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  1. 20:38:07 Flexios-WyrmrestAccord » must we go, in order to reach your lands? I fear that drinking too much would make experiences."
  2. 20:38:12 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia walked over to the table with a hum, only to stare down the woman in the middle of the trio. A few moments later her eyes would roll, and she'd lean onto the counter with one arm, between her and the Eredar."The fel's wrong with your face?"
  3. 20:38:29 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: I think.. for now we have a few shirts. If you wear the shirt when ordering from us you get 25% off.
  4. 20:38:32 [Wraithus-WyrmrestAccord]: Just looking for a few old friends. No current orders either.
  5. 20:38:57 [Rélody-WyrmrestAccord]: I see.
  6. 20:39:01 Schultze-WyrmrestAccord frowns. "No leads for now then."
  7. 20:39:24 Glaivereaver looks at Cattlia.
  8. 20:39:24 Kudri-WyrmrestAccord sighs, motioning for the demoness to leave "Thats interesting, anything else you got planned for it?"
  9. 20:39:37 Sysserasong blinks at Cattlia.
  10. 20:39:52 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia would, of course, not even see the motion, give her turned back.
  11. 20:39:57 [Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord]: Still observing. Passed the information onto the commander. And told him how I got the information. I think I broke his brain.
  12. 20:40:16 Cassanger-WyrmrestAccord shakes his head. "Don't worry. On the back of a worgen of my size, nothing will mess with us. As well, we're the fastest race on Azeroth. Shouldn't be a concern, this little trip."
  13. 20:40:26 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Can I help you? *she asked the succubus, friendly enough*
  14. 20:40:33 [Rélody-WyrmrestAccord]: Seems freinds in general are hard to come by, these days.
  15. 20:40:36 [Taeryk-WyrmrestAccord]: Damn shame the nexus can't just do the ferrying
  16. 20:40:38 [Wraithus-WyrmrestAccord]: If you see any cultists, feel free to reach out though.
  17. 20:40:48 [Wraithus-WyrmrestAccord]: Yeah absolutely.
  18. 20:40:48 [Rélody-WyrmrestAccord]: ...Noted.
  19. 20:40:54 Flexios nods at Cassanger.
  20. 20:40:54 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia slowly blinked, before staring at the woman for a few moments."...I repeat. The fel's wrong with you, woman?"
  21. 20:41:22 Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord lofts a brow at Catt'lia.
  22. 20:41:27 [Rélody-WyrmrestAccord]: Perhaps I've made a freind out of you this night?
  23. 20:41:34 [Wraithus-WyrmrestAccord]: Absolutely.
  24. 20:41:35 Schultze-WyrmrestAccord just...deadpans towards Vilanis.
  25. 20:41:36 [Flexios-WyrmrestAccord]: "Wonderful! It would be rather unfortunate to bump around the dark woods will intoxicated, at the mercy of all sorts of terrible beasts. I may refrain from further alcohol, however, to avoid being a complete mess of a guest."
  26. 20:41:38 Flexios laughs at Cassanger.
  27. 20:41:44 [Flexios-WyrmrestAccord]: while*
  28. 20:41:45 Kudri-WyrmrestAccord Sighs, looking for her warlock mistress. "whose ever demon this is, might want to get her out of here before I turn her into a ice statue."
  29. 20:41:57 Rélody-WyrmrestAccord gave the rare sight of a tiny smile* "Good." *She took another swig*
  30. 20:42:05 [Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord]: ...He asked for a report. I gave him one.
  31. 20:42:23 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord touches her face gently, as it got darker from embaressment. "Theres nothing wrong with my face.."
  32. 20:42:46 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "I don't see anything wrong."
  33. 20:42:57 Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord shrugs.
  34. 20:43:04 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia rolled her eyes with a scoff, finally turning to face the Eredar behind her."Try it, you animated corpse of a pathetic race. It'll be great to see the Illidari there tear you to shreds." She smirked a bit, before turning back to face Syss.
  35. 20:43:12 Wraithus-WyrmrestAccord grinned. "It is always nice to see friendly faces when traveling. Especially one that can still enjoy a drink."
