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  1. Journalist Ed Leo had tried not to pay too much attention to the ad-matter of TruImmersion, the new VR company. Of course, no VR company wanted to be invasive. While some high end people might be willing to undergo a bit of surgery for some deluxe thrills, most people knew that if the average guy wouldn't jack in, then developers and game makers wouldn't devote resources to that medium. But TruImmersion was supposed to be non-invasive while still allowing a neural link. Of course, this mean that when he did get to try out this demo, he would be allowing them to adhere the connect in a rather snug fashion against his brain stem. It didn't penetrate the skin though, so he suspected it couldn't go too bad. He wondered, idly, whether it really would link at all.
  3. "Okay, Mr. Leo, you may feel some disorientation at first as your mind adjusts to the game's avatar," Ebon Dusk said, the head developer for TruImmersion. He was a mousey, driven man--and a multimillionaire already through his other ventures. Mostly AI. It was said his new WriterAI could perfectly imitate a human writing style. It was basically going to be the new Microsoft Word... or so his PR people said.
  5. "You mean I won't just be myself?" Leo asked.
  7. "No," Ebon said. "Our researches found that most people don't want to be themselves when they're connecting to VR. So we will be letting you try experiencing life from a different perspective."
  9. "Cool," Ed said. "Well, let's see how it works out."
  11. He was wearing mostly denim as he leaned back in the demo recliner. He was a journalist, but he was also at a tech demo, so he wanted to be in comfortable clothes. There would be other journalists in here after him, although each was supposed to get their own solid half hour with the "TruImmersion Experience."
  13. "How will I know when it's on?" Ed asked.
  15. "You'll know," Ebon said, with a smug grin. Then he clicked a button on his keyboard.
  17. The world began to shimmer and flash. Wow--Ed couldn't believe it! This was an incredible feeling... he felt like his whole body was being pulled down, rapidly sliding down, kind of like the experience of a steep waterslide at an amusement park.
  19. But then he found himself on a racetrack. He wasn't in the TruImmersion office anymore--well, of course, he knew he still was, but now he was also outside, on a racetrack, hearing the sounds of a crowd, the smells of gasoline, the faint but perceptible warmth of sunlight on his face--it felt incredibly real! As far as his body was convinced, it was real.
  21. Then he noticed a counter in the corner of his field of vision--AvatarSync, 5%...
  23. Looking down, he could already tell there were some differences from his normal body. His waist looked... slimmer. Was everyone in this world going to look like models then? But that wasn't all. It almost looked like he had the faintest hint of a bust. Maybe it was just the way the clothes hung on his body in this world.
  25. But no, it definitely wasn't just the clothes, although they were changing too. His shoes vanishes, and his pants began to slide up his head. Moreover, he began to feel hair sliding down his back. What a strange sensation! Everything still felt so real! Not only that, but he felt like he was slowly shrinking. The world around him was getting just slightly bigger every last moment.
  27. Suddenly his shirt began to shimmer, fused with his pants, and began to change colors. He could feel incredibly strange sensations around his groin and breasts... no, it wasn't just a strange sensation. He was growing breasts! They looked so real... and he could feel his dick sliding into his body. Wow, that was a strange sensation. What on earth was Ebon thinking, making this the first experience for a journalist trying out the product!
  29. His denim clothes became form-fitting, sleek racing clothes. Oh, my god. I'm turning into a modelesque racing girl!
  31. Wow, what an incredible fantasy. It wasn't just a totally immersive driving game! It was also an immersive body transformation experience! But everything felt so real... imagine the medical applications. People with severed limbs could experience having those limbs again. People with broken spines could experience walking. The catharsis could be amazing. This was truly an amazing piece of technology.
  33. A red and white racing car rode up beside him. Well, what the hell Ed thought. Might as well take it for a spin.
  35. When he stepped in, he could feel the skin of his butt pressing against the warm leather of the seat. Wow... the costume of course was revealing for anyone, but the purpose was clear. Ebon wanted the player to REALLY feel the car, to experience everything here. He reached out, looking at his smooth, feminine hands, grip the handle of the door, and swing it in to close it. With that, he turned the ignition.
