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Stupidity #3

CoolerCold69 Aug 22nd, 2013 133 Never
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  3. (4:20 PM) тσмєнннннн: hey nathan theese 2 r wierd cunts
  4. (4:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Who are these guys?
  5. (4:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Lol.
  6. (4:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Stephanie. Ryan. Get a room please. This is a PUBLIC place.
  7. (4:21 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    k then?
  8. (4:21 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   see ya
  9. (4:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Shes got ya dick in ya hand and shit.
  10. (4:21 PM) тσмєнннннн: u 2 r shittin urselfs now
  11. (4:21 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    lol ,ate ull be shitin yaself
  12. (4:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Its grossing me out bro!
  13. (4:22 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    oi ching this kid sed u have mussi deaseas
  14. (4:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Uh uh uh!
  15. (4:22 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   wtf are you on broo ....
  16. (4:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Learn english I can't understand your asian lazyness.
  17. (4:22 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   go back to school
  18. (4:23 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Calling me dumb? Lol because I insulted you?
  19. (4:23 PM) тσмєнннннн: stephenie shut ur pussy upbefore i tear it apart]
  20. (4:23 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    rido the leanin tower of peeza
  21. (4:23 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Well, SUCK IT DOWN. Like Ryans dick.
  22. (4:23 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   shut ur pussy up cunt
  23. (4:23 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Nah you needa do that.
  24. (4:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Getting laid every fucken day.
  25. (4:24 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    oi cooler ya mum puts out
  26. (4:24 PM) тσмєнннннн: i got a dick hunny that i use on u everynight
  27. (4:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah and you take it.
  28. (4:24 PM) Hayden:       h3y
  29. (4:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Why would you wanna fuck my mum? Eww thats sick. Ha.
  30. (4:24 PM) Hayden:       ryan fuk im smashed bro
  31. (4:25 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    lol
  32. (4:25 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   lol
  33. (4:25 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Oh that was HILARIOUS. Ha ha.
  34. (4:25 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   shut the fuck up
  35. (4:25 PM) Hayden:       yeah shut the fuk up cunt
  36. (4:25 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah right in ya dreams lol.
  37. (4:25 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    lol nice comback ya fuck wit lol
  38. (4:25 PM) тσмєнннннн: ill shut ur pussy up stephanie
  39. (4:26 PM) Hayden:       nice 1 ryan
  40. (4:26 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   run at me
  41. (4:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      At this point its like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.
  42. (4:26 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    aww fuck up tomeh ya fuckin pedo kunt
  43. (4:26 PM) Hayden:       ay ryan who are these people
  44. (4:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Can't you say ONE sentence without using the word FUCK?
  45. (4:26 PM) Hayden:       i can
  46. (4:26 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    sum private school dickheads from sydney
  47. (4:26 PM) тσмєнннннн: exaclty my point nathan
  48. (4:26 PM) Hayden:       ok
  49. (4:26 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck you fuck offf fuck
  50. (4:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Calm down! Ha.
  51. (4:27 PM) тσмєнннннн: ur just a feral
  52. (4:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Woah temper temper.
  53. (4:27 PM) Hayden:       wait listen and watch
  54. (4:27 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        shut up hayden shut up tommeh
  55. (4:27 PM) Hayden:       fuck fuck fukety fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck
  56. (4:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Shes pissed cus Ryan didn't bang her hard enough last night.
  57. (4:27 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck
  58. (4:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Why don't you come with me honey? I'll show you what a real fuck is. Haha.
  59. (4:28 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    rido go back to ya private school ya fuckin filthy magget
  60. (4:28 PM) Hayden:       ay then she betta not go wif wif u cuz ur like a women and all ay
  61. (4:28 PM) тσмєнннннн: go back down the drain
  62. (4:28 PM) тσмєнннннн: omg immature rat
  63. (4:28 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck you
  64. (4:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Come up with something better....
  65. (4:29 PM) Hayden:       how bout no
  66. (4:29 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   go get in side ya mum dickhead
  67. (4:29 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        fuk u you hayden
  68. (4:29 PM) тσмєнннннн: fuck up stephenie ill fuck u down and bang u hard untill blood squirts
  69. (4:29 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Nah bitch. I can't. You got your fingers in her. What are you? God Stephy.
  70. (4:29 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   it will be hard and dont have a dick
  71. (4:29 PM) Hayden:       ching fuk u ya fuken dog
  72. (4:29 PM) тσмєнннннн: lol nathan ryan cant get a cheee his own age hes goin out with a 13 year old
  73. (4:30 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        fuck u hayden voice broke yet or waht ??/
  74. (4:30 PM) Hayden:       u jelous  r ya
  75. (4:30 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      LOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
  76. (4:30 PM) Hayden:       yeah man at least mine has not like urs
  77. (4:30 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah all yours does is sex. Thats ALL shes good at.
  78. (4:30 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        hahaha gud 1 ya fukin twat
  79. (4:30 PM) тσмєнннннн: and stephine doesent shave her cooch
  80. (4:31 PM) тσмєнннннн: NASTY
  81. (4:31 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        it gooch for starters ya fukwit
  82. (4:31 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    lol i bet u dont een have pubes yet
  83. (4:31 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Gosh Stephy is that true?
  84. (4:31 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   ya ball haven't even droped
  85. (4:31 PM) тσмєнннннн: ching chong china fuck off
  86. (4:31 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Oh come all of you little know it alls.
  87. (4:31 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        fight me ya little fuck
  88. (4:31 PM) Hayden:       ok
  89. (4:31 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        hahaha ur a fukin idiot
  90. (4:32 PM) Hayden:       and ur a fuken dog
  91. (4:32 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        hahah gud 1 clap clap for the handicap
  92. (4:32 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah my balls dropped in your mouth slut. How do you like that? Sucking em. Nothing new to you tho.... you do it all the time.
  93. (4:32 PM) тσмєнннннн: haha ryan u dog u added to people that hate eachother
  94. (4:32 PM)       "*:MCGREGOR"*:  (L)'s "*:ELLEN"*: has been added to the conversation.
  95. (4:32 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      They added more people because they can't go two against two. Ha.
  96. (4:33 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    haha rido what are u gonna do cunt?
  97. (4:33 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       how did i end up here
  98. (4:33 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Oh is that ALL you ever say! Jee your so narrow minded! Your sex must be so boring! Its just the same IN and OUT everytime! Try something different.
  99. (4:33 PM) тσмєнннннн: dunno but u can elave
  100. (4:33 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   lol
  101. (4:33 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    no i wont leave
  102. (4:34 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        wat else r u sposta do u fukin idiot go sideways ???
  103. (4:34 PM) тσмєнннннн: im talkin to the slut u just added
  104. (4:34 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Lol try something else. Be kinky, idiots.
  105. (4:34 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       how me
  106. (4:34 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      HOW ABOUT SOME FUCKEN FOREPLAY! Ha.
  107. (4:34 PM) Hayden:       is that wat u do wif boys ay
  108. (4:34 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        aww pretty sure u do that b4 sex u stupid fuck
  109. (4:34 PM) тσмєнннннн: yer u could always do dog sex aka gay sex
  110. (4:34 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    opi leanin tower of peeza ya not funny
  111. (4:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah I didn't needa know that Hayden...
  112. (4:35 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   go fuck ya mum pedo
  113. (4:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Its not meant to be...
  114. (4:35 PM) Hayden:       yeah u like it up tha ass ay
  115. (4:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      If everything sex to you guys?
  116. (4:35 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    nah apart form ya mum
  117. (4:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Omg... mum jokes.
  118. (4:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      *rolls eyes*
  119. (4:36 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        shut up
  120. (4:36 PM) тσмєнннннн: lol there so immature it aint even funny
  121. (4:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ha ha.
  122. (4:36 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       shut the fuck up hey steph
  123. (4:36 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    *punches in head*
  124. (4:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Rofl.
  125. (4:36 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   heey
  126. (4:36 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       wats doin
  127. (4:36 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    lol there it is again immature
  128. (4:36 PM) ching      ۰۪۪۪۫:        *stabs in throught*
  129. (4:36 PM) тσмєнннннн: ching xchong chinaman fuck off
  130. (4:36 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   oh not to mucchh ayy yaselff lol
  131. (4:36 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    immature
  132. (4:36 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    immature
  133. (4:36 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    immature
  134. (4:36 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    immature
  135. (4:36 PM) тσмєнннннн: lol immature aint nothinc ompared to the times uve said cunt
  136. (4:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Quit nagging me bitch,
  137. (4:37 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       not much
  138. (4:37 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   sweeeet
  139. (4:37 PM)       ching      ۰۪۪۪۫۫۰   (so) has left the conversation.
  140. (4:37 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    lol sorry immature
  141. (4:37 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   i love you ryan
  142. (4:37 PM) Hayden:       ay u should all go have a cone  be nice and happy
  143. (4:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I LOVE YOU TOO!
  144. (4:37 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       oi fuck off im tryin to have a covo here
  145. (4:37 PM) тσмєнннннн: ok then
  146. (4:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Now lets go off and have 13 year old sex in this dark alleyway.
  147. (4:37 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   pretty good 11 ayy
  148. (4:37 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hmm.
  149. (4:38 PM)       (M)_ RYAN                 stephanie babe,  ilove you so much(L) has left the conversation.
  150. (4:38 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      And if your older than 13 sorry.
  151. (4:38 PM)       (M)_ RYAN   (xx)              stephanie babe,  ilove you so much(L) has been added to the conversation.
  152. (4:38 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       ryan stephs hot
  153. (4:38 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       lol
  154. (4:38 PM) Hayden:       i know ayu
  155. (4:38 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hehe not now
  156. (4:38 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah and thats about it lol. She ain't got no brains.
  157. (4:38 PM)       тσмєнннннн has left the conversation.
  158. (4:38 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   shut up lol
  159. (4:39 PM) Hayden:       lol
  160. (4:39 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ouch that hurt lol.
  161. (4:39 PM)       тσмєнннннн has been added to the conversation.
  162. (4:39 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   welcome back dickhead
  163. (4:39 PM)       тσмєнннннн has left the conversation.
  164. (4:39 PM) Hayden:       steoh wta up
  165. (4:39 PM) Hayden:       steph
  166. (4:39 PM)       тσмєнннннн has been added to the conversation.
  167. (4:39 PM) "*:MCGREGOR"*::       this is gay bye steph
  168. (4:39 PM)       "*:MCGREGOR"*:  (L)'s "*:ELLEN"*: has left the conversation.
  169. (4:39 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   nuffing you
  170. (4:40 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   ryan (L)(L)
  171. (4:40 PM) Hayden:       nuffin ay
  172. (4:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ooh Ryan marry me!
  173. (4:40 PM) Hayden:       ryan(L)(L) u to
  174. (4:40 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   "no"
  175. (4:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Haha yeah shes only in it for the sex.
  176. (4:40 PM) тσмєнннннн: omg gay cunts
  177. (4:40 PM) Hayden:       imfg ur a dog
  178. (4:40 PM) тσмєнннннн: see told u shes a dirty hairy slut
  179. (4:40 PM) Hayden:       and u aint]
  180. (4:40 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   burn
  181. (4:41 PM) Hayden:       burn baby burn
  182. (4:42 PM)       тσмєнннннн has left the conversation.
  183. (4:46 PM) тσмєнннннн: the hairy cooch is abck here
  184. (4:46 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   y cant you just fuck offf cunt
  185. (4:46 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Omg. Here. *tosses razor at Steph* Take this and SHAVE that HAIRY AXEWOUND!
  186. (4:47 PM) тσмєнннннн: omg nathan we have got them good therev pussied off
  187. (4:47 PM) тσмєнннннн: ryan has gone abck to wankin to gay porn
  188. (4:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      And I'm laughing my head off.