  36. 20:43:17 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: You're smiling. Way too much to be a Demon Hunter. It's weird. Stop it.
  37. 20:43:34 [Rélody-WyrmrestAccord]: "That it is...
  38. 20:44:01 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "I think smiling is nice."
  39. 20:44:05 [Taeryk-WyrmrestAccord]: Well if we're not drinking, little point in taking up barspace
  40. 20:44:09 Rélody-WyrmrestAccord placed her tankered on the counter, and a cold coin upfront, with a soft sigh* "However, I am afraid I must be off for the night."
  41. 20:44:10 [Wraithus-WyrmrestAccord]: I was raised shortly after my fall. I still have most of my taste and normal function.
  42. 20:44:18 Flexios nods at Taeryk.
  43. 20:44:19 [Rélody-WyrmrestAccord]: Right.
  44. 20:44:26 Cassanger-WyrmrestAccord nods. Suppose you'
  45. 20:44:35 Kudri-WyrmrestAccord sighs, getting up to leave, turning to Sera. "I'm heading back to the lamb, if you need me you know where to go.
  46. 20:44:41 [Wraithus-WyrmrestAccord]: Well, a pleasure to talk with you Relody. I'm sure we will cross paths again soon. Suffer well.
  47. 20:44:41 [Cassanger-WyrmrestAccord]: Suppose you're right. Out and about or home?"
  48. 20:44:48 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord keeps her hand to her cheek, becoming more and more embarrassed.
  49. 20:45:04 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Ha. Typical Eredar, running from their problems. All talk and no show.
  50. 20:45:04 [Flexios-WyrmrestAccord]: "A good plan to me. I am ready to depart when the two of you are."
  51. 20:45:06 Taeryk-WyrmrestAccord finished his drink and set the glass upside down on the bartop "Home for me. 'm no portal master but I may be able to manage a rift back for the lot of us"
  52. 20:45:17 [Rélody-WyrmrestAccord]: A pleasure meeting you as well. And...I think I'll just stick to 'Have a good one'.
  53. 20:45:20 Rélody chuckles at Wraithus.
  54. 20:45:23 Wraithus chuckles at Rélody.
  55. 20:45:25 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "Don't pay attention to her, Syss. Smile proudly."
  56. 20:45:26 Glaivereaver nods at Sysserasong.
  57. 20:45:32 Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord shifts between her feet, watching the tavern.
  58. 20:45:58 Flexios nods at Taeryk.
  59. 20:45:58 Cassanger-WyrmrestAccord nods. "Suppose that makes things easier. Home it is then. And uh... Taeryk? I'd like to meet and talk about someting sometime. Would that be alright with you?"
  60. 20:46:12 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia rolled her eyes. "You too? What kind of excuse for a Demon Hunter are you? You'll never be a real part of society, stop trying to act like a normal person. Your own people shun and despise you."
  61. 20:47:35 Flexios-WyrmrestAccord set aside his now empty shot glass and turned to depart once he'd paid the appropriate sum of coin. "Off we go then! I imagine the trip will be speedy, though I confess to never taking a rift before. I assume it is much like portals, if we go that route."
  62. 20:47:58 Taeryk-WyrmrestAccord waved a conjuring hand, rift tearing through the air in the middle of the tavern "Certainly, I'm easy enough to find, just stop by during normal business hours"  and held an arm out to the two of them "After you"
  63. 20:48:28 Flexios-WyrmrestAccord stepped through the portal to hell without a second thought! His soul was forfeit.
  64. 20:48:48 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord blinks at Catt'lia, completely stunned for words.
  65. 20:49:08 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "She's trying to get a rise out of you."
  66. 20:49:12 Cassanger-WyrmrestAccord follows into the rift.
  67. 20:49:28 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia waved a hand back and forth in front of the womans face, before laughing."Oh right, you can't see that. Hello? Earth to Kaldorei. Anything there? Gonna make me start calling to that demon inside you for some conversation?"
  68. 20:49:52 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "Or we -could- just eat her. She'd make a nice snack and we'd never hear from her again."
