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  1. I Watched Mywife Seeded By a Stud
  2. Happy Cuckold When my wife found the letters I was reading about men who become cuckolds because their wives had babies from men other than their husbands, letters about husbands who wanted their wives to cuckold them in this way, I thought she may divorce me because of the shocking nature of my deep fantasy. But she surprised me. She wanted to sit down and talk. She was calm; pleasant, collected. Our talk went as follows:
  3. “Baby, let me ask you, do you jerk off while reading these fantasies?”
  4. ‘Yes.’
  5. “Am I ever in your thoughts as you jerk off?”
  6. ‘Yes.’
  7. “As you reach ******, are you thinking of me pregnant by another man?”
  8. ‘Yes.’
  9. “Is this purely fantasy, or does a part of you really want this to happen?”
  10. ‘When I *** the hardest, I’ve convinced myself that it is real.’
  11. “I have to ask you sweetheart. But please take your **** out first. Good. Baby, would you like me to bear children by other men?”
  12. I said ‘Yes’, as my **** got instantly erect.
  13. “My God! This has taken hold of you, hasn’t it? Listen, I love you, and I want to grow old with you. I want us to be happy, of course, but having one’s deepest desire squelched in a marriage could possibly cause problems. I don’t want anything between us. Now, say that I did have another man’s child, are you like those other men in the letters who never have any children themselves?”
  14. ‘Yes.’
  15. “Ok. Should we move forward with this?”
  16. Suddenly, my hard penis erupted uncontrollably. She watched this with wide eyes, having never seen anything like this from me before, and then said, with a bit of sly grin, “Ok! From now on, the only way that stuff will ever find my ***** is if you get a vasectomy. Otherwise, buddy, it’s condoms for you from here on out! Can we agree on this?”
  17. Sprouting another erection, I said ‘Yes’.
  18. From this moment on, things got intense to say the least!
  19. Two months after this “talk”, and still feeling the pangs of my recent vasectomy, my wife and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when she looked at her watch and casually mentioned to me that she was expecting someone. She said “He’ll be here in about 20 minutes. But first I’d like you to help me take an ovulation test Baby.”
  20. My head was whirling! Who’s coming? Ovulation test? But my hard penis and my actions in helping her with the test brought me back to earth. The test showed that she was ovulating. Then she strode into the bedroom and came out a minute later in a robe and said to me “Blake will be here soon. Would you mind hanging out in the basement for while? And yes, you probably could hear through the vent.”
  21. So here it was. My wife, at peak fertility, and me, sterile, and she was on the verge of actually having sex with another man as I listened and jerked off in the basement!
  22. And that’s exactly what happened. With my ear pressed to the ceiling vent, my **** in my hand, I heard my wife **** another man, with the possibility of her getting pregnant by him racing through my brain.
  23. Things subsided in about 2 hours and I heard the front door close. Then I heard my wife call me.
  24. As I walked into our bedroom I saw her on her back in our bed with her legs held up high. I stepped out of my clothes and as I stepped toward her she said “Could you hear us? God! It was incredible! The single best **** I ever had! What a ****! God, baby, he was twice your size! Just F-ing amazing! He came two times in me! Felt like a quart!! I’m trying to keep it all in for you, my cuckold!”
  25. She is now 5 months pregnant with another man’s baby, and insists on being naked while at home. She reminds me daily that I am not the father, and that I will never be a father, and that she plans to have 2 more. Her boyfriend comes over every weekend to stay with her. (I sleep on a couch) Just this morning she made me put a hand on her belly to feel their baby kick. She said “I want you to *** on the floor as you feel his child moving in me.”
  26. And I did.
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