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  1. Seika drops to her knees and starts slowly pawing at the large bulge contained within your underwear with an expectant grin. She gently brushes her bright blue hair out of her eyes and starts tugging on your waistband, just enough to loosen the pressure and cause the bulge to become even bigger. Once she finally stops teasing, she yanks down your underwear and takes your cock into her hands. She lets out a slight chuckle, marvelling at how warm and plump it feels. She presses the shaft against her outstretched tongue and very slowly licks all the way up to the top, where she lets it fall into her mouth.
  3. She lets out a deep moan as she looks up at you with big, seductive eyes that flutter daintily as her lips bob up and down on the head. Her hands rest on her knees as she lets her mouth do all the work. She pulls her mouth back up and swirls her tongue around the tip. It wobbles a little uncontrollably, making her giggle, so she decides to use one hand to hold it in place. She gently strokes it as her warm tongue swirls around, then starts slapping it gently onto the flat of her tongue. She looks down at it, contemplating whether to suck it any longer, but decides against it, knowing she has more important stuff planned.
  5. She stands up and gently pushes you backwards, implying she wants you to sit on the bed. As you comply, she suddenly sits down onto your lap with your dick stood up between her thighs. She glances down at it, then back at you with a casual smile. She slowly starts to heave her thighs up and down with your dick firmly wedged between them, keeping her legs tightly clamped. They are as plump as they are smooth and feel magnificent to squish in your hands. Seika switches from bouncing up and down to wiggling her thighs left and right, which both switches things up and gives her a chance to rest. Occasionally she would spread her legs a little bit to start pumping your dick before suddenly slamming her legs shut around it again while giving the tip a dainty poke before returning to pleasing it.
  7. she notices a little bit of precum dribble out of the tip, which makes her chuckle. she wipes it onto her finger and licks it off, staring into your eyes once more. She gives you a quick peck on the lips before suddenly moving once more, this time getting back on her knees. She beckons you forward, shuffling up to you as much as is comfortable before taking your dick between her breasts. She presses the shaft deep into her cleavage, using her boobs to hold it in place while jiggling them up and down. she presses them tightly against it, moving them both independantly. She giggles at your strained expression, leaning down and barely licking the tip, just to edge you that much closer to cumming. her tits are magnificently soft, so squishy and warm around your massively tensed erection.
  9. she suddenly rips your cock out between her cleavage and starts pumping it rapidly, her tongue outstretched and panting rapidly, with a begging expression. However, just as you feel your loins start to surge, Seika suddenly has an idea. She mashes the head of your dick into her nipple as far as it'll go while jerking faster than ever. The sudden shock of a unique sensation forces you to cum. There's a squelching noise and a splash of hot seed that bursts out from her tit, causes Seika to cry out in delight. She keeps pumping as shot after shot are ejected into her tit with gradually decreasing force. Once you finally conclude, Seika slowly lifts it out of her tit and rubs the tit gently against her soaked nipple, looking up at you with a satisified grin.
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