Xenos Hunters Log 1

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  2. Session Start: Mon Feb 21 21:05:54 2011
  3. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
  4. 03[21:05] * Now talking in #XenosHunters
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  9. [21:16] <~Antoine> After a long transition through the warp to Hidule the fleet you are with exits on the edge of the system. You feel the sudden relaxation of some tension in the back of your mind as reality surrounds the ship once more. You are sitting in your quarters aboard the Steel Talisman a cobra class destroyer. Soon your vox comes alive with the voice of Watch Captain Oeris, your commanding officer.
  10. [21:17] <~Antoine> "All kill team members to the bridge, briefing in 5 minutes."
  11. 06[21:18] * Sinbad stands from his studies of a religeous text
  12. [21:18] <Sinbad> "Are we all going?"
  13. 03[21:18] * Arkias ( has joined #XenosHunters
  14. [21:19] <Arkias> !dm9001 lastlines #30
  15. 06[21:19] * Cadmus gathers up his gear and puts away the medical treatses he had been reading and steps out into the corridor of the ship, securing his helmet as he does.
  16. 06[21:19] * Sinbad looks to the rest of his allies
  17. [21:20] <Sinbad> "Well, what are you all waiting for?  The Brother-Captain has summoned us all."
  18. 06[21:20] * Arkias stands still, expression concealed beneath his helmet.
  19. [21:20] <Cadmus> "The captain calls, and we must answer, Brother Sinbad. How is your Doop handling the journey, by the way?" Cadmus asks as he starts towards the bridge.
  20. 06[21:20] * Omniel rises from his seat slowly and engages his lower motivators, rolling smoothly towards the exit. "Reporting to the bridge."
  21. 06[21:21] * Sinbad attempts to follow after trying to drag along the psyker Arkias without touching him
  22. 06[21:21] * Arkias nods, the gesture slight, and follows the other members of the kill-team.
  23. [21:21] <Sinbad> "Well, Brother. I was worried about his feed, but there was enough stone on the ship for it to feed on."
  24. 06[21:22] * Sinbad follows along to the bridge, fastening on his Beaky
  25. [21:22] <Cadmus> "Excellent. Glad to hear that."
  26. 03[21:23] * Konrad ( has joined #XenosHunters
  27. 06[21:24] * Omniel lowers his servo-arm so as not to scratch the machine's anointed paint on the ship's holy and blessed doorframe as he enters the briefing room.
  28. [21:26] <Konrad> Brother Konrad, clad only in his Templar tunic, marched in behind the Techmarine. "Ave Imperator, ave Omnissiah." He greeted, clasping his hands behind his back.
  29. [21:28] <Sinbad> "Elder Brother (Konrad, this means you), why do you persist in living outside of your armor? Do you not feel...out of sync without it?"
  30. [21:28] <~Antoine> Watch Captain Oeris is flanked by a few mortals in the bridge, all standing over a holoprojector. You recognize the woman as Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion, the old man as Captain Manuel Lyons and the grizzled warrior as Colnel Damian Turner.
  31. 06[21:29] * Arkias stands silently towards the rear of the party, silent and somehow brooding.
  32. 06[21:29] * Cadmus nods in greeting as he enters the bridge
  33. 06[21:29] * Sinbad is silent and awaiting orders
  34. [21:29] <Konrad> "My carapace is as pure as that of any others. I would not, however, do it the dishonor of wearing it outside of battle." He replied, before becoming silent in the presence of the Inquisitor, watching intently.
  35. [21:29] <~Antoine> Watch Captain motions for you all to complete the circle around the projector, "Come brothers, we have work to do."
  36. 06[21:29] * Sinbad moves to the projector, looking to its holo-field in curiosity
  37. 06[21:30] * Cadmus joins the Captain at the projector.
  38. [21:30] <Sinbad> "What tidings, Brother-Captain?"
  39. 06[21:30] * Omniel hunches low over the projector as instructed, awaiting the briefing.
  40. 06[21:30] * Arkias takes his place in the circle.
  41. [21:30] <~Antoine> "Grave news brother, the rebellion within this system has put this section of the crusade in danger. One of the few stable worlds in the region falling to sedition can not be allowed."
  42. [21:31] <Sinbad> "At such a time? When the tendril of Dagon is upon us? Is this the work of xenos machinations?"
  43. [21:31] <Cadmus> "Then we shall show them the error of their ways."
  44. [21:31] <Arkias> "Suffer not the heretic."
  45. 01[21:32] <Omniel> "They will be brought back into the fold, verily."
  46. [21:32] <~Antoine> The Captain pushes some buttons on the projector and a hazy and indistinct planet with a orbiting station are brought up. After the Captain kicks the projector the image becomes more clear.
  47. 06[21:32] * Arkias nods to Sinbad.
  48. [21:32] <Konrad> Konrad, at mention of the system destabilizing, simply scowled, giving a grunt of dissatisfaction but keeping silent.
  49. [21:33] <~Antoine> "Hidule, pictured here is our second line to fall back if Rahas falls to hive fleet dagon, while I am sure you all wish to meet the Tyranid threat head on the loss of Hidule will hurt morale and fighting spirit on the front line, not to mention stretch us thin when we need to be the most concentrated in strength."
  50. 10[21:34] * Sinbad nods in understanding
  51. [21:35] <Arkias> "Watch-Captain, is the timing of this...incident not highly suspicious?"
  52. [21:35] <Konrad> "Typical, that the Guard would think of where to retreat first." Konrad remarked, before falling quiet once more.
  53. 10[21:35] * Arkias 's gaze turns to Konrad for a moment before he continues to address the Watch-Captain.
  54. [21:36] <~Antoine> "The world has a unique missile defence shield that prevents immediate invasion so disabling of this system is the first priority. Arkias, it is indeed, this is one of the reasons we have decided to deal with this problem now, rather than wait." He eyes the Inquisitor quickly during his last statement.
  55. [21:36] <Cadmus> "Any indication that this rebellion was caused by outside influences, Captain?"
  56. [21:37] <Sinbad> " this the actions of a xenos cult?"
  57. [21:37] <~Antoine> "Therefore the capture of the orbital station and it's realtime targeting systems for the missiles will be your first mission. No indication as of yet Cadmus, we will know soon enough though."
  58. 10[21:38] * Cadmus nods in understanding
  59. [21:38] <Konrad> "What conditions should we expect aboard the station?" Konrad asked.
