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  1. To the island, once round, and back,
  2. Said Targel to Ka'len that day.
  3. The last one past the harbor chain,
  4. for the winner's feast will he pay.
  6. First Ka'len asked the Hermit,
  7. Will the skies be blue?
  8. Fair the weather will be, said he,
  9. but only a fool would sail without need to.
  11. Dolefaren sped round the island,
  12. her crew certain they'd win the race,
  13. but then they sighted Audrulyba again,
  14. With two Elven cutters giving chase.
  16. Ka'len called to his friend Targel,
  17. "Bring her behind us, we'll sail through!"
  18. But the Audrulyba remained still,
  19. As two more Elven cutters sailed into view.
  21. Then Audrulyba struck her banner,
  22. and raised Teiro's in its place.
  23. With the Dolefaren surrounded,
  24. Ka'len knew it was the end of the race.
  26. "He'll pay us as privateers!" cried Targel,
  27. "Like the old days, you and me."
  28. Ka'len lifted his head and whispered,
  29. "It can never be like it used to be."
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