Swingy Guy Thingy incentives

Apr 21st, 2017
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  1. The Swingy Guy Any% Thingy is a 20-day long grind (April 23-May 12) to improve my times in each of the 7 Bionic Commando games, and then attempt to beat the entire series in under 4.5 hours. I've been working on these games for 1.5 years (4 years for BC NES), and want to really wrap up the series in a grand fashion before I move on to other things.
  3. I'll be streaming a different selection of Bionic Commando games every day for the 20 day stretch, ending on Full Series Any% attempts on May 12th. I am committed to the entire 20 day any% grind already, but I have set up additional incentives for additional future speedruns and challenge runs of the Bionic Commando games.
  6. Tip/cheer/subscriber incentives for Swingy Guy Any% Thingy!
  8. --Tips and bits are applied at face value ($1 per 100 bits). New subscribers count as $5 towards the total.--
  9. --If the $3000 milestone is reached during Any% Thingy, the incentives will pick up from there for 100% Thingy.--
  11. (✔)$500 - Elite Forces 100% routing/runs
  12. (✔)$1000 - NES US 100% sub-22 grind
  13. (✔)$1500 - GameBoy 100% routing/runs
  14. (✔)$2000 - BCR2 100% sub-1:30 grind
  15. (✔)$2500 - 2k9 100% routing/practice
  16. (✔)$3000 - Swingy Guy 100% Thingy & 100% series RTA
  17. (✔)$3500 - BCR2 hard mode, low%, no jump playthrough
  18. (✔)$4000 - BCR2 "retro mode" (no jump) any% speedrun
  19. (✔)$4500 - NES "all weapons" playthroughs
  20. (✔)$5000 - Arcade JP BioCom attempts!
  21. ( )$5500 - BCR Super Hard 100% playthrough
  22. ( )$6000 - BCR, achieve max rank on all challenge rooms
  23. ( )$6500 - NES JP 100% routing/runs
  24. ( )$7500 - Full series any% + 100% RTA
  25. ( )$10000 - ZX Spectrum Bionic Commando playthrough (please god, don't)
  31. **Individual incentive details**
  33. -Elite Forces 100% routing/runs
  34. -NES US 100% sub-22 grind
  35. -GameBoy 100% routing/runs
  36. -BCR2 100% sub-1:30 grind
  37. -2k9 100% routing/practice
  38. -Swingy Guy 100% Thingy & 100% series RTA (to be done before SGDQ)
  40. These first incentives all work towards a repeat event for the 100% category. The structure of the 100% Thingy will be the same as Any% Thingy, but with much longer and more complicated runs. These incentives will also include extremely intensive grinds of NES and BCR2 that persist until the goal time is hit. Elite Forces, GB, and 2k9 will likely not be optimized as fully.
  43. -BCR2 hard mode, low%, no jump playthrough
  45. Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 playthrough on the highest difficulty, collecting no upgrades/accessories/subweapons, and without jumping. One-time challenge run, not a speedrun.
  48. -BCR2 any% "retro mode" (no jump) any% speedrun
  50. I will route the Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 any% category without jump, and do runs until I am satisfied with my time. This will happen sometime after the Any% Thingy. "Retro mode" is a selectable difficulty, but only after completing the game. The game tracks, by stage, if you have jumped or not, so I'll be using that for proof.
  53. -NES "all weapons" playthroughs
  55. I plan to make a romhack of the NES Bionic Commando that starts with every weapon unlocked. This event will include 5 playthroughs of the game using a single weapon for each, in increasing order of difficulty (rocket launcher, 3-way, revolver, machine gun, wide cannon).
  58. -BCR "any% barrier skip" improvement attempts
  60. This category sucks. By capping the framerate to 60fps, you can crumble the physics engine to the point where you can climb over a barrier you normally need to break. This skips two entire levels, but makes the run incredibly hard. My run, the only run that has ever been completed, is extremely improvable. This incentive has been temporarily replaced by Arcade JP BC runs.
  63. -Arcade JP BioCom attempts
  65. The JP version of Arcade Bionic Commando is significantly harder than the others. You lose every powerup at the start of each stage, so you can't just carry the turbo charger to the end of the game from stage 1. This version also has more spawns. This will likely be a 2-loop 1cc speedrun.
  68. -BCR Super Hard 100% playthrough
  70. Bionic Commando Rearmed's highest difficulty is incredibly unfair. I have never beaten the game on this setting before, but am willing to deal with it until I succeed.
  73. -BCR, achieve max rank on all challenge rooms
  75. Bionic Commando Rearmed has ridiculously hard challenge rooms, and they have super tight windows for achieving max rank. I have previously only gotten max rank on the first 20-30 of these before giving up. I will attempt this for as long as my sanity can handle. I may or may not purchase the 360 version to compare with leaderboard times.
  78. -NES JP 100% routing/runs
  80. This is the last category of NES BioCom that I have not clobbered into the ground. There are no other runners of this category, so all of the routing would need to be done from scratch.
  83. -Full series any% + 100% RTA
  85. Much like the other series RTAs, this would be an attempt to complete both main categories of all 7 BioCom games in a row. These games have multiple any%/100% categories, but I will stick to 2 runs of each game for now. NES runs will be on US version, Elite Forces runs will use the faster character, BCR will not do barrier skip, BCR2 will be on Xbone (no Early Yoro Viper).
  88. -ZX Spectrum Bionic Commando playthrough (please god, don't)
  90. Please don't make me do this. If it is met, I'll play through the game on emulator. If it is exceeded, I will look into means of playing this version on hardware...
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