ** And then there's country rap, AKA "crap". A genre made to be hated if ever there was one.
  227. * DeathMetal and other extreme metal subgenres often receive unequivocal panning for their harsh musical content [[MoralGuardian as well as their lyrics]]. However, among the listener base for such music, a form of snobbery exists wherein seasoned listeners will often decry various heavy metal bands for not being heavy, loud, or brutal enough (especially deathcore). It's no surprise that extreme metal has often become more and more inaccessible to mainstream listeners.
  228. ** This is sometimes purposeful. Some extreme metal bands make their music extreme as part of a coherent attack on aesthetics, and then consider their fans "wrong" for liking them.
  229. * Ever since ''The Black Album'', {{Metallica}} has become one of, if not the, most hated bands in the metal genre. So much so, that some former fans even disavow their pre-''Black'' albums. And don't even mention Dave Mustaine unless you [[InternetBackdraft feel like starting a flame war]].
  230. ** As mentioned, the hatred between some {{Megadeth}} and {{Metallica}} fans is immense. Anti-Megadeth fans will say that it's a band created by a spiteful bastard who can't get over getting kicked out of a band. Anti-Metallica fans will say that Metallica sold out and has always been greedy. Interestingly enough, Mustaine has made peace with Metallica a long time ago. The band invited Mustaine when Metallica was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Mustaine couldn't come because he was recording a new Megadeth album, but he sent an open letter to the band congratulating them on their induction. Despite the actual band members burying the hatchet, the fans continue to feud.
  231. ** {{Metallica}} gained most of its Hatedom when they were the first major artists to speak out against Napster. It crashed headlong against three major sources of rage: Anyone who gets in the way of free stuff, any band that dares to admit they enjoy being paid for their hard work, and anyone who gives off even a whiff of hypocrisy (Metallica's early success was largely to a network of audiotapes copied and passed around the LA and San Francisco heavy metal community.) It also doesn't help that their music at the time wasn't considered up to snuff, hence making them appear in some circles to be attacking Napster to make up for it.
  232. * Certain musical instruments have hatedoms, sometimes regardless of what song they play.
  233. ** Some people find the shrill, clanging sounds of the xylophone to be flat-out unlistenable.
  234. ** Steel guitars are usually classified as pure niche instruments, meaning if somebody doesn't like Country or Polynesian music, he will likely hate steel guitars.
  235. ** Tubas and trombones might be a little less hated, but good luck finding anybody who takes them seriously.
  236. ** How bagpipes of all things has managed not to be mentioned thus far is astounding. Popular media tends to portray it as not just the worst music ever, but the worst sound at all. Considering they were at one time used to frighten enemy armies, it's fair to say that by design they have an... intimidating sound.
  237. ** The accordion has a fairly substantial hatedom, as does the banjo. And judging by the enormous amounts of jokes told about them, ''nobody'' likes the viola.
  238. ** During and after the 2010 FIFAWorldCup, [[MostAnnoyingSound the]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vuvuzela vuvuzela]] became a popular target for a while.
  239. * Canadian music channel Much Music's ''Video on Trial'' features a panel of judges made up of comedians, music critics and sometimes members of the bands themselves, tear apart 5 video per show. This can go from insulting the actual content, the artists' personal lives or sometimes descends into random jokes with each other. There are odd times where a judge will like the video they are judging and so will either say very little, attempt to bash it in a very unconvincing manner, or cry about how they are horrible people for liking said video and not be able to do their job. They are generally equally nasty to all the videos, but looking up individually judged videos on Youtube will get you people either laughing at the antics, or calling the judges haters with no life and how dare they make fun of my favorite band! Needless to say, they have not tried LinkinPark yet.
  240. * The original recording of "Feelings" is many peoples' go-to SnarkBait when they want to describe exceptionally boring songs. The band quoted on this even did an ironic punk cover.
  241. * Successful pop music has ''always'' been the target of vicious hatred from music snobs, from the Jonas Brothers to BritneySpears to the Spice Girls to Color Me Badd to Christopher Cross to {{ABBA}} to {{the Monkees}}. Even TheBeatles got this treatment at first (before [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible they started doing weird things]]; before ''Help'', ''Rubber Soul'', or ''Revolver'').
  242. ** {{Hanson}} was so hated back when it was popular, they were "killed" on not [[{{Futurama}} one]], not [[SpaceGhostCoastToCoast two]], not ''[[CelebrityDeathMatch three]]'' but [[FamilyGuy FOUR]] shows!
  243. * LadyGaga is gaining a hatedom not just for being popular, but for increasing opinions that she's trying to seem avant-garde simply in order to separate herself from other run-of-the-mill pop singers.
  244. ** A lot of hate comes from the fact that she is genuinely ''talented'', as several Youtube videos attest to from before she came out as "Gaga", and despite this seems determined to produced nothing but the shleck that is aimed at the lowest rung. However, Most music critics still would tell you she writes incredible pop songs. As [[TheNostalgiaChick Lindsay Ellis]] pointed out, though, misfortunate though it is, talent wouldn't have let her make a splash in the pan.
  245. ** DavidBowie fans especially dislike how Gaga name-drops him in almost every interview stating that he's her greatest influence, yet the only noticeable way she pays homage to her idol is by [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything painting a knock-off of]] [[ShoutOut the Aladdin Sane lightening bolt on her face]]. These Bowie fans also tend to hate on Gaga's fans for even listening to Bowie's music just because Gaga likes him.
  246. ** The same thing goes with her apparent influence MarilynManson. Most Manson fans hate her because she apparently "rips him off"...[[SarcasmMode because they sound so similar]]
  247. ** A lot of hatedom comes from backlash against claims that she is unique. Never has Gaga ever said she was unique or original. Many critics are the ones who have hailed her as original. In fact Gaga practically makes a point of citing influences of her's (which may be why she is branded as a "copycat".)
  248. ** It's getting worse. What with Born This Way out, and her uh.... appearance at the Grammy's, more and more people are joining the Hatedom.
  249. *** [[FridgeBrilliance Because they're homophobes?]]
  250. * At some point a bunch of people [[DeaderThanDisco decided Celine Dion was the worst singer ever]], and it's one of those things where people will never quit making insults about her and assuming they're funny.
  251. * BarryManilow gets this ''a lot'', primarily because...well, apparently because he's Barry Manilow. There's not much reason beyond it.
  252. * Hatedom is the reason for Disco being dead, and the trope DeaderThanDisco. Of course, now that it ''is'' dead, there isn't really a point to living hatedom.
  253. * ''Any'' act from TheEighties. DuranDuran will never be able to live down their Rio days, even though they're far from Bishouen these days. It was almost a ''requirement'' for any band originating from the era to put out a DarkerAndEdgier song or album to renounce anything that even smelled of the era. Human League's "These were the Days" is a really blatant example of it.
  254. * Many musicians, particularly those who were musicians in their school days, name Edward Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance" (AKA that traditional song played during graduations) as the most hated song they've ever played. Its combination of a harmony of scarcely more than two parts, omnipresence to the point of no longer functioning as a song, and necessity of repeating ad-nauseum the same few lines until the ceremony finally completes, have actually led to a proud ''post-graduation'' tradition among band students, in which they burn the sheet music they just played. Ironically, it's such a simple song, most people wouldn't need sheet music.
  255. * {{KISS}} have been ridiculed as untalented money-hungry sellouts since their 1970s heyday. Many critics seem to delight in ruthlessly attacking them for happenings in their career that are not uncommon in the world of music. (Membership changes, stylistic changes, merchandising/marketing/promotion efforts, use of session musicians on albums)
  256. ** Because of his demand for ultimate control over the band's image and marketing, Gene Simmons is either considered a genius or {{Satan}} incarnate among die-hard KISS fans. (If you know you have a hardcore KISS fan on hand, don't bring up Ace Frehley or Peter Criss unless you have a lot of time on your hands.)
  257. * AvrilLavigne had (has?) one of these.
  258. ** Her breakout hit, 'Complicated', is an apt criticism of the person she would eventually become.
  259. ** The video for her song 'Girlfriend', which seemed to show a group of popular and pretty girls bullying a girl with [[HeroesWantRedheads red hair]] and [[{{Meganekko}} glasses]] in an attempt to steal her boyfriend, did not endear her to a lot of her fans.
  260. ** Her treatment of Canadian music legend Chantal Kreviazuk for writing some of her songs and saving her for awhile from being pigeonholed as a pretender (including a possible lawsuit because Kreviazuk wanted the simple dignity of songwriting credit on a few songs) is regarded as negatively-received.
  261. ** When she decided to become a party girl and dump her Sum 41 lead singer husband because he wanted to settle down and start a family, much of her credit was lost.
  262. ** Now her totally contradictory image within a T-Mobile phone ad where she's holding a pink phone and wearing pink clothes. And, ''dear god'', [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking she wears stockings AND socks]] in the "Girlfriend" video.
  263. * [[ElvisPresley Elvis]] used to have a rather fervent one of these, not so much because of his lyrics, but due to the dance moves that had him known as "Elvis the Pelvis." The hatedom for rap could be considered a {{Spiritual Successor}}, though a much more fervent one due to the much more flagrant violations of common sensibilities.
  264. * Both {{Dragonforce}} and {{Slipknot}} probably rival {{Metallica}} as the most hated metal bands ever. Much of the hatred directed to Dragonforce came from ''GuitarHero'' fans who only liked it because it was on ''Guitar Hero'', causing hatred to many who were fans before GH. As for Slipknot, due to their strange sound and successful albums, metal fans began to completely bash Slipknot and its fans, saying that they aren't metal or aren't heavy enough. However, this has seems to have calmed down, since both ''Ultra Beatdown'' and ''All Hope is Gone'' have been accepted in the metal community far more than their previous albums.
  265. ** A lot of the metal community does not consider Slipknot metal. Their albums never have been and most likely never will be accepted by them as listenable or metal. ''Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)'' was a bit better, since they were [[ExecutiveMeddling actually allowed to]], y'know, '''play their guitars'''.
  266. ** There's a few reasons why metal heads don't like Slipknot. For one, they were NuMetal, and that is never a good thing to a typical metal head. Second, while metal heads are ''very'' accustomed to strange sounds (just listen to BlackMetal), they're not fans of introducing other genres of popular music into metal - in Slipknot's case, it's because they put electronica and hip-hop into a "metal" sound. Third, Slipknot diverted attention from the "true" metal genres, and instead of, for example, a resurgence in the popularity of ThrashMetal, another typical {{Mallcore}} band is made popular and again leaves the "real" metal genres to scrap by with people irritated by the sound of modern rock.
  267. ** Many metal heads simply consider Slipknot hard rock because they lack the distinctive metal riff. Paranoid by BlackSabbath is the archetype for it, and it can only be described in text as "dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-DUN!"
  268. * "{{Emo}}". The hatedom is so exponentially larger than the fandom that the actual hatedom for the music is lost in the noise. Maybe people realized it had gone too far when the definition of "emo kid" expanded to include [[TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong anyone who was ever the slightest bit upset about anything ever, and being one was declared to be an affront that must be punished]]. "Emo" is practically reduced to a synonym for "bad" in the limited vocabulary of some people, even if the bad thing is so cheerily optimistic you want to punch it, almost becoming a word of insult.
  269. * {{Coldplay}}. Again, they are hated by music snobs who don't like public school bands, or do, but only {{Radiohead}} (because in some bizarre world you can only like one rock band and not another). Also, they are hated by people who think they plagiarized "Viva La Vida" from one or more other songs, usually including Joe Satriani's "If I Could Fly" and Cat Stevens's "Foreigner Suite (Part II)."
  270. * Billy Corgan of TheSmashingPumpkins has a lot of people who live for making fun of his voice, his ego and the sappy sentimentality of his songs.
  271. * [[InternetBackdraft Never, ever]] bring up the topic of [[BrokenBase which of the lead singers]] for {{Nightwish}} is better. The Tarja fans will eat you alive if you suggest that ''Dark Passion Play'' was any good.
  272. * James Blunt, (especially among comedians, it seemed), for being whiny, winsome, sentimental and radio-friendly. There seemed no limit to the amusement from bashing him, and there wasn't an episode of ''TheNowShow'' that didn't have at least one crack at him. On the other hand, he was a former army officer active in Bosnia, sold truckloads of records, was reputedly very successful with women and dubbed "cunty Blunty" by his ''friends'', so it probably rolled off his back as he slept in a pile of ladies on a bed of money.
  273. ** When 'You're Beautiful' first came out even hipsters praised it, but within weeks of massive airplay it became [=~It's Popular, Now It Sucks~=].
  274. * BrokeNcyde and SouljaBoy Tell 'Em are probably the two most hated artists on rateyourmusic.com, probably because their music quality.
  275. * MichaelJackson. Although he is hated more for the things he was only ''accused'' of, than for his music (obviously).
  276. ** He was hated for musical reasons, too. Many think he never progressed as an artist after ''Thriller''. It doesn't stop there. There is even a hatedom for his fans. Likewise, the fans have groups dedicated to hating any and all who hate Michael Jackson. However, when "The truth about music industry" series was released in Youtube, almost every viewer of the videos dropped their hatedom about Michael Jackson.
  277. * Any KateBush fan who isn't also a fan of ToriAmos ''will'' call the latter a rip-off of the former. With that logic, every female guitarist after the 60s would be a rip-off of JoniMitchell.
  278. ** Aany female alternative or indie singer outside of a traditional rock band format (ie, any female singer not backed by distorted electric guitars) gets compared unfavourably to Kate at some point. And yes, Kate is known for [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TupvVpxY_U being a pianist]].
  279. ** There's also a lot of ex-fans who hate Tori, because they believe the quality of her music has [[SeasonalRot gone]] [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks down]], and because she supposedly got plastic surgery. It pisses off the Toriphiles that actually like her recent stuff.
  280. * Leona Lewis is starting to get one of these because it was recently announced that one of her songs would be the main theme for the English version of FinalFantasyXIII. [[SarcasmMode Because it's obvious]] [[UnpleasableFanbase that she ruined the franchise]].
  281. * Anti-Flag has to be the most hated punk band ''ever''. Every single little thing that the band could do will be scrutinized harshly on the internet. Do something political? Stop pushing your agenda! Do something non-political? You're not sticking to your beliefs! Even [[TheScrappy Good Charlotte]] had less hate in their heyday.
  282. * MyChemicalRomance. Mostly by their own fans. No, really. If it happens, good or bad, music-related or personal lives or side projects, someone starts a mass outcry of hate towards the band in general or to specific band members. Oh, and the fans [[FanHater hate other fans]].
  283. ** Oddly enough, this seems to have died down in most communities. Now My Chemical Romance is mostly hated just because they helped start the Emo trend (see above).
  284. * GreenDay gets this a lot. They're often criticized by hardcore punk enthusiasts as sell-outs after they signed onto a major record label. This is so prevalent that the question "What do you say about people that say you're not punk?" is more common in interviews with the band than "What are your influences?". Music snobs often put down everything from their change in image and sound to the popularity they've amassed over their twenty-year music career. There is also some flak over the messages in their later works, many considering them anti-American.
