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  1. The members of Lysithea's battalion were all used to being worked a tad harder than others. While the students under Claude's command enjoyed lax days of strategy planning, and Raphael's squad treated themselves to meaty feast, Lysithea's group of mages spent everyday studying books on magic, spellcasting, and sorcery. They only really ever casted one or two spells, but Lysithea work horsed them regardless. No amount of studying ever left her satisfied, and members who came up lacking were often dispelled and replaced.
  3. But there was always one member who managed to avoid her gaze. He never really did exceedingly well, but he didn't suck either. He always kept up with the absurd amounts of training the loli handed out, but he never made any sweeping discoveries like his higher-class peers. He was perfectly content doing the absolute bare minimum. As long as he continued to be able to watch Lysithea, he didn't care about much else.
  5. That's right, this story follows a disgusting little loser whom we will refer to as Lolicon-kun, and his awful, degenerate exploits. None of his features are very remarkable at all. He looks like the standard hentai protagonist. Average height, skinny yet out of shape, pale, greasy dark hair covering his eyes a bit, and oddly shaped, broken glasses. He lacks any impactful presence whatsoever, so little Lysithea never catches him staring at her all the time. Or sniffing her dirty laundry behind her back… or catching sneaky whiffs of the SBDs she cuts in the library when she thinks she's alone.
  7. Lysithea always sat in the same place in the library, right next to the shelves. Little did she know, there was enough room for someone on the skinnier side to wiggle their way in behind the books, which is exactly what Lolicon-kun did. While she was there studying and cutting her cake-induced ass bombs, all her farts were being sniffed up by her secret admirer. He knew exactly what kind of cakes set off her gas as well and made sure it was always in supply.
  9. On the topic of her dirty laundry, Lolicon-kun knew the game. He knew how much Lysithea hated doing her own laundry and would always be the first to volunteer to do it for her. Never would he get caught sniffing her sweat soaked tights. He was even lucky enough to be able to steal a pair without her noticing! He could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy, sweaty ass, and her borrowed perfume whenever he needed a fap.
  11. Nothing was better than the first time he masturbated with the tights. They were freshly worn and still moist from a day of training. All the sweat and fluids a perv could ask for made an excellent lube. Lolicon-kun rubbed his dick with it for hours on end, cumming into them at least six times. Afterward, the smell became even more heavenly. The aroma of his cum mixing with Lysithea's smells gave him and incomparable mental image. The sight of fucking her between the thighs and shooting multiple hot loads all over her legs drove him absolutely wild. He pictured shooting all over her butt and being able to rub it all into her sweat stained leggings. What a sight!
  13. For months now, Lolicon-kun had been plotting. Constantly thinking about how he could get his next fix. Jerking off with leggings could only get him so far. It was not enough for him and would never be enough. So, what was he to do? He lacked any redeeming personality traits whatsoever, so actually courting her was completely out of the question. Whatever he though of, it had to be sneaky, and complex enough for him to go through with it without being discovered. Getting caught in this kind of act would warrant expulsion or even worse, death by spell.
  15. He spent many days in his deep, dank room plotting his exploit. His quarters were surprisingly tidy. It was well lit, clean, and didn't even smell that bad… unless you got a bit too close to his closet. The closet was a much more accurate depiction of who Lolicon-kun really was. All over the walk in, he had hand drawn pictures of his beloved Lysithea. Some of them were sweet depictions of her and himself, and others were far more explicit. All of them had cum stains on them, but none of the pictures were as bad as the one on his pillow.
  17. He had drawn a depiction of her on his pillow, face down with her ass in the air. He had cut holes into where the pussy and asshole were. The holes were worn from how badly he fucked them and the whole thing was little more than a mess of fabric and feathers now.
  19. All around the rest of the closet were notes. Like a madman, he made diagrams and markings on plan after plan to get closer to his perverse goals. After months of planning, he finally had an idea he could roll with. It came to Lolicon-kun that Hubert kept a bit of sedative in his quarters at all times. Occasionally, when he could not leave the monastery to get it himself, he would send one of his battalion members to get it for him.
  21. Lolicon-kun knew that stealing from Hubert directly, or worse, challenging him to a fight would end horribly, but he also knew that Hubert would be particularly busy this month. It was only a matter of time before he sent someone out to get him more sedative. Stealing from one of his subordinates would be much easier. He knew exactly which route they were going to take and what to say. Lolicon-kun snickered to himself in a perverted lust, as he imagined all he and his loli princess would do together.
