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  1. {
  2.   "reloaded": "%prefix% &7Odswiezenie pluginu.",
  3.   "noPermission": "%prefix% &7Nie posiadasz uprawnien.",
  4.   "noIsland": "%prefix% &7Nie posiadasz wyspy.",
  5.   "playerNoIsland": "%prefix% &7Ten gracz nie ma wyspy.",
  6.   "playerOffline": "%prefix% &7Ten gracz jest aktualnie offline.",
  7.   "alreadyHaveIsland": "%prefix% &7Posiadasz juz wyspe.",
  8.   "playerAlreadyHaveIsland": "%prefix% &7Ten gracz ma juz wyspe.",
  9.   "notInYourIsland": "%prefix% &7Ten gracz nie jest na twojej wyspie.",
  10.   "kickedMember": "%prefix% &7%member% Gracz zostaďż˝ wyrzucony z wyspy.",
  11.   "youHaveBeenKicked": "%prefix% &7Zostaďż˝eďż˝ wyrzucony z wyspy.",
  12.   "mustBeAPlayer": "%prefix% &7You must be a player to execute this command.",
  13.   "mustBeIslandOwner": "%prefix% &7You must be the island owner to execute this command.",
  14.   "teleporting": "%prefix% &aNasze&6MC > &6Teleportacja...",
  15.   "warpAdded": "%prefix% &7Warp added.",
  16.   "maxWarpsReached": "%prefix% &7Max warps reached.",
  17.   "flightDisabled": "%prefix% &7Your flight has been disabled.",
  18.   "flightEnabled": "%prefix% &7Your flight has been enabled.",
  19.   "flightBoosterNotActive": "%prefix% &7Nie masz boostera na latanie.",
  20.   "notEnoughCrystals": "%prefix% &7Nie masz tyle krysztalow.",
  21.   "maxLevelReached": "%prefix% &7Maximum level reached.",
  22.   "crystalAmount": "%prefix% &7Masz tyle krysztalow: %crystals% .",
  23.   "maxMemberCount": "%prefix% &7Maximum member count reached.",
  24.   "spawnerBoosterActive": "%prefix% &7Twoj spawner booster jest juz aktywny.",
  25.   "farmingBoosterActive": "%prefix% &7twoj farmer booster jest juz aktywny.",
  26.   "expBoosterActive": "%prefix% &7Your Experience booster is already active.",
  27.   "flightBoosterActive": "%prefix% &7Twoj booster latania jest juz aktywny.",
  28.   "noActiveInvites": "%prefix% &7You do not have any active invites for this island.",
  29.   "giveCrystals": "%prefix% &7dales %player% %crystals% krysztalow.",
  30.   "givenCrystals": "%prefix% &7otrzymales  %crystals% krysztalow od %player%.",
  31.   "removedcrystals": "%prefix% &7You took %crystals% crystals from %player%.",
  32.   "wrongPassword": "%prefix% &7Wrong password.",
  33.   "enterPassword": "%prefix% &7Enter password.",
  34.   "teleportingHome": "%prefix% &7Teleportacja do domu",
  35.   "playerInvited": "%prefix% &7You have invited a player to join your island.",
  36.   "invitedByPlayer": "%prefix% &7You have been invited to join %player%'s island.",
  37.   "leftIsland": "%prefix% &7You have left your island.",
  38.   "regenIsland": "%prefix% &7Regenerating your island...",
  39.   "islandValue": "%prefix% &b&l * &7%rank%: &b%value%",
  40.   "playersIslandIsPrivate": "%prefix% &7That players island is private.",
  41.   "islandNowPrivate": "%prefix% &7Your island is now private.",
  42.   "islandNowPublic": "%prefix% &7Your island is now public.",
  43.   "cantLeaveIfOwner": "%prefix% &7You cannot leave your island whilst owner. do /is delete instead.",
  44.   "cantKickOwner": "%prefix% &7You cannot kick the island owner.",
  45.   "cantDemoteOwner": "%prefix% &7You cannot demote the island owner.",
  46.   "nowBypassing": "%prefix% &7You are now bypassing island restrictions.",
  47.   "noLongerBypassing": "%prefix% &7You are no longer bypassing island restrictions.",
  48.   "cantDemoteUser": "%prefix% &7You cannot demote this user.",
  49.   "cantPromoteUser": "%prefix% &7You cannot promote this user.",
  50.   "transferOwnership": "%prefix% &7To transfer ownership issue the command /is transfer <PlayerName>.",
  51.   "playerPromoted": "%prefix% &7%player% has been promoted to %rank%.",
  52.   "playerDemoted": "%prefix% &7%player% has been demoted to %rank%.",
  53.   "setHome": "%prefix% &7You have set your home to this location.",
  54.   "isNotSafe": "%prefix% &7This location is not safe."
  55. }
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