  285. * {{Nickelback}} are hated by critics and music snobs despite their popularity. Stephen Thomas Erlewin of Allmusic reviewed, word for word, of Dark Horse, "Nickelback are a gnarled, vulgar band reveling in their ignorance of the very notion of taste, lacking either the smarts or savvy to wallow in bad taste so they just get ugly, knocking out knuckle-dragging riffs that seem rarefied in comparison to their thick, boneheaded words." It was a double platinum in the US.
  286. ** Their tendency to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvujgcbaCF8 recycle]] doesn't help.
  287. * Christian music, though mostly "contemporary Christian music" or "praise music" intended either as TheMoralSubstitute for traditional rock, pop, and country music; or as a pew-filler by appealing to the lowest common denominator who would find traditional, classical hymns boring. It gets criticism from both angles.
  288. ** [[KingoftheHill Hank Hill]] said it best:
  289. -->'''Hank Hill:''' "You're not making Christianity look better, you're making Rock n Roll look worse!"
  290. * JustinBieber. Massively popular, apparently. But even though millions don't know who he is or how he sings they know that he has an infuriatingly young/cute/vacant face coupled with a large future bank balance and that most people are only aware of him because for a long time Twitter used a crappy algorithm for 'trending topics'. In fact, if you'd never heard of him, you'd swear he was some puppy-eating serial killer based on the amount of hate this kid gets.
  291. ** Except for the fact that some people think his music tends to be extremely bland. It was said somewhere that his music all follows one formula. ([lines about how a girl is way too good for him]+[repeat one or two words a few times] and then repeat).
  292. ** Simply being a bad singer and/or singing bad songs doesn't even come ''close'' to justifying the amount of unhinged hatred the kid receives. Go to YouTube and look up ''any'' song from ''any'' genre made between 1945 and 1985. At least one comment whose only connection to the song is "Why can't we have music like this instead of crap like JustinBieber."
  293. ** The YouTube manifestation of Bieber hatedom is such that now there is a new growing hatedom for participants in the Bieber hatedom. This new meta-hatedom is not necessarily composed of Bieber fans, but rather by people who have grown tired of seeing a comment about the singer in nearly every conceivable video on YouTube. In a case of bitter irony, Bieber hatedom has only furthered the problem that led to their creation; the over-saturation of Justin Bieber coverage.
  294. ** His opinion of (wedge issue) abortion is based on [[DidNotDoTheResearch extensive research]].
  295. *** Mel Gibson, an adult who should know better, has said a lot worse, and his hatedom doesn't generally extend more than poking fun at him. Reductio ad Hitlerum is getting overtaken by Reductio ad Bieber.
  296. * There are large techno hatedoms:
  297. ** With "Techno" now encompassing a wide number of "in-between genres"; like the "Synth-[genre]" genres; sped-up versions of songs; ubiquitous "techno remixs" like [[MemeticMutation This Is Sparta]]; and several types of similar-sounding electronica, fans are often fighing with each other as to what is truely Techno. Since there is a "Techno" sub-style for every noch on the Sliding Scale of Musical Hardness, and since everybody has a different opinion, and everyone has their own boundries. It doesn't help that many fans have very STRICT boundries as to what they believe is what. Chaos always ensues. It doesn't help that Techno is a specific subgenre of electronic music, and that as soon as you take a closer look at this mess, you understand that "Sparta Techno Remix" is as far from techno as Lil Jon is close to true Rhythm 'n Blues.
  298. ** Second, many Techno fans completely decry * all* other music genres. With so many sub-categories in "Techno" music, you can find anything from Switched-On Bach to Synth-Death Metal under the label; so it's not supprising that fans end up doing this. Again, everyone will disagree. Many fans ironically listen to a wide variety of sub-genres baced on what mood they're in.
  299. ** Third, there is an interesting rivalry between Metal and Hard[core/style/trance] Techno listeners. Some metalheads will shift towards Techno to shy away from the random, chaotic feel of Heavy Metal and into the rythmic, beat-heavy feel of heavier Techno. Vice Versa, some Techno fans will move up into the heaviness and chaos of Metal. While Metalheads tend to cast down other music genres, some tend to really hate Techno, calling it a fakely-heavy, weak genre; dispite the mixing of fans. Again cries of "Weaboo" are heard.
  300. ** Finally, Jumpstyle and {{Dubstep}} have an interesting relationship with Techno. While Jumpstyle is technically Techno, and Dubstep is similar, both genres have fans that fight hard to distance themselves and their music from the larger Techno category. Jumpstyle fans usually only try to distance themselves because of the "softer" techno Fan Dumb. {{Dubstep}} is not Techno, right in between Dub, children of the Raggae, and Drum 'n Bass, descendant of the breakbeats. Given the verry heavy and fat basslines, Dubstep appeal a lot to the electro-house fans. Same trope: heavy simple drums, fat basslines. Only the basic groove changes.
  301. * As mentioned above, TheMonkees have always had a vocal hatedom. Especially at the beginning, they got it from all directions. Besides the usual disdain for performers who have a large percentage of screaming teen girls in their fanbase, they also got attacked for being a knockoff of The Beatles (despite The Beatles themselves saying they were fans), for being manufactured by TV producers, for not being a "real" group, and for using session musicians on their first two albums (they responded by playing their own instruments on their next two albums. Both were #1 hits). After their various reunions the hatedom was more based on them being has-beens.
  302. * TheBeachBoys have a vocal hatedom, largely due to (deserved) accusations of [[TheyCopiedItNowItSucks plagiarism]]. That a lot of it seems stolen from the [[ChuckBerry exact same person]] doesn't help.
  303. ** LedZeppelin gets a similar treatment; for example, ripping off the well-known Howlin' Wolf hit "Killing Floor" for their own "Lemon Song".
  304. * ProgressiveRock occasionally falls into this, at least concerning some of the more elitist critics. While there's some truth to their arguments (e.g. songs sometimes going too long, silly and/or pretentious lyrics), they tend to get greatly [[CharacterExaggeration exaggerated]] to make it sound like ''every'' prog song is boring, unlistenable and uninteresting tripe.
  305. * The accusation of pretension is extremely common for bands who suddenly expect to be taken seriously after building a fanbase on pop, metal bands with horror and [[Gorn]] lyrics especially. When hard problems are turned into feelgood soundbites, the band distances themselves from their past, or simply claims that anyone who dislikes their music just doesn't understand it, count on a Hatedom spawning virtually overnight. Often associated with niche bands trying to break into the mainstream without giving up [[Hipster indie cred]] or bandmembers who often speak before thinking.
  306. * The AutoTune Effect. It's considered to be [[DeadHorseTrope an immediate hand-in of your music critic credentials if you say you like it]], even though (or perhaps because?) [[{{Synthesizeritis}} about 90% of mainstream music uses it liberally]]. Then there are people who won't accept that every recording artist since the technology's inception will be using pitch correction software to fix their vocals, and praise pop stars for 'not using Auto-Tune'. ''Then'' you have people who think that the technology can make anyone, [[HollywoodToneDeaf however talentless]], into a singer, which it really, really can't - the controls are extremely fiddly, the Auto settings tend to do the opposite of what you want them to, and the Manual interface is incredibly hard to use and so gets ignored.
  307. * VanHalen - you can like either David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. To not have an opinion, or to like both equally, is blasphemy. The two [[LampshadeHanging acknowledged the rift]] by touring together and jokingly referring to the act as the 'Sans-Halens'.
  308. * [[CourtneyLove Courtney Love]] and anything she does or is in. In fact, outside of music critics, she essentially is [[TheScrappy a scrappy]] and near constant [[ButtMonkey butt monkey]]. Oh, and '''never, Ever, '''''EVER''''' mention her on a video related to Nirvana. You ''will'' regret it.'''
  309. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reggaeton Reggaeton]]. Highly popular in Latin America and Hispanic communities in the United States, but highly hated too, mostly by metalheads, parents and teachers, due to the sexual and violent lyrics, and, especially, the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P14jtxqGf88 dance style]]
  310. * [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Ptitle1s88hrzt?from=Main.FiftyCent 50 Cent's]] a unique case, because prior to "Get Rich or Die Trying", he got recognized for launching a one-man Hatedom against pretty much every popular rap artist, particularly on single "How to R.O.B.". However, post "Get Rich", that behavior got him in trouble in more ways in one, amongst ''many'' other [[Wallbanger "what the hell" moments]]. As a result, his Hatedom reached an unprecedented level of universal loathing. There were, initially, listeners who thought 50 Cent was overrated, and [[ItsPopularNowItSucks disliked him for simply being mega popular in 2003]]. That started to expand with "Murder Inc." fans hating 50 Cent, whose ranting against Ja Rule on dis track "Hail Mary 2003" (specifically his rap-singing and having a sensitive side) did irrevocable damage to his career. Then rap fans called out 50 Cent's hypocrisy when he started emulating Ja Rule's style heavily in The Massacre, and got ultra-defensive when he cried on a scene in "Get Rich or Die Trying"'s film adaptation. Furthermore, 50 Cent's attack-everybody dis tactics alienated ''many'' rap artists outside of Interscope, and his jealousy with fellow G-Unit member "The Game" sparked off a fued that ended with his [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome ''epic'' 16 minute blasting of 50 Cent/G-Unit "800 Bars and Runnin'" dis track]], which started a brutal decline for the G-Unit brand, and later 50 himself. It certainly didn't help that since "Get Rich", 50 Cent's music [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks hardly evolved]] and turned into an unironic self-parody of everything that's wrong with the gangsta rap subgenre, which killed all mainstream support. The final nail in the coffin was when he threw G-Unit "Young Buck" under a bus, which included a tape of him crying to 50 Cent during his prison sentence (which Young Buck [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Buck#50_Cent later denied]]). Put all that together, and hardly anybody in the industry wants to be associated with 50 Cent now, and rap fans pretty much ignored him between 2007's "Curtis" and 2009's "Before I Self Destruct".
  312. [[/folder]]
  314. [[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
  315. * {{WWE}} is often relentlessly attacked by three separate, yet equally vocal groups[[hottip:* : [[LawAndOrder These are their stories]]]]. The first consists of fans of different wrestling promotions (TNA especially, but also Ring of Honor, the original ECW, and others), some of whom spend just as much energy relentlessly criticizing WWE as they do enjoying their own promotion. The second group, generally because of a combination of FanDumb and a strong NostalgiaFilter, consists of older WWE fans, mostly from the Attitude Era, who insist that virtually everything WWE produces today is absolutely terrible, yet who watch constantly for the sake of complaining. And the third is a group of those who simply hate professional wrestling altogether, and target WWE with their criticism because WWE is [[SmallReferencePools the only promotion they are familiar with]].
  316. * Professional wrestler John Cena has a very dedicated group of detractors, to the point of being heavily booed at many live shows, despite being the good guy. Because Cena also has a very dedicated group of supporters as well, this has led not only to flame wars not only on the internet, but in arenas as well. Crowds at live shows often split into two groups, giving alternating chants of "Let's go Cena" and "Cena sucks" from Cena supporters and detractors respectively.
  317. ** For the most part it's not directed at him as a person, but his character and how over he is in relation to his wrestling ability.
  318. ** He got a CrowningMomentOfAwesome when he basically bitchslapped his haters at WM 26, posing in front of a group of them in the front row after winning a match
  319. * The WWE divas get this but as of now [[HypocriticalFandom the fans have to share the blame.]] Complaints usually range around the divas with modeling backgrounds and unimpressive ring work yet during the last season of NXT the runner up for least talented wrestler in the competition won a WWE contract determined by fan votes. So fans really have nothing to stand on if another crop of nonwrestling eye candy come in.
  320. ** Of course, fans questioned how much their votes matter in NXT, with rumors floating around that NXT is rigged. It's at least puzzling. One of the least talented won, to much fan chagrin. Furthermore, Aksana did a lot of nothing and stayed in the competition long enough for the Goldust angle to end, then got voted off despite working better after the angle ended? Since the eventual winner Kaitlyn was the only person who actually had any kind of storyline outside of NXT (trapped in the Dolph Ziggler/Vickie Guerrero love triangle.) [[NarrowedItDownToTheGuyIRecognize Kaitlyn seemed to win since she was the only one allowed to be interesting and was seen at all outside of NXT.]]
  321. * TheSpoonyExperiment has recently started a series that is little else than Spoony ranting about how bad wrestling shows are currently. It's wildly popular among his fanbase.
  322. ** He mostly directs his ire towards TNA (and in the past and to a lesser extent WWE), and has directed lots of praise towards DragonGate and RingOfHonor on more than one occasion.
  323. * MichaelCole. His status as a ReplacementScrappy for JimRoss, combined with his hatred for the {{Smark}}s of the IWC and their heroes, makes him have a VERY large hatedom.
  324. * A strange caveat to pro wrestling's hatedom is that, for the most part, it does ''not'' extend to the games. Or at least the better of the games. ''[=WWF No Mercy=]'' was one of the best games released for the {{N64}}, and it's still surprisingly popular for a decade old game.
  325. ** Might have something to do with being able to beat the ever-loving snot out of everyone with your custom-built avatar. (Should that be Mary-Sue tagged?)
  326. [[/folder]]
  328. [[folder:Radio]]
  329. * HowardStern: no man in the history of radio has had the variety of strange bedfellows (liberals and conservatives, feminists and evangelicals, and people of all races) protesting against him. Also a favorite target of [[MediaWatchDogs The Federal Communications Commission]], making him the most frequently fined broadcaster in United States history.
  330. * Bubba the Love Sponge: the HowardStern of the southern crowd.
  331. * Don Imus: the HowardStern of the nursing-home crowd.
  332. * RushLimbaugh: the HowardStern of the- alright, so maybe he's not like Stern, but his Hatedom is nearly as big.
  333. [[/folder]]
  335. [[folder:Sports]]
  336. * The Yankees, and especially in Massachusetts. The beloved "Yankees suck" t-shirts can always be sees on the green line on game day. These don't just show up in Boston, of course. There's also the "Yankee Hater" hat. The regular Yankees hat has an N and a Y overlapping; the Yankee Hater hat changes the N to an H.
  337. ** Conversely, ''outside'' of Massachusetts the Red Sox are both loved and hated. In fact, the Red Sox are viewed by most of the US as mini-Yankees.
  338. * The ''original'' baseball rivalry was between the Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers, but the Dodgers' biggest haters were their own fans: Heckling fans chanting "What a bunch of bums" were heard after every play, and they lost the World Series more times than any other team (winning only once) before moving away.
  339. * Specific sports ''figures'' also get hatedoms. The more famous they are, the bigger the hatedom.
  340. ** Alex Rodriguez may be the current U.S. record holder, despite (or because of) carrying the team through several seasons. Barry Bonds might be even more hated, and he's not even playing anymore. There are probably half a dozen wide receivers in pro football who are far more widely reviled.
  341. ** Tim Tebow. Who cares if he's a model citizen in great physical condition and the face of college football, anyone who isn't a Florida Gators fan hates his guts with a fiery passion. Now that he's with the Broncos, you don't even get that last caveat (because nobody is a Broncos fan).