  23. About a week later, the time of action had come. He spied Hubert's compatriot walking from his window. It was rare to see one of his battalion members without their mask, but there she stood, young, dark haired, and dreary eyed. She looked exactly like what you would expect a servant of house Vestra to look like. She was particularly pretty, but no match for Lysithea of course.
  25. It only took a moment for Lolicon-kun to rush from his door down to where the girl was. It was twilight and no one was around to see him. He approached the girl and put on his normalcy face. He spoke with a sweet kindness, a fake one of course, and made small talk. He asked what a girl like her was doing out at this time of day. She replied with a very anxious and rude response. "None of your business," she said. "Get out of my face, worm." Either this girl was the best judge of character ever, or she was just being plain rude. Lolicon-kun cared not either way.
  27. He was able to muster up a short duration paralyzation spell he had learned. It wouldn't be useful at all in stunning Lysithea, but it was perfect for putting this little shit in her place. She squirmed and struggled, as she was still conscious, but couldn't move or speak. First things first, he took the sedative out of her pockets. He tucked it away and was about to leave, before he had a bright idea. He had to test this stuff out first. Couldn't have it harming little Lysithea, of course.
  29. Be dragged the rude girl back to his room and left her on the floor for a bit, while he poured the sedative on one of his crusty socks. He then gagged her with it until she stopped squirming. The girl fell flat unconscious within two minutes, out like a light. Lolicon-kun laughed internally like the cruel, cruel, bastard he was. It was time to get down to business.
  31. After ripping open the girl's clothes, he marveled at her shockingly nice body. She was petite and loli-like in stature with big nipples on top of her flat chest. Lolicon-kun was just doing this for shits and giggles, but his victim was actually an adorable loli! But conviction put him back on track. He jizzed on tits really quick and shoved her into his closet for later use, before starting his main mission.
  33. Lolicon-kun made a mad dash to the dining hall and looked around. It was approaching midnight and the place was long emptied. Scurrying into the pantry, he grabs a plate of cake and dresses it with the sedative, before shuffling out to the library. He made sure the cake had buttercream frosting, as he knew how gassy it made Lysithea
  35. The place was dead quiet. By candlelight, Lysithea studied a large tome engraved as eldritch. Lolicon-kun knocked on the door before entering with the cake. Shocked to see another person here at this time, she squealed. She calmed when she saw Lolicon-kun's unassuming expression though.
  37. "Ugh… what are you doing here this late," she scolded, while trying to remember the young losers name. Too nervous to speak, he simply held up the cake and offered it to her, which she gladly accepted.
  39. He left the room while the girl scarfed down the cake, quickly. He sat and waited for about three minutes, before returning to a still silent room. There she laid, silent, asleep, and completely defenseless…
  41. First with a sweeping speed, Lolicon-kun shut the library doors and bolted them with a big steel lock, before extinguishing every single candle. He didn't need to see where he was grabbing, as the mystery would only make the experience all the better. He made sure he still had his bottle of lotion extra sedative before getting started
  43. With a quickness, he sat nuzzled up with the sleeping Lysithea and took in her natural smells. Like a dog he sniffed every single inch of the girl's body, scanning up and down with his nose. Her hair smelled oh so sweet. Like white lilies blooming in the garden. Moving down, he smelled her pits deeply, taking in the sweet mixed aroma of her deodorant and natural sweaty funk.
  45. The funk got even better the further he moved down south. Her bra also had a delightful aroma to it that intensified as he got closer towards her womanhood. Pulling back her pants to take in a whiff of all the day's sweat and leaked juices. The beautiful musk made Lolicon-kun drool with crippling lust. He reached his hand into her pants and felt her pussy lips push against her panties. He rubbed it softly, getting a good amount of juices on his hand, which he licked up happily of course.
  47. Next, he moved her into another position, where she was seated on his lap, butt directly over his cock. He started by pushing his hands underneath the girl's bra and copping a feel of her supple breast. They felt just as soft as he had dreamed and it felt oh, so amazing. Giving her nipples a rub, he kissed her neck all over before starting to move to his next exploit.
  49. But the little girl surprised him. A large, echoing fart bellowed out of the sleeping girl's booty, with a force enough to vibrate Lolicon-kun's legs. She was still sitting on his cock, pushing the vibrations deep into his meat so spontaneously. It was only natural for him to cum. Like a bullet, mid fart, he was able to shimmy down his trousers, so that the splooge went all in-between Lysithea's crack instead of in his undies. The back of her tights was soaked in an ocean of cum. The smell made Lolicon-kun physically gasp, before he covered his mouth. He prayed no one heard him or the ludicrous fart.