  69. 20:49:54 Glaivereaver nods at Sysserasong.
  70. 20:51:14 Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord clears her throat, and shifts between her feet again.
  71. 20:51:16 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "Oh, for fel's sake..."
  72. 20:51:21 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Honestly, Im curious. *as she looked back at Catt'lia* Did you actually want something or did you just come by to insult me?
  73. 20:52:07 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Do I need to have a reason to want to know what the Fel is wrong with you??
  74. 20:52:27 Ivillayne munches on some popcorn.
  75. 20:52:37 Sayren lies down.
  76. 20:53:18 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Or maybe it's just not getting through..? Why. Are. You. So. Happy? Like...For Fel's sake, you're *literally* waging war with a demon inside of you at all times. Your own people hate you. Why even attempt to lie with that stupid face?
  77. 20:55:20 Thraglem tells a joke to Hades.
  78. 20:55:58 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia gave a sigh, tapping her fingers upon the table with a light scratching noise. "Come on now. Speak up. I'm getting bored of you already, it's not fun..."
  79. 20:56:08 Thraglem laughs at Hades.
  80. 20:56:23 Thraglem claps excitedly for Hades.
  81. 20:56:34 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: What's not fun? Did you expect me to attack you? Did you expect me to want to rip you to shreds?
  82. 20:56:38 Thraglem tells a joke to Hades.
  83. 20:57:31 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Nah. Even if you tried it wouldn't of gotten anywhere, anyway. Shortstack like you with...What is it? Guessing a Felhunter from those little tendrils? Could never deal with a Sayaad. Don't kid yourself, deary. I'm far older than you.~
  84. 20:57:49 Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord gives a bored yawn, drumming her fingers against her arm.
  85. 20:59:01 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord yawns from beneath the stairs, drawing her paw over her snout as her ears perk up and rotate upon her brow. "Hnngh, so noisy... I thought only humans could be so whiney in their pining for attention.  It seems demons can be just as bad."
  86. 21:00:21 Ivillayne blinks.
  87. 21:00:30 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: What is happening infront of me.
  88. 21:00:33 Ivillayne blinks at Cattlia.
  89. 21:00:36 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia glanced over her shoulder, before laughing."Coming from the mutt pretending to be a human, pretending to be a cat? Who's the one that doesn't know what they want?"
  90. 21:00:37 Ivillayne blinks at Sysserasong.
  91. 21:00:47 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: We're.. talking.
  92. 21:01:02 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: With that stange scantily clad thing?
  93. 21:01:16 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Talking? No no no. It's more of...This little upstart hussy, having nothing to say because she's at a loss for words that anyone would dare question her.
  94. 21:01:32 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia shot a wink towards the male, before laughing."Sayaad."
  95. 21:01:51 Ivillayne blinks at Cattlia.
  96. 21:01:52 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord 's ears flick once more, the words from the ill tempered demon rolling off of her like water in the shower as she lets out another yawn, folding her ears down upon her brow in an effort to tune out the bickering.
  97. 21:01:53 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Okay then.
  98. 21:01:56 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: You've been dodging my question.
  99. 21:02:16 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: You're the quiet one, toots. I've answered everything you say - you just don't like your answers.~
  100. 21:03:05 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Im still not really sure what's happening.
  101. 21:03:24 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: She asked whats wrong with my face, I asked her what she wants. I have not yet recieved an answer.
  102. 21:03:52 [Kaiannalen-WyrmrestAccord]: Well what do we have here? A little run away?
  103. 21:03:52 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Seems you've reached a stalemate.
  104. 21:04:06 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia spun on the spot, before raising a finger to point towards the newly arriving Kaldorei."You. Demon Hunters were imprisoned for *how long* by your people, shunned as criminals? My memory is hazy...Ten thousand years or so?"
  105. 21:04:37 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia jerked a finger back over her shoulder."So why's this hussy acting like nothing ever happened, and she's just a normal Kaldorei kid, huh? Is it cool to be an Illidari now?"