  60. [21:39] <~Antoine> "The first obstacle to overcome is the insertion to the station, I would like to hear your thoughts on the course of action required. We expect armsmen armed with shipboard weapons, shotguns and the like."
  61. [21:39] <Arkias> "And what of the local population? Are we to understand that they have universally turned from His light?"
  62. 10[21:39] * Arkias has his armoured gauntlets balled into fists.
  63. [21:40] <Cadmus> "Perhaps a bording torpedo Captain, if the station's defenses are light enough." Cadmus suggests.
  64. [21:40] <~Antoine> "Arkias we do not know their position in their worlds fall. The Adeptus Arbites astropathic message only indicated the PDF had attempted to take their arms but when refused attack the holy judges."
  65. [21:41] <Sinbad> "I've read that the planet's defenses fired on a Rogue Trader's ship...  How are we to get close enough?"
  66. [21:42] <~Antoine> "Well spoken Sinbad and Cadmus, the missiles mean approaching will mean death of the ship." Captain Lyons face seems to resent the statement that his ship couldn't hold up to the fire. "Short burn boarding torpedoes will likely be the best bet of making it on board."
  67. 10[21:43] * Sinbad grins
  68. [21:43] <Arkias> "A codex-compliant response to the situation."
  69. 10[21:43] * Arkias notes.
  70. [21:43] <Sinbad> "Is there any question of a Caestus Ram available?"
  71. 10[21:44] * Cadmus nods, a smile hidden by his face.
  72. [21:45] <~Antoine> "We have one sitting in the hanger but it lightly damaged, with repairs it could serve us."Captain Lyons pipes up after this, "Our fleets fury interceptors can provide your insertion with cover from the defence station's turrets"  
  73. 10[21:45] * Sinbad almost has a ear-to-ear grin perceptable within his helmet
  74. [21:46] <Sinbad> "Excellent news, Brother Captain."
  75. [21:46] <Arkias> "Captain, I would ask of the orbital station. Are we to understand that it is a holy STC pattern?"
  76. [21:47] <~Antoine> "We do not know it's exact origins, other than it is of human design. It is highly likely to be one though."
  77. 01[21:47] <Omniel> "If I may be of assistance with the repairs, then I would gladly offer my services."
  78. [21:49] <Konrad> Konrad, suitably informed, looked to the others, "Then shall we quit this talking, and finally get to slaying the Emperor's foes?"
  79. 10[21:49] * Arkias turns to look at him.
  80. [21:49] <Arkias> "Haste has been the bane of champions, and death of lords."
  81. [21:50] <~Antoine> The Captain nods "Very well, Techmarine Omniel will complete the repairs and Captain Lyons will prepare the squadron to provide you cover." "See to your arms, I will see you in the hanger." The Inquisitor buts in before you leave, "If you could acquire the stations logs of ships moving in and out of the system they may be useful to my sages in determining the cause of this rebellion."
  82. [21:50] <Arkias> "It shall be done."
  83. 10[21:51] * Sinbad nods, stands and bows
  84. [21:51] <Sinbad> "By your leave, Brother-Captain."
  85. 01[21:51] <Omniel> "Acknowledged."
  86. 10[21:51] * Arkias bows his head, and slams his fist against his chest eagle in a salute.
  87. 10[21:51] * Sinbad leaves to prepare his equpiment
  88. [21:51] <Konrad> "As has idleness." He unclapsed his wrist, his arms falling forwards as he gave a sharp salute. "The Emperor protects." He said, before leaving after Sinbad.
  89. [21:52] <~Antoine> The commanders break up and return to their posts. Oeris make the sign of the aquila, "Go with haste."
  90. 10[21:52] * Omniel departs the bridge with haste, to see to the repairs.
  91. [21:52] <Arkias> "I advise caution, Brother."
  92. 10[21:52] * Arkias says quietly to Konrad as they leave.
  93. [21:54] <Konrad> "To ensure that the enemies of the Emperor are slain? I am always careful to do so." Konrad would retort, before breaking off to his own arming chambers and the serfs within.
  94. [21:54] <Arkias> "It is not the wisdom of the Codex to seek battle in haste, and there is something awry in this."
  95. 10[21:54] * Arkias murmurs to himself, then strides off to conduct the rites of readying.
  96. 10[22:03] * Cadmus sets off to ensure that his narthecium and reductor are in working order.
  97. [22:11] <~Antoine> Omniel quickly fixes the Caestus Ram, hes tinkering improves the speed, re-engages the frag assault launcher and optimizes the Firefury missiles battery to intercept flak from the defence station
  98. [22:13] <~Antoine> You assemble in the hanger and practice boarding drills straight from the codex astartes, finally taking your oath over the holy tome with Captain Oeris.
  99. [22:14] <~Antoine> You board the Caestus Ram, locking yourself into the suppression clamps. Captain Oeris stands at the foot of the tamp bidding you farewell.
  100. [22:14] <Arkias> "The four treasures. Duty, humility, purity, the rites of battle."
  101. [22:14] <~Antoine> ramp*
  102. [22:15] <Cadmus> "May the Emperor and the Lion guide us to success and glory in our mission."
  103. 01[22:15] <Omniel> "By the Emperor, it shall be done."
  104. [22:15] <Arkias> "By the Great Father and the Primarch."
  105. [22:16] <Sinbad> "Throne grant His Light this day."
  106. [22:16] <~Antoine> The Ramp closes and the red battle lighting dispels the dark gloom within the hull boom you are in.
  107. 10[22:17] * Cadmus makes one last check to confirm that all his gear and weapons are firmly secured.
  108. 10[22:17] * Sinbad makes the sign of the Aquilia in his safety harness in anticipation
  109. [22:17] <Konrad> Konrad would, after bidding his own farewell with a sign of the Aquila, turn to the others. "We are the Emperor's chosen: And from here on out, we are sworn brothers. Know this well, for I have sworn an oath upon the Emperor's name. Only through righteous fury and this bond shall we survive."
  110. 10[22:17] * Arkias secures himself in his drop-harness, force axe slung at his side.
  111. [22:18] <~Antoine> Loaded into a launch tube the ship sits for a minute while Konrad talks before the engines engage and the ship lurches suddenly from the Steel talisman.
  112. [22:18] <Arkias> "Through the wisdom of the Codex and His guidance, we shall prevail."
  113. 10[22:18] * Arkias adds, his voice low.
