Ceal&Raven - Procrastinating - 04.20.2019

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  3. MalfurionXXI: [So, fully fed and ready for this, huh? ]
  4. DeviousMiskreent: (mmhmm yessir lol )
  5. MalfurionXXI  Rolling out of bed setting his feet on the floor and looking for his clothes Ceal groans and pulls on his jeans. He muttered something uninteligibly, grabbing his shades and putting them on. "I know now why Malik always makes His eyes so black." He glances over at Raven laying on the bed and quirks an eyebrow at her, admiring the curves of her body through the blanket that she lay under.  
  6. DeviousMiskreent: She had joined Ceal and Horo late that night, or . . was it early morning? She had spent several hours feeding accross the city, as well as a few hours just before dawn speaking with Shayshiree, a childer she had had no idea had survived the attack of ten years ago. And to Ray . .the ass that he was being, before retireing to the bedroom behind the throne area of the Hall. She was still deep asleep as Ceal rose, and only his movement from the bed woke her. She watched him watching her and smiled softly. "Youll get used to it. . .or you could always stop feeding off of me" she whispered softly, turning just enough to let the blanket fall from her nude form.--d--
  7. MalfurionXXI  "Where's the fun in that?" He grinned at her, turning and stalking across the bed on hands and knees to nip at her exposed nipple teasingly, hands on either side of her shoulders and knees on either side of her hips. "I enjoy the rush, and it's sexy as hell when you feed off me. Besides, fair's fair." He flashes that wolfish grin at her, shades dipping down so she could see the gleam in his blackened eyes over the rim.
  8. DeviousMiskreent: "Mmmm this is true" she laughed softly as he 'pinned' her to the bed. She moaned as his lips moved over her nipple, her whole body trembling softly with need. She had fed deeply the night before, but it always left her with other more primal needs, which she had not fullfilled with both her men asleep by the time she had returned home. Her body reacted by pressing up against his, "I do love it when you bite me . . the feel of your mouth on my flesh is exhilarating" she murmered softly . --d--
  9. MalfurionXXI  "I can say the same, muirnin." He chuckles, leaning down to bite her shoulder, drawing blood easily when his fangs slip into her skin, moaning softly as he did so. He stopped only after a taste, licking the wound before pulling back and looking down at her. "I could just ravish you now, if you like." He wanted her just as much, and his bulge in his jeans showed the same desire as well. "Malik isn't here yet anyway." He kissed her and nipped at her lower lip.
  10. DeviousMiskreent: She was breathing hard, her body aching for his touch as he teased her by biting and closing the wound, nipping at her lip. "I want that so badly . . you have no idea Ceal" she moaned, guiding his hand down her body to her already wet sex. "But we should wait . . I need . . the strength and the focus . . and so do you" she murmered and kissed him deeply then. --d--
  11. MalfurionXXI  "I think I have an idea," He growled softly, pressing his fingers inside her as she guided his hand to her sex, grabbing her close with his other hand and lifting her off the bed. "Mmmm, I don't know if I can focus if we don't." He breathed, contradicting her, flicking his fingers against her g-spot as they kissed.
  12. DeviousMiskreent: She gasped softly as he pushed his fingers into her body, stroking her most sensitive spot and causing her back to arch. She moaned as he lifted her and kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nodded between kisses "yes . . ok . . yes" she moaned against his mouth. --d--
  13. MalfurionXXI  Soon as she said yes he pulled back and shoved his jeans off again, pulling her up to his throbbing cock and sliding inside her deep, feeding the fire of his desire as well as her own and biting down on her neck at the same moment, growling possessively as he drank from her. The rush of it all was so good, and they both needed it more than either could say. He thrust into her slowly at first, pulling her legs around his hips so she was on his lap. -Gods, you taste so good...- His mental voice brushed against her mind, his aura nearly completely red with lust for her.
  14. DeviousMiskreent: She growled softly as he pulled her up into his lap, his cock sinking deep into her folds as she wrapped herself around him. She nuzzled his neck lightly "dont take too much" she moaned as he bit her, her own double fangs dipping into his own flesh as she fed from him as well, completeing and deepening their bond. Her body responded to his, finding a rhythem with him as they made love there in the coven hall. --d-
  15. MalfurionXXI  He barely even drank from her, just let the taste of her blood fill his mouth as he bit her flesh, thrusting faster as she bit into him and did the same. That rush of sensation hit him and he throbbed inside her, pushing deep and fast, getting them both to the edge quickly only to slow down and prolong it by moving slowly again. -I want you so bad, love.- He groaned mentally, not letting his fangs pull back yet as he held her to him.
  16. DeviousMiskreent: -you have me . . always Macushla- she moaned as she pulled her fangs from him shoulder and licked the bite closed. She gasped as he brought her to the very edge, her body trembling with need and her sex tightening around him "mmmmm .nnn" she moaned as she clung to him tightly, rolling her hips into him as he slowed down. "take me Ceal . . you know you want to" she goaded him lovingly. --d--
  17. MalfurionXXI  He licked the wound on her neck and pulled back, groaning out loud as he picked up the pace again, thrusting hard into her as his cock throbbed, filling her tightly as he hit her cervix repeatedly. "Ah, yes, mine!" He growled possessively, reaching up to wrap her long hair around his hand and pull roughly to send her over the edge and squeeze him tighter inside him.
