/wfg/ guide to newshitters/shitters

Aug 8th, 2015
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  1. ============================================================================
  2. == General guide for new/shitters that are new to wargrind/want to git gud ==
  3. ============================================================================
  5. Content:
  6. 1. General warfarm info
  7. 2. Warframes
  8. 3. Primary weapons/secondary weapons
  9. 4. Companions
  10. 5. Other useful shit
  14. == 1. General warfarm info
  15. ==1.1 Newfriend info
  17. >I just started playing the tutorial and its giving me 3 frames?
  19. Excalibur is a solid frame with strong scaling due to exalted blade and radial blind being one of the better CC abilities
  20. in the game.
  22. Mag is useless save for exploding shields and leeching.
  24. Volt is good for going fast and defending objectives, his damage isn't the best as he is more of an utility frame than
  25. anything else since his shield gives a great deal to bonus damage for the squad shooting through his shield.
  27. >What weapons should I use?
  29. Bows are useless in this game.
  31. Most Shotguns are viable now.
  33. Snipers are in a really bad place.
  35. Full auto and semi auto weapons will be your bread and butter even vs high levels, useful pretty much everywhere. Stick
  36. to them if you want a nice and relaxing grind experience.
  38. >I got 50 plat
  40. NEVER use your starter plat for capes,shitty armor pieces,kubrows(god forbid),icons or other useless shit. That cape
  41. isn't worth it. Use your starter plat on a frame slot and 4 weapon slots this will allow you to have 3 warframe slots and
  42. 12 weapon slots. In the end the only thing preventing you from actually getting more frames/weapons are the slots which
  43. can only be acquired via plat.
  45. >I just started playing what frame should I go for?
  47. Rhino is one of the earliest frames you can get, due to his drops being on Venus. With iron skin he can survive a lot of
  48. shit until high levels.
  50. After that if you prefer to melee more you can pick valkyr instead off jupiters boss. Unlike rhino she has high base
  51. armor to mitigate damage and hysteria makes her quite tanky. Neither of these are good for soloing defenses and similar.
  53. If you like avoiding damage rather than just taking it up the ass then there are Nova and Loki, off Europa and Neptune
  54. bosses. Nova can slow down enemies to a crawl and loki can be invisible or completely disarm enemies
  56. >I like being a lone wolf but i can't do these missions alone
  58. There is absolutely no reason not to play public if you just started. With the way affinity(thats exp) sharing works its
  59. best to play with 4 people as much as possible than trying to steamroll through it alone with MAYBE spy missions being
  60. the only exception because pubs can be pretty fucking retarded there.
  62. >Where do I get all these mods that were in those build links?
  64. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki is your best friend. No reason not to use it, it has everything from mod
  65. drops to frame drop locations and (generaly not the best) builds for weapons and warframes that should work for you until
  66. you get into high level plays. Check there also for more information and scaling off frames abilities.
  68. >I just got some void keys what do I do with them?
  70. The void is where you will spend the majority of your time grinding as the only point of the game other than getting your
  71. warframes and other weapons up and running is getting the gold variations of them with of course better stats and shit.
  72. Note that you cannot do void missions public but have to invite(or join) people to your squad instead. Think of it as a
  73. dungeon, hop on to the recruitment chat say you're hosting Tx[mission type] and you should be getting whispers for
  74. invites right away as there is always people grinding for everything.
  76. Tier 1 void missions are soloable even at really low mastery ranks. Enemies are only level 10 which is about mercury =>
  77. mars level. Other than t1survivals, defenses and maybe mobile defenses you might want to solo them if you don't want to
  78. waste time with recruitment.
  80. At tier 2 things get harder and the enemies level here is 20 which is ~jupiter => neptune. You should head here when you
  81. get somewhat better weapons of at least mr4 and a decent rank serration. Tier 1 and 2 keys are dropping everywhere from
  82. survivals to defenses spies and even sabotages.
  84. Tier 3 is the "high level" for most of the warframe community (ie; shitters). There is no doubt about it that someone
  85. that just started the game will never be able to clear anything here. The shit that drops here is usualy worth a lot of
  86. plat to go with especially in survival rotation C rewards and since T3 keys are the rarest. You should only try and do
  87. this once you actually got good. T3 are rare drops from high level survival and spy missions.
  89. Tier 4 is where we go into post-DEAC territory, same level as T3 but with 3x more damage on enemies and here is where
  90. corrupted Vor will come to say hello. He also drops the poison+status elemental damage mods. You can only get T4 keys off
  91. interception rotation C rewards.
  93. >What are the defense and survival rotations?
  95. The "rotations" are your rewards from doing defense/survival and interception missions past a certain point. There are
  96. rotations A which is 5 and 10 minutes in survivals, 5 and 10 waves in defense and 1st and 2nd round in interceptions,
  97. rotation B which is 15 minutes in survival, 15 waves in defense and 3rd round in interception and rotation C which is 20
  98. minutes in survival, 20 minutes in defense and 4th round in interception.
