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  1. [22:37:24] <Vena> ALRIGHTY. Vena finally 'has a weapon that she might not accidentally kill you with'...and it turns out to be the fucking KING SWORD. It's a kingly looking sword, but admittably less killer looking than the killer edge. So she actually opens up the whole offer to fight with actual swords again (but seriously be careful). AND OBVIOUSLY YOU ACCEPT, SO OBVIOUSLY HERE WE ARE.
  2. [22:37:24] <Vena> The beginning of the duel is basically the middle of the duel, right? Right?
  3. [22:38:04] <`Krauss> Oh, so off to me then?
  4. [22:40:04] <Vena> Well, she can say stuff! "...Lemme know when you're all set then. I got practice with this thing earlier, so...well, good luck to you!" Mask is FULLY ON.
  5. [22:40:10] <Vena> NOW fully to you mb
  6. [22:40:45] <`Krauss> "I'm always ready for a fight. Rain or shine, hope you don't mind me using the same old sword I've been using. It's a keepsake."
  7. [22:41:12] <`Krauss> "It won't cut unless I want it to, I can assure you."
  8. [22:43:11] <Vena> "...I see. I'm not really worried about getting too hurt myself, though." You're not sure if that's cockiness, passiveness, or legitimate worry. She's staring Krauss down through the mask, as if she could spring to life at any moment.
  9. [22:44:06] <Vena> That mask makes it a lot harder to tell which of the three it is, that's for sure.
  10. [22:44:39] <`Krauss> "Then let's begin." Taking one last look at the name on the blades side, Krauss would draw his weapon, and enter the same old lazy looking stance he normally did. "I'd normally give the first strike to my opponent..but I can tell you're not someone I can underestimate."
  11. [22:45:12] <`Krauss> He'd start off with a simple vertical slice, coming from one end, about  mid-shoulder length. It wouldn't hurt much if it hit, but is mostly to tell the sort of reaction he was facing.
  12. [22:49:21] <Flamy> Now he procs Duelist's Blow, letting him have 30 more Avoid. :^)
  13. [22:52:41] <Vena> "Good~" ...And yet despite this, he opened with a simple attack. She was off to the side before he even started to bring the blade down. ...And the moment he did, she immediately swung her the space right next to him, intentionally making her attack not reach...but not by much. The horizontal swing was quick and quite possibly deadly, but she made no effort to
  14. [22:52:41] <Vena> follow up on the intentionally missed attack, at the ready for however he'd respond to the (cheeky) miss.
  15. [22:52:47] <Vena> She's fuckin fast, that's for sure.
  16. [22:54:15] <Flamy> You'd think he'd have experience against fast fighters, after just fighting one.
  17. [22:54:59] <Vena> Yeah, but Vena's got more practice, and brave weapons only swinging once is probably fast too.
  18. [22:56:42] <`Krauss> An assassin would be hard to get battle data from, that's for sure, he expected this much. In the same motion of swinging down, Krauss let go of the sword, gripping it reverse at his side, to block the swing. It was a bit sloppy, so he felt a bit of the pressure, but at least it got the job done. "Faster than the eyes, I see. You're already fairing better than my last opponent." No offense, of course.
  19. [22:58:23] <Flamy> I dunno, Vena gets off of killing people, and boss is an autistic powergamer who asked big boss to unlock the Luck cap just for her build to work.
  20. [22:59:27] <Flamy> So, no offense here. (Even Shinny knows that Vena is better than him.
  21. [23:00:19] <`Krauss> He'd back off, hopefully not getting stabbed during this time, in order to fix his stance. "You don't carry the same aura I'm used to seeing in your types...good." He'd keep defensive time. Information is given and take. He'd see what his own reactions could do for him.
  22. [23:08:47] <Vena> "Mmmhm. Reading people's movements even before the weapon comes into play is important. When one stroke is all it takes to end things...well, let's move on. Wouldn't want you to sneak a peek at that aura." Also I said 'uncap luck so I can put all my stats in luck'. Of course, she's got skill, too. Noting that he, too, is being patient--as well as being competent enough to
  23. [23:08:47] <Vena> block her swing, which she wasn't holding back with at all, she turns it up a bit, approaching slowly and changing her stance from one to another...but then changing pace to be RATHER FAST, and going for a two-handed stab! Of course, she makes sure it comes up short of actually stabbing him...that very lack of reach allowing her to attempt to pull the sword back quickly
  24. [23:08:47] <Vena> with a bit more ease before she's outplayed herself.