  18. MalfurionXXI: inside her*
  19. DeviousMiskreent: "OhOHHH!" she gasped as he thrust hard into her now, his hand pulling her hair caused her to yelp in pain and forcefully expose her throat. Her body lost some tension as he flipped one of her few triggers, making her soft and submissive, but it was enough tht it also sent her over the edge, her body throbbing and pulsing around his as she came. "Yes . . oh yessss" she moaned loudly as her juices dripped down his cock. --d--
  20. MalfurionXXI  He growled more as she squeezed him tightly, thrusting fast until she came all over him. Reaching his climax in the next moment and filling her full of his own wet mess, "Ah, muirnin!" He groaned as he rode it out inside her, holding her hips tightly against his own and making short thrusts to push them both all the way. Panting for breath despite actually needing to do so, the habit being something 'normal' left over from before becoming kindred. His blackened gaze moved to hers without the shades in the way as he pulled them off, nipping at her lip roughly, his fangs drawing blood as he kissed her deeply.
  21. DeviousMiskreent: She gasped again as she felt him cum deep inside of her, her hips pressed hard to his as he pulled her closer. "Macushla . . Ceal " she moaned against his mouth, her hands moving gently thrugh his hair as they just held one another in the aftermath of their love making. She was trembling slightly in his arms as her orgasam continued to roll through her in waves. "i love you" she moaned against his mouth, kissing him and biting his lip, letting their blood mingle on their tongues. --d--
  22. MalfurionXXI  "I love you, Raven." He echoed her, his body shaking slightly from the force of his orgasm but holding her closely to him as they kissed, tasting their mixed blood and moaning still as his climax slowed. "I think we'll need to pick this up again, afterwards, too." He chuckles, thrusting into her teasingly for a moment. "I don't really want to stop, but we shouldn't waste the energy yet." He grinned at her, his aura swirling with red still.
  23. DeviousMiskreent: She chuckled softly at his words and nodded "oh definately my love" she murmerd against his lips, rolling her hips into his again to tease him a bit. "uhhhhmmm" she moaned softly. "But . I can feel Malik out in the main hall" she laughed and nipped and kissed at his neck and shoulder. --d--
  24. DeviousMiskreent: (brb)
  25. MalfurionXXI  "I know, he tried to speak to me but I have him blocked out, currently." He chuckled a bit as she nipped at his shoulder, groaning as her hips rolled into him. "I so would take you again right now if we didn't have this task ahead of us," He kissed down her neck gently as he released her hair and pulled from her reluctantly, his cock still quivering with desire. "See what you do to me?" He teased her, grinning.
  26. MalfurionXXI: [tyt love]
  27. DeviousMiskreent: She blushed, glad that Ceal had the ability to block out his grandsire's telepathic . . ness. "mmmm oh i know what you mean" she teased, leaning back a little, her breasts were swollen and her nipples erect. She groaned and whined a little as he pulled from her and then leaned against him contently, her hand reaching down to tease his slick, sticky length with her fingertips.--d--
  28. MalfurionXXI  "Gods, woman, if you keep that up we'll never get out of the bedroom.." He groaned, his shaft throbbing more as she touched him with her fingertips, a growl of desire filling the space between them from him. He plucked at her pert nipples with his fingers gently teasing just as she was. "I think I need a bit of that black blood drink you keep around, just because it sounds like a good idea after this." He smirked at her.
  29. DeviousMiskreent: She laughed softly and slid down his legs and out of his lap, kissing a trail down his torso and over his navel, then down his length where she could lick and suck his tip teasingly. "mmmm that may be a good idea" she said, grazing her fangs over his length --d--
  30. MalfurionXXI  "Ah, I see I'm not the only one enjoying keeping my grandsire waiting." He chuckled lightly, gasping as her fangs grazed over his shaft past her lips. He let her play for a moment, moaning deeply as she pulled another smaller orgasm from his cock from how close he was already. "Fuck!" He groaned, shaking a bit as he climaxed with her mouth on his cock.
  31. DeviousMiskreent: She smiled and moaned softly with him in her mouth, swallowing down his last few spurts as he twitched and came. Her hand clasped his as she sucked him a little harder as his orgasam finished. She drew her tongue down his length as she pulled away from him, and licked her lips. "perhaps" she said teasingly as she rose to her feet. "I should take a quick shower" she said as she swayed her hips and walked towards the shower stall. ------- pause -----
  32. MalfurionXXI: [Heh, heh. Love you, sexy.}
  33. DeviousMiskreent: love you too handsome_
  34. MalfurionXXI: Hayden is gonna have a few wet dreams over that hair, I think. :P
  35. DeviousMiskreent: heheh they are goregous <3
  36. MalfurionXXI: I'm glad they turned out so well. ^^
  37. DeviousMiskreent: me too, i may have seh do a few more once i get paid again
  38. DeviousMiskreent: its always been a struggle to find nice hair for kali
  39. MalfurionXXI: Sure thing, the hard part is done, creating the color textures. lol
  40. MalfurionXXI: Can go to town now. lol
  41. DeviousMiskreent: lol
  42. MalfurionXXI: May not be ready until tomorrow, but we'll see.
  43. DeviousMiskreent: hehe all good
  44. DeviousMiskreent: i think maybe ill have her do some male ones in the same silver/red for her new playmate
  45. MalfurionXXI: Heh, heh.
  46. MalfurionXXI: We'll have to see how it works on short hair then.
  47. DeviousMiskreent: -nods-
  48. DeviousMiskreent: im off to bed now love -leans over and kisses one more time-
  49. MalfurionXXI  Snuggles and kisses
  50. DeviousMiskreent: gdnight
  51. MalfurionXXI: Mmm, night love, dream sweet.
  52. DeviousMiskreent: you too when you get there
  53. MalfurionXXI: Oh, yeaaaah ^^
  54. MalfurionXXI  Grins
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