  100. You can probably guess what makes the game have such tedious grinds at this point. All rotation rewards are clustered
  101. with useless crap and such low drop chances that DE hopes it will force you into just buying it off the market with plat.
  102. Note you can still get lucky and get that shiny gold warframe in a couple of runs but mostly you should get ready to
  103. grind more.
  105. >What are these "vault runs"
  107. Vault runs refer to running orokin derelict missions and searching for the vault which can contain extremely useful mods.
  108. These mods are the bread and butter to every good build and you'd want to do them as soon as possible once you unlock
  109. their blueprints off the market. Do note that you need any void key to craft the dragon key which you'll use to unlock
  110. the vault. Run with other players each having a separate key to guarantee an open vault with each run.
  112. >What the fuck is with the fusing shit
  114. Fusing mods is how you "level up" weapons,frames and shit. Even if you level up a weapon its damage doesn't actually
  115. increase with it but you get an aditional mod capacity so that you can fit an extra rank of serration into it.
  116. For maximum efficiency and lowest amount of credits/mods used to max a mod you want to use an identical mod. If you are
  117. fusing a lets say, vitality to max your vitality it counts better than an fusion core of the same rank would do. If you
  118. run out of vitalities then you can use cores. Fusion cores only purpose is to well fuse mods into a higher rank, go wild
  119. with them. If your run out of both then you can use other mods but beware of the cost because using other mods is
  120. ineffient and will eat credits like crazy. If you ever get forced into using them then use mods with the matching
  121. polarity first as they get a slight boost over others. Fortunately for you unlike other games out there you cannot fail
  122. while ranking up a mod so nothing is wasted.
  124. >Transmutation?
  126. Useless. Don't bother with it unless you have 90million credits and over 500 duplicate rare mods to waste.
  128. >Selling mods?
  130. While not worth a whole lot, selling certain mods (like the sentinel mods you will get thousands of from the Void) can
  131. help boost your credit count, if you're willing to go through the effort of navigating the menus.
  133. >So I just got a valkyr and nova along with my starter frame but I can't get anything else thanks to no plat? Thats bullshit
  135. Welcome to grindframe. At this point you probably joined some random clan that has its own dojo and built their key so
  136. now you can start trading. The trade here is user controlled and prices may vary between regions and time of day. Do
  137. vault runs in the derelict with other people for the corrupted mods the good ones (overextended, narrow minded, blind
  138. rage, fleeting expertise, heavy caliber) can easily sell for at least 1 frame slot worth of plat.
  139. Or if you are looking for bigger game you can try maxing a rank 10 mod and selling it. In general if you try to sell a
  140. maxed rank mod, add the price of the fusion cores needed to max it. (We'll use primed flow for example, let's say primed
  141. flow sells for 50 plat unranked. It costs 528 Rare Rank 5 Fusion Cores [http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Fusion_Core] to
  142. max out a primed mod that has 10 ranks. Let's say Rank 5 fusion Cores sell for 1 plat each, Primed Flow maxed's value
  143. will be 578 + whatever amount you think is worth the credits [we'll say 10 plat in this example case])
  145. Keep in mind that 1 plat = 500 credits for tax so if you want to sell a vitality for 100plat you'll need 50000 credits.
  146. Other than that you can sell prime parts that drop from the void for plat too.Rare shit which is usually from survivals
  147. goes for more plat. And again regions and different times of day might change plat prizes so keep an eye on the trade
  148. chat.
  151. >Now that I have a good frame and some good mods where do I go from now?
  153. Work on ranking up your rare mods, getting good weapons and formas because you will need those if you don't want to get
  154. carried anymore.
  155. Finish all the missions on the star map so that you won't miss alerts for good shit (or hats). Do nightmare missions for
  156. shred, lethal torrent and others. Get more weapons for 10o points to increase your mastery rank.
  159. >Fuck this grind I'll just buy the frame/weapon off the market
  161. NEVER buy weapons or frames off the market. They are piss easy to get normally and it would be cheaper to: rush all parts, buy a slot
  162. AND a potato for it.
  163. Market prices are retardedly high and never worth spending any plat on it. ESPECIALLY resources since you can just grind them out in
  164. an good squad.
  171. ==================
  172. == 2. Warframes ==
  173. ==================
  175. Every warframe has 2 uses: dealing damage or being utility (or support if you will) some of them can be a hybrid of both or a bad version of all of them. Note that all builds except for select few will require you to have over 100% power efficiency if using blind rage or 175%( which is the cap for efficiency) without.
  176. On toggleable abilities the total energy drain after the efficiency scales with your duration, the lower your duration the faster the energy train will tick and the higher it is the slower it will drain your energy. Balance between the 2 if you plan on using toggleable abilities.