  51. Despite how indescribably fantastic that felt, Lolicon-kun was now a little worried. Not about if he had anymore cum left inside him, because he absolutely did, but if Lysithea had any more gas in her. After all, he still had to sniff her ass of course, and hoped that the girl hadn't blown it all away in a hurry.
  53. He had to hurry if he wanted to catch any up-close whiffs, so he thrusted into a new position. Putting Lysithea's face down ever so gently and raising her hips up into the air put her into the perfect position for him to bury his face into the girl's cheeks. Her juicy pussy leaked onto his face and down his nose, adding to the absolutely heavenly smell of her rear. Lolicon-kun pushed his face as deep into Lysithea's bubble butt as it would go.
  55. The force of his nose going deep into her ass and pressing against the butthole had a button-push type effect. A juicy popping fart came out spritzing a bit of her ass-juices further onto Lolicon-kun's face. He would never wash his face ever again after this event. Pushing gently on her belly caused more juicy farts to pop out in a quick, sloppy succession. They stank to heaven of eggs and spoiled milk in the most beautiful way possible. He grabbed on to her shaped ass and squeezed it to his heart's content.
  57. Several more farts came out of the loli's backside before she was through, the last of which prompted Lolicon-kun to shoot another hot, sticky load into her clothes. This time, he aimed it down her pants, staining her pink panties with his seed.
  59. Next position was the perv's favorite one. He rubbed lotion on his greasy prick and stuck it right between the girl's thighs and her pussy. He placed her on top of himself and started thrusting, in and out between her thighs. His balls slapped against the lower portions of her thighs making a cute plapping sound that echoed through the darkness. Hands drawn to her breast, he reached under her shirt and pulled her bra up, so that he could get a good grab of her breast.
  61. He was now fucking her intensely in a thrill of warped perversion. With neck kisses on her neck, the perv was now lost in his lust and abandoned all caution. Virginity was a cruel grasp that he needed to escape at this very moment, even if it meant sacrificing the holiness of his beloved. He was daring enough to peel back her cum soaked tights and panties down just enough for him to insert his length into her warm, moist cunt. His thrust were brief, but impactful, for he knew that he could not cum inside her. That would be a sin too grand even for him.
  63. He was shocked how long he lasted in her cunt before having to pull out, edging himself. Gently, he pushed her off and laid her on the ground while he set up his next position. After putting her clothes back into order, he picked her up and slowly lowered her onto the library table. There, a sort of fucked up Shakespearean drama scene played in Lolicon-kun's warped mind. He envisioned himself as some sort of heroic prince greeting his beloved sleeping beauty with a warm, tonguey kiss. In reality his tongue was more of an invader in Lysithea's mouth, and his kiss was anything but passionate… Especially considering what happened after.
  65. Lolicon-kun refused to go out on an edge, and the warmth of Lysithea's mouth made resubmersed him back into his doggish, horny state. With one swift motion bolted up until his cock hung above Lysithea's head and planted the length of his cock deep within her mouth. Her mouth felt even better than her pussy. It was small, tight, and felt as sweet as candy. He began thrusting deep and hard down her throat, panting and moaning softly as he could. His sweaty sack slapped against her chin, making a plap similar to the one he made with her thighs.
  67. With one last epic grunt, Lolicon-kun filled Lysithea's throat with load of obscene size. The sheer magnitude of his final cumshot shook him down to his very core. Thick, white cream filled Lysithea's throat like an ocean of sweet love. So many strings poured into her warm face-pussy over and over in a lustful heat.
  69. There he stood, twitching and at a loss of breath. He collapsed to the ground, and nearly passed out in ecstasy, but it was not his time to rest yet, oh no. If he ever wanted to do this again, he would have to be sure to clean up after himself. From his pack, he brought out a set of clean, cum-free clothes and a cute pair of panties. He lived another one of his fantasies as he stripped Lysithea nude and washed the cum off her with a moist towel. In about five minutes, she was fully dressed up in a clean new uniform and put right back where he found her. After all, though he may be a disgusting pervert, Lolicon-kun is no fool…
  71. That, and now he had a wonderful set of freshly splooged on clothes to put his new victim in. The night was still young after all, and another maiden was waiting for him in his closet. Though, he would definitely not be as careful with this one as he was with his beloved loli. He even figured she needed to be punished, for all the mean things he had said to him. Warped ideas flooded his mind like a tsunami of filth. It wasn't over, not at all. Lolicon-kun's rampage was only just beginning.
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