  106. 21:04:57 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: I
  107. 21:05:08 Kaiannalen-WyrmrestAccord grabs the lesser demon by her shoulder, flipping her to look at the Eradar commander. "Look at your better's when they are speaking to you!"
  108. 21:05:09 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: ...Think only the famous lad was in for thousands of years.
  109. 21:05:11 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia then turned her head towards the Eredar to her left. "Running away from what, huh? Watch yourself, Eredar. You put off even more Fel than Ido."
  110. 21:05:27 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia alksdfja;slkdfja;lskdfj;laksdfs GIVE HER TIME TO TYPE, SHE'S LIMITED TO 240 CHARACTERS AT A TIME.))
  111. 21:05:38 Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord raises an eyebrow. At least the people here were being entertaining tonight.
  112. 21:05:44 Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord recomends the unlimited chat addon.
  113. 21:05:49 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: (Get the addon emote splitter)
  114. 21:05:49 Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord recommends Emote Splitter. No limit. )
  115. 21:05:53 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: (It helps you!)
  116. 21:06:00 [Sayren-WyrmrestAccord]: ((wonderful addon 10/10))
  117. 21:06:02 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: There's an eredar now.
  118. 21:06:02 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia Can't use UCM with TRP's NPC Speech. ))
  119. 21:06:06 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Those walk around...
  120. 21:06:11 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: (Oh right)
  121. 21:06:19 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Holy shit!
  122. 21:06:22 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: (Oop!)
  123. 21:06:26 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: How long have you two been there?
  124. 21:06:32 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: By the light ya scared me!/
  125. 21:06:35 Ivillayne blinks at Vilanisparow.
  126. 21:06:38 Ivillayne blinks at Schultze.
  127. 21:06:48 Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord looks over at Sysserasong and offers a friendly smile, "Care to get some fresh air?"
  128. 21:06:57 [Kaiannalen-WyrmrestAccord]: Back off demon, unless you want to have some trouble that even you cant deal with.
  129. 21:06:59 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord steps up to the Sayaads face. "I am -not- a kid. I am -not- pretending like nothing is wrong. I am simply trying to be as good as I can be."
  130. 21:07:02 [Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord]: I've been standing here for about half an hour.
  131. 21:07:24 Alaylessa-WyrmrestAccord had tabbed out for a moment. Woops ))
  132. 21:07:34 Sayren apologizes to Alaylessa.  Sorry!
  133. 21:07:35 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Ya mean ya've been sneaking, holyness woman you're as quiet as a cat on a crapper!
  134. 21:07:48 [Sayren-WyrmrestAccord]: So so noisy...
  135. 21:07:55 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord looks at the other Illidari. "Not just yet."
  136. 21:07:58 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh hey, it's another Dranei!
  137. 21:08:03 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Daenei...Draynay?
  138. 21:08:09 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: What a legend.
  139. 21:08:10 [Alaylessa-WyrmrestAccord]: "As far as I am aware..the Illidari were imprisoned for..about a decade? Yes early ones were hunted I'd suppose."
  140. 21:08:40 [Kaiannalen-WyrmrestAccord]: Sera go outside, I will deal with this rogue demon.
  141. 21:08:41 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Doesn't look like she talks though.
  142. 21:09:05 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: People still fightin' over there.
  143. 21:09:05 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia stepped forward in response, smirking rather widely and yet towering over the other. Standing at nearly seven feet could do that, given the others rather pathetic stature. "It's quite sad." She glanced to the side. "You'd never even touch me"
  144. 21:09:28 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: I think im just gonna...
  145. 21:09:29 Schultze-WyrmrestAccord blinks. He snaps back from his daze and...flagon of mead. "Whuts goin' on there..."
  146. 21:09:32 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Back out...
  147. 21:09:33 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia turned her head slightly after a moment, before nodding her head."Thanks. You've made my point for me, gorgeous."
  148. 21:09:42 [Vilanisparow-WyrmrestAccord]: Sneaking? Hardly. I've been standing here, leaning against the wall, and watching these people for the last half hour.
  149. 21:09:42 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: This place is strange.