  342. ** As of the 2010 post-season, [=LeBron=] James. Before then, LeBron was the closest thing the NBA had to a hometown hero, and was beloved by many to see him succeed. That all changed with LeBron's decision to move towards Miami during ESPN's infamous one hour special, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Decision]]. Cue outrage by Clevelanders (including jersey torchings), Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert (claiming that the Cavs will win a ring before LeBron, even though the 2010-2011 season proves that'll be a long time coming), and subsequently, the majority of the nation. Accusations of [=LeBron=] playing complacently against the Celtics during the 2010 playoffs spread like wildfire, [[YourMileageMayVary though whether the theory holds up or not depends on who you ask]] (i.e., "why didn't the rest of the Cavs step up to the task?" being a popular counter-example). Overall, pretty much everyone, even [=LeBron=]'s supporters, thought "The Decision" was a bad idea, in spite of the star donating the ratings' proceeds to charity. The most ironic part about all this is that ESPN had a hand in all of this, yet when the network started supporting the [=Lebron=]/Miami Heat Hatedom, no one called out ESPN's underhanded role in all this. If there's anything positive to come out of this, at least [=LeBron=]'s situation made the 2010-2011 NBA season much more anticipated compared to previous years.
  343. * In Virginia, apply this to football, especially the Redskins or the Cowboys. One pastor's ''[[ValuesDissonance official church homepage]]'' stated, "My two favorite football teams are the Washington Redskins and whoever's playing the Dallas Cowboys."
  344. ** The Cowboys are sort of the NFL Yankees. Either you're a Cowboys fan, or you hate them. And if you're a fan of any other team in the NFC East, you ''really'' hate them.
  345. * AustralianRulesFootball in South Australia has (depending on whether who you support) "I support two teams: The Adelaide Crows, and whoever's playing Port". Reverse it if you barrack for Port Adelaide, and in Western Australia it is Dockers VS Eagles which are both from Perth. Collingwood is hated by ''everybody'', but especially Carlton and Essendon, who are themselves hated to a lesser degree.
  346. ** Collingwood seems to embrace the fact that everyone hates them. One of their ads showed suppourters of various other teams talking about how much they hate Collingwood, ending with a voice-over saying, "Give 'em [[FlippingTheBird the bird]]. Sign up for Magpies membership today."
  347. * Any two teams that are fairly close in area end up that way. Being to a Flames/Oilers Game (NHL) is fairly heated. Almost any YouTube video of either team will contain some variety of "creative" naming.
  348. * Hatedom also happened between the Canadiens and the Quebec Nordiques (before they were moved to Colorado as the Avalanche in '95); this rivalry was as present in fans as in the players themselves. It culminated in 1984, during a playoff game during which there was several large brawls involving almost all players of both teams, including the goalies. 10 players were kicked out of the game, and a total of 250 minutes of penalty time was awarded. It also involved beer: the Molson family's Canadiens against the O'Keefe-sponsored Nordiques. When the two brewers merged in 1989, the rivalry was already dying down.
  349. ** See also Canadiens-Bruins, an 85-year-old rivalry that's involved dozens of on-ice brawls, as well as the odd [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4sl2-wUB8I off-ice one]]...and that's just the players. Bruins fans turning "ole ole ole" into "you're gay, you're gay, you're gay" is pretty tame, all things considered. On a more humourous note, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gBc84L7-Vs this video]].
  350. ** During the height of the Battle of Alberta between the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers in the 1980s, there was a parade of brawling and cheap shots -- an elbow here, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUtwcos9PNM a spear there]] -- on both sides, as the two talented teams vied for NHL supremacy. Years later, former Flames captain Jim Peplinski expressed half-joking surprise that there were no deaths, "because believe me, everybody tried." A couple of years ago, an Oilers fan in Calgary was attacked and beaten by several Flames supporters; in a surprise move, Flames CEO Ken King offered to buy back their Flames jerseys, stating unequivocally that the organization did not condone that sort of behaviour.
  351. * In the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and especially their star player, Sidney Crosby. Many detractors believe that the league itself is actively conspiring to fix games in the Penguins' favor, just in order to continue promoting Crosby as the face of the league. ItGotWorse among Americans after his game winning goal in the 2010 Olympic Final but in Canada, of course, he became somewhat more likable (I said somewhat because since he plays in Pittsburgh, and not in a Canadian team, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4a30ch6RqI they just went back to hating him afterward]].)
  352. * In the German soccer league FC Bayern Munich is the most successful team and the one most hated by the fans of every other club. One of the reasons they are loathed so much is because they like to buy the star players from other clubs just to put them on the bench.
  353. ** Manchester United is this in England, and likewise, Real Madrid has this in Spain. There's a popular joke in English football: There are three English football sides that feature rude words - Arsenal, Scunthorpe and Manchester Fucking United.
  354. * Association football (soccer) as a whole has a hatedom in the United States; although it is very popular as a youth sport and the sport's popularity waxes and wanes with the fortunes of the [[AlwaysMale US Men's National Team]]. While most Americans are mainly just indifferent to it; mainly just occupied with American Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Ice Hockey, a very VocalMinority has often gone out of their way to express their distaste for [[AmericansHateTingle the sport, its players, and its fans]]. A counter-hatedom has since developed to defend the honor of TheBeautifulGame. Naturally, [[FanDumb both sides employ eloquent and well-researched arguments to make their point.]]
  355. * Most Premier League rivalries work this way. Notable examples are Newcastle-Sunderland, Arsenal-Spurs and Liverpool-Everton.
  356. * MK Dons FC have no history of success, not much in the way of local rivalry, and yet possibly the biggest Hatedom in the Football League. The owners of the preceding club, Wimbledon, decided to move the club about 50 miles away to Milton Keynes. They took with them the league position and the player contracts; the fans, however, [[BrokenBase set up their own club]]. The new club, AFC Wimbledon, got far bigger crowds.
  357. * The state of Florida has a three-way hatefest between the University of Florida Gators, the Florida State University Seminoles, and the University of Miami Hurricanes. The Noles are privileged to have the Canes and the out-of-conference Gators as opponents every season. Even though Canes fans the Noles, they hate the Gators more since the Gators dropped them from their schedule. All three teams have won at least two national championships since the 1980s and have sizable followings throughout the state. Students in schools such as Central Florida and South Florida who have friends and family in each of these schools are caught in the crossfire and make their own decisions on which "Big Three" school to root for.
  358. * The University of Notre Dame's football teams have always had huge support... and maybe even ''larger'' hatedoms.
  359. ** Similarly to the Cowboys above, Notre Dame is sort of college football's answer to the Yankees.
  360. * In Minnesota and Wisconsin, due to their historic Rivalry, you '''''must''''' choose between being a fan of the Minnesota Vikings or Green Bay Packers. Bars in Minnesota will have signs saying "We're Packer Fans Here" and vice-versa. And unless you're a Illinois transplant, you can '''''not''''' like the Chicago Bears in either state.
  361. ** Turned UpToEleven now that Packers hometown hero Brett Favre has come out of retirement for a second time to play for the ''Vikings''. There are now books entitled "I Love Brett Favre" and "I Hate Brett Favre"... written by the same guy.
  362. ** Similarly, if you are a Ohio State fan in Michigan or a Michigan fan Ohio, you ''will'' get made fun of unless you were born in the other state(and even that isn't guaranteed)
  363. * [[MotorCity Detroit Lions]]. While they may have that scary-dedicated [[FanOfUnderdog base]] (fans get upset when they win - [[YouFailLogicForever ruins their record]], see), their detractors are vehement. And with their 2009 season going better-than-normal, the haters are [[RuinedFOREVER larger in number]] (see before about [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks "dedicated"]] [[UnpleasableFanbase fans]]). [[ItMakesSenseInContext It Makes Sense In Michigan]].
  364. * Usually, NFL "dynasty" teams, like the Dallas Cowboys in the 90s, the San Francisco 49ers in the late 80s and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70s, end up quite popular outside their home region. Not so with the New England Patriots. After their undefeated season in 2007 ended with a SuperBowl loss to the Giants, saying that [[AndTheFandomRejoiced And The Hatedom Rejoiced]] is something of an understatement.
  365. ** This was spurred on greatly by the whole Spygate mess. Essentially, New England illegally taped opposing defenses in order to learn the signs they used to call plays, so they could adjust their offense accordingly. They did this in a number of games, including, by their own admission, the 2001 AFC Championship game against the Steelers. When it surfaced that the Patriots had possibly cheated to win three Super Bowls, NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell was quick to sweep it under the rug to avoid embarrassing the league. This caused the Patriots to go from somewhat tolerable to absolutely loathed in the span of a month. They didn't get any more popular when, in response to this, they effectively said [[PrecisionFStrike F you]] to the rest of NFL, and annihilated everyone they faced for the rest of the season, setting several records in the process.
  366. ** It doesn't help matters that their QB, Tom Brady, is a pretty boy who infamously drew a Roughing the Passer penalty against the Ravens when he wasn't even touched. Fans whose hatred already reached into a realm of intense and irrational the likes of which had never been seen before viewed it as the NFL trying to protect the goody two shoes QB.
  367. ** Many New Englanders don't realize quite how despised the Pats are outside of New England. The fact that fans voted to have Michael Vick as the Pro Bowl QB over Tom Brady (not like either of them would have played) drove that point home. When presented with a felon and dog abuser or Tom Brady, America goes with the guy who spent time in prison.
  368. ** That had more to do with the fact that Brady's conference had a lot more strong quarterbacks in 2010 than Vick's, splitting the vote, than a national preference for Vick over Brady. When the AP voters were asked to choose between them head to head for MVP, Brady became the first unanimous NFL MVP *ever*.
  369. ** Head coach Bill [[FanNickname Belicheat]] is viewed as a total prick for, among other things, not shaking the hand of the Giants head coach after the Super Bowl loss.
  370. ** Another reason the Patriots were hated that year was because they had a nasty habit of absolutely destroying teams by unnecessary margins, which has carried into later seasons than that. Widely considered a huge KickTheDog in the sport.
  371. ** An extension of this are hatedoms of fans of the 1972 Dolphins, though this is somewhat justified. When any team is on the cusp of being undefeated, some fans of the Dolphins, or that team in general, WILL come up in arms saying that if another undefeated team arises at any point, it would be an insult to the 72 Dolphins credibility, or a sin against nature, or something to that extent. Equally ridiculous.
  372. ** There's Mercury Morris, the other Dolphin RB in 1972. Any time a team gets to 13-0, he takes the opportunity to act like a total assclown.
  373. * Auto racing has its huge share of that, this is more true in the United States than other countries. Two prime example are as follows. First example with NASCAR: if you cheer for a driver who drives a Toyota you get automatic hate from the fans of American manufacture teams since you are not supporting an American manufacture. The second comes from the nasty IRL/CART (Champ car) split. If you were an IRL fan the CART (Champ car) fans let you know that you were not liked at all and hated the IRL. If you were a CART (Champ car) fan, you were disliked by the IRL fans. While the war between the two is over the bad blood still exists today.
  374. ** To the point that new series CEO Randy Bernard refuses, as an official policy, to allow staff to use the term IRL anymore, in favor of the more neutral term "IndyCar" that was previously used by both sides.
  375. * In the NBA, it's the Los Angeles Lakers, going back to the 80's Showtime Lakers teams that embraced the Hollywood image. It's more intense these days, especially because [[YourMileageMayVary Kobe Bryant is so polarizing]], even to Lakers fans. Before the Lakers, though, this was reserved for the Boston Celtics, but that had died down since the 80s because the Celtics faded from relevance until just recently.
  376. ** There is also a bit of a hatedom in Seattle for the Oklahoma Thunder because people tend to be bitter about having their team stolen.
  377. * In NASCAR (an organization with a hatedom itself), this is reserved for Jeff Gordon, because of how successful he is, the fact that he's the Un-Dale Earnhardt, and the fact that he comes off as being corporate and fake to many fans. The huge amount of fans and love Dale Earnhardt gets now is somewhat ironic, as back in the 80's, there was a very considerable amount of dislike and even hate directed towards him for his aggressive style of racing. If bumping into you or pushing you out of the way would help him win, he'd do it.
  378. ** Jimmy Johnson has a hatedom now. Sales of the "Anybody but the 48" gear shows that many people don't want him to have 5 Championships in a row.
  379. * In Chicago, if you're a Cub fan, you hate the White Sox. If you're a White Sox fan, you hate the Cubs. You cannot be a fan of both Chicago baseball teams.
  380. ** This hatred boils down to White Sox fans hating the Cubs, not only because they're the team with the bigger market share, and more media attention - but because they feel that the majority of so-called Cubs "fans" don't know anything about baseball, and are filled with unwarranted self importance. On the other hand, Cubs fans hate the White Sox because they feel their fans are all a bunch of trailer trash who can't stop talking about the Cubs.
  381. ** Same thing happens in California: you are not allowed to be a fan of both the Giants and the Dodgers. Pick one. Now get into an argument with a fan of the opposite. Congrats! You are now a true Californian.
  382. *** San Diego Padres fans will inevitably pick anyone over the Dodgers ''and'' Giants. Likewise [[strike:California Angels]] [[strike:Anaheim Angels]] Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans.
  383. * Just draw a line to divide Pennsylvannia in half. In the west you're a Pittsburgh fan; in the east you're a Philadelphia fan.
  384. * MMA. pick a fighter, any fighter of prominence at the moment and you'll find a cauldon of hate on the message boards for any number of reasons.
  385. ** Brock Lesnar for being a former pro wrestler (despite MMA being FULL of them) and for not having any real talent, just being really big (despite being a former NCAA D1 champion). Also getting a title shot really early in his career (and his actions following his defeat of Frank Mir) didn't help the hate. This at least has died down as he has started to prove himself.
  386. ** Tim Sylvia while UFC HW champ got a LOT of hate for putting on boring fights and for being perceived as a guy with very little talent who was only champ cause he was very tall with good reach and the UFC HW division was notoriously weak at the time.
  387. ** Matt Hughes, while generally loved at live events and by the midwest fans, was villified mercilessly on the message boards because he was perceived as a huge prick.
  388. ** Most fans have turned on UFC MW champ Anderson Silva for putting on bizarre and boring fights with Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, and infamously Demian Maia. He would also garner quite a bit of hatedom after his fight with Chael Sonnen, where he would be outstruck on the feet, taken down every round and not being able to get back up once... only to pull a "miracle" submission out of nowhere, triangle-armbarring Sonnen with less than two minutes to go.
  389. ** Former LW champ BJ Penn is often hated for always making excuses after losing and used to get hate from his fans for being lazy when it comes to conditioning. However, his FANS are even more hated by the non-fans for defending him and making excuses for him.
  390. ** Josh Koscheck for being, well, Josh Koscheck.
  391. ** Promoters get it too. Dana White has been accused of everything from organized crime to fixing fights to just being an unbearable prick. But probably the most hated promoter would be Jerry Millen, who ran the US office for the Pride organization. Even die-hard Pride fans couldn't stand him (probably the one thing all fans during the UFC/Pride rivalry era could agree on).
  392. ** Pride fans vs. UFC fans, still going on today in some circles, despite Pride being dead for 3 years.
  393. ** Start up a new fight organization with national intentions? Expect to be villified for trying to be UFC or immediately defended and loved for NOT being UFC.
