Haremon debug commands

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  1. ////////////////////////////////////////
  2. // //
  3. ////////////////////////////////////////
  5. Thanks so much for supporting Haremon at the E-Cup level!
  6. The E-Cup version of the game allows you to access the Debug console and mess up the game in a variety of ways.
  7. If you're reading this and you're NOT a patron, check the link above to become one!
  9. If you're a C-Cup patron, you can still use the "setdate" command to access seasonal content! See below for details (CTRL+F to search this paste for "setdate")
  11. To open the debug console, press the back quote/tilde key (`/~). (On non-QWERTY keyboards, the actual key may be different. You'll need to find out which key corresponds with a Java keycode of 192.) If you're a C-cup patron, you'll also need to hold down SHIFT while pressing ~.
  12. With the console open, type a command and any required parameters, seperated by spaces, and press ENTER.
  13. For example, type "give 5 ariadne's_thread" (no quotes) and press ENTER to obtain 5 of the Ariadne's Thread item, or type "addgirl monarch Buttertits" to obtain a Monarch named Buttertits.
  14. Press ` again to close the console.
  16. *** WARNING: Using debug commands without full knowledge of the game's inner workings can often have unexpected consequences. Do NOT use the console without backing up your saves, and do NOT report crashes or bugs caused by debug commands!!! ***
  18. =============================================================================
  19. ||  What follows is a list of all the currently available debug commands.  ||
  20. ||  Feel free to suggest more on Discord!                                  ||
  21. ||  x, y, and z represent parameters                                       ||
  22. ||  Don't type the "" marks!                                               ||
  23. =============================================================================
  25. "help": open this document
  26. "$ x": gain x money
  27. "give x y": add quantity x of item y to your bag. y can be either an internal item ID or the item's display name. If using an item's name, replace spaces with underscores (e.g. "ariadne's_thread"). Not case-sensitive. You can also use "give all" to obtain 99 of every item in the game.
  28. "itemlist": view a list of every internal item ID
  29. "addgirl x y": obtain a Haremon of species x with name y (x can be an internal species ID or the species' name). NOTE: having more than one Haremon of the same species can lead to unexpected side-effects! Also, don't use this command when the ePhone is open, as it will cause the Haremon app to crash.
  30. "specieslist": view a list of every internal species ID
  31. "save": saves the game (in an autosave slot)
  32. "godmode": toggles god mode (your party is invincible, can use moves regardless of mood requirement, doesn't consume Food, can't lose Affection, and never fails Chance Spinners)
  33. "beastmode": boosts your team's stats by an absurd amount (only usable in battle)
  34. "hellmode": gives all opponents in the current battle an absurd amount of HP (only usable in battle; I use this to test attacks but it's probably not something you'd ever want to use in-game lol)
  35. "clear": clear the debug log
  36. "town": warp to the town hub
  37. "dressup x y": set Haremon x's outfit to y (x can be a girl's name or her ID number*, and y is an integer)
  38. "inflict x y": inflict actor x with condition y. x can be a girl's name, her ID number*, or a negative integer for enemies in battle (-1, -2, or -3). y can be a condition's internal ID or name (e.g. "Bleeding", "Poisoned", etc.)
  39. "victory": instantly KO all enemies (only usable in battle)
  40. "pacifistvictory": instantly KO all enemies, but gain passion petals instead of star shards (only usable in battle)
  41. "flee": instantly escape from battle
  42. "settime x": sets the current time of day to x (morning, afternoon, evening, or night)
  43. "setday x": sets the current day of the week to x (monday, tuesday, etc.)
  44. "unlockenvironment x": unlock the environment x (an environment ID). x can also be "all".
  45. "addquest x": adds quest with ID x to your quest tracker (using this command is not recommended!) Quests that are not yet officially implemented cannot be accessed.
  46. "completequest x": marks the quest with ID x as completed, and removes it from your quest tracker
  47. "removequest x": removes quest with ID x from your quest tracker WITHOUT marking it as completed
  48. "queststep x y": set quest with ID x (internal quest ID**, NOT its position in your quest tracker) to step y
  49. "questlist": view a list of every internal quest ID**
  50. "setclothes x y": sets actor x's clothes to state y. in battle, x is 1 to 3 for party members, or -1 to -3 for enemies; in VN scenes, x is the actor index. y is the number of clothing layers to render; 0 is fully nude and 6 is fully clothed.
  51. "shards x y": set girl x's star shard count to y (x can be a girl's name or her ID number*)
  52. "setaffection x y": set girl x's affection level to y (x can be a girl's name or her ID number*; use names or negative integers for NPCs)
  53. "haremonlist": view a list of all currently tamed Haremon, their ID numbers, and their names
  54. "setguildquest x y z": add guild quest with ID z** to slot y within guild rank x [note the order of those parameters] CAUTION: this WILL break the quest if placed within a rank that it's not meant to appear in!
  55. "guildquestlist": view a list of every internal guild quest ID**, and the Rank it should appear in
  56. "scene x": jump to the VN scene with ID x (WARNING: Most scenes have specific requirements for being triggered. Attempting to trigger them without meeting those EXACT requirements WILL cause bugs and crashes! [For example, triggering a Date event while you're not on a date, or triggering an H-scene before you've tamed the girl in that scene.] Please back up your saves before playing around with this command, and don't expect anything to work as expected.)
