Time and Space Wars

Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. Dear guild members,
  3. As maybe many of you did not realize that this mini-game is very important, I tried to make a quick guide about it.
  4. There are two main goals in the Time and Space Wars mini-game:
  6. - Reach wave 300 (so you can access more items at the merchant and he offer you the best items and best bargains)
  7. - Maximize your meta crystal production rate (which is 90 crystals / 5 seconds at the top)
  9. In order to get these, you will need to have 12 elite ships. You need 6 Apocalypse and 6 Diablo. Apocalypse ships are needed for their high power rating, so you can reach wave 300 more easily, while Diablo ships have the highest meta crystal production rate.
  11. Your meta crystal production rate is coming from two sources:
  12. - The overall production bonus of your ACTIVE elite ships
  13. - The maximum enemy power level you achieved
  15. The elite ship bonus is pretty straightforward, as you can always check the ship stats to see how much crystals they generate, but the second source is not that simple. After 1500 enemy power you get +1 production bonus after each 3000 power increase. So you get +1 at 4500, +2 at 7500 and +42 at wave 300, which is at power level 125000. The maximum production rate you can achieve is 90 crystals/5 seconds, which will produce you 1.555.200 meta crystals in 24 hours.
  17. On the game screen you can have maximum 6 elite ships and 16 common ships active. You can have more elite ships, but the rest is stored on your list and you can exchange them with other ships to make them active. The goal is to upgrade your high power and high production rate elite ships simultanoulsy to get the highest production rate. The high power ships are needed only temporarily, as after you make them active and you reach your maximum power level, you just have to wait a few minutes, so the enemy power level catch up with it, after that you can remove the high power ships from the screen, as the enemy power level that you already reached, won't decrease anymore, you will remain at the highest wave. After you got your highest possible enemy power, you can switch back to your high prod-rate ships, so you get more crystals from their bonuses.
  19. At the beginning of course you don't have any elite ships, yo your task is to produce normal T1 ships and build up to T10 by merging them. Once you have two T10 ships, you can merge them into an elite ship, which will give you a random type ST1 elite ship. If you have enough time and patience, you can make 1-2 new elite ships per day. Of course you won't get 6 Apocalypse and 6 Diablo for first try, so you have to keep building them, until you get the desired ship type and amount. First keep the first 6 ships, no matter what types they are, then keep the rest for the ships, if they are better in any way (power or production rate) from your current ships. If you get worse or same ships, you can sell them for meta crystals, but you can only sell two elite ships every day.
  21. Once you have your elite ships, start to upgrade their levels.
  22. The ideal upgrade plan might be something like this:
  23. - Upgrade all your Diablo ships (assuming you already have 6 Diablos) to ST3
  24. - Upgrade all your Apocalypse ships to ST4 (switch temporarily all your Diablos to Apocalypse after EVERY ship upgrade to maximize your production rate)
  25. - Upgrade all your Diablo ships to ST5
  26. - Upgrade all your Apocalypse ships to ST6
  27. - Upgrade all your Diablo ships to ST7
  28. - Upgrade all your Apocalypse ships to ST10
  29. - Once you have 6 ST10 Apocalypse ships and reached power 125001 (or more), you will get wave 300 and you will no longer need those ships. You can sell all your Apocalypse hulls (will take 3 days) and upgrade all your Diablo hulls to ST10 from the crystals you get from them.
  31. If you are smart and you keep two extra ST1 Diablo hulls beside the upgraded 6 Diablos, the at the last ST10 Apocalypse upgrade you can make things faster by selling 1-2 Diablos and from their costs you can upgrade the last Apocalypse hull quickly. It's recommended to do that before server reset, to make sure you don't have to wait one more day before you can sell the first 2 Apocalypse to upgrade your reserved ST1 Diablo hulls to max.
  33. Reaching power 125001 will be a little bit tricky at the end because of the ship limitations on the screen. After you get 6xST9 Apocalypse and you start collecting crystals for their final upgrades, it's time to start building your normal ships for the extra 5001 power, as the 6xST10 Apocalypse will only provide 120000 power. The catch is that you have the limitation of 16 ships, so if you want to build T10 ships, you will soon realize that you can only build 7 of them, after that the remaining 9 ship slot will be enough for a T9 ship and after that the 8 ship slots will be enough for a T8 and so on.
  34. If you do the math, you will see that just from building, you can get only 4095 power maximum. So how you will have that 5001 power???
  35. The answer is that you have to buy quantized ships from the merchant!
  37. Quantized ships are special versions of the normal ships, which can be merged into advanced elite ships if you have two from the exact same type. On the screen you can notice quantized ships from their appearance, as they emit small green particles around them. Merging two T6 quantized ships will give you an ST1 elite ship, merging two T7 quantized ships will create an ST2 elite ship, and so on. While it is possible to merge a quantized ship with a normal ship of the same type, the result will be a one level higher normal ship, so it is a waste, but in the end, when you have limited space left for that 5001 power, that might be required.
  38. You can get Quantized ships from the merchant, sometimes for gold, sometimes for meta crystals, sometimes for cash.
  40. MAKE SURE you use the Mop Up feature in Time and Space Wars every second day when it becomes available, as that will give you free meta crystals based on the enemy wave you reached and also refresh the item list of the merchant!
  42. If you still have question, feel free to contact me...
  44. Oberon
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