  177. Tips on survivability mods:
  178. Does the frame have over 300 base health at rank 30? Use vitality
  179. Does the frame have over 300 base shields at rank 30? Use redirection
  180. Does the frame have 200 or over energy at rank 30? Use quick thinking + flow
  181. Vitality and redirection add a % of your base hp so a 360% vitality will give mag(75 base hp,150 base shields) 375 bonus hp while a redirection will give her 690 bonus shields
  183. ==2.1 Ash
  185. Often considered the go to frame for maximum edge.
  187. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Ash
  189. His signature build of 'press 4 to watch a cutscene' includes using maximum power strength and strength to ensure
  190. everything around him dies while he does better shit with his life. Slap in an vitality and rage and you got quite an
  191. resilient edgelord.
  193. The other while not popular builds include:
  194. The armor removal build which uses the seeking shuriken augment with ~160% power strength to completely remove armor of
  195. enemies. Only ever used in the simulacrum for weapon testing;
  197. And the standard full duration build for invisibility with the optional augment if you are playing with fellow edgelords.
  199. Ash prime gets slightly increased speed and more shields. His shurikens will be golden.
  201. ==2.2 Banshee
  203. Some people consider her fun. Most people are not that kind of person.
  205. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Banshee
  207. She has 2 useful builds 1 for sonar and the other for soundquake:
  209. For sonar you want a mix of range and duration along with maximum power strength with the augment slapped in;
  211. As for the sound quake one the standard high range max damage. Note that you can still get shot at if they are too far
  212. away and ancient healers will laugh at you for using it.
  214. ==2.3 Chroma
  216. The king of gimmick builds.
  218. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Chroma
  220. He also has 2 useful builds one of which is for farming credits and the other for general soloing use:
  221. For credit farming you want to go fire element and max strength the rest doesn't really matter as you cannot increase the
  222. efigies range via mods.
  224. For soloing purposes you want to run quick thinking + flow along with moderate to high power strength, a maxed vitality
  225. with rage,full duration and a maxed steel fiber. Use vex armor to give yourself armor boost and elemental ward to reduce
  226. the dmg even further. Because the build is very specific and demanding you dont have slots for efficiency so bring a
  227. dozen of restores or just let rage do its work.
  229. ==2.4 Ember
  230. The fire frame.
  232. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Ember
  234. For augment buffing you want to run maximum power strength and duration and as for accelerant you'll need to slap in some
  235. range as well.
  237. If you really want to use her for damage even though there are better frames for it you will have to have duration,range
  238. and strength along with survivability mods.
  240. Ember prime gets more armor and shields, her world on fire ability will drop golden bits around enemies when it deals
  241. damage.
  243. ==2.5 Equinox
  245. Good for specific frames because her damage buff gives power strength rather than damage, Nova hates her guts while
  246. volt,excal,mesa and saryn love her.
  248. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Equinox
  250. Get to the efficiency cap, get over 100% duration and throw in power strength press 3 and 4 and afk.
  252. ==2.6 Excalibur
  254. The poster boy of warframe was behind many nerfs and buffs over the updates. Currently he is sitting in a pretty high
  255. spot as one of the few frames that actually has abilities that scale off your weapons making him pretty good despite
  256. being available for everyone even from the start.
  258. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Excalibur
  260. Can be built in a variety of ways but most of his damage will come from the melee weapons mods. Any elemental damage mods
  261. you got on it will increase the damage of exalted blade: slap fever strike + north wind and exalted blade will proc
  262. viral damage. Exalted blade itself has moderate crit chance, dmg and status but with enough power strength on the frame
  263. and a crit dmg build the damage numbers can go really high. For excaliburs build work on some survivability mods if
  264. soloing
  265. and go for power strength and some range if you ever need to blind enemies.
  267. Excalibur Prime is founder only.
  269. ==2.7 Frost
  271. Previous king of defense missions who is still pretty high up. Recent changes to him added a bunch of shit to his arsenal
  272. but in the end you'll still be sticking to your good old trusty globe. Loved vs things that shoots but absolutely hated
  273. on any mission that features infested.
  275. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Frost
  277. Due to his recent changes to globe not requiring duration you can now run range and nuke if you will it.
  278. Frost prime currently cannot be obtained from the void. You can only buy it off other players. Gets more shields, his ice
  279. wave ability will leave golden ice cones on the ground.
  282. ==2.8 Hydroid
  284. Cthulhu was a space ninja. Completely useless besides the fact that his augment is used for grinding.
  286. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Hydroid
  288. He has only 1 usable role and as such build which includes grinding. Great for solo grind but in groups you may want to
  289. get an actually organized group. Run full strength, no range and negative duration. With the augment you should still
  290. have enough energy from double drops to keep you up and running while you spam tentacles at every group of enemies you
  291. see. The reason negative duration and no range is needed is because tentacles have random as fuck spawn locations. They
  292. can spawn on the ceiling if you cast it on the floor as such. Keep spamming it and enjoy loot.