  114. [22:20] <~Antoine> Omniel's improvements may have been too good because you almost overtake the fury interceptors that are making a run to distract the stations guns. You hear the Caestus Ram's missile battery fire, before a suddenly crash shift you within your restraints. The restraints disengage and the ramps descends, screams are heard as the frag launchers do their work.,
  115. 10[22:21] * Arkias sits impassively, head bowed.
  117. 10[22:21] * Cadmus busies himself with monitoring the lifesigns of his fellow brothers.
  118. [22:21] <~Antoine> The ramp finishes descending and a station corridor opens up before you.
  119. 01[22:21] <Omniel> "No need to thank me, Brother. It was my duty."
  120. [22:21] <Arkias> "Indeed."
  121. 10[22:21] * Arkias murmurs.
  122. [22:21] <Sinbad> "I'll scout forwards first; give me a minute."
  123. 10[22:22] * Sinbad pulls his camo-cloak around him, and heads out
  124. [22:22] <Arkias> "I advise a Codex patt-"
  125. 10[22:22] * Omniel quickly unstraps himself from the restraints.
  126. 10[22:22] * Cadmus unstraps as well, reading his bolter.
  127. 10[22:22] * Arkias stops in mid-word, the harness disengaging as he pulls free.
  128. [22:23] <Sinbad> "Brothers, come out. Theres...dead mortals, everywhere. Great bloodshed happened here."
  129. [22:23] <Arkias> "Blessed boltgun, holy messanger of His word, accept my guidance."
  130. [22:23] <Konrad> Hitting the release, Konrad would make a dramatic gesture, his bolter snapping from his waist and into his outstretched hand. "Stay close- but we should wait before taking on a distinct pattern." Konrad recommended, "Brother Arkias, do you detect any signs of witchery?"
  131. 10[22:23] * Arkias draws his boltgun, clicking the fire selector as he stands.
  132. [22:24] <Arkias> "A moment, Brother."
  133. 10[22:24] * Sinbad turns off his stummer, and opens his cloak, awaiting his Brothers
  134. 10[22:24] * Omniel readies his weapon as well, preparing to disembark.
  135. [22:25] <Sinbad> "Brothers, my auger, we have movement incoming from the left bulkhead!"
  136. 10[22:25] * Sinbad readies his bolter
  137. 10[22:25] * Cadmus moves out of the torpedo, ready to meet the enemy.
  138. [22:25] <Konrad> Heading down the boarding ramp, bolter at the ready, Konrad abruptly pointed it to the left bulkhead. "Prepare to assume a defensive formation!"
  139. [22:25] <Arkias> "By your command."
  140. 10[22:26] * Cadmus nods his understanding
  141. [22:26] <Sinbad> "You heard him! Together, Brothers!"
  142. 10[22:26] * Arkias raises his boltgun, finger tightening on the trigger.
  143. 10[22:26] * Omniel follows behind Konrad. "Acknowledged."
  144. [22:27] <~Antoine> The bulk head opens and 20 armsmen run though about 50metres away, they have a sudden look of shock on their faces when they see three angels of death, warriors from their grandmothers stories to keep them in line standing in front of them.
  145. [22:27] <~Antoine> five*
  146. [22:27] <Arkias> "Purge the heretic!"
  147. [22:28] <Konrad> "Hold fire!" Konrad urged, aiming his bolter dead ahead, "RELINQUISH YOUR WEAPONS!" He boomed to the Armsmen.
  148. 10[22:28] * Sinbad addresses them, "Hold, or die, mortals! If you still worship the Throne, lay down your arms!"
  149. [22:31] <~Antoine> The armsmen falter for a second, before the sergeant calls out, "Black Armour!, they killed your ship mates! They must be traitor marines, kill them you slogs."
  151. [22:36] <Konrad> "Know that your former comrades made the same mistake." Konrad would boom alongside the Sergeant, "And attempted to strike the allies of the Emperor. Your death will damn your souls, should you dare fire upon His sons."
  152. [22:37] <Arkias> "We bear arms in His name. Stand down or face the consequences, mortal."
  153. 10[22:37] * Arkias says quietly, his voice calm.
  154. [22:39] <~Antoine> The men don't recognize the name "Deathwatch", if anything that makes them more suspicious. They look dejectedly at their once ship mates, now turned to bloody hunks of meat by shrapnel. The idea that the Sergent could have led them to fire on Astartes stays their hands but they don't lower their weapons by much.
  155. 10[22:41] * Sinbad bows over to his Leader
  156. [22:41] <Sinbad> "They need more assistance in their mortal minds, Brother..."
  157. 10[22:41] * Arkias stands, boltgun raised and ready to scythe into the ranks of the humans.
  158. [22:41] <Konrad> "I am Brother Sergeant Konrad, of the Black Templars." Konrad said, removing his helmet with one hand. "Look upon my visage, and know that the Emperor stands at your side."
  159. 10[22:42] * Cadmus checks to see if there are any survivors of their explosive entrance among the carnage.
  160. 10[22:43] * Sinbad voxes Cadmus silently, " going to be hard to explain, is it?"
  161. [22:43] <~Antoine> The idea dawns on the men that they almost fired on the Emperors chosen and they fall to their knees, sobbing. The once proud Sergent looks ashen faced. "B-B-But what happened to these people?"
  162. [22:44] <Cadmus> ++They will merely have to accept that we were operatign under the impression that everyone here had turned traitor.++
  163. 10[22:44] * Arkias replies. "It matters not. These mortals are weak. Our chief concern should be our intelligence."
  164. [22:44] <Sinbad> ++Good enough.++
  165. [22:45] <Konrad> "They did not heed our message, and fired upon our sacred vessel. They doomed themselves unwittingly." Konrad explained, helmet held in the crook of his arm.
  166. [22:45] <Arkias> "They were found wanting, and the Emperor judged them."
  167. 10[22:45] * Arkias adds a moment later.
  168. [22:45] <Arkias> "Would you follow in their path? Doom yourself in His gaze?"
  169. 10[22:45] * Sinbad nods, and mag-locks his bolter to his thigh
  170. 10[22:46] * Arkias has his bolter in a rest position, held one handed across his chestplate.
  171. 10[22:47] * Sinbad grabs his elbows in a sign of peace to his people
  172. [22:47] <~Antoine> The Sergent turns away from the bodies, looking at the floor at his feet, "What do we do now Lords?"
  173. [22:47] <Arkias> "Information, Sergeant. What are you doing on this station?"
  174. [22:48] <~Antoine> "Protecting it sir, the governor says Tyranids are on their way."
  175. 10[22:48] * Arkias nods slowly.
