how i discovered masturbation

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  1. It was a guy at school who showed me, when I was at school when I was around 11-12, it was during the end one of our PE lessons, i was last in from the field because i was messing about when i shouldn't of and i was told to collect everything off the field, so i came in about 5 minutes later, by the time i went in everyone else was leaving, and we had done rugby when it was really dirty and wet so i was absolutely filthy, i knew i was gonna have to clean myself because i was next level dirty, so when everyone was leaving i went in one of the showers as they all left, And so i stripped down to clean my dirty body, and it was last session so i didn't think anybody was going to come in, and we had multiple changing rooms, so other kids in other groups would get ready and leave from there, and then someone did come in who was dirty, and i could hear them undressing and then turning the handles of the showers next to me and they didn't turn on, and so he came to mine and moved over the curtain asked me if he didn't mind coming into my shower because the others weren't working, and this guy was like 15-16, and i could see he was dirty to from the field, so i just said ok because i didn't wanna be rude, and i was really awkward, he just said thanks and started washing himself under the water, us standing really close next to each other under the water, him a lot taller than me, when he bent over to rub down his legs with soap and doing it right next to me and close so he was just bent over and his ass just being right against my flaccid cock, and these showers were realllllyyy small, so his ass was against my cock as i was just kind of against the wall, and he would just say something like "Sorry about that, will only take a second", and the second was more like 15 seconds of his ass just wiggling against my flaccid cock literally in between his cheeks, his ass just shiny and soapy as hell, and he had a masterpiece of an ass, one of the best i've seen if not the best, it was a big beautiful, plump bubble butt with the softest skin, it really was something else, anyway after that he stood up and noticed instantly i was getting an erection in which he just told me don't worry about it, And said he i can jerk off i wan't in which i replied asking what that was and he just briefly described it, and then asking me if he wanted me to let him show me, in which he started jerking himself off, getting hard instantly and him telling me to copy in which i just did, but not doing it right, then putting my cock in his hand andjerking me off in trying to show me what to do but then just carrying on and then in just process of giving me pleasure, in which he would just start sucking my cock, kissing me, bending me over and putting it inside of me, and me the same with him, which i didn't do so well at but i still did ok, we were there in that shower doing that stuff for about an hour and ended with me cumming in his ass as the first time i ever came, i loved it and he taught me a lot that day, when we left it was dark and i don't know how nobody had came in or locked up that room, but it was good and im glad nobody came in, i only saw him a few times after that which was just a hello or hi in the corridoor but he left short after that and i never saw him again, and that was the first time anybody saw me masturbate because he taught me.
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