  394. ** The Sherdog message board is probably hated by every other MMA mesage board for being full of the stupidest people in the fandom (mostly its just because its the biggest and the stupidity often drowns out the intelligence).
  395. * In the world of college basketball there is Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Two in-state schools that are only 8 miles apart, but they could not be more different.However most of the hatedom goes towards Duke. Even people who don't play Duke regularly still hate them. They are the [[strike:Notre Dame Fighting Irish]] [[strike:Dallas Cowboys]] New York Yankees of the college basketball.
  396. * Fans of the Oakland Raiders constitute a Hatedom toward ''every other NFL team in existence'', with specific emphasis on the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, and (most emphatically) the San Diego Chargers.
  397. * If you wish to keep a Canadian baseball fan happy (especially those residing in Quebec), ''do not'' mention the name "Washington Nationals." Though less prominent due the Nats being prominent [[ButtMonkey Butt Monkeys]] amongst the MLB as a whole, many long-time Montreal Expos fans still consider having their team jacked after a long series of indignities a MASSIVE KickTheDog on Rodger Goodell's part.
  398. * If you're a Cubs fan and you happen to be in St. Louis, it's best to keep that to yourself. St. Louisans take their beloved Cardinals pretty seriously. The Yankees/Sox rivalry is the one that gets all the press, but the Cards/Cubs rivalry is pretty epic too (yes, we have "Cubs Suck" T-shirts in St. Louis).
  399. * Cleveland Browns fans have bitter animosity towards the Baltimore Ravens, though for a very good reason: the old Browns organization moved to Baltimore without telling a soul. LeBron James may have caused friction when leaving Cleveland, but at least he's one player, and Clevelanders at least anticipated a worst case scenario with him. But an ''entire'' franchise leaving a city's NFL team to the dust with no indication of an exodus? NO comparison.
  400. ** On a similar note, Ravens fans tend to despise the Indianapolis Colts for virtually the same reason. Seems to have quieted down over the years, but there's still plenty of hate going around between them.
  401. * If there's one thing Houston natives loathe, it's the Tennessee Titans. Yes, even nearly a decade after their move to Nashville and renaming, many former Houston Oilers fans will speak such bile about the Titans and their owner, Bud Adams in a manner that might incline one to believe they killed their family and raped their dog. You know this team is so despised when one of the Oilers/Titans' former players, living-legend Earl Campbell, ''protested his number being retired after the move and denounces the very thought of ever being considered a Titan.''
  402. ** Ironically enough, Tennessee Titans fans don't harbor a grudge towards the Houston Texans and its fanbase, because they're beginning to ''agree'' with them, at least about Bud Adams. In fact, some Texans fans [[PetTheDog actually felt ''sorry'']] for the Titans during their abysmal 0-6 run during 2009 (the one when the Patriots destroyed the Titans 59-0). And then there was the entire Jeff Fisher/Vince Young fiasco in 2010 that resulted with both the player ''and'' the coach leaving, thanks to Adams. How apathetic was Adams about Fisher's exit? Despite scheduling Fisher's final interview personally, all he did was call on the phone instead of appear in person. His stubbornness and hubris as an owner ruined the old Houston Texans, and it's beginning to affect the Titans as well. Pretty much the common opinion in Nashville: "The Titans won't be good again until Bud Adams dies." Ouch.
  403. [[/folder]]
  405. [[folder:Tabletop Role Playing Games]]
  406. * Best exemplified by ''[[DungeonsAndDragons Dungeons and Dragons]]'' but in general any "new" edition of any mildly popular role-playing game vs. any "old" edition. ''TheWorldOfDarkness'' would be another good example.
  407. ** The fans of other, less well-known games who hate upon D&D or WoD: Some players will spend hours bashing a system for whatever reasons, rather than simply playing their games with their friends and allowing others to do the same.
  408. * The Tau from ''{{Warhammer 40000}}'' has a few haters within its fanbase for being too "Japanese" despite their doctrine and physiology preventing their version of Titans from ever appearing and any Tau being specialized with [[KatanasAreJustBetter katanas]]. Or that the [[ImperialJapan humans in the setting are Emperor-worshiping militant fanatics who PutOnTheReich, have officers who wear 19th century European gear and carry swords, see kamakazi actions as an acceptable retirement plan, believe even machines have a spirit, and use giant mecha as their ultimate weapon]].
  409. ** Pretty much every faction takes some heat, but there are two that stick out:
  410. *** The Necrons. [[TheWesley Hoo boy, the Necrons]]. Their fluff was too overpowered, their special rules were too overpowered, and [[MemeticMutation their power level was so far over 9000]] as to be considered impossible by rational beings. Thankfully, recent changes in the core rules have made some of these arguments less grossly true. They're also considered ''boring''. Their armoury basically consists of bigger and bigger weapons of the same design - and in game mechanics many are functionally identical to standard SpaceMarine weapons except for their defining special ability. And the units that carry those weapons aren't that much better (it's telling that in ''DawnOfWar'', the Necrons are the only race in which Relic was able to fit pretty much everything in the Codex).
  411. *** In regards to the ''DawnOfWar'' complaint, the same thing happened with the Tau. The difference is that the Tau have gotten heavily expanded in the Imperial Armour and Apocalypse books while the Necrons have not-the Necrons have yet to star in any Imperial Armour book, the usual testing ground for expanding a race and their unit selections, or indeed been given any fluff development at all except in letting the Imperial Guard use them for target practice (literally).
  412. *** Space Marines. Not the Space Marines themselves, though it can carry over into the fluff. What most people hate about the Space Marines is how many players there are. Since the army is A) easy to play with, and B) has an excellent range of plastic models, everyone and their squig plays the Space Marines at one point or another. This has led some gamers to call anyone who plays Space Marines on being a 'cheap' or '{{noob}}' player. They also catch a lot of hate from the attention they get from Games Workshop, compared to the other armies. This attitude is especially prevalent amongst those who play one of the less-used armies.
  413. *** It's pretty standard practice for players of any particular army to complain about the others being "too overpowered" and receiving poor treatment from the GW writers (although pretty much everyone agrees that the latter is fully justified in the case of the Dark Eldar and the Inquisition armies (Witch-Hunters and Demon-Hunters); and there have been numerous well-publicized balance issues. But even veteran Space Marine players themselves will comment on how the SM gets much more attention from GW than all the other races combined. The anti-SM hatedom nearly exploded after the Medusa V campaign, when GW awarded Space Marines the "moral victory", despite the fact that they were only marginally successful compared to several other races; and were seen to have been given a distinct advantage in their campaign objective.
  414. ** Certain armies have hatedoms against other armies, usually for getting codex after codex update whilst the players race get's nothing. The 3 'worst' armies for this were Dark Eldar, Eldar and Orks, all of whom recieved their codex rather early during the Warhammer 40k cycle, didn't get any update for about 5 years, and in the interveining time, Tyranids had about 3, and Chaos 4, new codex books written for them.
  415. * ''{{FATAL}}'' is an example where the hatedom is active on this site, and pretty much anywhere else the name is known - dozens or hundreds of people who will never stop talking about some obscure RPG system that no one has any good reason to really give a crap about. It seems that if you publish an RPG system where magical armor turns you into a racial stereotype and anal circumferance is a necessary stat, you've more than brought such hatedom down on yourself.
  416. * ''{{Rifts}}'' and pretty much anything else made by KevinSiembieda. KevinSiembieda is an interesting example of this, because he tends to split roleplayers about 50/50 on a polar love-hate relationship. However, while the crunch is soggy and broken, but the fluff is quite intriguing. There's a reason it's called "the greatest game no one ever plays". Now if only the typical Siembieda book was 80% fluff to 20% crunch instead of the opposite, Palladium would rival GURPS as the king of third-party supplements.
  417. * ''TheWorldOfSynnabar'' by RavenSMcCracken. Is notorious for [[SoBadItsGood being ludicrous in every respect]].
  418. * ''{{Wraeththu}}'' shows every sign of developing into ''{{FATAL}}'', but more so.
  419. [[/folder]]
  421. [[folder:Video Games]]
  422. * Look in the magazines. Look for any game that is given a positive review. Expect a church of FanHaters and hatedom to appear equal to or greater to the size of the people who legitimately enjoyed the gaming magazines.
  423. * ThereAreTwoKindsOfPeopleInTheWorld. People who hate [[MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame MMORPGs]] and people who like [[MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame MMORPGs]]. There is ''no'' in between. If you like any single [[MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame MMORPG]] at all you are a lifeless douchebag who lives in his parents' basement and spends 14 hours playing an MMOG. Never mind of course, how many "Hardcores" have been crying ever since the release of Games like ''CityOfHeroes'', ''GuildWars'', and ''WorldOfWarcraft'' which were advertised as '''NOT''' being as much of a timesink as games like ''EverQuest'' or ''RagnarokOnline'' were, and even now their boards are utterly beseiged by people whining about how they're making it too casual (Ignoring, of course, player skill and how attaining most of those higher-up stuff is dependent ''entirely'' on other players).
  424. ** Another hatedom are D&D fans who believes that the changes and simplifications in 4th edition were implemented to attract fans of [[MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame MMORPGs]].
  425. * There is a fan war going on between RPG and First Person Shooter games, and yes, it is a pretty stupid fan war.
  426. * Never, ever try and defend any ''[[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]]'' game made between the orginal trio to SonicColors, or you will get flamed to a crisp. The handhelds, both ''{{Sonic Adventure}}s'' and ''SonicUnleashed'' get a pass... sometimes.
  427. ** Nearly every Sonic character that was added after the Megadrive days other than Blaze has a hatedom as well.
  428. * It is a general trend with video games. Hate on adventure games, then arcade ports, then [=FPSes=], now hate on [=RPGs=] and [=MMOGs=]. But only [=JRPGs=]... because if you say anything negative about western [=RPGs=] then you will be taken from your home in the dead of night and tortured by the FanHaters who instantly say you are a weeaboo. Because Western [=RPG=]s are granted immunity to criticism, and despite what they say...the fans are even ''more'' mindless than the supposed FanDumb of most [=JRPGs=] because ''they're allowed to run unchecked''.
  429. ** It does not help that the head of Bioware has gone on record dismissing [=JRPGs=] as not being [=RPGs=] at all, but rather action adventure games (apparently he never played ''ShinMegamiTensei StrangeJourney'', ''EtrianOdyssey'', or ''TheDarkSpire''). This is even funnier when you consider that one can say the same thing about ''Western'' [=RPGs=].
  430. * {{Mass Effect}} is gradually gaining a hatedom and BioWare along with them for a perceived "EA will doom us all!" mentality and" catering to the shooter fanbase." In any event, it is minor at best but mention Multiplayer to most ME fan and they will attack.
  431. * Square-Enix deserves its own mention due to its UnpleasableFanbase and many others. Saying anything positive about anything Square-Enix did that isn't protected by the NostalgiaFilter will result in you being tarred and feathered before being dumped into a pit full of flaming thorns and needles.
  432. ** On the rare forum where you won't be [[FlameWar executed by firing squad]] for liking [=JRPGs=], ask for the worst one. Count how many posts will say the worst game of all time is ''FinalFantasyVII'' or ''KingdomHearts''. Round your answer to the nearest hundred. This is only an example of the hatred that is given to Square-Enix for ''existing''. Extra credit: Ask how many of these people have ever actually sat down and played ''FinalFantasyVII'' or ''KingdomHearts''. Triple points if they say they never got past six.
  433. ** Now for fun, mention any game that is the worst or most overrated of all time. In between the posts hating on ''{{Halo}}'', count how many will be about ''FinalFantasy'' or ''KingdomHearts''. Round your answer to the nearest thousand.
  434. ** Extra credit: like the above, ask how many people who hate ''FinalFantasy'' or ''KingdomHearts'' have even sat down and played it for more than 30 seconds before deciding it's horrible. When it's on a gaming community, ask how many of the PC gamers who have never owned a console in their life somehow know so much about how bad it is after they proudly admit to having never played it.
  435. * ''FinalFantasyXI'' has a Hatedom, but not from MMO players. No, the hate comes from ''other'' ''FinalFantasy'' fans due to the game being an MMO and not a single-player game like the rest of the numbered games. While it's understandable why, people forget that FF games are numbered by the simple rule that SE says so. (Even moreso now that ''FinalFantasyXIV'' is now known to be an MMO as well). Then there's the gaming media in general which routinely ignores the game while pimping other [=MMOs=], some of which have less than half the subscribers ''FFXI'' has. Reviewers seem to completely ignore that it's got the second most subscribers of any MMO in the world, and before ''WorldOfWarcraft'' had the most subscribers in the world. (''FFXI'' didn't go down, ''WoW'' went up.) Despite having 200,000-300,000 subscribers consistently for seven years, game review magazines and sites seem to have forgotten about it, not even mentioning expansion packs or major game changes like they do for WoW.
  436. * Mention anything related to ''{{Warcraft}}'' or ''{{Starcraft}}'' on a general gaming board, and you are nearly guaranteed to have ''{{Warhammer}}'' or ''[[{{Warhammer40000}} Warhammer 40k]]'' fans crawl out of the woodwork to complain about Blizzard stealing their settings. Pointing out that [[DidNotDoTheResearch Games Workshop did the exact same thing to create their settings]], simply stealing from a wider variety of sources, is promptly met with dissembling and {{fan wank}}.
  437. * There are very few people [[StopHavingFunGuys who understand that people play games to have fun]]. Almost eveyrone else assumes it's because of your intelligence and sexual orientation. (And sorry PC gamers...even PC gamers are responsible for this. If anything, they're the prime offenders.)
  438. * In the ConsoleWars, it's often as not about hating the other consoles as much as loving your own. The clue is the ratio of praise to a favored system to bashing the other systems, although true fanboys do both.
  439. ** This happened when the [[NintendoWii Wii]] suddenly became popular and the [[PlayStationThree PS3]] turned into TheScrappy.
  440. ** There is a faction of PC gamers that express significant contempt for the very notion of consoles, as well.
  441. *** Some members of said faction have recently started using the "Glorious PC Gaming Master Race" title to refer to themselves (Note- said title was first used by Yahtzee of ZeroPunctuation, except when he was using it, he was being '''''satirical.''''') without irony. ''Without irony.''
  442. ** Since the consoles got involved in the HD format war (which isn't actually won, since this is a race to mainstream, not a last format standing contest), it was often more about hating the other side than loving their own.
  443. ** The Wii deserves special mention since it draws hatedom from 360, [=PS3=] ''and'' [=PC=] fanbases, usually, just because it doesn't have that many of the more popular [[UltraSuperDeathGoreFestChainsawer3000 "hardcore"]] games or chose gameplay over graphics.
  444. ** Here's a fun drinking game. Go on a gaming message board, a group of friends, anything, and ask them what their least favorite console is. If they say the Wii, take a sip. If they say this purely because of motion controls, take two. If you point out games which make little to no use of the motion controls and were a massive commercial success, but they write them off as kiddy games (Extra points if you point out [[SuperMarioGalaxy Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2]] and [[SuperSmashBros Brawl]]) ,take two sips. If you ask them how many wii games they've played and they say [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch they havn't played any]] because "The Wii sucks", finish your glass.