  57. "scenelist": view a list of all internal scene IDs
  58. "line x": jump to line x within the current scene (The warning from above applies here too!)
  59. "addtechnique x y z": add technique y, level z, to girl x. Y can be a technique name or ID number, or the word "all" to teach a Haremon EVERY move in the game (use this with EXTREME caution) [NOTE: if you enter the name of an Awoken Haremon, the game will add the technique to her Awoken form, not her base form. To add a technique to her base form, use her ID number.*]
  60. "techlist": view a list of all internal technique IDs
  61. "addkink x y": add kink y to girl x. Y can be a kink name or ID number, or the word "all" to teach a Haremon EVERY kink in the game
  62. "kinklist": view a list of all internal kink IDs
  63. "setguildseals x y": set your rank x guild seals to y
  64. "setguildrank x": set your guild rank to x
  65. "town": warp to town
  66. "unlockdata": unlock all "data" about every Haremon (all the info on her "Notes" page; consequently, this also unlocks every question in the Relationship Test event)
  67. "boostfor x y": set the given character's Fortitude boost to y%. x is 1 to 3 for your party, or -1 to -3 for enemies.
  68. "boostall x y": set the given character's Allure boost to y%. x is 1 to 3 for your party, or -1 to -3 for enemies.
  69. "boostpow x y": set the given character's Power boost to y%. x is 1 to 3 for your party, or -1 to -3 for enemies.
  70. "boostspd x y": set the given character's Speed boost to y%. x is 1 to 3 for your party, or -1 to -3 for enemies.
  71. "boostagi x y": set the given character's Agility boost to y%. x is 1 to 3 for your party, or -1 to -3 for enemies.
  72. "tick x": "ticks" the game's general update script x times; this script causes you to receive text messages, makes Ranch activities progress, and various other things. The higher x is, the more likely you'll get a text and the more Ranch progress will occur.
  73. "refreshsales": generates a new set of sales for the General Store
  74. "girl$ x y": give girl x $y for buying gifts (x can be a girl's name or her ID number*)
  75. "receivetext x": receive the text message with an ID of x (like triggering a specific scene, this will OFTEN cause crashes due to the requirements for different text messages not being met!)
  76. "install x": install the app with index x on your ePhone (or use "all" to install every available app)
  77. "addcontact all": add all contacts to your ePhone (but don't try to call a girl you haven't met yet!)
  78. "save": save the game (in an Autosave slot)
  79. "regifter": toggle the ability to repeat gifts and give multiple gifts in a row
  80. "setdate x y": change the in-game date, allowing you to access seasonal content at any time. x is the month and y is the day (both integers)
  81. "difficulty x": change the game's difficulty setting (1 for Virgin, 2 for Player, and 3 for Stud)
  82. "challenge x": set the game's Challenge rating; this is a value that grows naturally as you progress through the game. You can use this command to set the challenge back to zero, or to increase it even further.
  83. "checkchallenge": display the current Challenge rating
  84. "challengecap": toggle challenge caps (ON by default; if OFF, monsters can level past zone caps)
  85. "cartographer": reveal the entire dungeon map
  86. "warp": toggles warp mode, allowing your Haremon to instantly travel to any tile, regardless of distance
  87. "spintowin": toggles chance spinner auto-win
  88. "takeyourtime": toggles choice timers (always off on Virgin mode)
  89. "hungerstrike": toggles hunger (if OFF, your Food counter won't go down)
  90. "encounter": forces an encounter (only usable on the dungeon map) (not sure if this works post-0.13)
  91. "fight x1 x2 x3 y": begin a battle. x1-x3 are the species IDs of the enemies to fight (use the 'specieslist' command to view a list of these; you can also enter -1 to leave a monster space empty) and y is the Challenge rating to use (enter -1 to use the current Adaptive challenge rating)
  92. "fullheal": fully heals your party's HP and status
  93. "removeitem x": remove the item x from your bag. x is either the item's name or internal ID; it can also be "all" to completely empty your bag
  94. "kill x": set x's HP to 0. x is 1-3 for your party, or -1 to -3 for enemies. Can only be used in battle.
  95. "rename x y": give girl x a new name, y. x is the girl's name or ID*. You can also use NPC names (or negative integers) to rename NPCs, though this will reset when the game is restarted.
  96. "harem": toggles Harem mode. In this mode, you can have multiple lovers (accepting a confession won't force you to break up with your current Lover)
  97. "restart": restarts the current scene from the beginning
  98. "tomorrow": advances time to the next morning
  99. "setbond x y z": sets the Affection between girls x and y to z
  100. "bondscene x y z": view the bonding scene (if available) for girls x and y at relationship rank z (1 to 5)
  103. * A Haremon's ID number is equal to the number of Haremon you owned after taming her. For example, the Catgirl is always 1, and the Imp is always 4. You can check your team's ID numbers with the "haremonlist" command.
  104. ** Guild quests have both a universal "quest ID" and also a specific "guild quest ID", and they're different! Note which parameter is required for each command. (Non-guild quests only have 1 ID.)
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