  150. 21:09:51 Ivillayne gently pats Vilanisparow.
  151. 21:09:53 [Ivillayne-WyrmrestAccord]: Enjoy the show!
  152. 21:10:02 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia used head twice in the same sentence. Fuck. ))
  153. 21:10:27 Kaiannalen-WyrmrestAccord grabs the demoness by her neck, pulling her back and away, fel axe almost glowing with hunger for more Fel energy.
  154. 21:10:36 Ivillayne munches on some popcorn.
  155. 21:10:43 Vilanisparow munches on some popcorn.
  156. 21:10:44 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord glances up at the demons face. "Is this suppose to make me make a scene?"
  157. 21:10:54 Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord will attempt to grab Syssera and pull her back. An attempt.
  158. 21:11:05 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: (Wanna roll for it?)
  159. 21:11:29 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia simply phased out of existence for a moment, before reappearing a few steps away and to the side of the Demon Hunter, yawning."Did I not just tell you you couldn't touch me?"Does not accept godmodding from people that cannot even spell Eredar
  160. 21:11:32 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: (You can emote getting out of it, he wont grab too hard, but we can roll if you want.(
  161. 21:11:38 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: (Rolling is fun)
  162. 21:11:45 Vilanisparow munches on some popcorn.
  163. 21:12:02 Hellshade-WyrmrestAccord sniffs the air. Her nose wrinkles slightly. "Just going to back up."
  164. 21:12:16 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord 's ears fold back upo nher brow, partially flinching as the scene unfolds, but also contemplating if she will attempt to intervene. Her eyes glance around the tavern and surmise those within can likely handle themselves and so she contents herself with »
  165. 21:12:16 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord » simply being alert.
  166. 21:12:26 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: (/roll 20. for 1-20)
  167. 21:12:32 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: (I think)
  168. 21:12:49 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: (Gotta be in a party for anyone to see it.)
  169. 21:13:09 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: So you made fun of my face, to what? Try and get me to attack you?
  170. 21:13:18 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: To belittle me?
  171. 21:13:34 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Thanks, but Illidan did that long ago, you're not doing anything special.
  172. 21:13:39 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Now why would I do that? That's illegal in the city, you know. Or do you want to go back to your little perch outside the Slaughtered Lamb?
  173. 21:14:33 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord glares up at the demon, tail thrashing. "Why."
  174. 21:15:05 Vilanisparow munches on some popcorn.
  175. 21:15:33 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia leaned down the couple of feet to the womans face, smirking. "You've yet to answer my question. Why continue to answer yours, little thing?"
  176. 21:15:47 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: What was the question, what's wrong with my face?
  177. 21:16:06 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "That was answered. Nothing's wrong with her face."
  178. 21:16:17 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Why the fel you pretend to be so happy, like nothing is wrong and like your race could ever accept you as a normal person. Obviously.~
  179. 21:16:18 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Because it is nothing. Nothing is wrong with my face, I was enjoying the company of friends."
  180. 21:16:20 Wilney looks at Hellshade.
  181. 21:16:22 [Wilney-WyrmrestAccord]: Suh.
  182. 21:16:34 Hellshade-WyrmrestAccord nods. "Dude."
  183. 21:16:36 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose for a few moments."This is going in circles, you three..."
  184. 21:17:02 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: (Hey Rabi)
  185. 21:17:04 [Wilney-WyrmrestAccord]: Gat-damn, ma', what is that perfume!?
  186. 21:17:05 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "She's got reason to be happy. I got reason to be happy, too. Just because we're Illidari don't mean shit on what makes us happy."
  187. 21:17:10 [Rabirius-WyrmrestAccord]: (heello hello friendsO)
  188. 21:17:18 [Hellshade-WyrmrestAccord]: Nah, its human feces))
  189. 21:17:22 [Kaiannalen-WyrmrestAccord]: Lightforged.
  190. 21:17:33 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord let out a huff through her nostrils. "I agree... better to either throw a punch or save the air in the tavern and just part ways I feel. Either way, the cycle is getting a bit old."
  191. 21:18:07 Sayren lies down.
