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  1. Ofre: Hallo.
  2. WlZARD: Herrooo
  3. Ofre: What's up buttercup?
  4. WlZARD: Layin in bed
  5. WlZARD: Chillin with Justin
  6. Ofre: Ugh, can I talk to you without any of this going back to Kae and you have to swear on your life?
  7. WlZARD: Of course
  8. WlZARD: Whats up?
  9. Ofre: I feel like Kae doesn't care where we live as long as she's with me, I've been trying so hard to get a job. In the past two days, I've put in over 30+ applications, and I'm serious. I lost count after number 30, and she bitches at me for not giving her enough attention.
  10. Ofre: Kae and I stopped being abusive because I learned self-control and she learned that when I say I need alone time that I seriously need it and not to force me to stay in the house but since I came to live with you for those two days, things have felt different.
  11. Ofre: Don't get me wrong, I love her with all of my heart but it feels like things have changed because she barely trusts me and I've never given her a reason. I can't even have a conversation with friends without her constantly asking to see what's said or vice versa, I feel like everyhing has been on me since I moved to Texas to be with her because when we lived in Texas together. I was the only one truly trying to work and yes, she always found us a place to live but she was always the reason we had to move because she didn't want to be in that home anymore.
  12. Ofre: I just feel like, yes I love her with all my heart but I feel like I'm obligated to stay in this relationship and things have been better between us since we moved to Florida but at the same time, I feel like she doesn't care about anything as long as she's with me such as us being on the streets. She asked me today if she got kicked out of where she lives today if I'd do back to living in a tent with her and got upset with me when I told her that I wouldn't because I am trying to get my llife together.
  13. Ofre: She makes me feel bad for wanting to get my life together and I feel like when I'm with her that I can't do it because she feels like she's obligated to be spoiled constantly and basically wants me to PROVIDE EVERYTHING for her and I, and it's something that I can't really do alone. The only reason she's been working her ass off to find a job is because I told her if she didn't have one that is teady in the next month and a half that I'd leave her.
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