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#OpAliceDay Target by @ReportAPedo,#OpScareCrow,#OpPedoChat

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  1.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2wOVHN6ezA
  3.     Greetings World,
  4.     We are Anonymous Report A Pedo.
  6.     April is child abuse awareness month, and coincidentally it is also a month in which child rapists, molesters and abusers celebrate a particular holiday. On April 25th, Abusers worldwide celebrate the holiday Alice Day, named after Alice Liddell and, "Alice In Wonderland", originally Pedophile Pride Day. On this holiday the pedophiles celebrate, rape and molestation of little girls. Many pedophiles believe it is okay for them to celebrate "loving" a female child that day.
  7.     We call upon all Anonymous Operatives to come forward and march with us as legion. To deface and cause chaos within the pedophile networks.
  8.     To the public; On April 25th we will be conducting various operations involving online methods such as Distributed Denial of Service attacks, doxing, and website defacement. We ask that you please watch your children and be extra vigilant, because April 25th is like Christmas to them.
  10.     Our Current Target:
  11.                 http://imgsrc.ru/   Code Name Giant   First Target
  12.                 http://sexibl.com/
  13.                 http://motherless.com/
  14.                 http://pictureview.com/
  15.                 http://www.onlyamatuer.com (Apache killer )
  16.                 http://jailbait-webcams.com/
  17.                 lsmodelclub.eu
  18.                  http://free.xdcuties.info
  19.                  http://youngangels.net/
  20.                  http://nn-bbs.info
  21.                 http://art-models.info
  22.                 http://www.annabelleigh.net  
  23.                 https://www.boychat.org
  24.                 http://nambla.org  
  25.                    juxim.com
  26.                    http://15yomodels.com
  27.                  http://ttlmodels.com/
  28.                  http://xxsmodels.info/ apache
  29.                  http://www.jblover.com
  30.                 http://www.9to12.org/
  31.                 http://collection.world-collections.com/
  32.                 http://juniortaboo.info/
  33.                 http://nnneversleeps.info/
  34.                 http://free.top-dolls.net
  35.                 http://teen.prettymodels18.com/
  36.                 freespirits.org
  37.                 http://webcamwhoring.com/
  38.                 http://teenfuckr.com/
  39.                 http://private-xxxphoto.net/
  40.                 www.lilnnhost.info
  41.                 www.juniortaboo.info
  42.                 www.vote4nonude.info
  43.                 www.realtinypics.com
  44.                 www.onlynngirls.info
  45.                 www.juniortease.info
  46.                 www.nonudevotes.info
  47.                 http://jailbaitlovers.com/
  49.     We Are Anonymous,
  50.     We are legion,
  51.     We do not forgive,
  52.     We do not forget,
  53.     Expect us!
  55.     Our Official Page:
  56.     https://twitter.com/ReportAPedo
  57.     http://www.facebook.com/StopPedophilia
  58.     http://www.facebook.com/OpScareCrow
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