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  1. Jaja dude, two things. We already played you and it was a (5-0 5-1 in favor of us). You're not the one to talk about growing a pair, the other day it was like seven A3 trolling out of nowhere two ARG players and asking for a scrim when you could easily use team-speak to a great advantage, and spectators to distract us. Despite this advantage you left before I could finish to post the match you "asked" me to (I said it clear that I was not going to respond because I'd post it).
  3. Two of our best players are busy at the moment with tests at their college. If you insist to scrim us in your way (ala "ROFL XDD MEXIFAGZ ARG SUX TACOS XDDXDXD" and from our side "JAJAJA YANKI PELOTUDO COMELA"), you'll have to wait until their back, then the result will be you or someone else saying that we hax (despite the demos that probe we don't). I'll go to your IRC channel when their back to ask for a scrim.
  4. For some reason I doubt you have what's needed to play our best set of players without asking more skilled players from other clans to help you.
  6. If you can chill out we can have a normal scrim with the active players we have at the moment. Because of lag differences it'll have to be 2 games in our server, 2 in yours. I'll talk to the other guys about it.
  8. Or if you want to make a big deal out of this, we can have a set of 4 games in your server, and 4 in ours. Each clan will play with the game mode and wad/s that plays the best. This could prove in facts which clan is better.
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