  176. [22:48] <Konrad> Konrad nods his begrudging approval to Arkias, re-securing his helmet in the meantime with a brief hiss of purity seals.
  177. [22:49] <Arkias> +++Interesting. Team-leader, your thoughts?+++
  178. [22:49] <Sinbad> "...What of the station? Who currently leads this place, Sergeant?"
  179. [22:49] <~Antoine> the ripple explosions stop as the fury interceptors finish they suppression of enemy defences and return to the fleet.
  180. [22:49] <Konrad> "Why has this station been unresponsive to the Fleet's hails?" Konrad asked, before answering, +++Unwitting sabotage, likely. And if you wish to speak privately, do so on vox.++
  181. [22:50] <Sinbad> ++Could these men be mislead?  Their leader may have gone rogue and left these men as scapegoats.++
  182. [22:50] <Cadmus> ++Quite possible Brother.++
  183. [22:51] <~Antoine> "Well, that's the Captain, he runs the station here. Turning to Konrad the man says, I'm not in charge of communications mi'lord, only security for this section."
  184. [22:51] <Arkias> ++Innocence proves nothing. We should put them to the question.++
  185. [22:51] <Arkias> "Tell me this, Sergeant. Who was responsible for firing on our vessel?"
  186. [22:51] <Sinbad> ++Let's see how deep the corruption leads, if at all. Let's complete our secondary objective while these men seem to be cooperative. Brothers?++
  187. 01[22:52] <Omniel> ++Killing them now would only ensure more violence. We should meet with the Captain.++
  188. [22:52] <Arkias> ++I advise caution. Be not the lion who turns his back on the viper and is surprised when it strikes.++
  189. [22:52] <Cadmus> ++Agreed, Brother Omniel++
  190. [22:53] <Arkias> ++We should silence these men. If they are pure, their martyrdom will be for His cause.++
  191. [22:53] <~Antoine> The Sergent whispers, "Sirs, I need to get my men away from these.... bodies, may I have your leave?"
  192. [22:53] <Konrad> ++Agreed. We shall work with them now- if they prove guilty, we shall purge them later. Recovery of the records will be wise for now. Martyrdom may wait for them a few hours more.++
  193. [22:53] <Sinbad> ++Then let us meet with this Captain. They are but mere mortals; we can cleanse them at will should they show taint, psyker.++
  194. [22:53] <Arkias> ++I bow to your wisdom, Brother.++
  195. [22:53] <Konrad> "You may leave, but we shall be going with you. Take us to where your cogitators store their records."
  196. [22:55] <~Antoine> He scratches his head for a second, before replying. I guess that would be the bridge. "Men, get up. We are leaving, head back to the security station and wait for me there. I have to show these warriors the way to the bridge."
  197. [22:56] <Konrad> His helmet resecured, Konrad simply nodded, ready to follow after the sergeant with his bolter ready across his chest. "Do not let us detain you, sergeant."
  198. [22:56] <Arkias> "Sergeant, your men are to inform no one of our arrival."
  199. 10[22:56] * Arkias adds.
  200. 10[22:56] * Omniel falls in behind Konrad
  201. [22:57] <Arkias> "On penalty of death."
  202. [22:57] <Konrad> ++A good point, Arkias. Brother Sinbad, please cover our flanks. Everyone else: Keep your wits about you. Arkias is right- this does not feel right.++
  203. [22:57] <~Antoine> The men walk out the way they came, their guns hanging limply in their hands. The man looks too scared to go against your orders and soon begins leading you throughout the station, his security pass helping you move unhindered.
  204. 10[22:57] * Sinbad folds his cloak over his shoulders, and falls to the back of the formation
  205. 10[22:57] * Cadmus nods and follows Konrad, bolter lowered but eyes on watch.
  206. [22:58] <Arkias> ++I find this worrying. Surely our arrival should have met with a larger response than two squads of mortals.++
  207. [22:59] <~Antoine> You reach this sections elevator and the man turns around, "Oh, uh. I don't thick you will fit in there, or that it will take the weight. We could take the freight elevator up to the 1st deck."
  208. [22:59] <~Antoine> think*
  209. 10[22:59] * Arkias just stares at him.
  210. [22:59] <Sinbad> ++Do you? We came in quite quickly. A "Codex" example of fast insertion, no?++
  211. [23:00] <Sinbad> ++Let's just give him the benefit of the doubt. Even if it is a trap, we came here prepared to take the station by blood. They would only be expediting our investigation.++
  212. [23:00] <Cadmus> "Then take us there."
  213. [23:00] <Arkias> ++The Codex offers other wisdom.++
  214. [23:00] <Arkias> ++'No plan survives contact with the foe', in the words of great Guilliman.'++
  215. [23:00] <Arkias> ++Where are the alarm bells? The calls to stations?++
  216. [23:01] <Konrad> Konrad would remain silent, ++I question the wisdom of this man- and his intentions. If he is the head of security for an entire station, surely he would know to take us to the freight elevatus first?++
  217. [23:01] <~Antoine> The man dutifully leads you away, you pass a few hab rooms, their occupants hiding since the attack, all their luminators turned off.
  218. [23:01] <Sinbad> ++We stand vigilant. That is all we can do, should these men truly be Loyalists.++
  219. [23:02] <Konrad> ++I would recommend engaging auto-senses, Brothers.++ Konrad said, as he activated his own. ++Does the auspex foretell of ill omens?++
  220. 01[23:02] <Omniel> ++No doubt he is shaken by recent events. Logic cannot be expected of such a man.++
  221. [23:02] <~Antoine> You pass his security room and hear shouts coming from inside. "Let me out NOW! I will stand this indignity no longer!"
  222. [23:02] <Arkias> ++Their lives pale with regard to our holy mission, Brother Sinbad.++
  223. [23:02] <Arkias> "Halt."
  224. 10[23:02] * Sinbad stops abruptly, and stares to the Sergeant
  225. [23:02] <~Antoine> The man stops in his tracks.
  226. 10[23:02] * Omniel pauses, looking in the direction of the security room.
  227. [23:02] <Sinbad> "Explain what was that, Sergeant."
  228. [23:02] <Konrad> "What is the meaning of that disturbance, sergeant?"
  229. [23:03] <Sinbad> ++I am attempting to auspex sweep the room, Brothers...++
  230. [23:03] <~Antoine> "Oh that's, um, I'm ordered not to tell anyone sir. Straight from the Governor I hear. Opps, um I wasn't meant to say that, forget I said anything."