  445. * If not actually more inferno-like, then only slightly behind the ever-burning ConsoleWars is the "Casual versus Hardcore gamers war". "Hardcore" gamers have nothing but vicious contempt if you should so much as look at a game that doesn't require a heavy investment in time and practice and is absolutely, unrelentingly ''unforgivable'' about failure. Heaven forbid you should declare that you actually ''like Peggle''. You will be lynched; only grammaws and morons play ''Peggle''. On the flip side, "Casual" gamers are, well, casual and the vast majority don't even know this raging conflict is in play.
  446. ** There is a huge crossover between Casual-haters and Wii-haters, for obvious reasons and the misconception that all "hardcore" gamers only play gritty [=FPS=] games, conveniently leaving out Adventure, Role Playing, Fighting, Survival Horror, Sandbox games, et cetera. You know, the things that aren't popular with the gimmicky, fun-for-about-10-minutes, party game crowd. There's even ''bigger'' misconception that Casual gamers only play party games or fun-for-about-10-minutes when almost ''everyone'' will whine about how the amounts of casuals playing games that casuals supposedly do ''not'' play. Or that many of them will play '''* GASP* ''' ARCADE GAMES. By most standards...''GuitarHero''.
  447. * ''{{Halo}}'' is possibly the greatest focal point for vaguely-justified hatred in all of gaming. Posting any opinion whatsoever on the Bungie forums ''will'' get you flamed.
  448. ** Like the spurned ''{{Marathon}}'' fans.
  449. ** Halo is notable in that its hatedom has a hatedom, composed mainly of people who think the game was pretty good and are annoyed at people who call it mediocre without providing examples of good games.
  450. * Speaking of ''{{Marathon}}'' [[FandomRivalry vs.]] ''{{Halo}}'', Macintosh and PC fans form Hatedoms for the opposing product in a manner similar to the ConsoleWars. Linux users tend to hate on both, especially before Mac OSX came out.
  451. * The ''{{Fallout}}'' "fanbase" at No Mutants Allowed [[YourMileageMayVary have been described]] as 'glittering gems of hatred', directed at any effort not ''Fallout'' enough.
  452. * Arcade style games (such as {{shmups}})--particularly those that last anywhere between 2 and 90 minutes, get bashed frequently for being too short, not deep enough, and being a waste of money. Never mind that nearly every game made between the 70's and late 80's was like this and that such games are meant to be played over and over.
  453. ** ''StarSoldier R'', a notable victim of this hatred, is a top-down shooter lasting 5 minutes at most, and many players feel that the price tag of 800 Wii Points fails to justify the amount of content in this game.
  454. ** On the other extreme, there's ''{{Gradius}} V'', which is an 80-minute behemoth of a shooter, and [[http://www.ugo.com/channels/games/features/gradiusv/ still gets flak for its length anyway]].
  455. ** Then there are shooter fans who complain that ''Space Megaforce'' is too ''long''. [[UnpleasableFanbase You can't please everyone.]]
  456. * {{Wii}} peripherals; everything from sports equipment-shaped shells to a shell resembling a sword and shield to the gun-shaped Wii Zapper gets shit just for adding no additional functionality to the Wii Remote. You don't ''have'' to buy them.
  457. * Any game a girl will play is automatically crap because girls aren't ''really'' gamers. [[AcceptableTargets Nice to know sexism is allowed to thrive somewhere these days.]]
  458. ** Similarly, there is a large crowd who doesn't mind girls playing games... but mind games with female main characters. Name it - ''{{Bayonetta}}'', ''FinalFantasyX2'', ''RhapsodyAMusicalAdventure'', there is a chunk of the internet who just can't stand them because a) Female main characters are by definition weak and dull and not as cool as guys, and/or b) If the main character is female then it's a FanService game, and if you like it you're a pathetic, lifeless pervert.
  459. *** Subverted by both {{Perfect Dark}} and {{Metroid}}. True, there are several gamers who bring up the hotness factor of protagonists Joanna Dark and Samus Aran, but unlike many other examples, the coolness factor of the aforementioned games kill any sense of novelty that female protagonists may have. This is even more ironic in Samus's case, since first time Metroid players thought she was a man [[SamusIsAGirl until the ending]] [[GenderFlip proved otherwise]].
  460. *** The case of {{Bayonetta}} is not without justification. Its creator has gone on record that he intentionally had the protagonist designed to fit whatever strange ideas of 'sexy' potential players had. Which was apparently a feminist breakthrough in the video game world, somehow.
  461. * The hardcore gamer crowd will leap on just about any CashCowFranchise as being utter crap. The popular reception is attributed to those darned casuals who mindlessly buy whatever the ads tell them to buy, and reviewers being bribed to give good reviews. Anything to avoid suggesting that those games might be popular because they're--gasp--''good.'' As mentioned above, ''{{Halo}}'' and ''Madden'' are popular targets for hatedom, as well as the newer ''FinalFantasy'' games, ''{{Pokemon}}'' and ''GrandTheftAuto''. [[ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]] even points this out in his ''GearsOfWar 2'' review.
  462. ** Possibly justified in one case. Madden tends to earn itsf hatred, with less and less innovation each time around. As well, reusing sound clips. It shouldn't get to the point seen [[http://www.cracked.com/article_15902_15-most-annoying-video-game-characters-from-otherwise-great-games.html here]].
  463. * Even something 100% free-to-play, like Flash games, aren't immune to hatedoms. This may have something to do with the fact that popular flash portals will list statistics like plays and ratings for all to see, giving the haters something to aggravate them every time they come to the site and see the object of their loathing still on the Top 10 list.
  464. * For quite a while, Electronic Arts was the whipping boy of hardcore gamers, for buying out smaller developers, [[BadBoss mistreating their employees]], running their [[{{Ultima}} beloved]] [[WingCommander franchises]] into the ground and then [[YouHaveFailedMe disbanding the teams]]. Their surviving cash cow franchises were frequently accused of releasing the same mediocre game every year for record profits. Sensing that they were becoming an universally recognized symbol of corporate evil, EA's new management made a concentrated effort to reform their practices and go against their former image. With time, much of the hate was transferred to Activision, who seem to have put on the cartoonishly evil hat the moment EA took it off. However, some of the hatedom is still out there, bashing EA [[ThisIsUnforgivable simply on principle]] for [[SinsOfOurFathers their past misdeeds]], and [[DownerEnding even though they gained some respectability and critical acclaim back, they're actually losing money]]. [[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop Remember kids, if you try to change for the better, you'll lose all your money and some people will still hate you. So don't change.]]
  465. ** One of the most major incidents are [[CopyProtection the DRM, SecuROM and the maximum install limit]] as part of what caused the EA hatedom (though those reared their ugly heads under Riccitello too). Much hatedom came from people who cried foul about not being able to reinstall a game as often as you'd like, or those who saw the invasive DRM software as malware that EA would install upon the computer without asking. DRM in general is getting a vocal hatedom as well.
  466. ** ''TheSims'' franchise gets this a lot, possibly because of EA's shamelessly unending stream of expansion packs.
  467. ** Judging from messageboards, there are apparently two types of gamers in the world: people who play ''Madden'', and people who think people who play ''Madden'' are filthy commoners who have no value as human beings. Before the Wii came along, people who devoted most of their gaming time to EA Sports titles were the single-most derided form of casual gamer imaginable.
  468. *** The ''Madden'' games also get a lot of flak for being a CashCowFranchise (see below). However, there's also been a lot of hate tossed towards the series -- and its publisher, Electronic Arts -- since 2005 for effectively killing off its competition by signing an licensing exclusivity deal with the NFL, ensuring that nobody could make another NFL game for at least five years; they did this months after Sega's ''[=ESPN NFL 2K5=]'' (priced thirty dollars less than the ''Madden'' game that year) sold like gangbusters and did better with quite a few reviewers than that year's ''Madden'' installment.
  469. * Like said before, Activision is now the BigBad of videogame corporate. From Robert Kotick's dead honest claims of wanting to create cash-cow franchises instead of new ones to their legal attacks on developers who've made games of franchises they had the rights to but threw away(specifically ''BrutalLegend'' and ''{{Ghostbusters}}''), they are seen by the public at large as the wrost kind of videogame company. Many fans will not buy an Activision game at all, no matter how good, on this principle.
  470. ** Once it was revealed that Activision was going to do a remake of the N64 ''GoldenEye'' for the Wii, everyone instnatly declared the game to be rubbish due to the company's history.
  471. ** The {{Sierra}} fanbase had a special kind of anger for Activision. "The re-launch" of LeisureSuitLarry was derided as spectacularly bad and unplayable. Al Lowe himself had nothing but (really clever) nasty things to say about it, and then they slammed a C&D down on [[FanSequel KingsQuest: The Silver Lining's]] crew ''after'' Vivendi had given them the green light.
  472. * ''MegaManBattleNetwork'' and ''MegaManStarForce'' get a ton of flak because they don't resemble the ''Game/MegaMan'' or ''MegaManX'' games at all (despite quite a few [[{{Expy}} expies]] in Battle Network). You can't like any X series game beyond X3 (and sometimes X4). Haters also bash the series because of CapcomSequelStagnation, then ''Mega Man 9'' was praised for the same reason.
  473. ** In extension to the games beyond X3, Inafune was left to do his own thing after X5, which was meant to finish off that part of the series at the time. However, after getting word of X6 nearing completion, he eventually brushed it off, got a bit more involved, and worked with the changes he was given anyway. [[FanDumb Most fans]] [[DisContinuity haven't followed suit.]]
  474. * There is a hatedom concerned with inflicting sadistic violence on Pikachu from ''[=~Pokémon~=]'' (indeed, one of its original {{FanNickname}}s was The Rat), though some of the animosity may be derived from ''SuperSmashBros'' where he is very hard to fight against (and makes [[MostAnnoyingSound annoying noises]]), rather than from overexposure as mascot of the ''{{Pokemon}}'' CashCowFranchise. For that matter, throw in the anime and movies.
  475. ** Back when it was a fad, thousands of anti-Pokémon websites turned up on the web. And then there was a rash of [[ComplainingAboutPeopleNotLikingTheShow anti-anti-Pokémon sites]] that sprang up in response.
  476. ** The anime tends to be the focal point for hate towards Pokémon. Even now, a lot of fans of the Pokémon games hate the anime series.
  477. ** There are many out there who decry everything after the second generation games and say that it's only getting worse as they produce more generations...as they buy said games. The hatred seems to have come to a head with the new fifth generation. Many hate the new generation for the sole purpose that they think the new Pokemon are ugly. Particularl haters refuse to buy the games based ''solely'' on this. Hopefully meaning they will leave the fandom alone if they don't play anymore.
  478. * {{Runescape}}. Mileage may vary on the quality, but it's popularity with players of other [[MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame MMORPGs]] is often lacking to say the least. Especially considering how many people have even sat down and played it.
  479. * When {{Spore}} was finally released, a number of expectant fans felt that Wil Wright had personally violated their mothers, sisters and cats and vocally let everyone know, mostly because the semi-secret software included with the game had the potential to seriously harm the computer of whomever installed it.
  480. ** The game has a hatedom that has managed to look past the software issues. While very few people will deny that Spore boasts what is likely the greatest, most diverse, and most enjoyable creative tool ever seen in a video game, it's difficult to argue that there's very little you can actually do with your creatures, buildings, and vehicles after you've created them. Plus, some of the main hate for this game comes from the fact the underwater stage and blood were removed before it was realesed
  481. * A lot of hardcore {{shmup}} fans seem to hate ''{{Touhou}}''.
  482. ** Many, MANY more people hate ''{{Touhou}}'' on the claim of {{lolicon}} due to ZUN's art style not indicating how old any of the characters are. (Yukari, for instance, is officially drawn as a non-loli character in later games. The only characters that are ''always'' drawn as lolis are Rumia, Cirno, Remilia, Flandre, Chen, Tewi, Suika, and Kisume. A few more are also occasionally drawn as lolis. That sounds like a lot until you realize there are over [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters a hundred]] characters. Fighting game fans hate the fighters on basis of bullet spam, even though that's the CORE component of the game.
  483. ** A Hatedom that came about because of the sheer quantity and devotion of Touhou fans is present.
  484. * Cave has been getting this too, for the reasons similar to Touhou; after the release of ''Ketsui'' in 2003, it took five years for Cave to come out with a shmup that has the player pilot a ship instead of a character (namely, ''{{DoDonPachi}} Dai Fukkatsu'').
  485. * The Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises have a large Hatedom from musicians (read: [[StopHavingFunGuy self-taught guitarists]]) for being seen as a waste of time and money that could have been spent learning a real instrument.
  486. * Shaq Fu is considered so awful it has its own Hatedom site dedicated to buying every single copy of the game in existence and destroying them. www.shaqfu.com
  487. * ''BackyardSports''. '''Especially''' hated by IGN. Of course, saying that the series [[{{Sequelitis}} has gone downhill]] is a rather bold {{Understatement}}.
  488. *  Japanese eroges (disguised as visual novels) are particularly hated simply because some people cannot fathom how such stuff gets so many fans despite it being (frequently badly written) porn-with-plot... [[PlotWithPorn wait, what?]]
  489. ** ''TypeMoon'' seems to get a lot of hate from fans of said porno novel games, from the writer Nasu shamelessly whoring out the same 2 or 3 franchises like an obese cow.
  490. ** Some have go so far as to classify them as outright hentai games, never mind that porn isn't the main point of them (and the sex scenes aren't very well-received anyway).
  491. ** [[KeyVisualArts The other major eroge developer]] though, managed to avoid this kind of hatedom, considering they have already jerked a bunch of ManlyTears from the potential haters ''before'' they even find out what to hate in Key's games. {{Clannad}} eventually managed to be a visual novel without any fanservice.
  492. * Within the ''SpyroTheDragon'' fandom it's apparently impossible to be a fan of both the original series and the Sierra reboot. It's been a while since the new games were released, but the slightest mention of one continuity being better than the other can instantly spark a flame war more ferocious than a permanent Flamethrower powerup.
  493. ** Never mention how good an Insomniac game is ''after'' the last Spyro game, for you'll be flamed for liking [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch a very unoriginal shooter-game]] like ''RatchetAndClank'' or ''ResistanceFallOfMan''.
  494. * Modern gaming in general seems to have stirred up quite a Hatedom. Indeed, some games push graphics over storylines, but you'll always hear how every game is a [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch Halo or Warcraft clone]], mostly coming from kids of the 90s who claim [[FollowTheLeader that]] [[MascotWithAttitude their]] [[CopyAndPasteEnvironments games]] [[NoSidepathsNoExplorationNoFreedom were better]] [[ExecutiveMeddling than today's]] [[{{Synthesizeritis}} games]].
  495. ** A lot of this is fueled by NostalgiaFilter. Mention that the above was just as prevalant in any time, and you will see a lot of denial.
  496. * Video Game soundtracks by people who've never listened to anything [[{{Synthesizeritis}} past a NES or PSX]] get a lot of hate. Especially considering how brilliant a lot of those composers were given the technical limitations of the systems they scored for.
  497. * ''SuperSmashBros [[ContestedSequel Brawl]]''. '''NEVER''' mention it to a hardcore ''Melee'' fan.