  189. (4:47 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   byee i like ryan i'm pretty happy with him yous are GAY dont talk to me
  190. (4:47 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    lol mate are u educated or what u can tell u go to a school in sydney lol
  191. (4:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah that shows you know a lot. I don't even live there.
  192. (4:48 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    im talkin to tomeh
  193. (4:48 PM) тσмєнннннн: did u have fun wankin to gay porn ryan
  194. (4:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Let him finish up. He hasn't cum yet.
  195. (4:48 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    no mate im not swingin that way
  196. (4:48 PM) тσмєнннннн: then why take ages to reply
  197. (4:48 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    coz im talkin to others?
  198. (4:49 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   the way you are talking its making you sound pretty GAY
  199. (4:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Fast wanking when you got nothing but a knob. How so?
  200. (4:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Explain that.
  201. (4:49 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   "NO"
  202. (4:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Bimbo.
  203. (4:50 PM) тσмєнннннн: the way u two r talkin makes u sound gangsta wnnnabe
  204. (4:50 PM) тσмєнннннн: shes a hairy bimbo
  205. (4:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Her mum married a gorilla or something similiar.
  206. (4:50 PM) тσмєнннннн: she has hairy nipples :P
  207. (4:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Awww gross lol.
  208. (4:51 PM) тσмєнннннн: ryans tellin me all her hairy parts in another convo
  209. (4:51 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck off ya pedo
  210. (4:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Shit. I can understand shaving those areas must hurt, but at least TRIM them!
  211. (4:51 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   byee
  212. (4:52 PM) тσмєнннннн: u started this urself cunt]
  213. (4:52 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Hey Steph how many people licked out you this week?
  214. (4:52 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    just me
  215. (4:52 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   66
  216. (4:52 PM) тσмєнннннн: LIO
  217. (4:52 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah I did too. Sorry about that Ryan.
  218. (4:52 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh my she dogd u ryan
  219. (4:52 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    oh no
  220. (4:52 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Wish I didn't tho.
  221. (4:52 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Got pubes on my tongue.
  222. (4:53 PM)       (M)_ RYAN   (xx)              stephanie babe,  ilove you so much(L) has left the conversation.
  223. (4:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I mean their was hair on the inner parts of her pussy as well. And that AINT normal.
  224. (4:53 PM) тσмєнннннн: pusssyyy
  225. (4:53 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   no
  226. (4:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Nah hes a coward.
  227. (4:53 PM) тσмєнннннн: he started this shit we ended it ok hairy panntd
  228. (4:54 PM) тσмєнннннн: *pants
  229. (4:54 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   he's going to play foooty
  230. (4:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Oh hes cool.
  231. (4:54 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   i no ayyy
  232. (4:54 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   now fuck off
  233. (4:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Sarcasm.
  234. (4:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Fuck off? Excuse me?
  235. (4:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Can't you be a tiny bit more polite?
  236. (4:55 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Girls aren't supposed to swear as much as you lol.
  237. (4:55 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   ya ponit
  238. (5:01 PM) тσмєнннннн: hey steph watsup hun
  239. (5:01 PM) тσмєнннннн: wanna screw me agaion tonight
  240. (5:01 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   wtf
  241. (5:01 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Meet me in Room 63 tonight, 12am.
  242. (5:01 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I'll be waiting.
  243. (5:02 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   you will be waiting pretty long
  244. (5:02 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      And no I'm not gonna make love to you. I'm gonna shave that pussy of yours!
  245. (5:02 PM) тσмєнннннн: and her nipples
  246. (5:02 PM) тσмєнннннн: and her legs
  247. (5:02 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah gonna scream like a bitch.
  248. (5:02 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      It'll SOUND like we're fucking but we're not.
  249. (5:03 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   no
  250. (5:03 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Well you left an awful taste in my mouth!
  251. (5:03 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I think a swallowed a crab.
  252. (5:04 PM) тσмєнннннн: ewww
  253. (5:04 PM) тσмєнннннн: i kiinda feel sorry for ryAN NOW
  254. (5:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Why the hell you got hairs on your clit? Isn't that supposed to be all nice and smooth? LOL.
  255. (5:04 PM) тσмєнннннн: his dick must be  full of diseises
  256. (5:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Hairy foreskin disease.
  257. (5:04 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   he's dick alright
  258. (5:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      How long is it? Lmao.
  259. (5:05 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   15cm
  260. (5:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ha ha at least shes being honest!
  261. (5:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      She knows her dick sizes!
  262. (5:05 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   no i no
  263. (5:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Cus most bitches say 9 inches and thats utter crap.
  264. (5:07 PM) тσмєнннннн: why leave we just have advise for u about keeping clean
  265. (5:07 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Hey whats Ryans last name. I think I've met him before.
  266. (5:07 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   i'm not telling you
  267. (5:08 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Probably don't know it.
  268. (5:08 PM) тσмєнннннн: she doesent want her baby gettin bashed, he was too scared to go on webby with me
  269. (5:08 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Dude do NOT ask him to go on webby. He'll take his pants off and jerk off for ya.
  270. (5:09 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   oii
  271. (5:09 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Stephy guess what?
  272. (5:09 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   what
  273. (5:09 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ryans cheating on you.
  274. (5:10 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   really
  275. (5:10 PM) тσмєнннннн: yep
  276. (5:11 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      He went to a gay club last night. Theres videos on youtube of him full out pashing the girls and guys. I'm not lying. Of course hes not gonna admit it. You'd dump him!
  277. (5:12 PM) тσмєнннннн: its all true stephy
  278. (5:12 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      He was wearing a black g-string and there was a big line of people in front of him, all sucking him off one by one.
  279. (5:13 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   oh really i dont care i love ryan alot so just leave me alone
  280. (5:13 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      You don't care hes cheating on you? Well more like using you.
  281. (5:14 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Well don't come to me for sympathy I'm taken. Ha.
  282. (5:15 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   can i go now
  283. (5:15 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      No.
  284. (5:15 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I havn't cum yet.
  285. (5:15 PM) тσмєнннннн: HAHAHAHAH
  286. (5:16 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      So uh.... *shoves you down underneath me and kisses you roughly*
  287. (5:17 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Come on don't make me do all the work. Lol. *runs my fingertips down your spine and stops above you ass*
  288. (5:18 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Hey Tom join in. Lmao.
  289. (5:18 PM) тσмєнннннн: heheh
  290. (5:18 PM) тσмєнннннн: *makes u suck my dick*
  291. (5:21 PM) тσмєнннннн: hehe]
  292. (5:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ha ha ha. *as your sucking Toms dick you got your hand on mine and stroking me firmly getting me HARD*
  293. (5:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Come on slut.
  294. (5:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ryan won't ever know.
  295. (5:22 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   i'm not a slut
  296. (5:23 PM) тσмєнннннн: u sure ur not a slut
  297. (5:23 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Oh. *shoves you hard into the wall and starts sticking my dick inside you* You asked for it. Your not giving in so I'm going to make this hurt. Lmao.
  298. (5:23 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck you
  299. (5:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Come on thrust your waist into me then! Lol.
  300. (5:24 PM) тσмєнннннн: *slaps steph with my dick* eat it babe
  301. (5:25 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   i'm not ya babe
  302. (5:25 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ha ha. *moving it in and out getting faster each minute. And now I'm growing HARD and don't lie your getting wet I can FEEL it. Sniff sniff* Oh god STEPH!!! Fuck.
  303. (5:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      *puts nose plugs in* Now lets continue.
  304. (5:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Damn your a DEAD beat. Come on do something back. This is just like jerking off with lube right now. I want something more. So fuck me back! Ha.
  305. (5:27 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck off ya sick cunts
  306. (5:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ok. *fucks you roughly making you scream, making it HURT* I asked you pain or pleasure? Which is it?
  307. (5:28 PM) тσмєнннннн: hay hayden r u the person steph is cheatin on ryan with
  308. (5:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah I'm fucking ya bitch HAYDEN! Ha.
  309. (5:29 PM) тσмєнннннн: whore
  310. (5:29 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ha ha shes handing me $100 notes.
  311. (5:30 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah fucken right. *digs my fingers hard into your ass*
  312. (5:31 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Your a boring fuck Steph.
  313. (5:33 PM) тσмєнннннн: hahha look who it is another oersin shes cheatin on ryan with
  314. (5:33 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Far out Steph. FIRST ME, THEN HAYDEN AND NOW THIS TYSON GUY.
  315. (5:34 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck off
  316. (5:34 PM) тσмєнннннн: dont 4get me
  317. (5:34 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      *slides my tongue down your stomach and gets lower*
  318. (5:34 PM) -:    shut the fuck cunt i didnt do anythin  with her why dont u go get fucked in ur lil dick hole and leave her alone or u will hav me to fuckin deal with
  319. (5:34 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah your real freaky.
  320. (5:34 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I'll fuck you too if I have to. Lol.
  321. (5:34 PM) -:    yeah ino cunt
  322. (5:34 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh wow ur threatens r so shallow they make me laugh typical wanker
  323. (5:35 PM) -:    cunt im 21 i could eat u alive
  324. (5:35 PM) тσмєнннннн: haha u sure dfont act it
  325. (5:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Mmmmmm I'm licking her clit its actually hairless for a chance. Thanks to ME. I shaved it for her.
  326. (5:35 PM) -:    yeah good one cock face
  327. (5:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      21? Lol.
  328. (5:35 PM) -:    u probly havnt even hit puberty yet fuck off cunts
  329. (5:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I'm 19.
  330. (5:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      And a much better speller than a 21 year old.
  331. (5:36 PM) тσмєнннннн: he aint 21
  332. (5:36 PM) -:    cunt just fock off alright
  333. (5:36 PM) -:    yeah i am fuck face
  334. (5:36 PM) тσмєнннннн: hes more like 12 mix his number backwards
  335. (5:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Lying fuck.
  336. (5:36 PM) тσмєнннннн: hahaha then why sware u sound like ryon lol ub rnt cool
  337. (5:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      CUNT! FUCK OFF! Thats all these guys ever say.
  338. (5:37 PM) -:    i hate cunts like u tht are so fucked up in the head they dont even no wat they r talkin bout
  339. (5:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Lol.
  340. (5:37 PM) -:    r u like fuckin 5
  341. (5:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Anyway. *starts sticks my tongue inside HER pussy*
  342. (5:38 PM) -:    whos ur mums?
  343. (5:38 PM) -:    thought so fuck face
  344. (5:38 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Your not listening ARE you?
  345. (5:38 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Pay attention.
  346. (5:38 PM) тσмєнннннн: cant u use a sentance without the words "fuck"and cint
  347. (5:38 PM) тσмєнннннн: "*cunt
  348. (5:38 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   y cant you just shut the fuck up and go
  349. (5:38 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Theres only one girl in here so who the hell else would it be?
  350. (5:39 PM) -:    why dont u to homos go and get kiddnapped it will make ur parents alot happyer
  351. (5:39 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Moms. Why do you people always say things about peoples moms? Really? You must be proud.
  352. (5:39 PM) -:    moms?
  353. (5:39 PM) -:    r u fuckin yankie or somethin
  354. (5:39 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I can fuck, unlike YOU. Ha.
  355. (5:39 PM) тσмєнннннн: lol stephinie why do u hang around immature guys u need some good looking mature guys that dont use the words "fuck"and"cunt"like there cool wordds
  356. (5:40 PM) -:    where  u from fuck face ?
  357. (5:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Stephs not worth it. Shes such a boring root. Man, can't even get me hard.
  358. (5:40 PM) тσмєнннннн: lol were from sydney
  359. (5:40 PM) тσмєнннннн: gonna come rape us now
  360. (5:41 PM) -:    awww look out here comes the two faggots from sydney
  361. (5:41 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      You got something against Sydney?
