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  1. MorgToday at 1:02 AM
  2. i don't see me lasting here much longer
  3. its not that i want to leave
  4. its that they literally won't even give me roles
  5. PhinixToday at 1:03 AM
  6. :/
  7. where do you think you wanna go ?
  8. MorgToday at 1:04 AM
  9. i don't wanna go anywhere
  10. i love this place
  11. but the fact they refuse to trust me
  12. PhinixToday at 1:04 AM
  13. i mean you serouisly fucked up and i understnad why people wouldnt trust you
  14. MorgToday at 1:05 AM
  15. i mean, i think they think im gonna steal from them
  16. which idc to
  17. tbh
  18. eve career suicide
  19. PhinixToday at 1:05 AM
  20. people pulled diffrent shit
  21. and some people fly expensive as fuck ships, and especially in whs trust is really important
  22. and you lost trust of a lot of corp members
  23. MorgToday at 1:06 AM
  24. well, going through the correct channels they told me to fuck off so :shrug:
  25. PhinixToday at 1:06 AM
  26. you need to learn your role though
  27. MorgToday at 1:07 AM
  28. <22:56:02> You poked "Daniel Sunkist" with message: hk are forming and rolling for insmother now
  29. <23:21:37> You poked "Daniel Sunkist" with message: if you do this you will ruin friendships made with their alliance and burn a bridge
  30. <23:25:47> You poked "Stig" with message: we will burn a serious bridge if we kill this titan
  31. <23:26:03> You poked "Stig" with message: we can't let this shit happen
  32. theres the pokes from that night
  33. add +5 hours
  34. and you can tell when i sent those messages
  35. PhinixToday at 1:07 AM
  36. that is not the problem
  37. the problem is giving intel about the fleet and actions to a third party
  38. doesnt matter who the third party is
  39. MorgToday at 1:18 AM
  40. the shit i do for this corp
  41. jesus
  42. im done
  43. time to go be lazy
  44. f1 retard style
  45. PhinixToday at 1:31 AM
  46. your asking to be kicked rn
  47. MorgToday at 1:31 AM
  48. why because i want to roleplay as a member of ustz?
  49. honestly if they can't be bothered to trust me with roles then i can't be brothered go and bash towers and waste more time and isk
  50. so fuck it
  51. PhinixToday at 1:32 AM
  52. ustz got dreads and carriers sitting on this pos
  53. MorgToday at 1:32 AM
  54. who stig?
  55. he's a fucking director i would hope he does
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