Just as Planned (Suri x Coco)

May 28th, 2018
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  1. >It really just never let up, did it?
  2. >Suri Polomare buried the fingers of her right hand into the tightly-wound curls of her hair, while her left delicately manipulated a needle through the seem of two conjoined pieces of shimmering fabric
  3. >She absolutely hated this material; it tore easily, it made her skin itch, and it never seemed to lie flat when she needed to
  4. >But it was all the rage now, thanks to that *traitorous* thot, Rarity
  5. >Suri’s hand began to shake as the image of Rarity’s smug, unfairly pretty face popped into her mind
  6. >Sure, Rarity was a good seamstress, but Suri had been in this business just as long as Rarity had, and she had to scramble to earn even a scrap of the popularity that just seemed to fall into Rarity’s lap
  7. >Just once, why couldn’t someone, anyone, see just a bit of value in her?
  8. >Suri’s hand trembled furiously as she began to thread the final stitches…
  9. >Instead, she was sitting here slaving away, like some sort of third-world sweatshop worker, not like the famous designer she should have been!
  10. >Suri gritted her teeth, her thoughts drifting into an angry, incoherent rant inside her head as they drifted further away from the work in front of her
  11. >The door to Suri’s office opened, and her assistant meekly stuck her head in, the floral pin in her hair bobbing as she spoke
  12. >”Um… Ms. Suri?” she asked, her voice shaky
  13. >As far off as Suri’s thoughts were, even Coco’s gentle voice was enough to make her jump
  14. >Her hand slipped, pulling at the delicate seem she’d just finished sewing
  15. >The resultant *rip* felt deafening to both women
  16. >For a moment, Suri could only stare, horrified, at the mess she’d made of her work
  17. >Then she snapped her eyes onto Coco, and all the rage she’d spent a morning building up crashed onto her meek apprentice like a single smothering tidal wave of bitchiness
  18. “Pommel!”
  19. >”I’m s-so sorry!” Coco choked out, ducking behind the door until only her eyes were peeking past the frame
  20. “I told you never to disturb me while I’m sewing! Couldn’t you have knocked?”
  21. >”I did! You didn’t answer…”
  22. “Well maybe that’s because I’m busy, ‘mkay? Did ya think of that?”
  23. “I’m sorry…”
  24. >Coco took a shuffling step into the room, something clutched in her hands
  25. >”I just wanted to bring you—“
  26. “I don’t care what you wanted to bring me! I’ve got enough work as it is! Take care of it yourself!”
  27. >Suri fell suddenly silent, the energy draining out of her in a single, cold rush
  28. >Coco stared at her like a hurt puppy, then obediently scurried out of the room
  29. >Suri fell backwards into her chair, her hands trembling and her throat soar from screaming
  30. >That damn girl…
  31. >Suri held her head in her hands
  32. >Coco had a real knack for always catching Suri in her worst moods
  33. >For a moment, Suri allowed herself to imagine what the poor girl must have thought of her
  34. >She envisioned some sort of reptilian gargoyle with curly purple hair, grinning, with a forked tongue hanging between its fangs
  35. >The image made her feel a little queasy
  37. >She got up from her desk, figuring she should at least see what Coco brought her
  38. >Pulling the office door open, she nearly tripped over a small platter on the floor
  39. >It was just a plastic plate, but it held a freshly iced cinnamon roll and a paper cup of coffee, still steaming
  40. >Suri gaped
  41. >Her favorite breakfast; was that what Coco was bringing her?
  42. >How did she know?
  43. >Suri picked up the plate, taking it to her desk
  44. >Both the roll and the coffee, after a quick taste, were clearly homemade
  45. >You couldn’t get this kinda stuff from the nearby 7-11, that was for sure
  46. >Suri scarfed her breakfast down, surprised at how hungry she was
  47. >Then, when it was finished, she was left to stew in a quickly-filling pool of guilt
  48. >Stupid Coco, making her feel even worse than she already did…
  50. >Suri paused outside the door to Coco’s workshop, her hand held up to knock
  51. >What was she going to say?