  37. He could feel the vibrations of the engine through the seat, through is body. Wow... just being in the car, just feeling the power of the engine was soothing and pleasurable. He could hear the hum of the motor. He was ready to go.
  39. Pressing down on the accelerator with his high heel shoes--what a strange touch, he did a test lap along the track, not going too fast at first. "Would you like a navigator?" a voice asked from the radio. It was like the car was alive, almost.
  41. "Sure," he said, and could hear his voice. A sultry, smooth, sexy voice. He felt gorgeous... wow, he hadn't wanted this, and it was weird, but it was also so immersive. It was really fun!
  43. A white-haired man with his own red racing suit appeared in the seat beside her. "Hello! My name's Demo. I'll be your navigator," he said.
  45. "Cool," Ed said. Demo. Nice touch. "What does that mean?"
  47. "I'll give you tips on when to accelerate, how hard to turn. It will feel awkward at first so we can take it easy, but the faster we go the more essential it becomes."
  49. "Gotcha," Ed said. Then, carefully listening to his navigator, he began to push harder into the turns, anticipate the course's particularities. Of course, Demo was an AI... a convincing one, but an AI. But clearly what Ebon was hinting at was that there could be different kinds of multiplayer experiences, that multiplayer could exist, and that it could be amazing for everyone involved, although in different ways.
  51. He loved the way the vibrations and lurches of the car made his body feel! He could feel the throttle vibrating up his legs, like a massage for his butt. He could feel the hard lurches in his breasts. Somehow being reminded that he was this beautiful woman as he raced made it all the more engaging, all the more fun.
  53. Finally, he sensed the hour was coming to a close. "Thanks for your help, Demo!"
  55. "Actually," Demo said, "You could go for another hour, but you'd have to sign some legal agreements."
  57. This had been an incredible ride! "Sure!" he said. What type of journalist would say no at this point, anyway?
  59. A long document flashed up. Ed quickly scrolled down, not bothering to read any of it, and then clicked accept.
  61. "Great!" Demo said. "Now, to get to the next level, you'll need to step through this gate."
  63. As he walked toward the gate, he could already feel some parts of his costume vanishing--the leggings, the jacket. This was fine. Maybe this would be a fantasy themed stage? It was strange, considering the realism of the racing stage, that the next area looked like it took place in a flower field.
  65. As he stepped through the portal, he felt a wave of even more changes wash over his body. The tight racing outfit was replaced with the smooth felt of black and white fabric... black stockings slid up his legs. What kind of fantasy was this? It didn't look like fantasy armor...
  67. The world was getting smaller too. He was still in heels, and considering he'd been driving the whole time before, he hadn't gotten used to them. But then he saw Demo again. But no longer was he in his red co-pilot suit. Now, he was covered in red tattoos, and wore a loose robe that left his chest bare. But most impressively, he seemed so much larger than Ed!
  69. "Greetings, Master," Ed said. Or at least, he could hear his voice saying that. What on earth? Was he not in full control of his avatar?
  71. "Greetings, my new slave," Demo said. "Come and bow before me."
  73. Okay, Ed thought. This simulator is getting way too weird. It was time to log out.
  75. How did he log out again?
  77. Somehow, he felt his body stepping forward, and then felt his back arch. He bowed down to Demo. Exit game, he wanted to say. Logout, he thought. Why was nothing working? How did you get out of this game--it wasn't invasive, right? So why couldn't he just stand up and walk away from the connection?
  79. Somehow, he just couldn't feel his male body at all. The entire time he'd been racing, the body had been right there. He had known he could get away at any time.
  81. "You must have a thousand questions, Elle," Demo said. "But you should know... you are no longer in a simulation at all. This IS your body. And you are my slave."