  192. 21:18:42 [Wilney-WyrmrestAccord]: Cuz it smells nice. You looks spooks, an' it looks ril gud onya.
  193. 21:18:42 [Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord]: "So it is..."
  194. 21:18:52 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia raises a brow a bit, turning her head over her shoulder to face the male."Don't see you goin' around with a shit-eating grin, do I?"
  195. 21:19:42 [Wilney-WyrmrestAccord]: Aight.
  196. 21:19:46 Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord turned to leave, then gives the succubus a grin, "And a demon outside the Lamb is illegal."
  197. 21:19:49 Wilney looks at Rabirius.
  198. 21:20:02 Rabirius waves at Wilney.
  199. 21:20:03 [Wilney-WyrmrestAccord]: Got-dayum you're a tall drink of goddamn! My name's Wilney.
  200. 21:20:27 Rabirius laughs at Wilney.
  201. 21:20:37 [Wilney-WyrmrestAccord]: I like th' cut a' yer brass, na' mean?
  202. 21:20:39 Lyrabell lies down.
  203. 21:20:40 Schultze sighs at Vilanisparow.
  204. 21:20:42 Wilney salutes Rabirius with respect.
  205. 21:20:43 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: I have friends who love me, I have friends I love. So what if I want to smile like an idiot or giggle like a child. I have every right to do so.
  206. 21:20:47 [Rabirius-WyrmrestAccord]: Ahh, greetings friend Wilney! I am Rabirius, an honor.
  207. 21:20:48 Rabirius salutes Wilney with respect.
  208. 21:20:49 Vilanisparow raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Schultze.
  209. 21:21:07 Schultze-WyrmrestAccord tugs Vil to come along with him.
  210. 21:22:15 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia made an audible gagging sound, before rolling her eyes."That was... Fel, that was simply cringeworthy. Can you take that one back? Please take that back."
  211. 21:22:28 [Rabirius-WyrmrestAccord]: How may I help you, my friend? And thank you much for the compliment.I am idneed MIGHTY! haha!
  212. 21:22:29 Rabirius flexes at Wilney.  Oooooh so strong!
  213. 21:22:33 [Wilney-WyrmrestAccord]: Rabirius... man, even yer name screams, "I will break you with a single flex."
  214. 21:22:53 Anidor frowns with disappointment at Cattlia.
  215. 21:22:55 Glaivereaver-WyrmrestAccord sighs softly at the situation and shrugs.
  216. 21:22:58 [Wilney-WyrmrestAccord]: I jus' like to talk to other vets time t' time, and ain' really seent much of yer type. You know, the bright-an'-shiny types.
  217. 21:23:30 Rabirius laughs at Wilney.
  218. 21:23:36 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord looks blankly up at Catt'lia before smiling and giggling. "You know, you're kinda funny!"
  219. 21:23:48 [Rabirius-WyrmrestAccord]: Hmm, for most perhaps. Ahh But I'm going through a stroll of the city, if you wish to join me dark and spooky Wilney?
  220. 21:24:52 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia gave a blank stare this time for a few moments, only to turn her attention to the newest arrival."Oh, the corpse bitch is back. What, you get tired of waiting for your other Eredar friend to do your dirty work?"
  221. 21:24:55 Schacktorn gently pats Llyr.
  222. 21:25:23 Wilney-WyrmrestAccord looks so pleased. "You think I'm spooky? Really? YEAH FUCK YEAH LET'S GO."
  223. 21:25:33 Rabirius laughs at Wilney.
  224. 21:25:35 [Kudri-WyrmrestAccord]: No, I cam because the city guard is coming to deal with you demon whore.
  225. 21:25:40 [Rabirius-WyrmrestAccord]: Right this way then myfriend.
  226. 21:25:50 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord lets out another long feline yawn, lifting her head up, surprised to see most of the crowd has grown bored of the tiff and dispersed leaving only a few left.  Rising up onto her laws she stretches, grating her claws along the floorboard before »
  227. 21:25:50 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord » straightening out and shifting her form.