  231. [23:03] <Arkias> "I forget nothing."
  232. 10[23:03] * Arkias says quietly, his vox-grille making it into a snarl.
  233. [23:04] <Cadmus> ++The plot thickens.++
  234. 01[23:04] <Omniel> ++Brother Konrad, I don't believe this man is being perfectly honest with us.++
  235. [23:04] <Arkias> "Brothers, Codex-pattern breach!"
  236. [23:04] <Konrad> "To forget is to forgive. Forget nothing." Konrad said, before loking to Sinbad and Omniel. ++Brothers, investigate. A breach is not required, yet.++
  237. [23:05] <Konrad> "A breach is unnecessary. I am sure the sergeant would comply with an inspection, to ensure total security."
  238. [23:05] <Sinbad> "Calm yourself, psyker. I should wish to give loyal men to the Throne their due respect!"
  239. [23:05] <Arkias> "Their loyalty is yet to be determined."
  240. 10[23:05] * Arkias replies calmly.
  241. [23:05] <Sinbad> ++Clear return from the holy machine. 20 men small blobs showing men in the room beyond the door and another 3 in a separate set of rooms further in.++
  242. 10[23:06] * Cadmus moves to the door to the security room, ready to check who is inside.
  243. [23:06] <Arkias> ++I acted rashly and in error, team-leader. Upon the conclusion of this mission, I will report to the Fortress Reclusium for penitence.++
  244. [23:06] <Sinbad> +++In any case, let them believe we believe in them for now. Accusing them and making them anxious will do nothing to aid us.++
  245. [23:06] <Konrad> "This is not a conversation for public ears, Brother Arkias. Especially the ears of the faithful." ++Thank you, Brother Sinbad. Please proceed to investigate with Brother Cadmus.++
  246. 10[23:06] * Arkias says into the vox as he moves into position.
  247. 10[23:07] * Omniel steps closer to the door, keeping an eye on the Sergeant.
  248. [23:07] <Konrad> ++Acceptable, Brother Arkias.++ Looking to the sergeant, he remained impassive and silent.
  249. [23:07] <Sinbad> ++Should I conceal myself here and investigate myself? It would be difficult...but possible.++
  250. [23:08] <Cadmus> "Open the door Sergeant."
  251. [23:08] <Arkias> ++I fear the time for stealth has long passed.++
  252. [23:08] <Sinbad> "Ah, Brother, ever to the point. I enjoy you ethic."
  253. 10[23:08] * Sinbad turns to the Sergeant
  254. [23:08] <Konrad> ++It would be unnecessary, Brother Sinbad. There is no need to sneak about like cowards for now- let them fire the first shot, if they dare.++
  255. [23:08] <~Antoine> The Sergent swipes his card and the door opens, you see the 20 worn armsmen sitting around in a security room. They don't look overly happy to be subjected to both you and the shouts from the corridor running directly onwards on the opposite side of the room.
  256. [23:09] <Arkias> ++If there is rot, it may go to the Governor himself.++
  257. 10[23:09] * Sinbad steps in, and surveys the area
  258. [23:09] <Arkias> "HE THAT IS FREE OF SIN, COME FORTH!"
  259. [23:09] <Arkias> (oops, disregard)
  260. [23:10] <Konrad> ++Simply the men we asked detained.++ Konrad said, before looking to the Sergeant. "Reseal the room and let us resume."
  261. [23:10] <~Antoine> You see a normal security room, gun racks, small cogitators for storing files on criminals, lockers for each man's kit.
  262. [23:10] <Cadmus> "Explain why you have been confined in here." Cadmus says to the men inside.
  263. 10[23:10] * Sinbad steps out, and re-forms at the end
  264. [23:10] <~Antoine> The shouts grow louder as the occupants realise someone has entered, "Hey you, whoever you are, let me out of here!"
  265. [23:10] <Arkias> (men we asked to be confined...)
  266. [23:11] <Sinbad> ++Need you ask, Brother? Political prisoners of the Governor, of a planet ruled by a dictatorship. Business as usual, no?++
  267. [23:11] <Arkias> ++Perhaps.++
  268. 01[23:11] <Omniel> ++Political prisoners stored aboard a sensitive orbital station?++
  269. [23:11] <Arkias> ++They may have information of value. Inquiry would be advisible.++
  270. [23:11] <Sinbad> ++We needn't care for now. We must complete our mission. And where better to put prisoners you dno't want dead than the Void?++
  271. [23:11] <Konrad> ++You raise good points, brothers.++ "A moment, sergeant, before you reseal the room. Why have these men been detained?"
  272. [23:12] <Arkias> "Sergeant. Explain this."
  273. [23:13] <~Antoine> None of the men want to speak up and be outed, the Sergent replies for them, "I told them to man the station to maintain security in the section. I couldn't let my post fall the anarchy while I was gone. The shouts, I-I-I am really not meant to tell you but if I do, please don't kill me?"
  274. [23:14] <Sinbad> "If you are Loyal, stop blubbering, Sergeant. Answer the question before His Majesty's Astartes."
  275. [23:14] <~Antoine> "He is a Rogue Trader, we detained him when he wouldn't hand over his ship, Governor's order."
  276. [23:15] <Konrad> "And why did the Governor order his ship to be turned over?" Konrad asked patiently. ++Rogue Traders are not subject to the whims of Governors, last I checked, Brothers.++
  277. [23:15] <Arkias> +Yes.++
  278. [23:15] <Sinbad> ++Ahah! The plot thickens Brothers... Could this be the Trader fired upon by the planet's missiles?"
  279. [23:15] <Sinbad> ++
  280. [23:15] <Cadmus> ++Most likely++
  281. [23:15] <Konrad> ++Let us find out, Brothers.++
  282. [23:15] <Arkias> "Sergeant. Tell us more of this Rogue Trader."
  283. [23:15] <~Antoine> "I'm not sure of his reasoning sir, the orders came down and we prosecuted them."
  284. [23:16] <Arkias> "And what were his orders, exactly?"
  285. [23:17] <~Antoine> "His name is Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst, two of his lackeys are in the other cells, the orders were to detain the Rogue Trader until further notice, that was two weeks ago."
  286. [23:17] <~Antoine> "The Captain met him a few times but we were not allowed to be present."
  287. [23:17] <Arkias> "And this in this section?"
  288. [23:17] <Konrad> ++Let us find our answer at the heart of this matter++ "Take us to the bridge, Sergeant. I have questions for your Governor."
