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  1. game site: http://miku.qq.com/main.html
  2. QQ: http://www.imqq.com/
  5. First, go to the game site and click your desired platform on the right. You can technically play this on PC but if you don't have a touch screen, you'll find that the rhythm game portion is impossible to actually play. You'll also need a QQ account, as that username and password will be what you use to login to the game.
  7. Frankly I'm too lazy to do this properly with screenshots so here's a text based overview of the main menu. On the left side of the screen, you will see; a page with a checkmark on it (challenges), a megaphone (announcements?), a crown (achievements), a face silhouette (>friends list), and another sheet of paper (more challenges). The first set of challenges are split into general and daily, the first and second tabs respectively. General challenges are for things like "hit level 40" and "complete this part of the world tour". Daily challenges are your consistent source of gems, these will be important later. Every day, you need to do the following things: Play a specific song (the song changes every day), give someone a gift, play a game, buy an item, complete 5 songs, play co-op, do a solo concert, train someone, and level up a card. Doing all of these will give you 100 daily challenge points which lets you open the 4 boxes at the bottom, and then when you get 300 and 600, you get the bigger boxes. Covering the gift giving and item thing will be covered later so don't worry if none of that makes sense yet. If you want to know the specific criteria for doing any given challenge or achievement, take a screenshot and run it through google translate.
  9. To the bottom left, you'll see a music note, a shirt, the shop, and the gacha machine. The music note is a whole thing so I'm actually going to go after it last. The shirt button is where you change your modules and accessories. Select a character and a card, and you'll get several options to enhance it. The top left is the "story" for the module. you can read the stories using elements that you get from playing songs, and reading both stories allows you to change the hairstyle for that card. Now to the right, you can see that cards level and stats and abilities. The important thing here are the buttons at the bottom. The first up arrow lets you level up the card with EXP (for the level up daily challenge). The second one lets you upgrade the card, although only SSR and UR cards can be upgraded to their second phase. The fourth button is your accessories. Long pressing an accessory will tell you which elements are affected and by how much, so accessorize accordingly.
  11. Going back to the main menu, and to the shop, you can trade in resources for items. The clock tab lets you use gold coins, and this is where you get the "buy something" challenge. You can buy anything you want with your gold coins to get it. You can also unlock new songs with records, and accessories and some modules with ribbons which you get from doing co-op.
  13. Going back to the main menu and then to the gacha machine, this is where you can roll gems for cards. 1 roll is 250 gems but it's recommended to wait until you have 2500 gems and do a 10 roll, because this guarantees you an SSR card, which is valuable since they can be leveled to 50, versus 30 for R and SR cards. You can also do 1 free roll every 48 hours, indicated by the little timer under the roll button.
  15. Going back to the main menu and then to the music note icon, you'll find a ton of stuff to do. Select a character and to the right, you can see their level and stats. Underneath that is their relationship level, with the heart. Click on that and you get 4 more buttons; a hand, a plane, a box and a file cabinet. If you click on the hand, you go to the interaction screen. The things to look for are the game controller and the present. Click on the controller and you can play like rock paper scissors, that's a daily challenge, and the present lets you give a gift, that's a challenge. Each character has likes and dislikes for items, so only give them things with pink smiley faces, although you won't know if they like it until you give it to them. CP items don't make them love you but it increases their CP, more on that later.
  17. Now hit back and go back to the character stat page. We're gonna click on the box under the affection score on the left. Stepping on a square and unlocking it with sufficient gold and CP gives you a little stat boost, and some squares have items you can get instead. Now go back and click on the box to the right of that, this is hyperbolic training room. Select one of the pads, and then a character, then one of the plus signs under them, and a ticket, then the green box to the right. You'll get a cute little cutscene and then they'll get a timer over their head to show their training is in progress. This is also one of the daily challenges.
  19. Now at the main menu again, look at the top right. There's an envelope, a calendar, and a (...). Click the ... and then the gear. This is your settings. The first 2 tabs are probably graphics settings. The third tab though is your offset. The game will have you do your offset setting once but you can come here to change it again if the hit sounds feel off.
  21. Now at the main menu again, we'll go to world tour. This is pretty simple, it's basically the campaign. You play a song and unlock the next one if you clear it. Each song has 3 challenges: clear, extra clear, and something else like combo at least 50%, fewer than 5% misses, etc.
  23. This is a good time to go over the song setup screen. This is where you'll see what song you're about to play, and you can select the difficult, scroll speed, and use your suns. Scroll speed is the button with 3.0 or 4.0 next to it. You can move it up and down to make the notes scroll down the track faster or slower. Suns are a resource you can spend to multiply the rewards you get for clearing a song. You can spend 5 suns for 4x rewards, 10 suns for 5x rewards, and 15 suns for 6x rewards, higher amounts are unlocked at higher levels.  This multiplies the items and EXP you get.
  25. Now from the main menu again, what's left is the co-operation, practice, concert, and airship tabs. Frankly, these are all really self explanatory. The concert you need to do for a daily challenge. Whenever you see a pink circle or exclamation point, then click it and just kinda click around, you'll usually get something if you follow the pink. It's not a super in depth guide but this should be everything you need to know in order to get your resources and do rolls and such.
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