  498. ** In ''Melee'', [[TheScrappy certain characters]] had a lot of hatedom. What's ironic is that they tend to be either the allegedly weak, "low-tier" characters, like Pichu, Mewtwo, and Bowser, or the allegedly overpowered, "high-tier" ones like Sheik and Marth. In ''Brawl'', there are less characters seen as weak, but MetaKnight is the new Scrappy for being overpowered. There are people who hate players that believe in the aforementioned tiers. The believers in turn responded with their own volley of hate.
  499. ** Some fans of more conventional fighting games hate the ''SuperSmashBros'' series in general.
  500. ** The series now has so much FanDumb that it has generated plenty of FanHaters.
  501. * BlazBlue has earned a few Hatedom from GuiltyGear fans, mostly due to believing that the series is the final nail of the coffin for Arksys works's GuiltyGear franchise after the poor reception of Overture.
  502. * Sequels of popular shooters (especially console ones) tend to have a massive degree of hatedom post-release. The reasons vary: load-bearing hype, Sequelitis, [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks flawed changes to the formula]], [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks not enough changes]], etc. ''ModernWarfare 2'' is a special example, because unlike {{Halo}} 2 and {{Gears of War}} 2 (which received major criticism weeks or even ''days'' later), it had a raging fandom that almost entirely became a hatedom three months later. Nevermind the boycotting PC fans, since they never planned on warming up to it, but ask anyone who played ''[=MW2=]'' non-stop at first what they think of it now. Chances are, they'll flash a look of disgust, and maybe mention that they have moved onto ''{{Battlefield}}: Bad Company 2''. It's worth noting that ''[=MW2=]'''s gameplay isn't fundamentally different from ''Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'', and does a decent job at fixing ''[=CoD4's=]'' abused perks. That's not to say ''[=MW2=] lacks'' flaws, bugs or abusive tactics (like any other online shooter), but from the aforementioned outcry, you think the game killed their fathers and raped their mothers, and it begs the question if these gamers have PLAYED a legitimately terrible game recently. The general disgust towards Activision over the last couple of years for milking franchises dry (particularly Kotick, the company's CEO, who shamelessly admits this), the company's feud with developers Infinity Ward, and the overpriced ''[=MW2=]'' map packs don't help matters at ''all''.
  503. ** Blizzard gets roped into the arguement aswell, even though they are largely independent and didn't change much when the ownership changed. But when they announced that StarCraft II would be split in three parts to expand the story for each race (and get the first one out, at last), everyone cried foul about the prospect of paying more than for a single game (which Hatedom already declared to be nothing but the original with prettier graphics...). And lets not get started on the new battlenet.
  504. * The ''CallOfDuty'' series, especially ModernWarfare 2, definitely has a notable hatedom, which can be divided into at least three groups: non-shooter fans who hate it for overshadowing their favourite games, shooter fans who hate it for causing the modern shooter trend to go out of control and marginalizing other types of shooters, and gun enthusiasts and military members (who may or may not play video games) who hate it for inspiring stupid kids to think they know everything about guns and the military.
  505. * {{Bioware}} has lately been getting a ton of flak over the allegedly sharp increase in {{Game Breaking Bug}}s in their recent games, ''DragonAge Awakening'' in particular. Another reason for the hatedom is the reliance on downloadable content, which leads to accusation of anything past the first MassEffect being "Fifty bucks for a half-finished game." They also catch hell over their character archetypes, and the fact they have a large female fanbase. Whatever Square gets in the east, BioWare will get in the west.
  506. * Fans of the original {{X-COM}} games are ''despising'' 2K Games' X-COM reboot, though it mainly isn't because it's an FPS. Fans are mostly hating on the game because 2K [[TheyJustDidntCare is completely ignoring almost every element present in the original setting.]] XCOM [[CompletelyMissingThePoint takes place in the fifties, and you don't control the X-COM organization. Instead, you play as an FBI agent. None of the classic alien species are to be found; you fight against weird]] {{Eldritch Abomination}}-y [[CompletelyMissingThePoint aliens instead, and you only operate in the United States.]] Also, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking there's no hyphen in the title.]] To the fans, this was the biggest kick in the balls they could've received.
  507. * {{Legend of Zelda}}. Either you think that Ocarina of Time is the greatest thing in the entire universe, or prepare to be burned to a crisp by its fan base. And don't even ''think'' about mentioning Wind Waker. It seems that The Zelda fanbase's feelings tend to change as new games are released. Majora's Mask is now often hailed as superior to Ocarina of Time in every way, while Wind Waker is very well liked. Mention nearly ''anything'' positive about Twilight Princess, however, and be sentenced to the depths of oblivion.
  508. ** There is a (dwindling) pool of haters for the DS games for using touchscreen controls entirely. That or the fact that both of the DS titles each contain a major ScrappyMechanic: The Temple of the Ocean King and countless instant death trains.
  509. * The newer a {{The Elder Scrolls}} game is, the bigger the hatedom. Naturally this means Oblivion gets the worst rap. Despite being incredibly popular at the time of its release and almost universally praised by critics, many Morrowind fans see it as a dumbed down, repetitive, and insipid defilement of their beloved series. They criticize the game over the inclusion of the quest compass, the removal of levitation, separate cells for cities, and nearly everything else. Complaints range from reasonable to entirely nonsensical; it isn't uncommon to visit an Oblivion board and see a person complain that their level 30, non-combatant character was slaughtered by a rat, even though rats, like most monsters, don't actually level up with your character.
  510. * If you mention New Super Mario Bros Wii to any Mario fan that did not grow up with the old Mario games, you will get your butt roasted from flames and handed to you on a silver platter.
  511. * For a game franchise that currently only has five games, ''StarFox'''s hatedom in regards to the three games released after [[KillerApp ''Star Fox 64'']] is ''massive.'' Generally, anyone who likes the option of on-foot gameplay and something of an actual story is considered a bastard in the eyes of the "on-rails only" fans (who are also the [[NostalgiaFilter heavily nostalgic variety.]]). Then there's the [[ShallowLoveInterest character]] [[ActionGirl Krystal;]] liking her means that you aren't a true fan or are a hapless pervert (her status as a FurryFandom sex symbol ''really'' doesn't help at all). This applies to some of the other characters that came after 2002 as well.
  512. ** As of late, many Nintendo fans hate the series in general because of this divide.
  513. * ''Outwar'' gained a massive hatedom during times it was popular. To elaborate, at that time, in order to gain points in Outwar, you had to trick others into clicking a link. That resulted spamming links on multiple websites, sort of like a precursor of rickroll. Hatedom disappeared quickly after several changes of the game was made.
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  518. * Anime fans, especially younger ones, create much of the hate directed toward anime by raving about how all Western Animation is "kiddie cartoons and ''TheSimpsons''" while anime is so much better and "mature" - when most(but not all) anime is [[PeripheryDemographic actually aimed]] at kids and lonely adults, low-budget and even more merchandise-driven than in the West. One frequently cited reason is that it's not afraid to use cuss words, when most of those are added in by the translators - JapanesePoliteness and ValuesDissonance makes phrases that are quite rude in Japanese seem only mildly insulting in English. The ongoing debate about what can be called anime, especially {{Animesque}} western cartoons, also brings out haters on every side, who generally classify based more on whether they like or hate a show than objective criteria. (In Japan, "anime" is simply anything not live-action.)
  519. * Ralph Bakshi's ''Lord of the Rings'',it's a Cult Classic to some,but its got a huge hatedom,especially in light of Peter Jackson's trilogy
  520. * The sheer amount of jokes about how the ''TheLandBeforeTime'' film series needs to be canceled is staggering (''The Land Before Time One Million: The Meteor Hits'' is a running joke). Funny thing is, TheLandBeforeTime ''has'' been cancelled, but not everyone seems to have gotten the memo. Though the reason for the cancellation wasn't because the suits thought it should end; it was because Universal shut down their animation department. If not for that, we'd have ''The Land Before Time 23: They're Starting to Grow Feathers'' by now.
  521. * Hating ''FamilyGuy'' and its fans has become increasingly common. Common complaints are that its become more and more political over the years, using far too many [[StrawmanPolitical straw republicans]], that Stewie's change from EnfantTerrible to (not so) AmbiguouslyGay basically destroyed his character and turned him into one long gay joke, Brian's been Flanderized from a straight man into an alcoholic mouth piece for whatever the current writer, [[ScapegoatCreator and not necessarily Seth [=McFarlane=]]] has a problem with this week (from marijuana laws to the FCC to anyone from the south), and [[UnpopularPopularCharacter fan favorite]] Meg's unpopularity being Flanderized from being an unpopular every girl to some sort of monster despised by all, and the fact that few "jokes" have punchlines, instead opting for just saying the name of a random celebrity and showing a picture of them doing something, or having an OverlyLongGag consisting of some mundane action.
  522. ** The hatedom for Family Guy is probably encouraged by the fact that Seth [=McFarlane=] responds to a critique in Entertainment Weekly by portraying the EW staff as monkeys (what kind of satirist can't take criticism himself?) and any criticism of the show is met with "YOU'RE JUST A PRUDE!!!" bawwing by fanboys. Never mind that some people, such as the aforementioned EW critic, have no problem with edgy material, they just don't think the show is funny. Also, an obnoxious teenager trying to explain how Family Guy (which is TV-14 for good reason) is okay for little kids because it's the only way to "expose them to things" otherwise kept from them by their [[MoralGuardian Moral Guardian parents]] will put off anyone.
  523. * A large number of people seem to hate any traditionally animated or CGI film that {{Dreamworks}} makes. The fact that they claim every one is the same and of the same quality be it ''{{Shrek}}'', ''SharkTale'', or ''KungFuPanda'' seems to also indicate [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch they don't actually watch half of them]]. This got ''much'' worse when ''KungFuPanda'' shut ''{{WALL-E}}'' out at the Annie awards.
  524. ** The hate has quieted down somewhat due to Film/HowToTrainYourDragon and {{Megamind}} being good movies...but promptly started up with [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Katzenberg's]] announcement of the [[{{Sequelitis}} Shrek Puss In Boots spinoff, a third and fourth Madagascar movie,]] [[CashCowFranchise an additional FOUR Kung Fu Panda movies (for a total of SIX), and two How To Train Your Dragon Sequels]] [[BeyondTheImpossible (with the potential for EIGHT TOTAL MOVIES)]]
  525. * Any Disney animated production that does not involve John Lasseter, is bound to be dismissed by some modern animation fans until the UnpleasableFanbase is brought into the mix. There are some die-hard Disney fans who still haven't forgiven him for dismissing Chris Sanders from what would ultimately become {{Bolt}}, replacing AlanMenken with RandyNewman as compsoser for ThePrincessAndTheFrog, and for changing the animation style of {{Tangled}} from traditional animation to CGI [[DidNotDoTheResearch (despite the fact it was never meant to be traditionally animated in the first place.)]]. There is also the announcement of a sequel to {{Cars}}, seen by many as Pixar's weakest film, as opposed to a sequel for say, TheIncredibles.
  526. ** The animated features in between the Disney Renaissance and the Lasseter Era have a vocal but [[YourMileageMayVary varying]] hatedom, but the chances of finding someone who likes HomeOnTheRange or ChickenLittle are a million to one.
  527. * Many {{Simpsons}} fans hate every single episode after Season 8 (or 9, or 10, etc.) and [[{{Discontinuity}} don't want to consider them part of the show]]. Frequently leads to flame wars with fans who claim that the show stayed as good, or even got better.
  528. ** It's worth pointing out that these criticisms date back to the "Classic" era of The Simpsons, as well. The show has had an {{unpleasable fanbase}} almost from the very beginning. In fact, Comic Book Guy's catch phrase "Worst episode ever" comes from a newsgroup post referring to an episode from season four.
  529. ** This is true for the German version. The voice actor for Marge died from a heart attack while dubbing Season 17, and was replaced by Anke Engelke, a well known comedian in Germany. The problem is that many people just can't stand her. So every episode dubbed by her is crap and not worth even producing.
  530. ** There is a duality between the French and Quebecois fans; the Quebecois fans considers the French-Canandian dub more faithful to the original version and hate the French dub made in France, though the French fans considers the French dub as the best, citing the great quality of the adaptation and the performance of Homer's French voice actor.
  531. * Many of the long time fans of {{King of the Hill}} generally hate the character Lucky ever since he became involved with Luanne and can't stand any episode that focuses on him.
  532. * Many fans of ''InvaderZim'' will claim to absolutely ''hate'' Dib, but this is a bit of an odd case---if you ask them ''why,'' you'll generally either get "[[HeroAntagonist he's trying to stop]] [[VillainProtagonist Zim]] from [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt destroying humanity!]]" or a generic "he's annoying." Some of Dib's ''fans'' will argue that this is the result of ExecutiveMeddling that [[ButtMonkey put Dib through so much pain]] that people thought you were ''supposed'' to hate him. (Supposedly he's actually JhonenVasquez's favorite character.)
  533. ** [[CreepyChild Gaz]] has a small but fairly vocal Hatedom that tends to coincide with Dib's fans, based on [[AbuseIsOkayWhenItIsFemaleOnMale how she treats him]].
  534. * Each of the [[RuleOfThree big three kids networks]] in America have at least one show that is/was this: CartoonNetwork had ''SquirrelBoy'', {{Nickelodeon}} has ''FanboyAndChumChum'', and DisneyChannel...has its tweencoms.
  535. ** CNReal. The hatedom (which, admittedly, did have a point, what with it being CARTOON network) for CNReal is probably bigger than the others combined. Every form of live action on CN gets this for NetworkDecay.
  536. * Daffy/Speedy cartoons in the [[LooneyTunes Looney Tunes]] series. These were a series of cheap shorts made long after the original Looney Tunes animation studio closed down. The shorts were farmed out to a different company who... let's just say they didn't "get" the characters. At all. So you wound up with things like Daffy Duck chasing Speedy Gonzales.
  537. ** The studio that Warners subcontracted to was [=DePatie=]-Freleng, which was pretty much consisted of ex-Warner artists. The director for many of these shorts was Robert [=McKimson=], who directed cartoons with these characters (abeit never together) for years.
  538. * A lot of people really hate Jerry from ''TomAndJerry'', due to the fact that he's often a DesignatedHero and a HeroicSociopath.
  539. * GrowUpTimmyTurner: the upcoming live action version of TheFairlyOddParents. In it, Timmy is still in ''fifth grade'' even though he is [[FridgeLogic twenty-three years old]]. This, also, seemingly [[RuinedForever Contradicts the movie Channel Chasers]]. Note that the movie hasn't even aired yet and it is already hated by many fans. Others [[FanonDiscontinuity pretend it doesn't exist]].
  540. * The ''{{Transformers}}'' fandom is known for being as [[{{BrokenBase}} broken]] as a base can get, but a few of the franchises seem to have hatedoms that are larger than usual.
  541. ** What immediately come to mind are [[Film/{{Transformers}} Michael Bay's live-action movies]] (especially the second film, ''RevengeOfTheFallen''), which are criticized for being very shallow action movies with poor plotting, sloppy editing and (accidental) racist caricatures (it's also right up there in the Film section above). Also, [[{{ArsonMurderAndJaywalking}} just because they're]] [[{{TheyChangedItNowItSucks}} generally unfaithful]] to the ''[[{{TransformersGeneration1}} G1]]'' cartoon, which causes [[{{FanDumb}} some fans of said cartoon]] to inflate their opinions of the films' flaws to epic proportions.