  83. Ed looked up. What kind of strange fantasy was this? Ed wasn't liking it anymore, even if it was sort of kinky. "What do you mean?" he asked, but the words that came out were: "What do you mean, master?"
  85. Demo gently stroked his hair. "I was never part of the simulation... I am not even of your world. When you signed that agreement, that wasn't with Ebon, it was with me. To be my slave. And when you stepped through that portal, that was your soul coming to my world. Ciraland."
  87. "Logout," Ed said again. "Disconnect from game."
  89. "Ah, slave, you have so much to learn. We shall have to begin training you... what shall be the first lesson?" Demo asked with a sly grin. "This is my place... the flower field. This is your new home. Promise you will stop thinking this is a game, and that you will accept this place as your home, until I find you a new one."
  91. "I promise to stop thinking of this as a game and to accept this place as my home," Ed heard himself saying. And what was even more shocking, he realized it was true. This no longer felt like a game at all. He swallowed.
  93. "Good girl," Demo said. "While I have enslaved you, you may find pleasure as my slave. But for now, I would prefer to hear you whimper. Go on, slave. Beg for your old life."
  95. "Please, master Demo," Ed heard himself saying, sliding forward on his knees. "Please let me go back to Earth, please let me go back to being a man!" He could feel his eyes welling up with emotion; he was crying.
  97. "No," Demo said. "And now, I shall punish you for asking..."
  99. Ed tried to slide back in time, but the man was massive, powerful, and quickly subdued her. He felt his face pushed down into the flowers. He felt Demo binding his arms behind his back. This escalated so quickly! His heart was pumping. When had he ever felt such fear? He tried kicking out with his legs, but in another moment he felt his ankles tied tightly as well. He kept trying to wriggle his way out of the bindings, but they were very tight.
  101. "Yes, you may come to find pleasure as my slave, in time..." Demo said, "But it is even more fun to see you squirm!"
  103. His breasts pressed against the flowers, Ed desperately turned and tried to look back at Demo with abject fear. The man towered above her, looking down at her from afar, with his bristling muscles. "Fear me!" Demo said. "Yes, I love that look! Now, scream--scream as loud as you can!"
  105. Ed did. And looking out at the lush, beautiful landscape around him, he realized how totally alone he was here.
  107. "Now, you may beg again," Demo said. "Think about what you want to beg for."
  109. "Please..." Ed said. "Please, master, don't hurt me! Don't punish me! Please!"
  111. "Much better," Demo said. "But you must have your punishment..."
  113. Demo pressed his hand against the back of her head, and then he could feel something sliding out of his body, sliding right out through the back of his head. What a strange, incredible sensation... he wasn't sure what it was at first, but it felt like muscles in his face were changing, softening...
  115. "Now, I have your face," Demo said, sighing peacefully.
  117. What a strange statement, and yet... now, Ed couldn't remember what his face had ever looked like as a man! He could not remember what he used to look like when he looked in the mirror! He felt his body quivering in panic. What was going on?!
  119. "If you ever want your face back," Demo said, leaning in close, and wrapping his arm around Ed's waist, "You must learn to obey me... not just through my magic, and your contract, which forces you to call me master and obey my orders. You must learn to obey in the depths of your heart, in the contours of your brain. You are Ella, my slave girl... you must learn not just to think of me as master, but to love me as your master. Only if you are a good girl--a perfectly good slave girl--would I ever consider giving you your face back. Now, I will give you one more chance. What will you beg for?"
  121. "Please..." Ed said, slowly, "Master... please, please let me be your good little slave girl! Please, keep me as Ella, please, let me stay here, let me be your slave girl forever!"
  123. "Good, good," Demo said, picking her up. "That should seal the contract and the spell..."
  125. What? What did any of this mean...?
  127. "Who are you?" Demo asked.
  129. "I am Ella, master," Ella said.
  131. "And what is your duty?" Demo asked.
  133. "To love you as my master," Ella said.
  135. "Perfect," Demo said. "Now, you have had your punishment... it's time for your reward."
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