  362. (5:41 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   burn
  363. (5:41 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   its a shit hole
  364. (5:41 PM) -:    sydney is the poofter state of aus
  365. (5:41 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah and which part you two from?
  366. (5:41 PM) тσмєнннннн: ok then where do u lvie
  367. (5:41 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   nsw
  368. (5:41 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Ha!
  369. (5:41 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Same state...
  370. (5:42 PM) тσмєнннннн: yer wat town dicknob
  371. (5:42 PM)       ** Sophieee,               I love you brendan so much!(L) has been added to the conversation.
  372. (5:42 PM) -:    so we aint poofters tht live in sydney
  373. (5:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Omg.
  374. (5:42 PM)       ** Sophieee,               I love you brendan so much!(L) has left the conversation.
  375. (5:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Sydney racists.
  376. (5:42 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh so she adds another slut to the convo
  377. (5:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Lol.
  378. (5:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I'm gonna fuck her too now.
  379. (5:42 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   who
  380. (5:42 PM) тσмєнннннн: omg too pussy to tell us were they from
  381. (5:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Sophie.
  382. (5:43 PM) -:    mate she is way out of ur league
  383. (5:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      I'm gonna fuck all your GIRL friends one by one until I finally get to you.
  384. (5:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Out of my league?
  385. (5:43 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   dirty dirty cunt
  386. (5:43 PM) -:    u r gay and up urself
  387. (5:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      ;)
  388. (5:43 PM) тσмєнннннн: and ur homophobic by usin ga as a comeback
  389. (5:44 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      How old are these guys? Really. Your not 21 Tyson.
  390. (5:44 PM) -:    i dont fuckin fear em
  391. (5:44 PM) тσмєнннннн: homophobes r worse then gay guys not that we r gay but ur just  a pathetic ashole
  392. (5:44 PM) -:    yeah comin from u
  393. (5:44 PM) -:    ur the asshole tht is sayin shit about a 12 year old
  394. (5:44 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah you should respect peoples rights tho. It ain't their fault their gay lol.
  395. (5:44 PM) -:    u homos
  396. (5:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Your 12?
  397. (5:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Lmao.
  398. (5:45 PM) тσмєнннннн: why do u hate em? they cant help bein that way just like u cant help bein a immature rat ur parents have gone wron in ur upbrining
  399. (5:45 PM) тσмєнннннн: his parents r fucked in the head
  400. (5:45 PM) -:    so are use
  401. (5:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Its in the genetic.
  402. (5:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Genetics.
  403. (5:48 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   like you
  404. (5:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Mm I like you too.
  405. (5:48 PM) тσмєнннннн: hey steph whats the enxt wierdo u gt planed for us well shut him off again
  406. (5:49 PM) тσмєнннннн: go on we want more
  407. (5:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Be gentle.
  408. (5:54 PM) тσмєнннннн: there
  409. (6:04 PM)       You have invited (F)(L)Stephhhaniee (L)(F) (L)>>>> iiiloveyou RYAN SO MUCHHH  (L)<<<<       (Y)(Y) to start sending webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.
  410. (6:04 PM)       (F)(L)Stephhhaniee (L)(F) (L)>>>> iiiloveyou RYAN SO MUCHHH  (L)<<<<       (Y)(Y) has accepted your invitation to start sending webcam.
  411. (6:06 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   not going to talk right byee
  412. (6:06 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      LOL.
  413. (6:06 PM)       (F)(L)Stephhhaniee (L)(F) (L)>>>> iiiloveyou RYAN SO MUCHHH  (L)<<<<       (Y)(Y) has stopped viewing webcam with you.
  414. (6:06 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   what is funny\
  415. (6:06 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      How OLD are you?
  416. (6:07 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   13
  417. (6:07 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Yeah. I can tell.
  418. (6:08 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   haha
  419. (6:17 PM) тσмєнннннн: llllllllllllllll
  420. (6:17 PM) тσмєнннннн: l
  421. (6:18 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   ========
  422. (6:19 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Add ya boyfriend.
  423. (6:19 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      RYAN
  424. (6:19 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   he is at footty sorry
  425. (6:19 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Dammit. Lol.
  426. (6:21 PM)       (so)Whine 4 The Bill, Grind 4 The Bill << LOL I  (l)F۰۪۪۫۫R۰I۰۪۫E۪۰Z۰A>>(l) has been added to the conversation.
  427. (6:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)The LEAN:      Whos that?
  428. (6:22 PM)       Beŋŋ has been added to the conversation.
  429. (6:22 PM)       Buckley .. (F) Ange <3(F)--| Release your life, take your place inside the fire with her. has been added to the conversation.
  430. (6:22 PM)       (so)Whine 4 The Bill, Grind 4 The Bill << LOL I  (l)F۰۪۪۫۫R۰I۰۪۫E۪۰Z۰A>>(l) has left the conversation.
  431. (6:23 PM)       (R)BAYGON: The Power Is Yours(E)WhoopsaDaisy! Lets make a cake for nanna. has been added to the conversation.
  432. (6:25 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   go away
  434. -------------------------
  436. (9:21 PM) тσмєнннннн: sup
  437. (9:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Drinking Coke.
  438. (9:21 PM) тσмєнннннн: YUMM
  439. (9:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      YAAAA
  440. (9:23 PM) тσмєнннннн: the little girl aint talking
  441. (9:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Chewing on the end of my pen. Lol, ha.
  442. (9:24 PM) тσмєнннннн: oi bitch talk
  443. (9:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Yeah
  444. (9:25 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   dont call me a bitch
  445. (9:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Okay SWEETIE.
  446. (9:26 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck off
  447. (9:32 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Mm-hmm mm-hmm. *nods*
  448. (9:57 PM) тσмєнннннн: look who it is
  449. (9:57 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    hey
  450. (9:58 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hi
  451. (9:58 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Howdy.
  452. (9:59 PM) тσмєнннннн: sup
  453. (9:59 PM) (M)_ RYAN:    nm
  454. (9:59 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   nothing
  455. (10:00 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:  wbu ,,,,,, ?
  456. (10:00 PM) тσмєнннннн:        bored ]'
  457. (10:01 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:     Ha. Got sore eyes. A headache. Yeah!
  458. (10:01 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:  kk byee
  461. (4:10 PM)       тσмєнннннн just sent you a nudge.
  462. (4:10 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   oh
  463. (4:10 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      *Yawwwwwn*
  464. (4:11 PM) тσмєнннннн: тσмєнннннн sent a sound: Cooler/Rainy
  465. (4:11 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Lmao.
  466. (4:12 PM) тσмєнннннн: тσмєнннннн sent a sound: Gaara's bleeding
  467. (4:12 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   go away
  468. (4:13 PM) тσмєнннннн: ur a rude bitch
  469. (4:13 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Learn some MANNERS.
  470. (4:13 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIGENCE by DESIGN. sent a sound: toxicshock
  471. (4:13 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Wtf lol.
  472. (4:13 PM) тσмєнннннн: тσмєнннннн sent a sound: Cooler/Rainy
  473. (4:13 PM) тσмєнннннн: thats steph and cooler
  474. (4:13 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Ha, yeah right.
  475. (4:14 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      Ha ha ha.
  476. (4:14 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   LOL  NOT FUNNY
  477. (4:14 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIGENCE by DESIGN. sent a sound: Getting fucked Ha
  478. (4:14 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIGENCE by DESIGN. sent a sound: uh! uh! uh...
  479. (4:16 PM) тσмєнннннн: тσмєнннннн sent a sound: Getting fucked Ha
  480. (4:16 PM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   fuck off
  481. (4:16 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)INTELLIG:      I'mmmmm gonna cum all over you! Me and my fucking gun! Me and my fucking gun. Held against ya forehead. And I'll make ya suck it. Maybe, put a hole in ya head. Ya know, JUST FOR THE FUCK OF IT.
  482. (4:24 PM) тσмєнннннн: тσмєнннннн sent a sound: SECKS MACHINE
  484. ---------------------
  486. (1:00 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hmmm.
  487. (1:00 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Yes?
  488. (1:00 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hmmmmm.
  489. (1:00 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Lol.
  490. (1:00 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hmmmmm.
  491. (1:00 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       HMMMMMM
  492. (1:00 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hmmmmmmmm.
  493. (1:01 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   dont take my words ayy
  494. (1:01 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hmmmmmmmmmmm.
  495. (1:01 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Is that ya boyfriend in ya piccy? Ha.
  496. (1:02 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   yerr
  497. (1:02 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   y are you wanking ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  498. (1:02 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   i jizz in my pant
  499. (1:02 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Nah just wondering who it was. Haha that song.
  500. (1:02 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   lol  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  501. (1:03 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       LOL AM I TALKING TO STEPHANIE
  502. (1:03 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   yepp
  503. (1:03 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  y
  504. (1:04 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Cus your acting weird. Ha.
  505. (1:05 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   hmmmmmmmmmm.
  506. (1:06 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Mmm-hmmmm.
  507. (1:07 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   kiss my ass
  508. (1:08 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Thanks, but no thanks.
  509. (1:08 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   ur lost
  510. (1:09 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Yeah
  511. (1:12 AM) (F)(L)Stephhhaniee:   do u think i'm sexyyyyy
  512. (1:14 AM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Get the:       Why you asking me
  514. -----------------
  516. (6:02 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  haha yuur soo funny
  517. (6:02 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah I know. You won't be laughing when ya mouth is full tho. Haha.
  518. (6:02 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  its too small sweeting
  520. (6:03 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah im a slut for sure
  521. (6:03 PM) тσмєнннннн: lol she is a slut thats the thing
  522. (6:04 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  omg yuu a dead set GRONK
  523. (6:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       And that is.......
  524. (6:05 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  are yuu dumb ?
  525. (6:05 PM) тσмєнннннн: a gronk is her made up word
  526. (6:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Not as dumb as you missy.
  527. (6:05 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  wateva
  528. (6:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Just cus I don't know what your "cool words" mean.
  529. (6:06 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Because their not in the DICK TION NARY lol.
  530. (6:06 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  sorry im not a nerd like yuu who reads it
  531. (6:06 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       You don't have to read it to know that GRONK isn't a word.
  532. (6:07 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  it is
  533. (6:07 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ha ha ha. And so is SECKS
  534. (6:07 PM) тσмєнннннн: tahlia add one of ur freidns to the convo 1!!! only 1
  535. (6:07 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  wat for ?
  536. (6:08 PM) тσмєнннннн: to bak u up
  537. (6:08 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ha.
  538. (6:08 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i dont need it like yuu
  539. (6:08 PM) тσмєнннннн: *whispers to cooler* she has no friends
  540. (6:08 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i can think for my self
  541. (6:08 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Well we're giving you the oppurtuny to be fair and we're not scared are we?
  542. (6:09 PM) тσмєнннннн: nathan dont be slack she has no friends she doesent save her fanny so the girls at her school hate ehr she dont fit in
  543. (6:09 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Lol.
  544. (6:09 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       HOW OLD YA TAHLIA
  545. (6:09 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       What a name..
  546. (6:09 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  13
  547. (6:10 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       PSSSSSHHHHHHH!
  548. (6:10 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has been added to the conversation.
  549. (6:10 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       HI GAYME
  550. (6:10 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuur the gay
  551. (6:10 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  one
  552. (6:10 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       And I guess you'd know all about that wouldnt ya
  553. (6:10 PM) jamie@thecompute:     sup oi gay fullaz
  554. (6:10 PM) jamie@thecompute:     hot cross bun dude
  555. (6:10 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah
  556. (6:10 PM) тσмєнннннн: ha wow a queer
  557. (6:10 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Hot cross bun dude. Lol.
  558. (6:11 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME
  559. (6:11 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  brb
  560. (6:11 PM) jamie@thecompute:     stop munching on ur hot cross buns, they make u chubby numnuts
  561. (6:11 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ha.