  228. 21:26:15 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Mmm, I feel like even in the year I've been in this city, I've already learned the laws far better than you, scourgebait.
  229. 21:26:23 [Sayren-WyrmrestAccord]: If only the same effort could be placed into productive ventures, we'd soon see an end to war as we know it.
  230. 21:26:33 [Achelia-WyrmrestAccord]: Hmm..?
  231. 21:26:37 [Achelia-WyrmrestAccord]: But the war *is* over...
  232. 21:26:43 Sayren peers at Lyrabell searchingly.
  233. 21:26:52 [Sayren-WyrmrestAccord]: I ah... sorry, mind if I share the perch?
  234. 21:26:58 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord continues to smile at Catt'lia. "If you weren't so rude, I'd think you're dropdead gorgous. Possibly we could of been friends, but ah well. We still can be if you'd like, push this all behind us?" she offered a very warm and genuine smile.
  235. 21:27:06 [Lyrabell-WyrmrestAccord]: No' at all
  236. 21:27:09 Sayren bows before Lyrabell.
  237. 21:27:16 Lyrabell lies down before Sayren.
  238. 21:27:50 [Achelia-WyrmrestAccord]: *Taps a finger to her lips* Almost like I called in your alt a minute ago Kudri, and you logged off it because I did...))
  239. 21:28:30 [Anidor-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm too sober for this night...
  240. 21:28:41 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: I sensed ahh, trouble here, is all well?
  241. 21:28:42 Fenlear looks at Schacktorn.
  242. 21:28:45 [Fenlear-WyrmrestAccord]: Excuse me.
  243. 21:28:51 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Hey, toots. Flirting with me isn't going to get you anywhere - I've got no interest in you Illidari. You're beneath me.
  244. 21:29:06 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord pulls a gourd from her hip, uncorking it and releasing the scent of citrus and mint into the air. She brings the rim to her lips and sips idly, clearly given up on getting any sort of rest for the time being.
  245. 21:29:14 [Kudri-WyrmrestAccord]: ((We tried to settle this peacefully and get you off our case because you were being an unnecassary ass about this.))
  246. 21:29:30 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: ((! I just got here lol))
  247. 21:29:41 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia turned to face the newcoming Pandaran, bowing her head respectfully for a moment. "No trouble, as far as I  can tell, big guy."
  248. 21:29:58 [Altaris-WyrmrestAccord]: ((*breaks out the popcorn*))
  249. 21:30:02 Zhiifang nods at Cattlia.
  250. 21:30:14 Schacktorn-WyrmrestAccord meanders up to the railing. He squints at the Pandaren. "That is one fat looking bear... Light..."
  251. 21:30:16 [Anidor-WyrmrestAccord]: No, everything is a damn mad house in this city! There were two seperate attempted murders in the span of five minutes, and that was just right outside the building, when I come inside all of this ish happening! Will it ever end?
  252. 21:30:34 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: Well everyone stop it.
  253. 21:30:39 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: I'd much rather be your friend than continue this. Is me smiling really that bad?
  254. 21:30:44 [Kudri-WyrmrestAccord]: The demon started it.
  255. 21:30:49 [Schacktorn-WyrmrestAccord]: "Good job buddy. Just tell 'em to stop it."
  256. 21:31:22 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: Oh shut your damn dicksucker, Eredar. Ain't our fault your clam is frozen solid. Nobody asked for your opinions.
  257. 21:31:22 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: Did she? Okay, please stop it miss Demon.
  258. 21:31:53 [Schacktorn-WyrmrestAccord]: "This guy..."
  259. 21:32:01 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: What guy?
  260. 21:32:01 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: He's the hero we need)
  261. 21:32:08 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia turned to face the Pandaran once again, before shaking her head."Just a talk between demons, hm? No reson for you to get involved, big guy."
  262. 21:32:30 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: Well I am just here to keep the peace, ooooor else!
  263. 21:32:33 Zhiifang giggles.
  264. 21:32:40 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh we wouldn't come to blows.
  265. 21:32:45 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Not here in Stormwind.
  266. 21:32:46 Zhiifang nods at Sysserasong.
