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Feb 14th, 2020
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  1. Unlike other methods, this requires boxing. However it's not too difficult. (Or at least it shouldn't be)
  2. I highly recommend using a drop address for this.
  4. Find the Intel CPU you want, with the S/N and the product code. eBay's or my threads, always the answer to this.
  6. Create a live chat with Intel telling them why your CPU isn't working. (be creative)
  7. Say that you took it to the place of purchase and that you got told to contact Intel for a replacement.
  8. They'll ask you for a phone number and a shipping address. Make sure your phone number is valid (I recommend TextMe) and your address should be a drop. After that, they should give you a return label.
  9. (only if you don't have a CPU-sized box) Tell them that your box was crushed (once again, be creative with how it happened, e.g you stepped on it by accident idk) and you can't send it back in the original packaging. They should say that bubble wrap is okay.
  10. After a few days, they should dispatch teh new CPU.
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