  293. Strength no longer
  295. ==2.9 Limbo
  297. Only use is banishing mesa in t3/t4 defenses
  299. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Limbo
  301. Full duration,negative range. Thats it.
  303. ==2.10 Loki
  305. A beast of a warframe who is one of the few that is usable everywhere regardless of what level or content it is.
  307. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Loki
  309. He has 2 builds one which focuses invisibility while the other disarm:
  311. For invisibility you go for maximum duration,optional hushed invis.
  313. For disarm you go for maximum range with natural talent making every dumbass grineer forget how to shoot a gun in a split
  314. second.
  316. Loki prime is an direct upgrade on everything but hp and shields, he will run faster, get a massive energy increase and
  317. get the perfect polaritied needed for his builds, decoy will be firing a lex prime.
  319. ==2.11 Mag
  321. Mag is useless. Magnetic damage is one of the worst in the game and due to the fact that it cannot proc the magnetic
  322. status on enemies makes it even worse. Shield polarize is only good vs shields which 2 of the 3 factions do not have.
  324. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Mag
  326. If you picked her as your starter frame you are guaranteed to start hating your life. For those that look beyond the
  327. anual rape she gets from every single update you'll ever only want to be using shield polarize.
  329. Mag prime currently cannot be obtained from the void. You can only buy it off other players. Gets more hp, crush will
  330. lift golden rocks around you.
  332. ==2.12 Mesa
  334. 2nd best hips and ass in warframe.
  335. All you'll ever do with her is sit in a high spot and masturbate while she shoots at every grineer stupid enough to peek a
  336. corner. Getting her includes some of the most mindnumbing and retarded grindwalls yet 2nd only to vauban.
  338. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Mesa
  340. Her build includes max power strength with a pocket trinity or the usual duration,vitality rage if soloing.
  342. ==2.13 Mirage
  344. One of the best frames in the game, is useful in every game mode and almost every situation.
  346. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Mirage
  348. If going for a damage build via prism go for power strength with a stretch and moderate duration.
  350. If going for a CC build no strength but max duration and range
  352. If going for a buff with the augment build max duration and strength, no need for efficiency. Works same for self buffing
  353. only.
  355. ==2.14 Nekros
  357. Increases loot in a game about grind. Everyone is all over his dick in survivals, this nigga runs this shit.
  359. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Nekros
  361. Slap in range,despoil and hopefuly your finger won't go numb from pressing 3 too much.
  363. ==2.15 Nova
  365. Thanks to her molecular prime ability she like Loki can fit everywhere regardless of mission or
  366. level. Want to do those shitty infested missions faster? Or even void? go speed, want more CC? go slow. All this while
  367. doubling all damage your squad does.
  369. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Nova
  371. MP scales with duration rather than range but the speed however is a crucial factor with Overextended which will decrease
  372. your power strength to 40% resulting in all enemies running faster as result. The same works the other way with more
  373. strength reducing their speed, speed decrease or increase is capped so running max strength or even a blind rage+another
  374. strength mod is useless.
  376. Only con with Nova Prime is that it will need heavy formaing thanks to the uneeded polarities, antimatter drop and null
  377. star will be golden balls.
  379. ==2.16 Nyx
  381. Specializes in hard CC.
  383. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Nyx
  385. She has 2 builds, 1 which is full duration and moderate strength which you will use for MC and/or absorb or the CC build
  386. which will only use chaos and absorb to permanently knock down enemies around her if needed.
  388. Nyx prime gets slightly more movement speed and more armor, her chaos ability halucinations will have braton prime.
  390. ==2.16 Oberon
  392. The shittiest and most useless frame in the game. Heralded as a "paladin" warframe when is more of a druid. His only use
  393. is credit income from selling his parts.
  395. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Oberon
  397. He has no good builds. If you want to slam dunk everything else will be shit might as well pick any other frame instead,
  398. if you want to not deal damage and support you won't be able to do shit with how his abilities are designed. His base
  399. damage on all abilties is radiation which has a CHANCE to confuse enemies they might still attack you and the damage type
  400. itself is useless vs noarmor. Worst heal in the game.
  402. ==2.17 Rhino
  404. Most players' first frame. With iron skin he can reduce dmg to him and ignore obstacles such as laser doors and just plow
  405. through it.
  407. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Rhino
  409. Iron skin has no duration other than the damage limit which is increased by power strength however if you really want to
  410. use rhino for CC do note that you'll be sacrificing quite some survivability for those stomps. Roar like an angry
  411. motherfucker to let your shitter squad know who is in charge.
  413. Even though he might seem he is FUCKING INVINCIBLE he isn't. High level enemies will chew through iron skin like popcorn.
  415. Rhino prime will get more armor, his iron skin will be golden.
  417. ==2.18 Saryn
  419. Nerfed into mag tier
  421. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Saryn
  423. Her only purpose (rushing missions and dealing damage) is now gone. Can only spread viral/aids and that is about it.
  425. Saryn prime has more armor and her spores will appear golden.
  427. ==2.19 Trinity
  429. Her abilities are fully utility so she is best used as the supportive roll of sucking the enemies dry of their energy
  430. and giving it to her squad. Hated by DE on all accounts.