  289. 10[23:17] * Sinbad nods at Konrad's order
  290. [23:18] <~Antoine> "He is in the cell beyond, he is the one hollering."
  291. [23:18] <Sinbad> "You answer well, Sergeant. Take us. We must go further."
  292. [23:18] <Cadmus> ++Should we not let the rogue trader out Brother Konrad?++
  293. [23:18] <~Antoine> "To the bridge sire?, sure."
  294. [23:19] <Arkias> "Sergeant. How many men man this station?"
  295. [23:19] <Konrad> ++To do so would likely incite a small battle. If things turn sour, we shall rescue him on our way out.++
  296. [23:19] <Cadmus> ++Ah, understood.++
  297. 01[23:19] <Omniel> ++Presumably we can negotiate his release, and defuse this situation without violence.++
  298. [23:19] <Arkias> ++I suspect the Governor is at the root of this.++
  299. [23:20] <Konrad> ++As do I, Brother Arkias, but I shall see to it that he is a confirmed heretic before turning him over to the Arbites.++
  300. [23:20] <Sinbad> ++If need be, I'll rescue the man myself. Trader's have Mandates once signed by the Emperor himself. To renege on that is grand mal heresy in and of itself.++
  301. [23:20] <Arkias> ++Such men rarely understand their situations, or responsibilities.++
  302. [23:20] <~Antoine> The man leads the group out, the shouts turning to threats and outright cursing as you leave. "All the men you saw there and the others in the corridor you arrived on, the ones that were there before we arrived...."
  303. [23:20] <Arkias> ++And heresy leads to retribution.++
  304. [23:21] <Arkias> "And?"
  305. [23:21] <~Antoine> That's it, I recalled all the patrols to investigate your arrival, on the whole station there are more. Different sections have different numbers depending on importance."
  306. 01[23:22] <Omniel> "How many security personnel are aboard this station, Sergeant?"
  307. [23:23] <~Antoine> You soon arrive at the freight elevator connected to the hanger, you spot a guncutter a few adepts and deck hands are poking around as well as a few arvus lighters and aquila landers.
  308. 10[23:23] * Arkias scans the station wall to wall as he strides along, his bolter raised.
  309. [23:23] <~Antoine> "Oh, a couple hundred."
  310. [23:24] <~Antoine> The nearby deck hands freeze when they see the massive warriors enter the hanger, they exchange looks with each other, not willing to move.
  311. [23:24] <Konrad> Boarding the freight elevator, Konrad faced the hangar beyond, waiting vigilantly. ++This would make a prime ambush spot. Remain wary, brothers.++
  312. [23:24] <Arkias> "Come forth in the name of the Emperor!"
  313. 10[23:24] * Sinbad waves
  314. [23:24] <Sinbad> "About your business, mortals."
  315. [23:25] <~Antoine> Everyone in the hanger relaxes slightly, giving each other quizzical looks as the kill team ascends aboard the elevator.
  316. [23:25] <Arkias> ...
  317. [23:26] <~Antoine> You soon arrive at the top of the shaft, the great doors opening to reveal a cargo room the plating on the walls clearly show this is the correct deck, according to the sergeants earlier statements on the bridge's location.
  318. [23:26] <Arkias> ++Brothers, did any of you scan the guncutter towards the centre?++
  319. [23:27] <Sinbad> ++No, but should you wish me two, I can scan it the next time we're near.++
  320. [23:27] <Cadmus> ++No, but i imagine it's could be the property of the imprisoned Rogue Trader.++
  321. [23:28] <~Antoine> The Sergent efficiently leads you through the largely empty room, a few crates here and there.
  322. [23:28] <Arkias> ++Another question for the Governor to answer.++
  323. 03[23:28] * Cadmus is now known as Cadmus_driving
  324. [23:29] <~Antoine> You reach a bulkhead and it opens to reveal a curved corridor, the Sergent heads to the right and brings you to the bulkhead with the gold plate to the right of the door reading ""Bridge". "Here we are."
  325. [23:30] <Konrad> "Thank you, Sergeant. Hold here until we return." Konrad said, before entering into the bridge.
  326. [23:30] <Sinbad> "Thank you, Sergeant."
  327. [23:30] <Arkias> "Brother-leader, perhaps it would be advisable to leave a watch-brother as a guard?"
  328. 10[23:30] * Sinbad pats the Sergeant lightly with his ancient gauntlets before entering the room behind Konrad
  329. [23:31] <Sinbad> ++I'll keep to the back of the room. Go on ahead.++
  330. [23:31] <~Antoine> The bulkhead opens and a you stand in a circular the Captain in the center sitting in his throne, concentric circles of cogitators and screens manned by servitors and men lead out from the center.
  331. 10[23:31] * Sinbad enters the new room, and awaits next to the doorframe, stopping there
  332. [23:31] <~Antoine> circular room*
  333. [23:31] <Arkias> ++Maitain the Long Vigil, Brother.++
  334. [23:32] <~Antoine> The two guards either side of the door are shocked as you enter, fumbling for their weapons. These ones have plumes on their helmets.
  335. 10[23:32] * Arkias moves to the left, bolter-half raised.
  336. 10[23:32] * Omniel steps into the room, casting a glance at the guards.
  337. [23:32] <Arkias> "Stand down in the name of the Throne!"
  338. 10[23:32] * Arkias roars.
  339. [23:33] <Arkias> "There will be no forgiveness for heresy!"
  340. [23:33] <Konrad> Konrad simply stood, staring down the guards, ++Hold fire, brothers++ "We come in the name of the Emperor!"
  341. [23:33] <Arkias> ++Aye, team-leader.++
  342. [23:34] <~Antoine> Your statement startles the Captain who gets up and turns towards the intrusion. "What is this?" His eyes widen "A boarding party, how did they get here unnoticed!?" "They come to take our weapons and leave our world defenceless, KILL THEM!"
  343. [23:34] <Arkias> ++Permission to fire?++
  344. [23:34] <~Antoine> the Captain thumbs a rune on his chair before picking up his plasma pistol
  345. [23:35] <Konrad> ++Hold.++
  347. [23:36] <~Antoine> They are not in a holding mood, more armsmen are rushing in from the other side of the room.
  348. 10[23:36] * Arkias has his boltgun aimed at the Captain's head.
  349. [23:37] <~Antoine> The Captain wails at his men to attack but your presence and Konrad's shout stops them short.