  562. (6:11 PM) тσмєнннннн: dont mess with us jamie will eat tahlia up
  563. (6:11 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah I'm not eating them I'm stuffing em up your tight asshole.
  565. ------------------------
  567. (6:27 PM)       тσмєнннннн just sent you a nudge.
  568. (6:27 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  wat
  569. (6:27 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript]
  570. (6:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       What the hell is that second sentence? Lol.
  571. (6:27 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  huh?
  572. (6:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript]
  573. (6:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT CROSS BUNS. Ha. MrS050 sent a sound: Cooler/Rainy
  574. (6:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Lol.
  575. (6:28 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  wtf?
  576. (6:28 PM) тσмєнннннн: add jamie
  577. (6:28 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  why
  578. (6:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Can you hear that? Omg what is that noise?
  579. (6:28 PM) тσмєнннннн: coz it was funny
  580. (6:28 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has been added to the conversation.
  581. (6:28 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  there
  582. (6:29 PM) jamie@thecompute:     tomboatmsn@hotmail.com?
  583. (6:29 PM) jamie@thecompute:     wtf sorta name is that
  584. (6:29 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Can you hear the sounds? Ha.
  585. (6:29 PM) jamie@thecompute:     no and they r probably gay fucked up noised u made
  586. (6:29 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no ok no one cares grow up
  587. (6:29 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       YEAH PARTIALLY. They are FUCKED up. They are NOISES.
  588. (6:29 PM) тσмєнннннн: jamie@thecomputer.com lmfao u can talk
  589. (6:30 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude ..."tomboatmsn" WTF
  590. (6:30 PM) тσмєнннннн: dude @thecomputer wtf
  591. (6:30 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Whats so wtf about that?
  592. (6:30 PM) jamie@thecompute:     at least @thecomputer sounds cool
  593. (6:30 PM) тσмєнннннн: how does it lmfao
  594. (6:30 PM) тσмєнннннн: ur a wanker
  595. (6:30 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no yuu cant say that
  596. (6:30 PM) jamie@thecompute:     wtf did u just call me
  597. (6:30 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Mines coolest. At live.
  598. (6:31 PM) jamie@thecompute:     urs dusnt make sense
  599. (6:31 PM) тσмєнннннн: hahahahah i called u a WANKER
  600. (6:31 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  that was like 5 seconds ago dumbshit
  601. (6:31 PM) тσмєнннннн: wat u gonna do bash me? teh thats wat everyone says
  602. (6:31 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ur fucking lucky i dont live by u or i wud kick ur gutz out ur asshole
  603. (6:31 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i could bash yuu
  604. (6:31 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Try a new one.
  605. (6:31 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude a gurl kud bash u
  606. (6:31 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  haha me
  607. (6:31 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah you would know.
  608. (6:31 PM) тσмєнннннн: how so u dont no me r u that imamture?
  609. (6:32 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh and learn how to spell geeze theese guys need to learn a new comeback like ï could bash u"c
  610. (6:32 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude, i bet she was kooler at 3, then ull ever b
  611. (6:32 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       3... come up with a more LOGICAL age.
  612. (6:32 PM) jamie@thecompute:     2 then
  613. (6:32 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       No one is cool at 3.
  614. (6:32 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i was and still am
  615. (6:32 PM) тσмєнннннн: u fucking wish ugly cunt
  616. (6:32 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah right. You were in ya dypers. Thats real cool. For you maybe.
  617. (6:33 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no i asnt SHAME
  618. (6:33 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ur probably still got diapers at what... 12/13?
  619. (6:33 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       How can you be cool at 3? Explain that please.
  620. (6:33 PM) тσмєнннннн: shes in f
  621. (6:33 PM) jamie@thecompute:     how can you not b cool at 3? explain that please.
  622. (6:33 PM) тσмєнннннн: fantasy world
  623. (6:33 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  coz i was born cool
  624. (6:33 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ha. I asked you to explain it first so instead of modifying my sentence...
  625. (6:34 PM) jamie@thecompute:     so im not aloud to modify?
  626. (6:34 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Thats the easy way out, cus you couldn't answer my question.
  627. (6:34 PM) jamie@thecompute:     no, i simply asked a question in return dipshit
  628. (6:34 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah, sure sure. I believe ya.
  629. (6:34 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  omg seriously who as abox things in there name ?
  630. (6:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I have MSN plus. It makes my name coloured... that why!
  631. (6:35 PM) jamie@thecompute:     . . .
  632. (6:35 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  coz yuu would have xboxes in yuur name yuu NERD
  633. (6:35 PM) jamie@thecompute:     go take ur colours and shuv dem up ur are before i do it
  634. (6:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I just explained it to you. Ffs lol.
  635. (6:35 PM) тσмєнннннн: lol another immature threat?
  636. (6:35 PM) jamie@thecompute:     shut up tomboy
  637. (6:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ouch haha.
  638. (6:36 PM) тσмєнннннн: u shut up mate
  639. (6:36 PM) jamie@thecompute:     make me.
  640. (6:36 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  hes not  yuur mate
  641. (6:36 PM) jamie@thecompute:     excactly.
  642. (6:36 PM) тσмєнннннн: lmfao he said "make me"i was usin that in kindy
  643. (6:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Its just a phrase. Stop taking things so literal.
  644. (6:36 PM) jamie@thecompute:     so , dusnt mean i cant use it now can i dipshit
  645. (6:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       How come in most of your sentences, you can't help but insult us?
  646. (6:37 PM) jamie@thecompute:     y wudnt i want to insult u fugnuts?
  647. (6:37 PM) jamie@thecompute:     bullshit
  648. (6:37 PM) тσмєнннннн: even tahlia could do with a much better friend then u ur pathetic
  649. (6:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah I'm not going around swearing like a schitzophrenic kid.
  650. (6:37 PM) jamie@thecompute:     if im pathetic what does that make u? PFFT I WUDNT WANA KNO
  651. (6:37 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  dont say my nameits too good for yuu
  652. (6:38 PM) jamie@thecompute:     and u wud b a better frend?
  653. (6:38 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ooh what a snob!
  654. (6:38 PM) тσмєнннннн: at least i can spelll u ditz
  655. (6:38 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i dnt care bowt spellin dipshit
  656. (6:38 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       She thinks she better than everyone. You know guys don't like girls like that.
  657. (6:39 PM) тσмєнннннн: dats why she never gets a bf
  658. (6:39 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  doo i care?
  659. (6:39 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i got one
  660. (6:39 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       You should.
  661. (6:39 PM) тσмєнннннн: sure
  662. (6:39 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i doo
  663. (6:39 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude u have to treat gurls like queens, no wonder u dont ever get 1
  664. (6:39 PM) тσмєнннннн: mate wat makes u think i never get one and tahlia idnt a "queen"
  665. (6:39 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i bet the only person u hav ever kissed that is female is ur mum
  666. (6:39 PM) jamie@thecompute:     im not ur mate
  667. (6:39 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Oh yeah of course she'd say she does. Because to her, its not cool to be single. Cus she CANT stand being single! Her boyfriend leaves her and the next day shes got a new one and forgets all about the other.
  668. (6:39 PM) jamie@thecompute:     all gurls r queens
  669. (6:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Not true.
  670. (6:40 PM) тσмєнннннн: MY MUM IS DEAD U SICK CUNT
  671. (6:40 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ohh wow who cares?
  672. (6:40 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ur mate there?
  673. (6:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Not all girls are queens and its really quite sad that you can't see that.
  674. (6:40 PM) jamie@thecompute:     aww boo fuking hoo
  675. (6:40 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  hey no ones talking too yuu god shut up were talking to tom
  676. (6:41 PM) тσмєнннннн: jamie ur gonna get bashed one day bys aying stuff like that and ur lucky i dont no u coz i would have been the one doin it
  677. (6:41 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       You shouldn't make fun of someone for loosing their mum. Its not funny. How would you feel huh?
  678. (6:41 PM) jamie@thecompute:     u kudnt even bash me up...u kudnt hurt a fly
  679. (6:41 PM) тσмєнннннн: shut the fuck up tahlia
  680. (6:41 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  nahh im right
  681. (6:41 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       These two just can't be civil.
  682. (6:41 PM) jamie@thecompute:     fucking dont tell her to shut up dude...not kool...shut up tomboy....just like dat
  683. (6:41 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  wtf does that mean ?
  684. (6:41 PM) тσмєнннннн: they think there tough over the internet
  685. (6:42 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  im tough them just face it ok
  686. (6:42 PM) тσмєнннннн: i could smash jamie all on my own i bet hes a little 10 year old
  687. (6:42 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ya see tahlia, they r nerds and reli try to listen in class, goody goods really.
  688. (6:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Tough cus you been taking steroids. Tough girls, ugh thats not pretty.
  689. (6:42 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude did u call a 16 year old, a 10 year old
  690. (6:42 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  im not trying too inpress yuu i like hot guys not ugly nerdy ones
  691. (6:42 PM) тσмєнннннн: yea i did coz thats how u act
  692. (6:42 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude get a life
  693. (6:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah hot guys. You know nothing about a guys personality lol.
  694. (6:43 PM) тσмєнннннн: i have one why dont u?
  695. (6:43 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i bet u have 1, thats imaginary
  696. (6:43 PM) тσмєнннннн: yer shes a typical bitch whos only into"looks"
  697. (6:43 PM) jamie@thecompute:     and? thats ur problem whyy?
  698. (6:43 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no
  699. (6:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah. A lot of those.
  700. (6:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Because their just looking for a root. Lol.
  701. (6:43 PM) тσмєнннннн: eww sluts
  702. (6:44 PM) jamie@thecompute:     and what if they r? its stil ur problem whyy?
  703. (6:44 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah thats why im still avirgin
  704. (6:44 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Make sure to wear TWO condoms with those girls.
  705. (6:44 PM) jamie@thecompute:     thats sooo funny oi..
  706. (6:44 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Its not meant to be...
  707. (6:44 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  just doz yuur gunna die a virgin
  708. (6:44 PM) jamie@thecompute:     no shit shirlock
  709. (6:44 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       *clap clap*
  710. (6:44 PM) тσмєнннннн: jamie mate at least we dont mock peoples mums tats a pathetic comeback and its old
  711. (6:45 PM) jamie@thecompute:     im not ur mate
  712. (6:45 PM) тσмєнннннн: and U R PATHETIC
  713. (6:45 PM) jamie@thecompute:     thankyou , and your pathetic too.
  714. (6:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Nice comeback. I couldn't of done better myself. Ha.
  715. (6:45 PM) тσмєнннннн: u admited ur pathetic which makes u even more pathetic and no im not patheticxD
  716. (6:45 PM) jamie@thecompute:     no shit.
  717. (6:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Sarcasm...
  718. (6:45 PM) jamie@thecompute:     wow.....
  719. (6:45 PM) jamie@thecompute:     tough guys
  720. (6:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah... wow...
  721. (6:46 PM) тσмєнннннн: tahliaaa r u back on ur periods?
  722. (6:46 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no
  723. (6:46 PM) тσмєнннннн: hmmm shaves that cooch latly or kept it hairy NASTY
  724. (6:46 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Look she hasn't been laid this week.
  725. (6:46 PM) jamie@thecompute:     who old r u losers?
  726. (6:46 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  do yuu know anything about girls yuu dont ask for them yu get them
  727. (6:46 PM) тσмєнннннн: pity havtnt u been goin good at ur job latly u might have to shave a bit more
  728. (6:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       In a more polite way "How old are you two?"
  729. (6:47 PM) jamie@thecompute:     im 16 thankyou very much.
  730. (6:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I don't reply to smart alects.
  731. (6:47 PM) jamie@thecompute:     bullshit.
  732. (6:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Right.
  733. (6:47 PM) jamie@thecompute:     tough guy oi..