  267. 21:33:02 [Anidor-WyrmrestAccord]: Well great, just a normal conversation between demons in a bar, what could possibly be weird about that?
  268. 21:33:26 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: Ah very good then, pardon me all this hero works makes me mighty hungry.
  269. 21:33:33 [Schacktorn-WyrmrestAccord]: "Keep the peace... uhuh... More like find a piece to eat..."
  270. 21:33:35 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia nodded, turning back. "Mm, of course not. Wouldn't want to get locked up, now would we...Sister?" She said with a rather noticible effort...Almost painful to her.
  271. 21:33:42 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: Ex-squse me.
  272. 21:33:52 [Anidor-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes?
  273. 21:34:01 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: I would like to order.
  274. 21:34:11 Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord lowers her voice slightly. "The offer is serious. I'd rather be friends than make a fuss in a tavern."
  275. 21:34:13 [Anidor-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh! Sorry, I'm drunk.
  276. 21:34:43 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: Thats okay, I will have your vegi-burder please, three of them with a large side of fires.
  277. 21:34:48 Zhiifang looks at Anidor.
  278. 21:35:02 [Schacktorn-WyrmrestAccord]: "Are the two demons trying to like... copulate or something?"
  279. 21:35:07 Sysserasong blinks at Schacktorn.
  280. 21:35:12 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Fel! No!
  281. 21:35:17 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: I don't do 'friends', child. You're barking up the wrong tree, and you're freakin' crazy anyway. And not the good crazy.
  282. 21:35:30 Schacktorn-WyrmrestAccord raises an eyebrow down toward the two.
  283. 21:35:36 Sayren-WyrmrestAccord lets out a soft snicker from the railing, ears on swivels hearing what's going on about the tavern below.
  284. 21:35:44 [Anidor-WyrmrestAccord]: I definetly don't work here. I'm shirtless covered in fel runes. With horns. They don't hire people like me in places like this.
  285. 21:35:55 Zhiifang lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
  286. 21:36:05 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: This is too much work on an empty stomach...
  287. 21:36:08 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: So you just wanted to rile me up?
  288. 21:36:17 Zhiifang sniffs the air around him.
  289. 21:36:26 [Zhiifang-WyrmrestAccord]: Good night tiny people.
  290. 21:36:27 [Anidor-WyrmrestAccord]: One of these guys probably is the one to talk to.
  291. 21:36:34 [Schacktorn-WyrmrestAccord]: "Good night fat one."
  292. 21:36:36 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia ((Okay so literally all but two people in this bar have told be to put Kudri on ignore for the godmodding, metagaming, and other RP Taboos being broken so I'm gonna just do that. You won't see more responses to her.))
  293. 21:37:13 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: No, I wanted a serious answer. But never got one, so that was the second best. Sadly, ice-twat there was far more upset on your behalf. Quite amusing.
  294. 21:38:13 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: A serious answer to what?
  295. 21:38:17 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Why I was smiling?
  296. 21:38:36 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: You're -that- curious as to why a demon hunter would smile?
  297. 21:38:38 [Sayren-WyrmrestAccord]: ... It's like a bad dream being played in an endless cycle...
  298. 21:38:42 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia says: My god, you're just...Daft, aren't you?
  299. 21:38:49 Alaylessa-WyrmrestAccord looks up from her scroll she was writing on.
  300. 21:39:08 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: It's not like you're being crystal clear either.
  301. 21:39:22 [Sysserasong-WyrmrestAccord]: Say the question, I will answer then we can be done.
  302. 21:40:35 Anidor-WyrmrestAccord glares at the room around him while drinking from his tankard.
  303. 21:40:40 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia turned on her 'heels' once more with a wink, laughing."Better seeing your confused expression, eyeless wonder. Enjoy the ice queen here."
  304. 21:40:59 Sysserasong blinks.
  305. 21:41:18 Ghostpup waves at Sysserasong.
  306. 21:41:21 Achelia-WyrmrestAccord | Catt'lia forgot how hard it is to move smoothly with fucking "move here" commands.))
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