  432. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Trinity
  434. Trinity has a lot of variations to her build based on the scenario, want to give energy 24/7 to the entire squad?
  435. go min duration, max range and power strength and spam EV. Want to be immortal forever? Go duration with an intensify
  436. slapped in and use blessing when you get to 2hp with quick thinking.
  438. Trinity prime gets a jiggly tail and mantis head along with with more shields.
  441. ==2.20 Valkyr
  443. The "berserker" warframe. Outclassed by both chroma at being more durable and excalibur at being the better melee
  444. focused frame.
  446. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Valkyr
  448. Like Excaliburs exalted blade her hysteria scales off the melee weapons mods. She can still hit very hard and very fast. Added bonus
  449. of being near impossible to kill.
  451. ==2.21 Vauban
  453. Hope you enjoy staying up 24/7 because his parts can only be acquired via random alerts.
  454. https://deathsnacks.com/wf/index.html is your friend here.
  456. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Vauban
  458. The hardest CC frame in the game. Bastile completely immobilizes enemies that walk into it leaving them open for piss
  459. easy headshots. Vortex sucks them up in a nice pile so that your aoe weapons or punchtrhough ones can easily kill them
  460. while you sit on a high spot. Best used with liki vs shooting enemies or works alone if vs infested.
  462. ==2.22 Volt
  464. Sanic.
  466. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Volt
  468. For a damage build you go the standard max range and strength, for a shield ,buff and GOTTA GO FAST build max duration
  469. and strength.
  471. ==2.23 Zephyr
  473. While being at the same tier of uselessness as Oberon she can still do some hard CC and go fast on her own.
  475. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Zephyr
  477. With her augment she can increase her squads movement and make some of the shittier weapons (supra) slightly less shit.
  478. Hardest but completely unreliable CC. Could fly but with parkour 2.0 everyone can now.
  480. Has added bonus of on-impact tonkor explosions with augment.
  482. ==2.24 Atlas
  484. 'Brawler' warframe, currently the most useless frame in the game.
  486. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Atlas
  488. Can make 2 useless valkyrs to run around and melee things or punch shit.
  490. ==2.25 Wukong
  492. China warframes 1st frame.
  494. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Wukong
  496. Good survability with rage+vitality. Completely useless for anything else
  498. ==2.26 Nezha
  500. China warframes 2nd frame.
  502. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Nezha
  504. Almost a full copy-paste of rhino except not as fast and can't buff allies.
  506. ==2.27 Ivara
  508. Mostly supportive/stealth frame
  510. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Ivara
  512. Can make herself and/or the squad invisible in an aoe, make an additional loot drop from nearby enemies in stealth or use an super charged bow to deal damage. A complete bitch to mod and forma.
  514. ==2.28 Inaros
  516. The first real tanking focused warframe DE bothered to make.
  518. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Inaros
  520. Utterly useless for dealing damage but can tank a shitload of damage with his EXTREMELY high hp and health regeneration. When he dies he can consume a nearby enemy to revive with full hp.
  522. Note: all the builds hinted above are their general uses. There are different more specific builds out there for different shit.
  529. ========================================
  530. ==3. Primary weapons/secondary weapons==
  531. ========================================
  534. There are 2 combinations that you'd ever want to use. These don't change ever.
  535. Corrosive + heat for DEAC shit and vs infested. Corrosive will help against the armor while heat provides a decent dps boost.
  536. Viral + heat for post-DEAC shit. Once you strip their armor via 4x corrosive projection corrosive damage stops doing anything. At this point viral and heat is better, ~90% of the enemies in the void are weak to both and viral is generaly good because it cuts their hp by half. Its also great vs corpus. Viral heat ends up better than using magnetic poison on them.
  538. For void or vs grineer: If you are going solo or in a squad that doesn't have 4 corrosive projections its better to use corrosive+heat as that gets a huge boost to damage vs armored targets, procing its status will also reduce their armor. If you don't have 4 corrosive projections in the squad then the chances are you won't go too high to even worry about armor completely reducing your damage to single/double digits
  539. If you are going in a squad with 4 corrosive projections then viral heat are objectively the best elements as corrosive does not get a damage boost vs enemies with no armor on and you cannot reduce their armor in the negative.
  541. Corpus have no "vs" builds, by the time magnetic procs they'll already be dead/there will be nothing for magnetic to reduce. Its best to use viral heat vs them and just use a mag if you're planning on going super long vs them.
  544. Elemental damage chart for the void: http://i.imgur.com/ugw0pQB.jpg
  548. Builds:
  550. The main 3 mods for all your primary weapons will be: Serration, Split Chamber, heavy caliber. No matter what weapon these 3 mods must be used. No exceptions.