  734. (6:47 PM) jamie@thecompute:     tough....
  735. (6:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       That came outta nowhere.
  736. (6:48 PM) jamie@thecompute:     u dont reply to smart alects?
  737. (6:48 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuu came out of no where
  738. (6:48 PM) jamie@thecompute:     gud 1 !
  739. (6:48 PM) тσмєнннннн: tahlia u fucked up tart fuck off
  740. (6:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Oh lol that was so offensive. :D
  741. (6:48 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no im right
  742. (6:48 PM) jamie@thecompute:     y dont u fuck off?
  743. (6:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Nah.
  744. (6:48 PM) jamie@thecompute:     if i do, will u be happy
  745. (6:48 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ?
  746. (6:49 PM) тσмєнннннн: yes
  747. (6:49 PM) тσмєнннннн: heaps
  748. (6:49 PM) jamie@thecompute:     well, y dont i go spit on ur mums grave?
  749. (6:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I havn't called you guys one nasty name yet. You two on the other hand have been doing it an awful lot.
  750. (6:49 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ...
  751. (6:49 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  oh yeah yuu called me a slut
  752. (6:49 PM) тσмєнннннн: lmfao im not gonna bother getitn mad u aint worth it
  753. (6:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Thats not nasty tho lol.
  754. (6:49 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ok then
  755. (6:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Maybe to you is it.
  756. (6:49 PM) тσмєнннннн: lmfao she is a slut
  757. (6:49 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah it is coz im not a slut
  758. (6:49 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude...trust me ... dont call a gurl a slut i know from experience :S
  759. (6:50 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh wooowwww lmfao ur still a virgin and always will be dead  fucker
  760. (6:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I mean words such as fuck. Swear words. You can't live without em. You don't hear grown up going around swearing that much?
  761. (6:50 PM) jamie@thecompute:     if u wanna get ur @$$ kicked go ahead
  762. (6:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Hey bro.
  763. (6:50 PM) jamie@thecompute:     at least ill b able to fuck
  764. (6:50 PM) jamie@thecompute:     how old r u cooler?
  765. (6:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I'm 19 and you on the other hand are just a little 16 year old kid.
  766. (6:51 PM) jamie@thecompute:     kid..
  767. (6:51 PM) тσмєнннннн: hes not 16
  768. (6:51 PM) тσмєнннннн: hes a selfish ignorant child
  769. (6:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah 16 is a kid.
  770. (6:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       To me.
  771. (6:51 PM) jamie@thecompute:     and what? ur not 10? ur 9
  772. (6:51 PM) тσмєнннннн: nah i aint tellin u my age
  773. (6:51 PM) тσмєнннннн: thanks
  774. (6:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Mmm really. If you say so.
  775. (6:52 PM) jamie@thecompute:     na ur all gudz cooler its dis lil tomboy datz got a problem
  776. (6:52 PM) тσмєнннннн: how so
  777. (6:52 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Well man, I'm his friend so of course I'm going to stick up for him.
  778. (6:52 PM) jamie@thecompute:     why dont u tell me?
  779. (6:52 PM) jamie@thecompute:     u stick up for him if u like
  780. (6:52 PM) тσмєнннннн: stop sucking up
  781. (6:52 PM) тσмєнннннн: to cooler
  782. (6:52 PM) тσмєнннннн: just coz hed kick ur ass dont start sucking up
  783. (6:52 PM) jamie@thecompute:     bull shit...
  784. (6:53 PM) тσмєнннннн: yes ever since thatb happend u started bein nice
  785. (6:53 PM) тσмєнннннн: cockhead
  786. (6:53 PM) jamie@thecompute:     cockhead? ooo soo hurtful oi...
  787. (6:53 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i live in new zealand dude..
  788. (6:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah I know, your email address says it all. Co.nz.
  789. (6:54 PM) jamie@thecompute:     yup, excactly.
  790. (6:54 PM) тσмєнннннн: so he couldent so called "bash me"oh wait hed try to bash me
  791. (6:54 PM) тσмєнннннн: lmfao i dont "suck up"to people u really r pathetic
  792. (6:55 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude im gonna b the mature 1 and stop fightin now dude
  793. (6:55 PM) тσмєнннннн: ok bye then
  794. (6:55 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ohh...i never sed i was levin
  795. (6:56 PM) тσмєнннннн: yer well i still dont particuly like u its tahlia i have a REAL grudge on i think ur a dick for wat u said about my mum
  796. (6:56 PM) jamie@thecompute:     im just sticking up for people dude, i wudnt of had to say that if u didnt say some of the things u sed
  797. (6:56 PM) тσмєнннннн: that doesent always have to be ur comeback
  798. (6:57 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i know.
  799. (6:57 PM) jamie@thecompute:     but it is.
  800. (6:57 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I don't know what its like to not have a mum so I don't know what it'd be like. But I sure wouldn't want people making comments bout it. Anyway Jamie I'm sure Tom doesn't want to talk about what happened to his mum.
  801. (6:57 PM) тσмєнннннн: its really old i suggest u get a knew one be4 u get seriusly hurt coz u really pissed me off today
  802. (6:58 PM) jamie@thecompute:     and anyway y wud u hav a grudge on tahlia
  803. (6:58 PM) тσмєнннннн: and shes a fcuking bitch im sick of her but shes in the past now
  804. (6:58 PM) jamie@thecompute:     y dont u stop talkn to her then?
  805. (6:59 PM) тσмєнннннн: cant u see i have
  806. (6:59 PM) jamie@thecompute:     no, cant u see she stopped talking to u?
  807. (6:59 PM) jamie@thecompute:     and dude, i bet ur mum isnt ded, i bet u live in aus.
  808. (6:59 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I have a different friend whos mum is also dead. Its quite possible.
  809. (6:59 PM) jamie@thecompute:     and i bet ur boh under 15
  810. (7:00 PM) тσмєнннннн: i do live in aus and she is dead thanks she has a fit and chocked to death can we change the subject?
  811. (7:00 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       No I didn't lie about my age.
  812. (7:00 PM) jamie@thecompute:     u sure bwt dat? u seriusly act like 13/14 yr olds
  813. (7:00 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       How so?
  814. (7:00 PM) jamie@thecompute:     if ur 19 WHY THE FUCK wud u hav msn?
  815. (7:01 PM) тσмєнннннн: if we act like that wat does that make u? lmfao
  816. (7:01 PM) jamie@thecompute:     16 like i am.
  817. (7:01 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh really?
  818. (7:01 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Why wouldn't I?
  819. (7:01 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude i know tahlia we went to primary together.
  820. (7:01 PM) тσмєнннннн: how do u act ur age
  821. (7:01 PM) тσмєнннннн: i feel sorry for u if u went to primary with her
  822. (7:01 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude i have a restricted lisence, if i had webcam i cud prove it
  823. (7:02 PM) тσмєнннннн: but u dont so how shuld i bieleve u
  824. (7:02 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i feel sorry that u didnt go to primry wid her
  825. (7:02 PM) тσмєнннннн: id rather not about her thanks
  826. (7:02 PM) jamie@thecompute:     missed out on lot dude
  827. (7:02 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       For example
  828. (7:03 PM) jamie@thecompute:     fun man ... fun..
  829. (7:03 PM) тσмєнннннн: at least we dont always insult people WOW u really act ur age oh and at elast we dont insult peopls mums
  830. (7:03 PM) jamie@thecompute:     du u want me to continue?
  831. (7:03 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Come one more than that. What exactly?
  832. (7:04 PM) jamie@thecompute:     du u want me to continue insulting ur mum tomboy?
  833. (7:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Just ignore him.
  834. (7:04 PM) jamie@thecompute:     yea just ignore him.
  835. (7:04 PM) тσмєнннннн: i dont care if u do it jsut makes me laugh at ur selfishness so go ahead i erge u
  836. (7:04 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i bet ur mum was a slut.
  837. (7:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       This is childish...
  838. (7:04 PM) jamie@thecompute:     no shit oi...
  839. (7:05 PM) тσмєнннннн: keep going
  840. (7:05 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude , i know im 16..
  841. (7:05 PM) jamie@thecompute:     u got proof u r 19?
  842. (7:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       So how can I proove that?
  843. (7:05 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh u done insultin my mum? that was quick
  844. (7:05 PM) jamie@thecompute:     how can i prove im 16?
  845. (7:06 PM) тσмєнннннн: he aint 16 cooler he was suckin up 2 u before
  846. (7:06 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i dont have webcam, just photos of me and my mates on my fone
  847. (7:06 PM) jamie@thecompute:     . . .
  848. (7:06 PM) тσмєнннннн: how exactly culd he be 16
  849. (7:06 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Birth certificate... and thats plain ridiculous to go to such measures to proove your age.
  850. (7:06 PM) тσмєнннннн: lol probably naked pictures of ur mates
  851. (7:06 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Or of course license's and such.
  852. (7:07 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ill get mine if i seriusy have to, if u get urs
  853. (7:07 PM) jamie@thecompute:     and wot...u dont even got mates?
  854. (7:07 PM) тσмєнннннн: actually yes i do if i didnt have mates then cooler wouldent be here
  855. (7:09 PM) тσмєнннннн: mate i bet u had tudoring at school special tudoring
  856. (7:09 PM) jamie@thecompute:     ye so what...im not smart....at least im not a fucked up nerd dude...ye i do get tutored for my maths and english, and least i can tell the truth....
  857. (7:10 PM) тσмєнннннн: lmfao sped....
  858. (7:10 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh well u cant help bein a sped and no i aint a nerd theres a difference between mature ane enrd
  859. (7:10 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i told yuu that word
  860. (7:10 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  dont copy me
  861. (7:10 PM) тσмєнннннн: oh ur back whore
  862. (7:11 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah I know exactly. People can't tell the difference between a nerd and someone mature.
  863. (7:11 PM) jamie@thecompute:     dude its not kool copying
  864. (7:11 PM) тσмєнннннн: how did the fingering go
  865. (7:11 PM) jamie@thecompute:     yes, i can tell u guys r nerds
  866. (7:11 PM) jamie@thecompute:     how did the shuving up ur ass go?
  867. (7:11 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       How am I a nerd exactly?
  868. (7:11 PM) jamie@thecompute:     how arent u a nerd dude?
  869. (7:11 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       How am I?
  870. (7:11 PM) jamie@thecompute:     how arnt u?
  871. (7:12 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Oh come one lol.
  872. (7:12 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       You can do better than that.
  873. (7:12 PM) тσмєнннннн: he doesent wear glasses and he has mates and he has a gf }
  874. (7:12 PM) тσмєнннннн: thats hoqw
  875. (7:12 PM) тσмєнннннн: *how
  876. (7:12 PM) jamie@thecompute:     lol well...u ssay all those crazy wordz no 1 can understand dude..
  877. (7:12 PM) jamie@thecompute:     bullkaka...
  878. (7:12 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Is it because of my grammar? So the reason I can spell I guess... makes me a nerd. Hmm. Okay.
  879. (7:13 PM) jamie@thecompute:     yea...cos u reli listn and try hard
  880. (7:13 PM) тσмєнннннн: lmfao another immature comeback
  881. (7:13 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah I listen
  882. (7:13 PM) jamie@thecompute:     try hard isnt cool dudde
  883. (7:13 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       And how, do I try hard?
  884. (7:13 PM) jamie@thecompute:     i sed it like 20 times dude....
  885. (7:13 PM) jamie@thecompute:     mayb u reli r fucked up
  886. (7:13 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Hey I could of called you a tough guy for all the insulting names you called me but I didn't.
  887. (7:14 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Because I don't care if you call me them.
  888. (7:14 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has left the conversation.
  889. (7:14 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ha. Bout time too..