  542. ** In turn, possibly as a knee-jerk reaction, the ''G1'' cartoon developed a legion of haters (mostly newer fans) who hate the show because of the sheer percentage of its fandom that, they claim, consists of [[{{NostalgiaFilter}} nostalgia goggles-wearing]] children of the 80's who [[{{FanDumb}} view the cartoon as a sacred relic of their childhood rather than a simplistic children's show]] and criticize newer franchises (especially the aforementioned Michael Bay movies) just for not being ''G1''. Again, this causes said fans to greatly exaggerate ''G1'''s other flaws (such as animation errors, being MerchandiseDriven, goofy plots and the like).
  543. ** However, none can compare to the unanimous {{Hatedom}}s for ''TransformersArmada'' and, even more so, ''TransformersEnergon'', for being..., just plain bad (so much that the ''Transformers'' Wiki itself often inserts scathing critiques of ''Energon'' in its episode reviews). ''BeastMachines'' got this treatment for a while too, although fans are slowly starting to accept it more.
  544. * The follow-up to ''TheRenAndStimpyShow'' called ''Adult Party Cartoon'' has a hatedom significantly outgrowing the fandom. Granted, the series conatined lots of [[ToiletHumor controversial]] [[GrossoutShow humor]], much like the original cartoons, only UpToEleven. Despite the rather positive reception the cartoons received in theaters via animation conventions, ''everyone'' on the Internet fairly familiar with JohnKricfalusi's work seems to claim ''Adult Party Cartoon'' was a complete commercial and critical failure, what with being cancelled after a month after it premiered. [[DidNotDoTheResearch The truth was that SpikeTV ended the series because only 3 out of 9 ordered episodes were produced on time]], which really shouldn't surprise anyone conscious as to why John K was fired from the production of the original ''RenAndStimpy''.
  545. * {{The Batman}} was a Batman cartoon that is often hated for not being the original {{Batman The Animated Series}} of the 90's. Although the show itself was fairly decent, it was simply too different from it's predecessor. Common reasons for hating the show were the tweaks made to Batman's famous {{Rogues Gallery}}. Joker was made slightly ape like, with green dreadlock type hair, Mr. Freeze, who was changed from the tragic villain that TAS made him, into a nasty bank robber with no agenda other than wealth, The Riddler was made to look like some strange goth, and the Penguin was pulled back into the Danny Devito type fish man he was in {{Batman Returns}}. Most of all, this show was responsible for what fans called the "Bat-Embargo". Because 'The Batman' was on around the same time as {{Justice League Unlimited}} (a show that shared continuity with Batman TAS) 'Unlimited' wasn't allowed to show any Batman characters besides Batman himself, in order to avoid continuity confusion. This meant that none of the much beloved {{DCAU}} version of Batman characters could be on the show, thus further souring fans opinions of 'The Batman'.
  546. * Many fans, even on this very wiki, have complained that ''SpongebobSquarepants'' was never the same after the movie. The characters suffered from {{Flanderization}}, and the show had more or less became a DeadBabyComedy, among other issues. SeasonalRot also tends to make this situation even worse. Although it recently started to get better than it was before.
  547. * AlphaAndOmega got one before it was even released, mainly due to the fact it looked like it was appealing to the FurryFandom. (This didn't turn out to be the case upon the movie's release, [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch didn't stop some people though]].) However, the fact that {{Pixar}} canceled one of its own movies (''Newt'') in order to avoid [[DuelingMovies dueling with it]] did nothing to help matters, and the hatedom reached critical mass when the movie was released to universal panning.
  548. ** {{Rio}} had somewhat of a similar problem (it was likewise competing with ''Newt'', causing its cancellation) but its hatedom is somewhat quieter since it might look like a good movie.
  549. [[/folder]]
  551. [[folder:Web Original]]
  552. * [[ImageBoards 4chan]] has a huge hatedom, mostly because of people thinking that the whole thing is just /b/.
  553. ** The fact that its users have an elitist policy of calling everyone who wisely doesn't care about their vacuous, fabricated culture a "hipster" doesn't help either. Some might have an issue with the word "fag," which is the equivalent of the suffix "-person" in 4chan's unique parlance.
  554. ** Another reasons why the hatedom for this site exists, is the abundance of [[{{Squick}} Squicktastic]] images that'll make you reach for the BrainBleach...most of them being RuleThirtyFour + FetishFuel and/or FetishRetardant, of course.
  555. * SomethingAwful as well is widely hated across the internet, along with its goons, for many of the same reasons as 4chan's /b/.
  556. * ''SurvivalOfTheFittest'' has hatedoms for specific characters who are considered to be particularly bad, amongst them [[AxCrazy Blood Boy]] and [[VillainSue Mariavel Varella]]. Regretfully some seem unable to distinguish between the character and the person who writes them in their dislike.
  557. * DeviantArt. Yes, there's a big hatedom against it for many reasons, some for ''which the site isn't even responsible for.'' Of courses, it ranges from the simple fact that [[TheInternetIsForPorn you can find weird stuff there]] to that the DA community has no idea what "TrueArt" really is due to the [[MemeticMutation overflow of fan art, anime, and nude photography]]. I guess that's what happens when you allow a variety of people to contribute to a community I suppose.
  558. ** There are even members of DeviantArt that complain on how it's run, as it's much easier to be noticed through the "Recently Uploaded" section than being selected due to your actual ability. Not to mention that people who buy ad space are allowed to do anything short of instantly giving you viruses, such as redirect you to a page it takes forever to leave or taking up 80% of your entire computer's memory by filling it with junk data.
  559. * Social websites like MySpace and {{Facebook}} have some giant hatedoms, probably due to the sole purpose of having an account being the desire to get attention. The hate tends to be part of the gig of those who think socializing should take place in real life.
  560. * ''Evony'' has a ''huge'' hatedom, mostly due to their excessive (and needlessly raunchy, and often downright false) advertising and questionable ethics.
  561. * Internet writer [[http://www.tuckermax.com Tucker Max]] has one of the most obsessive hatedoms on the internet. If you're not familiar with Tucker's work, he basically gets drunk and/or has sex with random women, and then writes stories about it. YMMV on whether he deserves this hate or not, but the obsessive hatedom is one of the main reasons he doesn't have an entry here on TV Tropes - it would be vandalized promptly and continually.
  562. * TVTropes itself. Go ahead and link any page from TV Tropes onto a message board and watch the fallout from those who feel the site is overly referenced.
  563. ** Some hate the site for having too many anime references.
  564. ** Other common complaints include [[TheInternetIsForPorn a bit too much creepy stuff]], tropes with obscure and irrelevant names, ThisTroper and TroperTales being pretty weak. Usually not a big problem since most tropers agree wholeheartedly and are working to fight these problems.
  565. ** Some authors, such as [[GunnerkriggCourt Tom Siddell]], hate the site for its very philosophy - breaking down their feats of imagination and creativity into a couple of interconnected cliches. With obscure names, all the better for a couple of tropers to exchange inside jokes incomprehensible to anyone who is not a troper.
  566. * Boxxy was a hyperactive annoying vlogger who posted videos full of randomness. She was found by [[ImageBoards 4chan's /b/]] and some users quickly decided she was a [[MemeticMutation meme]]. Literally the entire board was flooded with posts about her. This led to an instant hatedom who [=DOSed=] the board, hacked her Youtube account, camwhores drawing "Fuck Boxxy" on themselves and Boxxy being stalked off the internet. All this over a girl who did stupid vlogs.
  567. * Ebaum's World has gotten so much (well-deserved) hate for plagiarizing other sites, that Lemon Demon wrote a song about it. [[http://current.com/shows/infomania/89091981_adults-watching-kid-shows.htm This link has quite a funny take on the idea.]]
  568. * The IrateGamer, who many see as a [[FollowTheLeader ripoff]] of the AngryVideoGameNerd. Somewhat justified in that the Irate Gamer [[DidNotDoResearch does very little research]] and acts like a [[JerkAss jerk]] to his actual ''fans''.
  569. * Fred Figglehorn is popular on this.
  570. * GameDogs has a Hatedom, although its very outspoken critics from its early days appear to have laid off it a little recently.
  571. * TheSpoonyExpriment and ChannelAwesome share one, revolving around people who were banned from their respective forums.
  572. [[/folder]]
  574. [[folder:Webcomics]]
  575. * Certain webcomics have huge and vocal anti-fanbases; among them, ''CtrlAltDel'', ''DominicDeegan'', ''TheWotch'', and ''BetterDays''. Many of which have an overwhelming presence ''on this site'', as evidence by the content of their articles.
  576. ** ''DominicDeegan'' is an unusual case. The 'Hatedom' is divided into several camps, based around several different forums. The 'Snarkers', as they usually call themselves, range from [[AffectionateParody friendly]] to [[CausticCritic brutal]]. In either case, [[ComplainingAboutPeopleNotLikingTheShow "If you don't like it, then don't read it"]] arguments ''will'' get turned around to [[DuckSeasonRabbitSeason "If you don't like us complaining, then don't read the forums,"]] and "We snark because we care."
  577. ** The sequel to ''BetterDays'', called ''OriginalLife'', seems to have inherited the Hatedom, despite not being as preachy and explicit.
  578. * There are a lot of people who hate webcomics, period. Due to HypeBacklash and the large amount of TwoGamersOnACouch strips, the hatedom generally represents webcomics as that category. Even when they're not, they will frequently be a [[MisaimedFandom Misaimed Hatedom]], disliking the comics for things that aren't actually true. For example, there are lot of people who hate ''QuestionableContent'' for even portraying its protagonists as part of hipster culture, despite the fact that the characters, comic, and ''creator'' frequently and openly [[TakeThatMe mock the very culture in question]].
  579. * There's a surprisingly large number of people that scour the internet for things relating to DavidGonterman. Whether it be [[GonterVerse his fiction]] (mostly webcomics) or just his general antics, a lot of people are dedicated to just spreading hate about him. Though it may just be BileFascination at work.
  580. * The blogspot [[http://xkcdsucks.blogspot.com/ xkcd sucks]], for [[{{xkcd}} well, what do you think?]]
  581. * The ''{{Sonichu}}'' audience is ''entirely'' made of haters, with their primary base at the ImageBoards and [[http://www.sonichu.com/cwcki/Main_Page a wiki about the author himself]]. Most of them still read them, however, because of their connection with the author's almost unbelievable IRL shenanigans. It's almost more like BileFascination, partly with the works, mostly with the author and his terrible life.
  582. * ''BetterDays'' is reviled within certain circles of the FurryFandom; [[http://dammitfreehaven.com/fisk/ this board]] is dedicated to the sole task of mocking the strip, as well as other works by artist JayNaylor. Oh, and they don't hold back on Naylor himself, either.
  583. * So much as mentioning SuicideForHire can provoke bile-spewing rage. Then again, consider the [[FurryFandom subject]] [[DeadBabyComedy matter]].
  584. [[/folder]]
  586. [[folder:Real Life]]
  587. * The FurryFandom has a certain degree of hatedom that seems to have transcended popular culture. SomethingAwful, a site that regularly trolls furries (among others) was known to ban open furries for many years, but it seems to have become passe lately as the overall level of furry {{Wangst}} has died down.
  588. * Hot Topic are hated the most by their originally-intended demographic. Maybe because they're run by a multimillion-dollar corporation trying to capitalize off of bringing the fashions of subcultures ([[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goth_subculture many]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk_subculture of]] [[HeavyMetal which]], at their very core, are against large corporations and mainstream ideals) into the mainstream.
  589. * [[http://www.comcastmustdie.com Comcast.]] Talk to most people who are not a Comcast employee, and they are probably part of the hatedom.
  590. ** The cable signal goes straight from point A to point B in an unbroken cable deep underground in a waterproof pipe. And the rain still knocks out your TV and internet. Not even heavy rain. I have no idea how they do that.
  591. ** Comcast recruited a lot more people for its {{Hatedom}} a few years back when they cut off the cable Internet service of a lot of people for "network abuse" (i.e., what they defined as excessively heavy use of bandwidth) even though their advertising had specified unlimited service. And good luck trying to get in touch with them to discuss the problem...
  592. ** There was a time when the IRS (you know, the TAX people) ranked higher for customer-satisfaction!
  593. * Dell, Gateway, and eMachines had a pretty strong hatedom for a while, but [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap it seems to have died down]] as their systems and support have improved; now HP/Compaq seems to get the most flak. Dell does still get hated by former Alienware fans, though.
  594. * MicrosoftWindows. Boy, does it '''ever''' have a hatedom.
  595. ** A subset of that could be Bill Gates hate. As the face behind Windows (even though he hasn't really been associated with it much for years), the same set of Hatedom who loathe Windows also direct their vitriol against Bill Gates himself, even though Gates is one of the leading philanthropists in the world, having given tens of billions of dollars to charitable causes and being very involved with eradication of disease in Africa, education, and other notable works. He may have earned it during the antitrust trial, but the hate never abates as the years pass, no matter how impressive of a human being he's become.
  596. ** This seems to vary among different editions of Windows. Windows Me and Vista get a LOT of hate; Windows XP, [[NostalgiaFilter not so much nowadays]], especially if one is running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2. And many people considered Windows 98 SE to be significantly superior to Windows Me, the version which was supposed to replace 98. The jury is still out on Windows 7, though it's faring much better than Vista did.
  597. *** It seems to alternate. Windows comes out with a really bad OS and then follows up with an OS that fixed the criticisms of the earlier OS... and ''then'' they go out and follow up with ''another'' really bad OS that added more problems to the good OS. And repeat. If they were smart, they'd stick with Win 7 and just keep updating that.
  598. * Apple, due to a perceived snobbish user-base, and their StrawmanProduct advertising. Where do you think you get the term "Reality Distortion Field"?
  599. * All of the currently most popular operating systems:
  600. ** Windows -- "Microsoft is a monopoly, buuuuuuuurn them!" versus "Having one common desktop platform makes it easier for everyone."
  601. ** OS X -- "You Damn Elitists!" versus "It's elegant and It Just Works."
  602. ** Linux -- "You Damn Commies!" versus "All software must be free, you bourgeois capitalist pigs!"
  603. ** {{Amiga}}OS (yes, people still use it today) -- "It's a dead platform, move on!" versus "It's more efficient and still multitasks better than today's crappy OSes!"
  604. ** Vista has this in spades, but with good reason.
  605. * RobinWilliams. Jesus Christ, [[http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2223037023 an entire Facebook group]], '''[[http://artlife.blogspot.com/2009/07/patch-adams-is-greatest-film-ever-made.html an art gallery]]''', even ''{{Futurama}}'' expressed their displeasure with him ([[NightmareFuel and that's]] [[{{Gorn}} putting it mildly]]). And what's more, [[RuinedForever it all seems to have started after]] ''PatchAdams''.