  350. [23:39] <Konrad> ++Hold fire++ "Captain, you should choose your next words with excetional care. I am Brother Konrad of the Black Templars, Sergeant of this team by dint of decades of service. If you are true to the Emperor, then lower your pistol. Your men are hereby ordered to do likewise!"
  351. 10[23:40] * Sinbad draws his bolter
  352. [23:40] <Arkias> ++Suggest prejudiced fire if necessary. We can consume the Captain's brain for the knowledge we seek, and the machine spirits of the room are pure.+
  353. [23:40] <Sinbad> "Listen to him, mortals. Else your next breaths are your lasts as heretics."
  354. [23:40] <Arkias> *likely to be
  355. [23:41] <Konrad> ++Affirmed. But hold- these men may not be entirely turned against the Emperor. If necessary, eliminate only those that shoot upon us. I shall disable the Captain.++
  356. [23:41] <Arkias> ++Affirmative.++
  358. [23:42] <Arkias> "Live as true servants or die as heretics!"
  359. [23:43] <~Antoine> The men don't attack but they don't look convinced, their Captain looks pretty adamant that you need to die.
  360. [23:43] <Sinbad> ++Can we just shoot the Captain?  Give the order, Elder Brother.++
  361. 03[23:44] * Antoine changes topic to 'sinbad, omniel, konrad, arkias, antoine order'
  362. [23:44] <Konrad> ++He may yet know the origins of this. And the risk of a fatal injury would be too great- I shall disable him when the time comes, Brother Sinbad, but your concern is noted.++
  363. [23:44] <Sinbad> ++Understood!++
  364. [23:44] <Arkias> ++We may retrieve the information from his mind, Brother. If it comes to that...++
  365. [23:45] <Arkias> ++Through the holy Omophagea.++
  366. 10[23:48] * Omniel remains in position, keeping his bolter ready to open up should the situation deteriorate.
  367. [23:50] <Arkias> ++Awaiting commands.++
  368. [23:50] <Konrad> Konrad would walk towards the captain, giving a brief gesture as his bolter seemed to levitate back into its mag-lock. Unarmed, he continued to walk to the Captain, "You insist upon having your men attack the Emperor's Sons, Captain. Do you fear death for some sin? Lower your weapon, and absolution may yet be granted for whatever sins you may have committed!"
  369. [23:50] <Sinbad> "Listen to him, or your deaths will be granted by the Emperor's Hand!"
  370. 10[23:51] * Arkias keeps his boltgun trained on the captain the entire time, adjusting his aim down to the man's medal-covered chest.
  371. [23:52] <~Antoine> The man's iron resolve begins the falter with each step you take, his hand begins shake slightly. His eyes flicker from his men to you, trying to figure out the odds.
  372. [23:54] <Konrad> "Five against one, Captain. Your men are loyal to the God-Emperor of Mankind, just as you should be."
  373. [23:54] <Arkias> "Stand down, or face his wrath at our hands, heretic."
  374. [23:56] <~Antoine> "Heretics? you come to destroy this Emperor loving world, YOU ARE THE HERETICS!"
  375. [23:56] <Arkias> "Heretic!"
  376. [23:59] <~Antoine> As the weapon charges up to fire the emperor smiles upon Konrad and it overheats, the backwash burning the mans hand as he cries out.
  377. [23:59] <Konrad> ++Hold fire.++ Was all Konrad said, his zeal in the Emperor rewarding him once more.
  378. Session Time: Tue Feb 22 00:00:00 2011
  379. [00:00] <Arkias> ++Aye.++
  380. [00:00] <Arkias> "See the price of heresy!"
  381. 10[00:04] * Sinbad rushes forwards from his station
  382. [00:09] <~Antoine> The Ironclaw shotguns the Armsmen wield fire in succession, hitting Konrad in the chest the weight of fire barely registered by the huge warrior.
  383. 10[00:14] * Omniel immediately opens up, raking the armsment with a hail of boltershells but being careful not to strike Konrad
  384. [00:14] <Arkias> "Heretics! Heretics everywhere!"
  385. [00:15] <~Antoine> Omniels bolter sprays across the deck hitting a few men but for the most part the group manages to keep their wits about them.
  386. [00:15] <~Antoine> the explosive bolts making holes in the opposite wall.
  387. 10[00:16] * Sinbad takes advantage of his armor's gift of speed, and runs forwards towards the captain
  388. [00:16] <Sinbad> "I'll show you the Wrath of the Emperor, you old fool!"
  389. 03[00:18] * Cadmus_driving is now known as Cadmus
  390. [00:22] <Konrad> Taking shotgun hits to the torso, Konrad couldn't help but laugh, his vox unit echoing with his fell fury. "And thus heresy shows its roots! Strike from above, BROTHERS!" He roared, closing the distance with the Captain before launching a flying left kick against the pistol-wielding arm.
  391. 03[00:22] * Antoine changes topic to 'sinbad, omniel, konrad, Cadmus, arkias, antoine order'
  392. [00:30] <~Antoine> The attack pulverizes the Captain's hand, snapping two fingers but he retains the ability to use his hand barely.  The Captain cries out in pain.
  393. 10[00:31] * Cadmus whips his bolter up and fires a spray of shots at the guards.
  394. [00:36] <~Antoine> The Cadmus' accurate fire drops 4 in succession as they run towards cover, they bodies exploding messily on the bridge floor
  395. [00:37] <Arkias> "NO REMORSE! NO FORGIVENESS FOR HERESY!"
  396. 10[00:37] * Arkias roars at the top of his lungs, charging in a full sprint as he is overcome by righteous zeal.
  397. 10[00:39] * Arkias steps in an armsman as he charges.
  398. [00:40] <~Antoine> The armsmen run to the furthermost bank of cogitators for cover, hiding from your wrath
  399. 10[00:41] * Sinbad charges the final 6m to the captain to join Konrad, grabbing the abused Captain in an Astartes bone-crusing bear-hug
  400. [00:41] <Sinbad> "I you...the Emperor's...EMBRACE!"
  401. [00:48] <~Antoine> the Captain squirms but is unable to break Sinbad's firm hold
  402. 10[00:53] * Omniel lowers his bolter, not wanting to harm the valuable machinery, and breaks into a trodding gait, heading directly towards the armsmen at top speed.
  403. [00:59] <Konrad> Konrad, his voice thundering, made a dramatic gesture. With a hum of mag-locks, the Soundstrike launcher came into his hands in one smooth, instant motion. "And they shall know no fear!" He shouted, taking aim before depressing the trigger.