  52. >An apology would probably work…
  53. >Plus a thank-you for the breakfast
  54. >And an explanation of how stressed she’d been, but also praise for Coco for keeping up with the insanity
  55. >Also she should compliment Coco, make her feel good
  56. >All the “How to Be a Good Boss” pamphlets that she’d bought and half-read when she first started her boutique emphasized building up your employees’ self-esteem
  57. >Suri took a deep breath, and pushed the workshop’s door open
  58. >The first thing she noticed was the sheer volume of dresses in the room
  59. >Dozens of them, all racked neatly and completed well ahead of schedule
  60. >The second thing she noticed was her own assistant, sitting slumped at her desk with her head resting on her arms
  61. >Coco lifted her head, looking at Suri with bleary red eyes
  62. >A little of Coco’s makeup had streaked around the girl’s eyes, making it quite obvious she had been crying
  63. >The sheer wave of guilt that crashed over Suri’s head in that moment is difficult to fully describe
  64. >Dear god, she actually made the poor girl cry…
  65. >She knew she was hard on her, but this…
  66. >Coco, upon seeing her boss, sniffled and gave Suri a shaky, tear-streaked smile
  67. >”H-hello, Ms. Suri! Is there s-something you need?”
  68. “Uh…”
  69. >All Suri’s careful planning had drained out of her
  70. “I, uh…”
  71. >She scrambled desperately for something to say
  72. >Praising her was one of her plans, right?
  73. “Nothing at all! Keep working hard, Pommel!”
  74. >Coco’s smile faded slightly, but she obediently turned back to her sewing
  75. >”Yes ma’am.”
  76. >Shit, that was too harsh
  77. “Wait! Mmkay, um…”
  78. >Shit shit shit shit
  79. >What else was there?
  80. >Oh, a compliment!
  81. “I really like your collar, Pommel! You look adorable!”
  82. >Suri gave her assistant an incredibly dorky thumbs-up
  83. >Coco glanced up, her cheeks slightly pink
  84. >A-Adorable?”
  85. >A bead of sweat trailed down the back of Suri’s neck
  86. >”M-Ms. Suri?”
  87. “Well, nice talking to you!” Suri sputtered. “Anyway, gotta get back to the, uh, dresses! So you take care know, ‘kay? Bye!”
  88. >She hurried out the door, leaving a very confused, flustered Coco behind
  90. “Agh! How could I blow it? All I had to do was apologize!” Suri muttered to herself as she completed her fifteenth lap around her secretary’s desk
  91. >”I dunno, sweetheart. But I’m gonna have to ask ya to do your pacing somewhere else. You’re makin’ me anxious,” Janine replied in her dry Manehattan accent
  92. “I can’t go anywhere else. I can’t risk letting her see me like this!” Suri said
  93. >She slowed her pacing down and slumped against Janine’s desk, groaning
  94. “Why do things have to be so hard…”
  95. >”Now there’s a good question. Why don’t ya just go back and tell her how ya feel?” Janine asked, absentmindedly filing her nails
  96. “It’s not that simple. Every time I try to talk to her, I just lose my cool. It’s a total nightmare.”
  97. >”Sounds like ya really appreciate this girl and wish you two had a deeper bond with her than ya’ve been able to form..”
  98. “W-what? I mean, sure, I guess so.”
  99. >”Then go tell her.”
  100. “It’s not that simple! No matter how hard I try, it always comes out wrong. There’s just too much pressure.”
  101. >Janine shrugged
  102. >”Maybe ya can talk to her at the big company party this weekend.”
  103. “There’s a company party? Since when?”
  104. >”Since you decided to plan one. It’s your company, sweetheart.”
  105. “Oh. Oh!”
  106. >Suri jumped to her feet, feeling stupidly giddy
  107. “You’re pretty good at this!”
  108. >”I know,” Janine said, not glancing up from her nails
  109. “It’s the perfect plan! No pressure, a nice relaxed environment, maybe a few drinks to ease the tension… nothing could go wrong!”