  25. [23:12:45] <Vena> Cause like, if he didn't uncap luck, I would have put points in OTHER STATS, and it'd all be just as well. But, Luck is the lumber's favorite stat! AND I LIKE LUCK TOO I GUESS
  26. [23:14:36] <`Krauss> He'd hold his blade up as a response, but it seemed it wasn't an attack meant to finish, so he did so rather pointlessly. "I'd think even the wind would be outpaced by you! Your speed is next to none." Right, guess it's time to put that brick of head to use for once. He wasn't one to take advantage of certain facts, but he wanted to wrap this up quickly now it seemed, so he'd give it shot. So rather than wait for another
  27. [23:14:36] <`Krauss> attack to come, Krauss would step forward, sword slightly raised, and working to chase after the retreating blade..but with a bit of a twist. The type he was fighting, though he couldn't gauge much with her blinding speed, must have a particular method to fighting. As an assasin, she'd likely strike at lethal areas, and abuse openings to their fullest, even if it was a duel. She'd be smart enough to read a faint as
  28. [23:14:36] <`Krauss> that left only one option.  
  29. [23:15:30] <`Krauss> Closing the distance, Krauss when for a frontal charge, without a specific sword motion in mind. He was leaving himself with a very clear opening by his side. And given his stance, even a fool would know he couldn't react fast enough to block an attack coming from that angle.
  30. [23:17:19] <`Krauss> At best he could trade even with it. At worse well, he'd need to sit on it for a while, that's for sure.
  31. [23:29:24] <Vena> She grins from behind her mask. Yeah, she's been told that. 91 AVO is no joke. ...Doesn't look ready to swing...looks open...looks open. Looks open. It's bait, but let's see if we can get the bait off the hook. Noticing the charge, she moves backwards a bit, to get her moving and force him to put more into the charge (or to reveal his hand early)...and then deftly goes to
  32. [23:29:24] <Vena> the side now that she's already moving to take advantage of the opening, given it's still there, with a slash that she forgot to space properly and might actually cut him a bit if it connects. And of course, if he does reveal his hand early, she wouldn't swing at all and just move farther. She fast.
  33. [23:29:43] <Vena> jesus christ that wasn't 12 minutes what the fuck
  34. [23:30:44] <`Krauss> Mind if I end the duel then. It won't be a victory, but it won't be a loss either.
  35. [23:31:18] <`Krauss> It's a "Krauss did something stupid, and didn't even do that right." kinda end.
  36. [23:31:36] <Vena> I'll take it
  37. [23:36:06] <`Krauss> Alright, this was it. It seemed she'd taken the bait. Good. it wasn't the normal sort of bait you'd expect, he left himself open, and that much was completely true, if she'd attacked immediately, he would have been cut down no problem. But he felt he could take the risk, and so, gritting his teeth, the swordsman made an unexpected move. Rather than back away to avoid the hit, or to attempt a defensive option, he instead
  38. [23:36:06] <`Krauss> opted for the complete opposite. Lifting up his free arm, the swordsman pushed forward, taking the full force of the slash head on, in order to himself within striking distance. Using the small window of time presented by this, he'd change up his footwork drastically, moving himself, with the blade in tow to his opponents neck, from a rather..odd angle. "Guh..." He felt a bit of blood pour down. His clothing was padded,
  39. [23:36:06] <`Krauss> but this girl really knew how to swing. "Alright...I believe that's my wi-oh..."
  40. [23:36:11] <`Krauss> He'd soon realize his mistake
  41. [23:36:27] <`Krauss> In his reckless abandon, he forgot to properly redirect the blade with his arm, thus...
  42. [23:36:33] <`Krauss> It ended up in a very similiar position to his own.
  43. [23:36:34] <`Krauss> Oops.
  44. [23:37:36] <`Krauss> "Damn, I messed it up again."
  45. [23:38:54] <`Krauss> He'd lower his blade, clutching his arm a bit. "Guess it's my loss then. Guess I rushed in with half the heart I normally do."
  46. [23:39:22] <`Krauss> I need new glasses stat. My writing is getting to be all over the place.
  47. [23:43:41] <Vena> Well, good news, it didn't trigger Luna, and it probably didn't crit either. Otherwise he'd REALLY have felt it. "...Huh. I knew I was getting baited, and I'm rather impressed that you almost made an opening out of my swing in the first place...but, well, a mistake is a mistake. To give you the win because you felt odd isn't in the spirit of things, right?"
  48. [23:44:40] <Vena> "...That said, this was an experience regardless. I was fighting out of my element, after all. ...But now I'm curious, why are you rushing in with half a heart? Something to do with that noisy fight earlier? I tuned it out." brutal
  49. [23:47:00] <`Krauss> "Gotta respect that spirit, yeah." He'd sheathe his sword, pulling off the sash wrapped around it, and putting it around his arm...guess this happens often. "Doubt it." Savage. "If anything, it just goes to show I haven't truly mastered the blade yet. Still, it was a good match regardless...even if it was a tad short. Thanks a lot for it, and all that."