  606. * In addition to Williams, popularly disliked comedians include Carlos Mencia (who, merits or lack thereof aside, had the misfortune to [[ReplacementScrappy fill the time slot]] of the [[TooGoodToLast greatly-missed]] ''ChapellesShow'') and Carrot Top (who is perhaps disparged by [[PeripheryHatedom more people than are aware]] of his PropComedy background).
  607. * JackThompson, lawyer and enemy of MurderSimulators. Abating somewhat now that the [[strike:nutbag fleabag dipwad jackass idiot nut huffer]] exceedingly controversial person has been disbarred.
  608. * Popular amongst Tabloid newspapers looking to sell issues. Jade Goody (twice Big Brother contestant) was a favourite target in the UK, until she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and beatified, in that order.
  609. * Individual places can attract these.
  610. ** LosAngeles attracts all manner of derision, generally focusing on its percieved artificiality, its sprawling layout, its congested streets, and its interminable smog.
  611. *** Don't forget that despite the fact that it's one of the blackest cities of its type, it's also one of the most visibly racist, with wealth allocation practically parallel to race allocation. Does it even seem believable that South Central and East-LA are part of the same metropolitan area as Bel Aire and Beverly Hills?
  612. *** Mexico City is, or at least used to be, seen as every problem with LA shared and taken UpToEleven. It's a similar sort of environment--both cities occupy a valley that makes it hard for pollution to disperse, feature levels of automobile ownership that feel redundant, have grown far too quickly and experience rampant crime and corruption. There is one difference, though; Mexico City is its nation's capital, so some argue that its horrific congestion is compensated for by it being the only place in Mexico where the government gets anything done. It also has improved, somewhat; a whole [[SeriousBusiness branch]] of the police now exists to combat its pollution, and the title of most polluted, problematic capital city now belongs to modern adolescents like Beijing, Cairo and Manila.
  613. *** As an extensionn of the many gripes people have about LA, the neighboring regions also have a hatedom, even a deserved one. The Central Valley is California's agricultural heartland, and not only is it a tremendously dull, barren place to drive through; it also has pollution about at LA level--and keep in mind that this is a rural region, meaing that person-for-person, it's far ''more'' polluted. Meanwhile Orange County suffers every complaint LA does about urban sprawl, but is very arguably an even ''more'' glaring example.
  614. *** As a matter of fact, California as a whole. It's probably the most hated state that isn't considered the South. Furthermore, some Southern Californians hate the Northern ones, and vice-versa.
  615. *** The Bloods, the Crips, and the LAPD.
  616. ** NewJersey.
  617. *** Or if you are from there, Not New Jersey.
  618. *** If you are also from there, the JerseyShore.
  619. *** Why is New York so depressing? Because the light at the end of the tunnel is ''New Jersey!''
  620. ** Philadelphia.
  621. *** Vaudeville-era joke: "First prize, 1 week in Philadelphia! Second prize, 2 weeks in Philadelphia!!
  622. ** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g09GtnWdBjc Take him to Detroit!!]]
  623. ** Modern day NewYorkCity: To some outsiders, it's (ironically enough) the [[SunsetBoulevard Norma Desmond]] of cities -- attention-seeking, craving its glory of the past, navel-gazing to the point of stupidity, and neurotic as the cherry on top.
  624. ** The DeepSouth, with an extra helping for [[EverythingIsBigInTexas Texas]]
  625. ** [[OnlyInFlorida Florida]], especially after the 2000 election mishap. Also known to some as [[strike:"America's Wang"]] "The Sunshine State". There's a reason the state is the only one with a Fark tag.
  626. *** Specifically, combine redneck crackerdom with transplanted New Yawkers, Cuban exiles obsessed with killing Castro, 85-year-old car drivers who can't see past the steering wheel, con artists looking to rip off those 85-year-olds, plastic tourist attractions that cost a house mortgage to visit for a weekend, and an army of alligators and exported pythons hiding in the swamps and you've got the makings of some wacky crime thrillers by Carl Hiassen, Tim Dorsey, ElmoreLeonard, and John [=MacDonald=].
  627. ** Along with recognizing it as the US capital, many people feel Washington DC has one of the worst climates they've ever experienced.
  628. *** Some of this may be MisBlamed hate. Though the city can get undeniably hot and muggy, it most likely suffers an exaggerated reputation from tourists who naturally visit it mostly in the Summer (the worst time to go), and also experience the climate more because it is very difficult to drive into DC; most visitors park in neighboring cities like Bethesda and will end up walking for most of their visit.
  629. ** Utah gets a lot of hatred. Some of it's directed at the heavy influence of the Mormon Church on the state's culture (including its draconian liquor laws). Some of it's based on the fact that, despite being the home of two large mountain ranges, five National Parks, and places like Monument Valley, the two major interstate highways that go through the state (15 and 80) happen to be routed through hundreds of miles of dull, desolate desert terrain.
  630. *** Not to mention that Utah drivers are among some of the worst in the country. The trucker nickname for I-15 is "The Mormon 500."
  631. *** There are lots of geographical Hatedoms ''within'' Utah: the east side of the Salt Lake Valley (rich snobs and middle-class snobs who think they're rich), the west side of the Salt Lake Valley (white trash and gangstas), Utah County (provincial and homogeneous, full of holier-than-thou Mormons), Ogden (scuzzy, run-down), Park City (high class tourist trap, ski bums, poseurs) and the rural areas (like Utah County, only with more uneducated hicks).
  632. ** Similarly, though Kansas is not actually black and white, it is known for having tedious, flat geography that actually makes tornadoes more likely to occur. Plus it was a dust bowl state.
  633. *** Same deal for Nebraska, with several more hours of driving time to cross it east/west. A band called Free Hot Lunch did a song ("I Hate To Wake Up Sober In Nebraska") about going insane from seeing cornfield after cornfield after cornfield through the car windows, ad infinitum.
  634. ** Seattle, usually for its notoriously rainy, overcast climate. (Although contrary to popular belief, it does not rain 24/7/365 in the Pacific Northwest. Just sayin'.) It also has a sizable hatedom on the east side of the state, due to the fact that it eats up most of the state's [[strike:tax dollars]] attention.
  635. ** Subverted with Milwaukee, WI since we never feel insulted when people call us fat and drunk. Mainly because we are.
  636. *** Milwaukeeans do love to make fun of Yoopers (people from the UP of Michigan) and their linguistic cousins, Cudahyans (people from Cudahy, WI). Both of these groups owe their "ya, der, hey" linguistic style to their similar central European ethnic heritage.
  637. *** Illinois residents refer to Wisconsin as "Illinois' largest state park." Likewise, Wisconsinites refer to tourists from Illinois as FIBs (F***in' Illinois Bastards), especially on the freeways.
  638. ** The entire state of Ohio is a target of this, up to and including its damnable obsession with Ohio State University's football team.
  639. ** Pretty much everyone in Canada who doesn't live there hates Toronto. Immortalized by the songs "I Don't Want to Go to Toronto" by The Vestibules and "Toronto Sucks" by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie.
  640. *** The latter song goes on to state how the rest of Canada sucks as well, except for the province of Alberta (the band is from Edmonton, Alberta), ''except'' for the city of Calgary, highlighting the regional rivalry/mutal-hatedom between Calgary and Edmonton.
  641. ** Adelaide, in Australia, has not a 'hatedom' as much as it's the ButtMonkey of Australia, mostly for being completely and utterly boring.
  642. ** And if you live in Adelaide, you're almost legally required to hate on Melbourne. But you'll probably still admit that Adelaide sucks!
  643. *** Adelaide's got nothing on Canberra, which ''everyone'' hates. Even most of the people who live there. It's reportedly a beautiful city to look at and a dreadful one to live in.
  644. *** Canberra owes its ''existence'' to the Hatedom between Sydney and Melbourne. If you live in one city and like the other, you are committing FandomHeresy. No exceptions.
  645. ** Many Eastern European nations are SnarkBait, but Poland seems to get the worst of the abuse. Apart from the string of offensive jokes about the Polish people that it already had to contend with, it's infamous for being a post-communist industrial wasteland, and also for being a conservative black sheep in liberal Europe, as its resistance movement was led in no small part by devout Catholics. It's also known for anti-semitism and a large population of neo-nazis who live there since Germany no longer tolerates them.
  646. *** When Britain, Germany and Poland came joint bottom in the 2008 EurovisionSongContest, commentators in all three countries seized on it as absolute proof of the existence of political voting, suggesting that it was no coincidence that the countries nobody else likes were propping up the table.
  647. ** No individual area has more of a hatedom than the United States of America. Just mentioning the USA on any internet topic has the potential of igniting a FlameWar.
  648. *** In a similar vein: Try to defend the State of Israel in any message board. Israel being an ally of the US certainly doesn't help things either.
  649. *** And South Africa. To Westerners we're terrible racists; to the rest of Africa, we're imperialists with [[ValuesDissonance horrid liberal tendencies.]] Exception: China thinks Africa looks like food, and we seem to be included.
  650. * VicMignogna--partially because of his opinion on yaoi, partially because of his outspoken Christian beliefs, and partially because of his rabid fanbase. It got particularly bad after he was cast as the voices of Fai in ''TsubasaChronicles'' and Tamaki in ''OuranHighSchoolHostClub'', due to their popularity among YaoiFangirls.
  651. * Crocs shoes. There's a group on {{Facebook}} dedicated to hating Crocs [[FanHater and the people who wear them]]. It's ''two milion people large.''
  652. * The typeface Comic Sans MS has a sizeable Hatedom. To some people, seeing it anywhere ''but'' a ComicBook is akin to having their eyes gouged with a butter knife... that's made out of acid. Many a decent boss/co-worker who is fond of it will be utterly depised by their employees for ''no other reason'' than the fact that they have to look at that particular face all day. The font itself is hated within the ComicBook community, often seen as being "amateurish", and just plain ugly.
  653. ** Times New Roman or any font that's a "standard" font.
  654. ** [[http://prttyshttydesign.blogspot.com/2010/01/open-letter-to-james-cameron-from.html Papyrus]] often gets the same hate too.
  655. ** Even typefaces that you have to pay for (or aren't included on Windows or Mac from the get-go) get some hate. Magnets for it include Trajan (a Adobe-owned typeface based on the lettering on Trajan's Column that has seen use on many, many movie marketing materials in the last decade amond other things) and Helvetica (the ubiquitous Swiss sans serif which also has its share of lovers. Among its detractors it is seen as a bland and "safe" choice, therefore undesirable). Another widely-hated face is Monotype and Microsoft's Helvetica [[CaptainErsatz stand-in]] Arial.
  656. * Kingston-upon-Hull, or Hull, a city in the north of England. A constant target of Official Nintendo Magazine, the UK equivalent of NintendoPower.
  657. ** When the polls were done to decide which towns got included in the book ''Crap Towns'', Hull got more votes than the rest of the nominees put together.
  658. * Any hair or clothing style will develop a hatedom.
  659. * Ask almost any car enthusiast what they think about modern front wheel drive cars that are "sporty", and you can expect them to start foaming at the mouth and incoherently swearing.
  660. * [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible Abstract art]], especially among non-artists, while Thomas Kinkade is almost universally reviled among artists.
  661. * Religions, more prominent ones in particular. [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment Let's just leave it at that.]]
  662. * Pretty much every prominent politican. And let's not get into that, either.
  663. ** Call me CaptainObvious, but it's in the nature of any political ideology to develop both a fandom and a hatedom.
  664. * FanService. Quite an odd one, although most hatred towards it tends to be on FetishRetardant and FanDisservice.
  665. * Westboro Baptist Church. Real Life Trolls, they hate pretty much everything for the hate in return and the lawsuits against anyone who threatens them, stating that God does as well. They don't even try to convince people, they just love to hate and be hated. Especially since they become more and more desperate for attention as time has gone on. Their main tenant is that homosexuality is a sin and God is punishing America for enabling it. They've made some borderline ridiculous claims as reasons to protest some people. For one, they protested the funerals of four cheerleaders killed by a car accident in Tennessee because Tennessee was "enabling gays." In reality, Tennessee is one of the most conservative states in the U.S. In fact, the closest major city to the accident in question is Knoxville, the only city in America with an over 60% percent practicing Christian population and a strong contender for "The Buckle of the Bible Belt."
  666. ** Not like that matters to the Westboro Church. To them, if you're a Conservative Christian but aren't stoning gays in the streets, you're "enabling" homosexuality.
  667. * Groups such as the Rational Response Squad are proudly HateDoms of religion.
  668. * JaneFonda: Not so much for her movies as for her trip to Vietnam during the Vietnam War where she sided with the NVA and decried the US military as war criminals and openly denied that the North Vietnamese policy of torturing POW's, calling any POW's that said so lying hypocrites. To this day, many Vietnam vets will go into a frothy rage at the mention of her. One such actually waited in line at a book signing for her autobiography just so he could spit tobacco juice at her.
  669. * JennyMcCarthy for her anti-vaccinationist campaigning, which is often percieved as psuedoscientific, detrimental to public health, and ablist.
  670. * As for [[GodwinsLaw example]], AdolfHitler, and [[ThoseWackyNazis Nazism]]. [[{{Understatement}} It's understandable why.]]
  671. ** The Nazi ideology itself was basically a hatedom against everything they didn't consider to be "Aryan", especially everything Jewish.
  672. *** The irony being that the swastika and the term "aryan" are just things they borrowed from an ancient race (read: Not blond-haired and blue-eyed) that invited themselves into India thousands of years ago.
  673. * Individual idols or idol groups that are brought to the public eye through Johnny's Entertainment (aka Johnny & Associates or Johnny's Jimusho), a Japanese talent agency, have quite a large {{Hatedom}}, regardless of how talented they may be (and talent is itself wildly subjective).
  674. ** This is very similar to how mainstream pop acts in the West will often develop a feverish {{Hatedom}} due to overexposure in the media.
  675. ** Some of the JE {{Hatedom}} can also be traced to the stranglehold the agency's founder, Johnny Kitagawa, is perceived to have on the entertainment industry in Japan.
  676. * Politicians in general, and any politician who has really gotten their name out there in particular. Doesn't matter the party, doesn't matter the ''era'', their personal flaws will be poured over and magnified, their total inability to be the Second Coming of Jesus claimed as evidence of malice, and their political philosophy referred to as either treason or tyranny. In recent years in America, SarahPalin and Hillary Clinton seem to have attracted particularly strong hatedoms.
  677. * Whatever you do, don't check out MaggieGyllenhaal's board on {{IMDB}}. They say things about her that you wouldn't say about your worst enemy. What has she done to deserve such vile hatred? We haven't a clue, but there's a joke on some websites that on the {{Troll}} home planet, she's known as "[[DoctorWho The Oncoming Storm]]".
  678. * Amy Chua, author of the controversial WallStreetJournal article "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior." Some see her as an [[SlobsVersusSnobs Ivy league elitist looking down on anyone]] who doesn't use ToughLove to [[{{MyBelovedSmother}} dominate their children's lives]], others feel she's [[{{AsianRudeness}} re-enforcing certain Asian stereotypes]]. Even more say she was simply trying to [[{{Troll}} cause a stir]] and [[MoneyDearBoy rack up book sales]].
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  682. Would you believe some Tropers hate ''stingers''?
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