  890. (7:14 PM) тσмєнннннн: lmfao another guy checked
  892. ----------------------
  894. (7:21 PM) тσм:       we have another immature prick here cooler
  895. (7:21 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad
  896. (7:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ah. What a surprise.
  897. (7:21 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad
  898. (7:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Okay I got it the first time.
  899. (7:21 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad
  900. (7:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       ...
  901. (7:22 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuu need a friend too fight one girl HOW SAD
  902. (7:22 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     hello
  903. (7:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Nah theres this other guy.
  904. (7:22 PM) тσм:       uhh u have friend
  905. (7:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT CROSS BUNS. Ha. MrS050 sent a sound: Wicked-Friends
  906. (7:22 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     whaa?
  907. (7:22 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah coz im a girl and yuus are two ganing up on me
  908. (7:23 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah we gonna gang bang ya. Ha.
  909. (7:23 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     wtf gay.
  910. (7:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Haha.
  911. (7:24 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  dont laugh
  912. (7:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Why?
  913. (7:24 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  co i said
  914. (7:24 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     dude...laughing to the word gay ... thats just gayy
  915. (7:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Or what.
  916. (7:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I wasn't laughng at the word gay.
  917. (7:24 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     u got a prob wid dat?
  918. (7:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I was laughing at the sound.
  919. (7:24 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad
  920. (7:25 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Is that all you ever say...
  921. (7:25 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  oh yeah
  922. (7:25 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Oh yeah. Thats right.
  923. (7:25 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad yuu just copy me
  924. (7:25 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       How sad this. How sad that.
  925. (7:26 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuur sad
  926. (7:26 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  and yuur dry
  927. (7:26 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     emo boy....
  928. (7:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       There you go again.
  929. (7:26 PM) тσм-------------:  omg shut the fuck up u anoying whore
  930. (7:26 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad
  931. (7:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Random. Emo. I mean come on.
  932. (7:26 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     emo...
  933. (7:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ha.
  934. (7:26 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad im a whore
  935. (7:26 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     emo..
  936. (7:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ha.
  937. (7:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       OHHH EMO SO EMOTIONAL IM GONNA GO CUT MYSELF! While I'm at it lets dye my hair black and grow a really long fringe. ^o)
  938. (7:27 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     u do dat emo boy
  939. (7:27 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad yuur soo dry
  940. (7:27 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     ye...how sad...
  941. (7:27 PM) тσм-------------:  how sad ur so wet
  942. (7:27 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no that as really dry
  943. (7:28 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     sad...
  944. (7:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I'm dry? I'm sorry I truly am.
  945. (7:28 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  it doesnt mean that dikhead
  946. (7:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I know that lol.
  947. (7:28 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  god get with the times oldy
  948. (7:28 PM) тσм-------------:  another random word of hers
  949. (7:28 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     sad dude...
  950. (7:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Sad... yet again. They always say that.
  951. (7:28 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     emo oy....
  952. (7:28 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     sad
  953. (7:28 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     sad
  954. (7:28 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     sad
  955. (7:28 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Haha.
  956. (7:28 PM) iTz pEAnuT ButTa:     sad
  957. (7:29 PM) тσм-------------:  ur making me laugh peanut with ur sadness
  958. (7:29 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       It must hurt to be you.
  959. (7:29 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  not really
  960. (7:29 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I'm happy for you then.
  961. (7:29 PM)       iTz pEAnuT ButTa JellY tYm has left the conversation.
  962. (7:29 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  thanx
  963. (7:29 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript]
  964. (7:29 PM) тσм-------------:  another one owned
  965. (7:30 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  hes offline didhead
  966. (7:30 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Why?
  967. (7:30 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  none of yuur bussines
  968. (7:30 PM) тσм-------------:  gonna have a wank
  969. (7:30 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Aww okay. Ha.
  970. (7:30 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  how sad
  971. (7:30 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       OVER WHAT? Theres nothing SEXY about you!
  972. (7:30 PM) тσм-------------:  lmfao
  973. (7:30 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah good
  974. (7:31 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yeah I'm trying but its just NOT working..
  975. (7:31 PM) тσм-------------:  klol
  976. (7:31 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Say something sexy. I dare ya. Give me your best shot. And then I'll say something back.
  977. (7:31 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  hahah shame
  978. (7:31 PM) тσм------------>:  lol
  979. (7:32 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  dont laugh its not funny
  980. (7:32 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Is it so lol.
  981. (7:32 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  and yuur soo lol DRY!
  982. (7:33 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       *I grin teasingly at you, and smile once more then I slowly lower my head down and lick the Tip ;) I start swirling my tongue around your dick wetting it with my saliva and I gently take it in my mouth sucking slowly, still looking back at you. Then I begin to suck ur dick much Faster and deepthroats you until I start choking*
  983. (7:34 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  sorry im not gay like yuu
  984. (7:34 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I'll send ya friend reqest
  985. (7:35 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no
  986. (7:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       But I can lol.
  987. (7:35 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  im not adding yuu
  988. (7:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Fine I'll send you an email then... difficult.
  989. (7:35 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no yuu wont
  990. (7:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Yes I will.
  991. (7:35 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no yuu wont
  992. (7:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       YESSSS I WILLL LOL
  993. (7:35 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no yuu wont
  994. (7:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Haha.
  995. (7:35 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Try and stop me.
  996. (7:36 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i will deltte it
  997. (7:36 PM) ----->тσм<-----:   lmfao u wont have a chance
  998. (7:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       tahlia_babe@hotmail.com
  999. (7:36 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  wow yuu can read
  1000. (7:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Check your inbox in a few minutes okay lol.
  1001. (7:36 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       And don't be a wuss... read it.
  1002. (7:37 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  nahh
  1003. (7:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       FUCKEN READ IT!
  1004. (7:37 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  make me
  1005. (7:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Lol.
  1006. (7:38 PM) -----> тσм <----:  shes a rat
  1007. (7:38 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Oh why won't you read it?
  1008. (7:41 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Check ya email. LMAO
  1009. (7:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I hate attaching pictures to emails....
  1010. (7:42 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  and i hate yuu
  1011. (7:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       OH I didn't see that one coming lol.
  1012. (7:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       But you hate everyone so yeah..
  1013. (7:43 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no i dont just yuu and tom
  1014. (7:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Oh so you love and FUCK everyone else.
  1015. (7:43 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah
  1016. (7:43 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  for sure
  1017. (7:44 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Check ya email now. I sent it lol.
  1018. (7:44 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  well no yuu didnt coz i didnt get it
  1019. (7:44 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       It'll come. Wait a few.
  1020. (7:44 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  cbf
  1021. (7:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Oh my god, fucken internet terms. Whats that STAND for?
  1022. (7:45 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  not telling maybe if yuu were younger yuu would know
  1023. (7:45 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Sorry I'm not a thirteen year old kid.
  1024. (7:46 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Omg I sent it already.
  1025. (7:46 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yhea yuu should be 13years are the bomb
  1026. (7:46 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       I've been 13 before.... smart girl.
  1027. (7:46 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  sorry im not smart
  1028. (7:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       And 19 is way better. I can drink and smoke and drive without getting in shit. ;)
  1029. (7:47 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  thats shit coz its not fun like that like that soo shame
  1030. (7:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Like you'd know. You havn't been 19 before lol.
  1031. (7:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Oh yeah you can also go to strip clubs.
  1032. (7:48 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no shit
  1033. (7:48 PM) -----> тσм <----:  Muahahahaha
  1034. (7:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Ha. So your really missing out on that.
  1035. (7:48 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  coz i would want to go to see sluts dancing for money coz they cant  get a job like real people
  1036. (7:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Have you ever seen a full grown dick before?
  1037. (7:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Apart from ya dads.
  1038. (7:49 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuu just think yuur all that and a bag of chip dont yuu well guess wat yuur not
  1039. (7:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Well go look at your FUCKING EMAIL! Lol.
  1040. (7:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       And go finger yaself over it. Lol.
  1041. (7:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Because you've never seen one before.
  1042. (7:50 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah i have
  1043. (7:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Apart from that.
  1044. (7:50 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  oh yeah
  1045. (7:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Who? Ya daddys?
  1046. (7:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       Or ya fucken grand dads....
  1047. (7:50 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  coz i have senn yuur pec
  1048. (7:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)YUM HOT:       And? LOL
  1049. (7:51 PM) -----> тσм <----:  bbl
  1051. ------------------
  1053. (7:16 PM) -----> тσм <----:  lol
  1054. (7:16 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  fuck off
  1055. (7:16 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript]
  1056. (7:16 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: BIRTH CONTROL
  1057. (7:16 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  fuck off yuu speds
  1058. (7:16 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: Die for that
  1059. (7:17 PM) -----> тσм <----:  whore
  1060. (7:17 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: Eat shit and die!
  1061. (7:17 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah im a whore ^o)
  1062. (7:17 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: Hail to the king baby!
  1063. (7:18 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      INDEED
  1064. (7:18 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  grow up
  1065. (7:18 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: You wanna dance?
  1066. (7:18 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      So indeed is immature. Apparently.
  1067. (7:19 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  wtf yuu are a nerd
  1068. (7:19 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: Much better!
  1069. (7:19 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  ^o)
  1070. (7:19 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: Damn your UGLY
  1071. (7:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Damn your UGLY. Ha.
  1072. (7:20 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah good
  1073. (7:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: BROOMHANDLE
  1074. (7:20 PM) -----> тσм <----:  did u see the full size dick cooler sent u miss tahlia
  1075. (7:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Ha ha.
  1076. (7:20 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no he didnt send it
  1077. (7:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      I did so!
  1078. (7:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Dumb ass.
  1079. (7:20 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  did not
  1080. (7:20 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: You smell ROTTEN
  1081. (7:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Probably cus you rejeced my address from sending you anything.
  1082. (7:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      But it SAID it SENT. And it did. :)
  1083. (7:21 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no yuu didnt
  1084. (7:21 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Quit lyin.
  1085. (7:22 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  im not lying
  1086. (7:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Well neither am I.
  1087. (7:22 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  then shut up
  1088. (7:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: PANTIES
  1089. (7:22 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  grow up
  1090. (7:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Don't get your panties all in a bunch. Ha.
  1091. (7:22 PM) -----> тσм <----:  hwo do u dislike more out of us 2 talia me him or both as mch as eachother
  1092. (7:22 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      I OUTTA BREAK A BROOM HANDLE OFF IN YOUR ASS!
  1093. (7:23 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  fucking hell FUCK!
  1094. (7:23 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Just becus you don't know what it means.
  1095. (7:23 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C loves his JEANE MACHINE sent a sound: Your face, your ass...
  1096. (7:23 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  am i talking to yuu now
  1097. (7:23 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no
  1098. (7:24 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Well make it obvious, numb tits.
  1099. (7:24 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah and yuu can grow up yuu think yuur 19
  1100. (7:25 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Yeah ya little slut trying to fuck 20 year olds.
  1101. (7:25 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah
  1102. (7:25 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  for sure
  1103. (7:25 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      You payed me $100 but I declined. Sorry. I took the Money tho.
  1104. (7:26 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  keep dreaming
  1105. (7:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Wet dreaming.
  1106. (7:26 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      I gotta go for a while so yeah.
  1107. (7:26 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah good fuck off
  1108. (7:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Kiss my ass and while your down there you can kiss my balls.
  1109. Session Start: Tuesday, 17 March 2009
  1111. --------------------
  1113. (3:54 PM) -----> тσм <----:  lol
  1114. (3:54 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  fuck off
  1115. (4:27 PM) -----> тσм <----:  sorry wat was that?
  1116. (4:27 PM) Caseyy,:      bit over dramatic darling,
  1117. (4:27 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)MR C.C l:      Woooo someones PMSing.
  1118. (4:37 PM) -----> тσм <----:  hey tahlia watsup babe
  1119. (4:37 PM) .-.:  o.o
  1120. (4:37 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Tahlias a slut that gets butt fucked by her dad.