  552. The elements you want to use are either viral + heat (in a party with four corrosive projection auras) or corrosive + heat
  554. After that you are looking at the status of the weapon.
  556. Does the weapon have shit status(at or under 15%) or is it a weapon that benefits from crits/very high damage per shot rather than status? Use pure elemental damage mods.
  558. Does the weapon have decent status (over 15%) and does it have a decent fire rate? use the damage+status event mods instead.
  560. Primary build for most/almost all primary weapons in the game (this will change with the upcoming multishot nerf)
  562. Serration, Split Chamber, Heavy Caliber, poison elemental damage mod, cold/electric elemental damage mod, heat elemental damge mod , Shred (if applicable). The last slots are more or less utility slots where you will either put; Point Strike + Vital Sense, Vile acceleration or a Syndicate mod if applicable. You'll have to either: drop shred or heat in order to use it on a crit weapon build.
  564. >But why not those physical damage mods?
  565. They only increase that one physical damage type while elemental damage mods scale off its TOTAL damage. ie: fanged fusillade/sawtooth clip only increases the weapons slash damage by 120%/30% while an elemental damage mod will add 90% of its total damage as that element.
  566. Unless the weapon is purely that physical damage type (and no such weapon exists yet) elemental damage mods will ALWAYS give a better benefit.
  568. >What about ammo/mag mods? I run out of ammo all the time
  569. With more damage mods you'll have less to worry about ammo because you'll be killing stuff in less shots.
  571. >Bane/Expel/whatever?
  572. Extremely situational/useless in the void. Still better to use vile acceleration which will increase your dps or even another elemental mod.
  576. Primary build for all secondary weapons in the game:
  578. Hornet strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Pathogen Rounds, Deep Freeze(viral)/convulsion(corrosive), primed heated charge or the regular one, scorch and pistol pestilence
  580. For more utility like anemic agility replace one of the event mods.
  584. There are no primary builds for melee weapons as you're better off using actually good weapons like your primary or secondary but here is the universal build:
  586. Pressure point, Spoiled Strike, Fury, 2 elements of your choice either viral or corrosive depending, after that you are looking if its a crit or noncrit weapon, if its crit add the obligatory 2 crit % and dmg mods and berserker, if it isn't go for more damage with event mods, add a life strike if you are only going to use your melee to regen hp.
  588. >What about channeling?
  589. Good only if you have a steady income of energy via trinity or rage with high hp otherwise you'll go out of energy extremely fast on high attack speed weapons
  591. >What about coptering?
  592. Ded
  596. Note: again, the builds listed may not work for every single weapon in the game. Some like the torid, some syndicate augment supported weapons and bows have very speficic builds.
  603. ===================
  604. == 4. Companions ==
  605. ===================
  607. Sentinels and kubrows are going to be your battle companions through the grind. Some are extremely useful while others are extremely useless.
  610. ================
  611. ==4.1 Sentinels:
  613. You can get a sentinel by buying its blueprint off the market and crafting it. Nothing else is required. The sentinel itself doesn't need anything for upkeep but it is fragile in combat regen and at least a rank 6-10 vitality or redirection should be used on it. Every sentinel has its own: weapon, different target range for attack. You can use a wyrm laser on a carrier but it will not attack past ~10m, a sweeper on a wyrm will shotgun at very long range etc.
  614. They will never get targeted by enemy fire and will only proceed get fired at if you get downed but it will still easily die from bombards and other AOE.
  615. If you want to keep a sentinels weapon but sell the sentinel you can do so and keep the weapon. You get 4 slots by default and you can get 2 additional slots for 12 plat as every sentinel will use 2 slots (1 for the sentinel and 1 for the weapon).
  616. By unequipping the "attack" mod off the sentinel you can make it never attack enemies and only use its abilities.
  617. Useful mods for the sentinels include: Regen which will revive it after it dies once, Guardian which will regenerate your shields to full once every 30 seconds, Animal Instinct which will give you pocket thiefs wit/enemy radar, Coolant Leak which will slow enemies around you and Sanctuary which will put a shield around you when you revive people.
  620. ===4.1.1 Carrier
  622. Without a doubt the most useful sentinel out there and its weapon is also extremely useful.
  624. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Carrier
  626. Carrier will pull ALL the mods,ammo and other pickups around you in a 12m radius also works through walls and above/bellow you if some mod gets stuck or something.
  628. It has a shotgun as a weapon with great fire rate and status slap in some event mods for blast+electric,seeking fury and some fire rate mods and it'll keep everything that comes close to you permaCC'd.
  630. Carrier prime gets a massive hp boost while its weapon gets a very slight damage boost.
  633. ===4.1.2 Helios
  635. The only other useful sentinel that will scan shit for your codex automaticaly. Only downside so far is that it still uses the normal codex scanner and not the synthesis one for the bonuses (double scan,faster scan,infinite scanner) so you will have to buy and use the codex scanner in your gear for it to scan.
  637. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Helios
  639. As said above it will scan enemies for your codex. The augment allows it to become a pocket banshee that will mark 1 enemy every 10 seconds for a slight damage boost.