  404. [01:05] <~Antoine> The missile fires reaching it's destination in the blink of an eye and turning a huge section of the armsmen into mush, the shrapnel slicing off limbs, decapitating heads and puncturing bodies. The remainder of the men quickly rout from the action, running towards the doors they entered from.
  405. [01:06] <Cadmus> ++Shall we let them run, Brother Konrad?++
  406. [01:07] <Arkias> ++They are witnesses.++
  407. [01:07] <Konrad> "No fear! No regrets! No mercy!" Konrad shouted, as the body parts went flying. ++Brothers Cadmus and Arkias- cover the doorway. Brother Omniel, see if you can retrieve the logs from the cogitator. Brother Sinbad- keep the captain pinned, I shall extract information from him. We cannot afford to  become separated on a hostile ship.++
  408. [01:08] <Konrad> ++Finish the heretics, Brothers.++
  409. [01:08] <Arkias> ++By your command, Team-leader.++
  410. 10[01:08] * Sinbad squeezes the Captain again
  411. 01[01:08] <Omniel> ++Acknowledged.++
  412. [01:08] <Sinbad> ++Busy, but I'll join you in...a second...++
  413. [01:08] <Cadmus> ++Should i tend to the Captain's wounds?++
  414. [01:09] <Sinbad> ++You should. He's critical, but incapcitated. He will answer for his madness to the Excruciator.++
  415. [01:09] <Arkias> "No survivors! Cleanse and purge!"
  416. [01:09] <Konrad> ++If you desire, Cadmus, but only heal him enough to make him responsive.++
  417. [01:10] <~Antoine> The kill team's bolters chatter, finding their mark and finishing off the Captains personal guard.
  418. [01:10] <Arkias> "Thus to all enemies of man."
  419. 10[01:10] * Arkias spits.
  420. [01:10] <Cadmus> ++Understood.++ Cadmus says as he moves to the captain and tends to his wounds, healing him enough to be able to answer questions but not be pain free.
  421. [01:11] <Konrad> Konrad would, as Cadmus healed the man, approach Arkias and Omniel. "Brother Omniel, if you would be so kind as to attend to the cogitators?" He asked.
  422. [01:12] <Arkias> ++Brother-Captain, we should take steps to secure the station.++
  423. [01:13] <Arkias> ++We would be amiss to allow heretics to escape to the planet below, or warn their fellows.++
  424. [01:13] <Arkias> (fffu)
  425. 10[01:13] * Omniel inspects the machinery to see if any damage had been dealt to it.
  426. [01:13] <Arkias> (derped)
  427. [01:13] <Arkias> (Not Brother-Captain, Brother-Leader)
  428. [01:13] <~Antoine> Omniel would find that other than the odd scratch from shotgun shell or frag missile shrapnel the cogitators are fine and operational
  429. [01:14] <Konrad> "We shall, but retrieving the records- and ascertaining the nature of the Captain's heresy- is to be settled first. Then we can proceed with a proper purge."
  430. [01:14] <Arkias> "By your command."
  431. [01:14] <Konrad> ++How are the machines, Brother Omniel? Can we prevent shuttles from escaping via the controls here?++
  432. 10[01:14] * Arkias toes a stray head out of the way.
  433. [01:15] <Konrad> As he spoke, Konrad moved to pick up the plasma pistol from the Captain, ++Arkias++, he said, changing channels, ++Cover the bridge entrance. We may be having company soon.++
  434. 01[01:16] <Omniel> ++They are intact, Brother-Leader. We have full control of this space station.++
  435. [01:16] <Arkias> ++Moving into position.++
  436. [01:17] <Cadmus> ++Should we free Rogue Trader Hurst now?++
  437. 10[01:17] * Arkias raises his bolter, clicking the fire mode into automatic with one armoured digit.
  438. 10[01:17] * Omniel quickly goes through the proper rituals to secure the shuttle bays. ++That should prevent escape from the time being.++
  439. [01:17] <Konrad> ++Excellent.++ Konrad offered the pistol to Omniel, ++My thanks for your work, Techmarine. If you would be willing to lock down the shuttle bays, and open a vox channel with the fleet?
  440. [01:18] <Konrad> If you could have any vox casters across the station transmit the conversation, that may go some way to convincing the crew from attacking us pointlessly.++
  441. [01:18] <Arkias> "The Captain believed we were here to enact Exterminatus."
  442. 10[01:18] * Arkias muses.
  443. 10[01:18] * Omniel gratefully takes the pistol, then opens up the vox channels. ++Whenever you're ready, Brother Konrad.++
  444. [01:19] <Cadmus> ++Can we disable the planetary defenses from here?++
  445. [01:19] <Konrad> "Which indicates that they have had some sign of-" He paused, before speaking, "This is Battle-Brother Konrad, of the Deathwatch. Watch Captain, do you confirm hail?"
  446. [01:21] <~Antoine> You receive a return, "This is junior comms officer Lori Harding of the Steel Talisman, hail acknowledged."
  447. [01:23] <~Antoine> after a few seconds another return comes, "This is Watch Captain Oeris, who is broadcasting from Hidule Secundus orbital station?"
  448. [01:23] <Konrad> "Steel Talisman, we have secured the bridge of the orbital station, and the cogitators with them. The crew appear to be Imperial loyal- I repeat, crew appear to be Imperial loyal. Captain has proven hostile, and was incapacitated, pending interrogation. We are in control of the defensive systems, and it is my recommendation that the crew be screened for potential infection- but otherwise spared. They are loyal, if misguided."
  449. [01:24] <Arkias> ++Do we share our suspicions regarding the Governor?++
  450. [01:24] <~Antoine> "Very good men, you made excellent time. Is the orbital stations turrets and relay for the planetary missile shield disabled? I will pass on your recommendation to the boarding parties."
  451. [01:25] <Konrad> "The system Governor appears to also be involved in the unknown detainment of a Rogue Trader currently onboard the station. I would recommend inquiry on this subject- in addition, we have full control of the turrets and shield. Pending Brother Omniel, they will be fully disabled."
  452. [01:26] <Konrad> Konrad looked to Omniel at this, ++Brother?++
  453. 10[01:26] * Omniel nods, shutting down the station's turrets as well as the relay. ++It is done.++
  454. [01:28] <~Antoine> "Alright I will soon be on station to discuss our plans for the planet, the fleet will be in orbit soon. The Emperor smiles upon us this day brothers."
  455. 02[01:29] * Sinbad ( Quit (Quit: Sinbad)
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