  111. >Suri was uncharacteristically avoidant of her assistant for the rest of the week
  112. >After calling the classy karaoke bar across the street and reserving a party room, she shut herself up in her office, pretending to be so busy she simply didn’t have time to speak to Coco
  113. >In reality, she hardly got any work done at all
  114. >When Friday finally came, Suri spent most of the day pacing around her desk, running over and over her plans for what to say to her assistant
  115. >She’d thank Coco for her hard work, then apologize, and then explain how Coco was actually very important to her, and that she, Suri, was just dogshit at showing it
  116. >Simple
  117. >Simple simple simple
  118. >So why did she feel so stupidly nervous?
  119. >It was just a simple conversation between coworkers
  120. >Coco was understanding, there was nothing for Suri to worry about
  121. >They’d enjoy a nice night of food and drinks together
  122. >Maybe they could even single a duet together—
  123. >Suri pushed that idiotic thought out of her head
  124. >Getting ahead of herself now would ruin all her careful planning
  125. >She just had to stick to the plan!
  126. >Just stick to the plan, and it’ll all go just fine
  128. >By three o’clock, Suri had completely given up on getting any work done
  129. >She was far too scatterbrained, and she figured she should go and get the party set up
  130. >So she packed her things and left her office for the first time all day, walking as silently as she could in her high heels
  131. >She’d barely made it three steps down the hallway before she ran smack into Coco Pommel as the other girl rounded a corner, her arms laden with bolts of fabric
  132. >Both women bounced off each other
  133. >Suri staggered backwards a step, but Coco went flying in the opposite direction, the shimmering fabric rolls tumbling from her grasp
  134. >Instinctively, Suri lunged forward, wrapping an arm around her assistant’s shoulders and catching Coco before she could hit the ground
  135. >They froze like that for a moment, and Suri found herself unable to look away from Coco’s shimmering sapphire eyes, even as a deep red blush began to creep into the younger girl’s cheeks
  136. >”M-Ms. Suri?”
  137. >Suri realized she’d been holding Coco for about thirty seconds now, and neither of them had moved
  138. “Ah!”
  139. >She panicked a little bit, and unceremoniously dropped her assistant
  140. >Coco landed on her butt with a tiny squeak of pain
  141. >”Ow…”
  142. “I’m so sorry!”
  143. >”I’m sorry too!”
  144. >Coco scrambled to pick up her fabric, rubbing the spot she’d fallen on
  145. >Suri bent down to try and help
  146. >They ended up reaching for the same roll, and Suri accidentally grabbed Coco’s hand
  147. >Her assistant yelped in surprise
  148. “Sorry!”
  149. >”N-no, I’m sorry!”
  150. >Coco quickly gathered the rest, shuffling away from Suri
  151. >”I’ll get back to work right away ma’am!”
  152. “Good!” Suri said, trying to sound encouraging
  153. >Unfortunately, her ‘encouraging’ voice and her ‘angry’ voice sounded pretty similar
  154. >Coco hung her head, looking ashamed as she scurried back towards her workshop
  155. “Wait, I meant, that’s good!” Suri called after her. “Keep working!”
  156. >She gave Coco that same stupid thumbs up from the other day
  157. >”O-okay?”
  158. >Coco just looked confused now
  159. >Judging from the heat Suri felt in her cheeks, she guessed she was blushing just about as hard as her little assistant was
  160. >”I should, um, probably get back to sewing. I still need to get a lot done…” Coco mumbled, shuffling back down the hall
  161. “Right! Of course, me too! I’m *super* busy. Gotta get back to the dresses…”
  162. >Both women turned away from each other, preparing to head their separate ways
  163. >Suri made it about two steps away, then whirled back around
  164. ”I’ll see you at the party tonight, ‘mkay?” she blurted out
  165. >Coco spun around, nodding furiously
  166. >”Yes! Definitely!”
  167. “That’s great!”
  168. >”Mhm!”
  169. >Why the fuck were both of them shouting, Suri wondered
  170. “Well, uh…” she stuttered, her hands fidgeting with her ascot
  171. >”Busy!”
  172. “Right!”
  173. >Suri had never sprinted out of a building so quickly in her life
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