  641. It uses a glaive at medium range as a weapon and needs melee mods for it. Nothing special about it as it cannot crit.
  644. ===4.1.3 Shade
  646. Shade makes you invisible while not attacking.
  648. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Shade
  650. As long as there is 1 enemy in its line of sight it will keep you invisible until you attack with a weapon as such it will keep you invisible even if you use your frames abilities. Its weapon is a burst laser pistol at low range.
  652. ===4.1.4 Dethcube
  654. A single target damage dealing sentinel.
  656. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Dethcube
  658. Dethcube has no other use than its vaporize which will deal 900 radiation damage to an enemy that gets close to you. Uses a deth machine rifle which is more of a minigun at high range.
  660. ===4.1.5 Djinn
  662. Objectively the worst sentinel.
  664. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Djinn
  666. Djinn has a "taunt" ability which will make enemies walk to djinn instead of targeting you or anything else in their range. Will ONLY use it if there are 2 enemies within 24m of it after 10 seconds after which point you'd already could've killed them. Uses a rifle with toxin darts as a weapon.
  668. ===4.1.6 Wyrm
  670. A somewhat defensive sentinel
  672. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Wyrm
  674. Wyrm will knock down enemies around you. Uses an low accuracy rifle at long range.
  676. Wyrm prime will get a massive boost to shields and a big increase to its weapons crit chance.
  678. ===4.1.7 Diriga
  680. The CC sentinel
  682. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Diriga
  684. Diriga will permanently stun an nearby enemy with an electricity proc but it won't be able to fire while doing. It also has an aoe electric attack that may proc electricity to everyone around you. Its weapon is a high status,high crit sniper rifle with very long range.
  689. ===============
  690. ==4.2 Kubrows:
  692. You can get a kubrow once you've finished the Howl of the Kubrow quest rewarded from the Jackal.
  693. In order to get your kubrow you will have to: grind earth missions and destroy feral kubrow nests until an egg drops, make an incubator and have a free slot before it can start hatching, wait 2 days until it hatches then wait an additional 2 days until it matures before it can be used. Once it matures you can get it out on missions.
  694. Every 24 hours it will lose 10% of its hp starting at +100% hp and ending at -100%,once it reaches -100% hp the kubrow will die regardless if you spent plat on it or not. You can prevent its death by buying 6 DNA stabilizers off the market for 75k credits to increase its hp by 30%. To prevent its death if you stop playing or something you can put it in the statis where it will not mature but not lose any hp either. If the kubrow gets downed in a mission you can revive it as you would other players, if it dies it will lose happiness which will decrease its damage by 10%. You can get it back up by "interacting" aka petting it to increase its damage by 30%, can only be used 3 times a day.
  695. In order to get your kubrow out of the statis you will have to wait 3 hours before being able to use it.
  696. Getting the incubator upgrade will: decrease the time to hatch a kubrow by a day, will put kubrows into the statis automatically before death and will allow you to rush the defreezing for 10k credits while its also lowered to 30 minutes from 3 hours.
  697. To remove your kubrow you HAVE to "consign" it to the lotus for 25k credits.
  699. Kubrows are inferior to sentinels because: sentinels have no upkeep and will generaly die only to aoe unlike kubrows that can run off and get themselves killed in the middle of enemies, EXTREMELY costly mods every single one of them is fucking rank 10 and at least uncommon, 2 rank 10 damage mods which will make it deal slightly more damage, will often attack enemies more than use their abilities, no way to make them not attack.
  703. ===4.2.1 Huras Kubrow
  705. The huras kubrow works just like shade giving you invisibility as long as it can get alerted by an enemy. Doesn't seem to need line of sight(?).Your kubrow can attack enemies while invisible but it will become so if it attacks. Its other ability is a charge like ability which will make the kubrow knock down enemies in its path.
  707. ===4.2.2 Raksa Kubrow
  709. Works just like Nekros' Fear ability and the sentinel guardian mod. Will fear enemies once they come into its range slowing them down and making them run away, will replenish your shields once they go out with its other abilitiy.
  711. ===4.2.3 Sahasa Kubrow
  713. One of the more useful breeds of kubrows. When not in combat it will dig, giving you up to 3 pickups be it ammo,health,energy and ocasionally credits. It will always prioritize on what you need the most: if low on hp it will give more leath orbs, if low on energy it will be more energy orbs. Because you cannot make the kubrow not attack it will spend the majority of its time attacking enemies. Its other ability will stun a target while dealing damage to it.
  715. ===4.2.4 Sunika Kubrow
  717. Sunika is the "assasination" type of breed, while in reality it will only chase down capture targets at high speed and pinning them to the ground for you to safely kill and capture them. Its other ability will stun a target while dealing damage to it.
  719. ===4.2.5 Chesa Kubrow
  721. The carrier kubrow. When not in combat it will destroy crates, pick up its loot and drop it near you. When in combat it will pick the loot dropped by enemies and bring it to you. Just like Sahasa kubrows it suffers from attacking more than doing its job. Can only carry a finite number of loot and has a cooldown on the ability. Its other ability will disarm enemies.