  1121. (4:38 PM) .-.:  um.. ._.
  1122. (4:39 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  oh yeah
  1123. (4:39 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript]
  1124. (4:39 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Your admiting it?
  1125. (4:40 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no im just saying wat eva coz yuur a dickhead
  1126. (4:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Daddy wants a buttfuck! TAHLIA stop poking, get outta room and come in daddys!
  1127. (4:41 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuu thing yuur funy
  1128. (4:41 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  but yuur not
  1129. (4:41 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Get your fingers outta your pussy. I'm dead serious. This isn't supposed to be funny.
  1130. (4:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      *Screams in rage and sticks two rude fingers up at TAHLIA*
  1131. (4:48 PM) -----> тσм <----:  justn for callin me a pussy ur gettin added
  1132. (4:48 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  ill just leve its kinda easy
  1133. (4:48 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript]
  1134. (4:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Its the coward way.
  1135. (4:48 PM) -----> тσм <----:  she has no friends to back her up
  1136. (4:48 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuur a coward
  1137. (4:48 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript]
  1138. (4:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Nah, wanna fuck? Lol.
  1139. (4:49 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  fuck off yuu give me rabies
  1140. (4:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Fuck you crab girl.
  1141. (4:49 PM) .-.:  o.o
  1142. (4:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      I'll just rape ya then.
  1143. (4:50 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah go head its gunna take awhile to find me dickhead
  1144. (4:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      No it won't.
  1145. (4:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      I already know where you live.
  1146. (4:50 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  oh yeah
  1147. (4:50 PM) -----> тσм <----:  all u gotta do is look down the drian
  1148. (4:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      And I'm heading there right now. *giggles*
  1149. (4:50 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  ok mate
  1150. (4:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Thats right. I'm gonna mate with ya. I call it mate when I'm doing you because your NOTHING BUT A FEMALE DOG
  1151. (4:52 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah good and yuul nothing but i fucking prick
  1152. (4:52 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      No its not your age or sex, its YOU.
  1153. (4:52 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  its yuur face
  1154. (4:52 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  @[fwpscript]Version:|Icon:none|rsvp@[/fwpscript]
  1155. (4:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Your a smart ass litle bitch who needs to learn respect, and I'm gonna show you RESPECT. I'm just trying to stop you growing up into a POLEDANCER.
  1156. (4:53 PM) .-.:  bleh. >.>
  1157. (4:54 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  heres how it work when yuu desevre my repect that when yuu get it ok yuu lil fucking pricj
  1158. (4:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Aww so what do I gotta do to earn your respect (Psst she said when I earn her respect I'm allowed to fuck her lol)
  1159. (4:55 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      ANSWER A PERSONAL QUESTION TAHLIA?
  1160. (4:56 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  FUCK OFF YUU UGLY MUTT!
  1161. (4:57 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      LOL just answer my question and I'll leave you alone! Promise! How many dicks... have you SUCKED?<< I want to see if your a slut or not.
  1162. (4:57 PM) -----> тσм <----:  its ovius she is
  1163. (4:57 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  none
  1164. (4:57 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  ive never sucked a dick ok
  1165. (4:58 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has been added to the conversation.
  1166. (4:58 PM) -----> тσм <----:  oh its prick no.2
  1167. (4:58 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Oh yeah I lied about leaving you alone too.
  1168. (4:58 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      You sucked mine. You was drunk!
  1169. (4:58 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no shit
  1170. (4:58 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      And ya like... "Oohhh"
  1171. (4:59 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  are yuu a sped seriously?
  1172. (4:59 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      And I like... cummed down ya throat and you swallowed it. Lol.
  1173. (4:59 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  sorry im not the dick sucker like yuu that how yuu get friends
  1174. (5:00 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Your gonna pay for that one. Lol.
  1175. (5:00 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  oh yeah how?
  1176. (5:00 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      This time I'm gonna shove it down so deep you choke!
  1177. (5:00 PM) -----> тσм <----:  ur bf or should i say fuck buddy isnt replying]
  1178. (5:00 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  wtf yuur a sped too
  1179. (5:01 PM) .-.:  o.o hello there!! XD
  1180. (5:01 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  fuck you
  1181. (5:01 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Huh? Lol TAHLIA you rude bitch!
  1182. (5:01 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah good
  1183. (5:01 PM) -----> тσм <----:  she said hi u bitch
  1184. (5:01 PM) .-.:  fuck urself I dun fuck girls,. >..
  1185. (5:01 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      CHOKE ON IT
  1186. (5:01 PM) .-.:  >.>*
  1187. (5:01 PM) -----> тσм <----:  nice one kp
  1188. (5:02 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  coz yuu call some one kp and cooler^o)
  1189. (5:02 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Yeah better than being called Tahlia I must admit.
  1190. (5:02 PM) .-.:  XD
  1191. (5:02 PM) jamie@thecompute:     whats bad bowt being called tahlia?
  1192. (5:02 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      She write her name along my dick thats what. And now it won't come off!
  1193. (5:03 PM) -----> тσм <----:  oh the fuck buddy has stoped wanking over gay porn
  1194. (5:03 PM) jamie@thecompute:     wow have u stopped looking at gay guys!
  1195. (5:03 PM) -----> тσм <----:  man i aint like u bud
  1196. (5:03 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      TAhlia, we do have real names. *rolls eyes*
  1197. (5:03 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  oh yeah
  1198. (5:03 PM) -----> тσм <----:  @thecomputer LMFAo
  1199. (5:03 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Yeah. Surprised?
  1200. (5:04 PM) jamie@thecompute:     @hotmail. com LMFAo
  1201. (5:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      At Hot male.
  1202. (5:04 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuur not a male
  1203. (5:04 PM) -----> тσм <----:  FUCK U
  1204. (5:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)A broken:      Well I know you are.
  1205. (5:04 PM) jamie@thecompute:     n ur not hot
  1206. (5:04 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  that for sure
  1207. (5:05 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  fuck off
  1208. (5:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Go to hell.
  1209. (5:06 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yuu go to hell fuck
  1211. --------------------
  1213. (6:36 PM) TOM,: lol
  1214. (6:37 PM)       TOM,             Lifes So fucking shit        BFMV fan 4 life just sent you a nudge.
  1215. (6:37 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  omg
  1216. (6:37 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has been added to the conversation.
  1217. (6:39 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      *burrrrrrrp* Make LUFFFFFTTT to meeeee toniiiggggffffhhttt... *hic hic*
  1218. (6:40 PM) TOM,: oh u added that jamie cunt
  1219. (6:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Wasn't me.
  1220. (6:40 PM) TOM,: no the slut did
  1221. (6:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Lol.
  1222. (6:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Is he her BOYfriend?
  1223. (6:40 PM) (tu)           TAHL:   no way
  1224. (6:40 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Probably just another fuck buddy.
  1225. (6:41 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah that why we live in differnt counties
  1226. (6:41 PM) TOM,: sure u do
  1227. (6:41 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  we
  1228. (6:41 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  do
  1229. (6:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Yeah but his dick is so long it reaches over to whatever CUNTry you live in.
  1230. (6:42 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah for sure
  1231. (6:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      The great wall of China.
  1232. (6:42 PM) TOM,: actually his dicks small
  1233. (6:43 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  just coz yuu dont got one
  1234. (6:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Yeah okay stop looking down ya pants.
  1235. (6:43 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i dont got a dick fuckwit
  1236. (6:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      NO DUH
  1237. (6:43 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  then why say dumb shit like that ?
  1238. (6:44 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  lol
  1239. (6:45 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has left the conversation.
  1240. (6:51 PM) TOM,: lol
  1241. (6:52 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has been added to the conversation.
  1242. (6:52 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  its not funny
  1243. (6:52 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Omg why you keep adding him?
  1244. (6:52 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  coz ise keep adding me
  1245. (6:52 PM) TOM,: she has no other friends to add
  1246. (6:52 PM) jamie@thecompute:     y du u add tomboy?
  1247. (6:52 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah i doo but yuu add them
  1248. (6:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      What I don't make these convos. Lol.
  1249. (6:53 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  omg that song is soo pre-school
  1250. (6:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Uh....... what song? Barbie girl?
  1251. (6:53 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  umm no the song in yuur name dickeahs
  1252. (6:54 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  dikhead
  1253. (6:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Do you even know what song its from?
  1254. (6:54 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no
  1255. (6:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      *rolls eyes* There ya go.
  1256. (6:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Whats it say? Is it the nick nack one?
  1257. (6:54 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  its a preschool one
  1258. (6:54 PM)       Caseyy,        Emily baby (L)        KaylaaWildeee  <3 has been added to the conversation.
  1259. (6:55 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has left the conversation.
  1260. (6:55 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Nick nack paddy whack give a dog a bone. Lol is Shoots and Ladders - Korn. How is that PRE SCHOOL.
  1261. (6:55 PM) Caseyy,        E:     lol?
  1262. (6:56 PM) TOM,: caseyy look its oour bestfrined tahlia
  1263. (6:56 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOL
  1264. (6:56 PM) Caseyy,        E:     totally
  1265. (6:56 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  pfft yuu wish i as yuur bestfriend
  1266. (6:56 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Duh sarcasm.
  1267. (6:56 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOLOLOLOL!
  1268. (6:56 PM) Caseyy,        E:     why the fuck would i wish that bitch
  1269. (6:56 PM) TOM,: lol her fuck buddy left
  1270. (6:56 PM) Caseyy,        E:     my bestfriend is better than anyone
  1271. (6:56 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) has been added to the conversation.
  1272. (6:56 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Aw no sex for Tahlia tonight.
  1273. (6:56 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  omg
  1274. (6:56 PM) TOM,: 2 afgainst 3
  1275. (6:57 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Tahlia add someone else in.
  1276. (6:57 PM)       Perfectboyfriend Bot has been added to the conversation.
  1277. (6:57 PM) Incesoft iBot Pl:     sorry, can't invite a robot!
  1278. (6:57 PM)       Perfectboyfriend Bot has left the conversation.
  1279. (6:57 PM) TOM,: lmfao she added a robot desperate bitch
  1280. (6:57 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  same yuu have robots
  1281. (6:57 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      What the? Perfect boy friend bot?
  1282. (6:58 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah
  1283. (6:58 PM) TOM,: lol HAHAHA shes a desperate whore
  1284. (6:58 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      LOOOL
  1285. (6:58 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  i didnt add that wat are yuu talking about i dont got robot like yuus
  1286. (6:58 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOL
  1287. (6:58 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Well no one else added it...
  1288. (6:58 PM) TOM,: LOL it was u dumbass bitch it certanly wasnt me
  1289. (6:59 PM) Caseyy,        E:     SHAME MOTHERFUCKER
  1290. (6:59 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no i dont got robots
  1291. (6:59 PM) TOM,: jamie has shut his face up
  1292. (6:59 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  hes not at his comp fuckface
  1293. (7:00 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Shouldn't spy on people.
  1294. (7:00 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  he just brb
  1295. (7:00 PM) Caseyy,        E:     wow thats so interesting
  1296. (7:00 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no asked yuu
  1297. (7:00 PM) Caseyy,        E:     do what i want slutt
  1298. (7:01 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  soory i aint yuu
  1299. (7:01 PM) Caseyy,        E:     oh yeah, cause im totally a slut 8-)
  1300. (7:02 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah
  1301. (7:02 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  and how am i im still a virgin
  1302. (7:02 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      He said he wants a slut, hope you don't mind I told him how you like it from behind
  1303. (7:02 PM) Caseyy,        E:     so am i, so how the fuck am i a slut
  1304. (7:02 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOL
  1305. (7:02 PM) Caseyy,        E:     nice
  1306. (7:02 PM)       TaleahhGee               ------------->iiLuChris<----------- has been added to the conversation.
