that's so giantree

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  1. Pomf!
  3. "... Don't."
  5. Held down against the soft, recently-made bedsheets, the cavalier stares up at the figure ominously towering above her while brushing her own sapphire-blue hair out of her face.  "You know Rin would scold us if she saw us like this."
  7. Grinning victoriously, the pink cavalier and boke of the duo eyed her prey with conviction.
  8. "Oh, whatever!"  She spoke with a giggle.  "Where's the fun in things if you don't have a little adventure once in a while, huh?"
  10. Their armor already discarded and lying uselessly in pink-and-blue heaps in the corner, Spinel's expert Craftknight hands got to work harrassing her partner physically to go along with her words.  Sapphire was helpless to the assault, letting out soft moans as her modest chest was massaged by her bigger, both in bust and overall stature, comrade.
  12. "See, Sapphy?  You love it!"  Grinning ear-to-ear, Spinel wasn't nearly satisfied.  Both of them knew.  Without skipping a beat, her dextrous fingers moved lower, tickling the other girl's sides.  Struggle to hold it in as she did, it was impossible for her to go long without bursting into laughter.
  14. Speaking of busting, the two realized they weren't alone at the worst possible time: While Spinel's fingers dug into Sapphire's sleveless black undershirt, rolling it up and halfway through removing it entirely, the door to their inn room burst open.  A door that was supposed to be locked.  It goes without saying, both women looked on in surprise.
  16. Standing there was Brent clad in full armor, the metal's sheen and his brown skin glistening equally in the sunlight from the window; his blonde flowing locks emanated an aura of irresistible masculine charm.  He interrupted their private moment with no remorse, gazing at them both with the visage of an NTR rapist.  Even his mighty Brave Axe was dangling from his person.
  18. "H-Hey!"  Spinel was the first to speak up, showing an almost territorial ferocity in her instinct to protect her partner.  "Can't you see we're busy in here?"
  20. Sapphire, on the other hand, was overwhelmed by her womanly hormones, almost immediately lost in a trance-like fantasy wherein the brown champion of justice rescued her from her muscly man-lady of a captor, pushing her down and filling her with his superior seed from his towering, dark manhood.  As much as she had feelings for her mercenary partner and childhood friend she'd known for so long, there was only so much pleasure she could attain from the woman's nimble fingers.  It wasn't enough.
  22. As if to snap her out of her daze, Brent started moving toward the two, heavy armor clanking with each footstep.
  24. "HEY!"  Spinel shouted again.  "Hey Brent, you fuckup!  I said get out!!"
  26. The wyvern rider only smirked a condescending smirk.
  27. "Brent?"  He spoke, almost quizzically.  "That's where you're wrong, young lady.  You may have had half of my name right, but..."
  29. Without warning, the brown, blond man ripped all his armor off his body, revealing his ripped, muscular abs, and, heaving his axe, lunged toward the curvier woman.  As Spinel clamped her eyes shut, unable to reach her Tomahawk, an eerie scream resounded.
  31. It wasn't hers.
  33. Creaking her eyes open, she saw it now: The man was fighting a horde of massive, green humanoids, and spoke to the girls in a brave, manly shout.  "... I AM BROGAN, SON OF BROGAN, AND YOU TWO WERE SO BUSY FLIRTING THAT YOU DIDN'T NOTICE YOU WERE BEING BESEIGED BY ORCS!"
  35. With a whoosh, his axe decapitated one of the orcs, sending its disembodied cranium ricocheting off the walls.  "THAT'LL SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF!"
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