  50. [23:54:01] <Vena> "There's no real teacher like adrenaline, really. There's a lot to learn from the opponent, duel or otherwise...and it's easier to figure things out when everything feels like it's going slower, gives you more time to read them and take something from the experience. ...Of course, that's hard to do for me in normal situations, cause there'd be a few corpses in the aftermath."
  51. [23:54:02] <Vena> She shrugs!
  52. [23:54:13] <Vena> obviously she's a proactive bodyguard
  53. [23:55:27] <`Krauss> "Hah" He'd let out a small chuckle. "No pain no gain, as they say."
  54. [23:55:37] <`Krauss> He'd do a bit of extra bandage work, until he was satisfied
  55. [23:56:35] <`Krauss> When he was down however, he'd sling his sword over his back with his good arm. "I'd ask for a rematch but...I'm afraid I won't be able to use the same trick twice so, perhaps I should spend a bit of time in training first."
  56. [23:58:01] <`Krauss> "Fighting a real assassin is pretty stressful, even in a duel. But I prefer it that way anyways. I live to duel, not to kill, so against a person who specializes in the latter...well, I'm gonna need some new tricks at the very least before I try that again."
  57. [00:02:44] <Vena> "Yeah, it might take a while. Really, had I not been holding back to make sure I didn't get carried away...I might have gotten, say, four swings at the instant you left yourself open. The very act of connecting with a hit throws people off balance, which creates even more openings, and my swings--especially with this thing, lighter than a feather--have the oomph to go with
  58. [00:02:44] <Vena> their strike. That usually marks the end of most things. Dueling wouldn't allow that, of course..."
  59. [00:03:18] <Vena> "...Then again, I've been taking a liking to the crossbow, so perhaps you might get the edge in fighting assassinlike fighters yet."
  60. [00:03:35] <Vena> "...Of course, I'm a bodyguard. I'm just assassin-like."
  61. [00:04:13] <Vena> She finally moves her mask off her face. It's half-on once more!
  62. [00:05:09] <`Krauss> "Of course..." He'd leave it at just that for the time being. "Figured it wouldn't work in a real fight. I took advantage of the fact it was a duel, for forgive on that front, perhaps that lack of seriousness was the true root of my undoing...but I'm not about to get into that."
  63. [00:06:15] <`Krauss> "Ooooh." He'd pay attention to the unmasking. "Now looking on it, you've still got a pretty nice face. Wonder the whole thing looks like." He'd turn around now to get a move on. Gotta jump into that training asap.
  64. [00:06:25] <`Krauss> Leaving out entire words
  65. [00:06:29] <`Krauss> A tutorial by devaliousL
  66. [00:06:41] <`Krauss> It's like a typo, but much more awkward.
  67. [00:06:59] <Raitaki> yo i've been offering that course for months
  68. [00:07:10] <`Krauss> Well, I'm here to take all your business.
  69. [00:07:14] <Raitaki> do something more original
  70. [00:07:16] <`Krauss> Your non-existant business.
  71. [00:08:12] <`Krauss> "Let me know if you're in my neck of the woods sometime. If you fancy a drink, I've got plenty...otherwise, I'd be willing to spar again any time. Assuming I'm not injured."
  72. [00:08:43] <`Krauss> He was somewhat far away now, but still within talking distance.
  73. [00:09:07] <`Krauss> He'd end his side of things with one more line.
  74. [00:10:33] <`Krauss> "You can tell a lot about a person by the way they swing their blade..yours, I couldn't get anything out of...but perhaps that in itself tells a whole tale...later Vena, thanks again for the match." His voice carried a slight hint of sadness, though it's hard to tell where that came from.
  75. [00:10:34] <Vena> She moves the mask to the other side of her face. You could say she turns the other cheek, but that isn't what that saying means at all he was complimenting her. It may have been cheeky though. Speaking of compliments, there's that feeling of being watched. "Yeah, I'll be sure to. Could do with learning how to not kill my sparring partner, and you've got the guts for it!"
  76. [00:10:48] <`Krauss> As they say in uhh
  77. [00:10:51] <`Krauss> I forget
  78. [00:10:58] <`Krauss> Gotta go fast
  79. [00:11:03] <Flamy> pls
  80. [00:11:30] <Vena> *green hill zone played so loudly that the sheer volume distorts it*
  81. [00:11:51] <`Krauss>
  82. [00:12:05] <Vena> "...Perhaps we could both do with some storytelling sometime. Until then!"
  83. [00:12:20] <`Krauss>   /b then?
  84. [00:12:30] <Vena>
  85. [00:12:37] <Vena> /B
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