  1307. (7:02 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  omg yuur funny at yuur self but no one else thinks its funny
  1308. (7:03 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Cus your too stupid to understand it.
  1309. (7:03 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  oh yeah
  1310. (7:03 PM) Caseyy,        E:     hey darling, maybe you should go back to pre-school and learn how to write properly yeah?
  1311. (7:03 PM) Caseyy,        E:     could help you in life
  1312. (7:03 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  nahh im right
  1313. (7:03 PM) Caseyy,        E:     stupid slut
  1314. (7:03 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      You still in school?
  1315. (7:03 PM) Caseyy,        E:     who?
  1316. (7:03 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      TAHLIAAA
  1317. (7:03 PM) Caseyy,        E:     lol
  1318. (7:03 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  yeah like i said before im 13 fuckwit
  1319. (7:03 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOL!
  1320. (7:04 PM) Caseyy,        E:     omg your so young
  1321. (7:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Yeah just don't drop out by the age of 16 okay.
  1322. (7:04 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  like ill listen too yuu
  1323. (7:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Unless ya wanna work in a super market the rest of your miserable life.
  1324. (7:04 PM) Caseyy,        E:     your stubborn
  1325. (7:04 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  good
  1326. (7:04 PM) TaleahhGee:   WTF
  1327. (7:04 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Why you got the SAME name TALEAHH GEE?
  1328. (7:04 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  thats her name
  1329. (7:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Two girls named Tahlia. Yeah right....
  1330. (7:05 PM) TaleahhGee:   cause thats my name
  1331. (7:05 PM) TOM,: slut
  1332. (7:05 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  umm yeah
  1333. (7:05 PM) TaleahhGee:   whats so wrong bout that
  1334. (7:05 PM) jamie@thecompute:      
  1335. (7:05 PM) TaleahhGee:   do you evan no what a slut is mate
  1336. (7:05 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOLOLOL!
  1337. (7:05 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      I hope your not as ridiculous as this one.
  1338. (7:05 PM) Caseyy,        E:     his not that dumb you idiot
  1339. (7:05 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  dont call her a idiot yuu dont even kno her
  1340. (7:05 PM) Caseyy,        E:     i think everyone knows what slut means..
  1341. (7:06 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  not yuu
  1342. (7:06 PM) Caseyy,        E:     I DO WHAT I WANT
  1343. (7:06 PM)       jamie@thecomputer.co.nz (E-mail Address Not Verified) just sent you a nudge.
  1344. (7:06 PM) TaleahhGee:   obverstly cause hes calling me one and i aint a slut
  1345. (7:06 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Sluts never admit it.
  1346. (7:06 PM) Caseyy,        E:     lol WHAT THE FUCK IS OBVERSTLY?
  1347. (7:06 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  omg maybe yuu should go bakk to preschool
  1348. (7:06 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      OBVIOUSLY. IS HOW its spelt.... Lol.
  1349. (7:06 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOLOL~
  1350. (7:07 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no one gives a fuck
  1351. (7:07 PM) TaleahhGee:   so lols
  1352. (7:07 PM) Caseyy,        E:     AT LEAST I CAN SPELL
  1353. (7:07 PM) TaleahhGee:   good ]
  1354. (7:07 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Yeah. No one gives a fuck to you.
  1355. (7:07 PM) TaleahhGee:   for you
  1356. (7:07 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  like we care
  1357. (7:07 PM) TaleahhGee:   lols
  1358. (7:07 PM) Caseyy,        E:     your both pathetic and your going to get no where in life.
  1359. (7:07 PM) TOM,: true
  1360. (7:07 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  good
  1361. (7:07 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Cept have lotsa imbred children.
  1362. (7:07 PM) TaleahhGee:   suck my dick you gronks
  1363. (7:07 PM) Caseyy,        E:     have fun dying young with no friends:)
  1364. (7:07 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      You have a dick? WHAT THE FUCK!
  1365. (7:07 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOL
  1366. (7:07 PM) TOM,: LOL
  1367. (7:08 PM) Caseyy,        E:     i think thats your job darls
  1368. (7:08 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  hers is pron wayy biger then yuurs
  1369. (7:08 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  prob*
  1370. (7:08 PM) TOM,: omg she said the word gronk LMFAO
  1371. (7:08 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      I thought IT was a girl. Omg a girl with a dick.... *faints*
  1372. (7:08 PM) Caseyy,        E:     LOL
  1373. (7:08 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  just coz yuu dont know wat it means
  1374. (7:08 PM) Caseyy,        E:     im in year 11 i know what it means.
  1375. (7:09 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  they dont
  1376. (7:09 PM) Caseyy,        E:     yes they do
  1377. (7:09 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Oh?
  1378. (7:09 PM) (tu)           TAHL:  no they dont
  1379. (7:09 PM) TOM,: lol hes got a chick name
  1380. (7:09 PM) Caseyy,        E:     they aint stupid
  1381. (7:09 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Fucken tranny...
  1382. (7:09 PM) TaleahhGee:   use are all DICK heads that need to get a smaller life and go dy go suck yah mums cock like i did last night fuk wits doesnt include TAHLIA
  1383. (7:09 PM) jamie@thecompute:     cant we just make peace in this convo?
  1384. (7:09 PM)       TaleahhGee               ------------->iiLuChris<----------- has left the conversation.
  1386. (7:09 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Normal mums don't have cocks.
  1387. (7:09 PM) TOM,: shut up jamie
  1388. (7:09 PM) Caseyy,        E:     i have to go
  1390. ------------------
  1392. (7:41 PM) TOM,: this chick here
  1393. (7:41 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     Hi
  1394. (7:41 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     yer
  1395. (7:41 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     who are you
  1396. (7:42 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      *pisses all over Tahlias hair* Unless shes BALD.
  1397. (7:42 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     is she idian?
  1398. (7:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Lol.
  1399. (7:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Yeah.
  1400. (7:43 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     no way
  1401. (7:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Don't lie.
  1402. (7:43 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     ahahahahahah!! then what are you then?
  1403. (7:43 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     x
  1404. (7:43 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     WHAT ARE YOU??
  1405. (7:43 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Shes an IT
  1406. (7:44 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      A bald female indian.
  1407. (7:44 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     yuu a slut
  1408. (7:45 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     what u call me a slut?
  1409. (7:46 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      TAHLIA. Your the slut, cus your the one who LOVES to get a big INDIAN dick shoved up your asshole.
  1410. (7:46 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     LMAO! haha
  1411. (7:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      What a slut. Too bad shes a dead root.
  1412. (7:47 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     bitch BLOCKED ME!
  1413. (7:47 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     unblock me stupid currry
  1414. (7:47 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     coz liek i would want yuu on my msn and i anit no curry slut like uyuu
  1415. (7:47 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Yeah she only adds boys.
  1416. (7:47 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     fuk up u cunts
  1417. (7:48 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     your gay ayee
  1418. (7:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      In ya dreams.
  1419. (7:48 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     ill fuk u up motha fuka
  1420. (7:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      LMAO
  1421. (7:48 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     lol hhaha im halth english u fucken curry
  1422. (7:48 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     so0 shut up
  1423. (7:48 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      I'll fuck you up first twat.
  1424. (7:48 PM) TOM,: racist hussy
  1425. (7:48 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     your half bogenise
  1426. (7:48 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     wtf is that?
  1427. (7:49 PM) TOM,: shes mocking lebanise
  1428. (7:49 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     sped country
  1429. (7:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      If I had an INDIAN dick would you suck it? Lol.
  1430. (7:49 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     lebanise can suk balls
  1431. (7:49 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     Lol! whats rong with lebs? lebs are sexy
  1432. (7:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Racist bitch.
  1433. (7:49 PM) TOM,: ur a racist litle mole
  1434. (7:49 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      She only likes indians.
  1435. (7:50 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Well I'm a cowboy and I'm gonna shoot all you indians!
  1436. (7:50 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     i
  1437. (7:50 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     lmao
  1438. (7:50 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:      aint a fucking curry slut !
  1439. (7:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Hello curry.
  1440. (7:51 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     hi slut
  1441. (7:51 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     lol shes a idiot
  1442. (7:51 PM) TOM,: hi runner
  1443. (7:51 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      A manwhore is the male version of slut. OR whore. Get it right. Slut is a female.
  1444. (7:52 PM) TOM,: i bet u woudent clal amanda a slut to her face
  1445. (7:52 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     imt alking too yuu
  1446. (7:52 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     were does she live?
  1447. (7:52 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Your the one with your ass infront of my genitals.
  1448. (7:52 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     like ill telly uu come and rape me
  1449. (7:52 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     dude i dnt rape currys!
  1450. (7:52 PM) TOM,: no shell coome and brake ur ankles
  1451. (7:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      I'm not. But shes kneeling down infront of me like a stupid little indian slut.
  1452. (7:53 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     ill come and stomp on ypur head
  1453. (7:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Do it then.
  1454. (7:53 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     were do u live
  1455. (7:53 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Next door to you.
  1456. (7:53 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     Lmao
  1457. (7:53 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     whats the currys name?
  1458. (7:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      I'm that guy that always spies over the fence and throws dildoes thru your window.
  1459. (7:54 PM) TOM,: tahlia
  1460. (7:54 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     how many times do i need to tell yuu im not a fucking curry
  1461. (7:54 PM) TOM,: she said she lived near mt druit
  1462. (7:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      CURRY CURRY CURRY!
  1463. (7:54 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     hahahahah curry name
  1464. (7:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      I gotta go eat I'll be back soon okay?
  1465. (7:54 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     fijian idian is still curry
  1466. (7:54 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     are u that>?
  1467. (7:54 PM) (xx)CooleЯ(xx)Nick-nac:      Gotta go eat some CURRY
  1468. (7:55 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     no aussie mate get it right slut
  1469. (7:55 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     lol
  1470. (7:55 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     what am i?
  1471. (7:55 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     a slut
  1472. (7:55 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     fucken come to mounty n say it to0 my face fucken slut n see what hapens
  1473. (7:56 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     you fucken dog
  1474. (7:56 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     oh yeah
  1475. (7:56 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     im fucken seriouse
  1476. (7:56 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     ill fucken drop you stupid slut
  1477. (7:56 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     how dare u call me one
  1478. (7:56 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     im not a fucking slut
  1479. (7:56 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     sorry ur a curry slut
  1480. (7:57 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     im not a fucking curry
  1481. (7:57 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     U FUCKEN ARE!
  1482. (7:57 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     what the fuck are u then
  1483. (7:57 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     ......
  1484. (7:57 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     aussie i just told yuu fucken hell
  1485. (7:58 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     u sound curry
  1486. (7:58 PM) TOM,: shes an ugly little ïd
  1487. (7:58 PM) TOM,: "\it"" \
  1488. (7:58 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     lol a NERD curry slut
  1489. (7:58 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     this is getten better
  1490. (7:58 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     wat the fuck how doo i do i look curry too yuu and if i do yuu  need yuur eyes checked
  1491. (7:58 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     BITCH U BLOCKED ME
  1492. (7:59 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     I CANT SEE U YOU FUCKEN HOE
  1493. (7:59 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     fucken drop you stupid curry
  1494. (7:59 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     mounty fuk each other up the ass
  1495. (7:59 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     were u live huh?
  1496. (8:00 PM) TOM,: she said she lived near mt druit]
  1497. (8:00 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     no i didny
  1498. (8:00 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     thats chat
  1499. (8:00 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     were u live huh?
  1500. (8:00 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     like yuu
  1501. (8:01 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     WERE THE FUCK ARE U AT
  1502. (8:01 PM) ஐ。。™ lil mizz <d:     i can get some1 to hack ur pc n found out..
  1503. (8:01 PM) TAHLIAAA JOEYY W:     i have to add them first dikheade
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