  727. ========================
  728. ==5. Other useful shit==
  729. ========================
  731. Tips and tricks to make your grinding experience a little more enjoyable
  733. => Kill stealing is a public service.
  734. => Use https://github.com/GottFaust/WWDC/releases/tag/0.8.2 with the builds from section 3 to check if the weapon you are planning to get is good or not
  735. => Use http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Orokin_Void/ByRewards to check for where the prime parts drop
  736. => Use https://github.com/Deathmax/warframe_data/blob/master/en/missionrewardtables.csv to check for drop chances (0.200 = 20%, 0.02 = 2% etc) for everything inside or outside the void
  737. => Use https://deathsnacks.com/wf/index.html to check for active and upcoming alerts as well as invasions,darvos deals, void trader appearances and synthesis target progress
  738. => You can skip the liset/jumping out of the vent entry scene by taping space twice
  739. => You can skip the 10 second "returning to liset" timer by taping space if you are playing alone
  740. => Ciphers are keybound to Y
  741. => You can turn the corpus ciphers the other way by pressing right click
  742. => To maximize the energy you get from rage on high hp frames, equip the dragon key that reduces your shields
  743. => Arsenal keybinds: Y to open up your mods, N and M to switch to your other loadouts
  744. => Press E to interact with the kubrow while in front of the incubator
  745. => You can disable auto vault over obstacles at options => controls
  746. => Disable bloom and color correction to not make your eyes bleed
  747. => Running with a maxed Rush mod is faster than using parkour 2.0 with an maxed elemental parkour mod
  748. => Enemies are running towards you in defense/survivals, no need to chase them
  749. => You can remove your frost globe by using your first ability on it
  750. => You can parry enemies in melee with your weapon by channeling while blocking getting them open for finishers
  751. => Restores are cheap to make and you can make 10 of them at one time, stock on them and use them regulary
  752. => Ash can fire torid and other grenade launchers inbetween jumps while doing bladestorm
  753. => You can stack multiple sonars on enemies
  754. => Chromas effigy increases credit drop rate and chances but it will have to do the killing blow, if you are using chroma or see a chroma in your squad you should let the effigy kill stuff so that you can maximize your credit income
  755. => Press shift to get out of Limbos banish
  756. => Mesa is your deployable affinity turret, stick around her and buff her instead of chasing enemies around corners
  757. => Nekros can desecrate enemies around him for more loot, stick as a team and kill shit so that he can desecrate more stuff
  758. => You can boost your allied Novas antimatter drop by shooting at it
  759. => You can boost allied Nyx' damage in absorb by shooting at it
  760. => Trinity can give you a lot of energy, use your abilities without fear of running out of energy
  761. => Vauban can vortex enemies/render them useless, stay around those instead of chasing enemies around the map
  762. => Volts shield can increase your damage when you shoot through it, stand around him and use it but don't block other people
  764. How to easily level up shit with pubs,solo or coordinated squads:
  766. http://i.imgur.com/yhq89Jd.jpg
  768. With pubs go to Sechura(Pluto), Akkad(Eris) or Seimeni(Ceres) depending what you want to level up or want resources along with it, dark sectors give additional affinity bonuses to your weapons and have increased drop rates.
  769. Akkad is very easy,safe and fast for warframe and secondary leveling. Sit on top of the crates or on the container up above the cryopod and safely shoot them. Good for neurode farming if you don't want to do earth excavation.
  770. Sechura is fastest for primaries but its not as safe as Akkad. There are high spots on the arcs but the infested can easily climb them and claw you to death,ancients are also able to pull you down from there.On the non-cerberus tileset you can sit on the zipline and shoot them. If you want to do sechura with an unranked frame at least put on a vitality or something.Drops only morphics.
  771. Seimeni doesn't have safe spots for unranked frames but the waves go quickly and is usualy used for credit grinding. Good for melee affinity. Drops cells.
  773. If you really want to solo exp grind then Spy missions on neptune and harder planets is the way to go. If you don't get detected you get 12000 affinity(24000 with a booster) and there are usualy eximus units spawned in the data vaults with which you can grab some easy stealth kill xp. You also get a ton of t2/t3 keys while doing it.Can't get any rare resources off vaults.
  775. In a nonshitter squad you can either go:
  776. Draco with a excalibur,EV trinity, frost/limbo and some random damage buffer(optional). Can be used to leech for frame xp but pubs generaly will not allow that so avoid bringing unranked frames unless you're playing with buddies. 4 rounds for easy maxed syndicate cap and cells.
  777. Orokin derelict defense. This goes longer but if you have a speed nova and/or vauban with the bastille augment its generaly safe and waves go quick. You can go here with unranked frames but swarm moas and caustic eximi can get you down, should bring at least 1 decent weapon. Has cells and neurodes.
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