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  1. Villainilla11/14/2018
  2. The grand royal bedroom of the Rohelm caste was perhaps beyond what one could consider a bedroom. It sat within one of the center domes of the fortress overlooking the great Irosian capital. The night was cool with the ocean breeze tousling the silken curtains of the open balcony doors. It was a quiet night.
  4. With the war reaching its peak, the tension had grown heavy on the Sultan's shoulders. Matios stared out to his city with tired eyes in deep contemplation. Were he not sultan, he would be out on the fields of battle on the frontlines with his countrymen. To him, this was a coward's life. But at the same time... He needed to be here. Here for Lorenzo, for Cristobal, and for-- The sultan turned to glance over his shoulder. Aria... He felt a pang tug at his chest. Knitting his brow he sighed. He knew so little of his first wife. Perhaps the most beautiful woman in all of Iros, yet Matios focused only on war. To what end would he neglect the future of his great kingdom? His empress? The sultan stepped back towards the room, looking around for the woman.
  5. daji11/14/2018
  6. Aria had just gotten out of the bath, the specialized one placed inside of their room. Aria and him had gotten along so well, and it’s been incredibly long since they’ve talked genuinely. Always there for him she was, always dutiful and respectful. Always there for him.
  8. Turning out of the corner the woman’s dried hair was curly as usual, skin as chocolatey as can be. Her body wrapped in a soft cherryblossom pink silk robe. Giggling she walked into the master bedroom, dancing a bit, doing a spin before stopping to see her handsome husband before her. Flustered, she restated herself from the goofy pose to a more normal one, walking up to him.
  9. “Hey, honey..”
  10. She stopped talking at that moment and pressed her thin frame into him, her arms wrapping around him tightly, eyes closed. Enjoying the moments she had with him.
  11. Villainilla11/14/2018
  12. Matios stared down at the woman. The scent she wore from the bath clung to his nose, stealing away his thoughts. He attempted a smile, but it was weak, so very weak. "Aria..." He let her name roll off his tongue. Lifting his large, callused hands he moves to hug her back but hesitates."Aria, how is it that you seem to grow more beautiful with each passing day-- yet I grow older and greyer." He allows himself to run his fingers through her luscious curls just once. "My desert flower. My beautiful wife." He wraps one arm around her and tenderly lifts her chin with the other to gaze into her eyes. "Will you forgive this man, for choosing a war over you all this time?"
  13. daji11/14/2018
  14. Aria blushed to his words, the charm and smooth genuineity it the exact reason she fell in love with this man.
  15. “Don’t be so silly, Matios. You’re growing grey from stress. You’re lucky I haven’t slapped you for degrading yourself. You’re my king.”
  16. Her hands traced down his back smoothly, slowly stepping back, giving a gentle, innocently sick slab beauty of a smile.
  17. “Of course I forgive you, Matios. I knew being with you drew drawbacks. You can have the best, but the best is often times busy.”
  18. Her eyes kept locked to his when he lifted her chin. Eyes dedicated to prove so.
  19. “I forgive you.”
  20. Villainilla11/14/2018
  21. "The gods have blessed me with a woman such as you. Perhaps I should pay worship to them just this once." He gave a faint chuckle.
  23. Matios stared into Aria's eyes longingly, his honey-amber pair seeming somewhat vacant. He leaned down a bit and pressed his rough lips against her smooth forehead. "I almost feel unfit to have a woman like you, but I am grateful as well. Aria... what do you desire most in this world?" Matios pushed her back slightly to look at her fully, his eyes glazing over every detail of the woman.
  24. daji11/14/2018
  25. “What I want? Most? Gods, Matios.. I almost have it all. A beautiful husband, silk, I have.. Expensive wine. Maybe children sometime, I- I don’t know. Right now, though. What I want.. Is you.”
  26. Her hands moved to hold his wrists, her eyes watching his this entire time. She felt safest when he was near.
  28. “I want you, Matios. Just.. You. Spend time with you.”
  29. *Her head looked to the bed, back to him.^
  30. Villainilla11/14/2018
  31. Matios mustered a half-smile. It was better than the last one at least.
  33. He made his way toward the bed, gently leading Aria along by her hand and taking a seat on its edge. The bed alone could fit many people on it, and no one seemed to wonder why the sultan for nearly two decades could ever need such a grandiose bed. It was common knowledge that Matios was not one for such things.
  35. "I will oblige you, my empress. My Aria."
  37. Matios yanks her forward onto the bed, putting himself on top of Aria. Despite his years and his pressence in Rohelm, Matios was still the beast of a man he was the day he took the throne from Hanor. His strong arms were on either side of Aria, staring down at her with a blank expression. His eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight. He would allow a few seconds for Aria to process things before pulling her in a passionate, lustful kiss.
  38. daji11/14/2018
  39. [{ Not your fault one bit. Hosker said the staff feel abused by him. }]
  40. Aria allowed these fast motions to withhold her, though she was able to keep up, awaiting for the milisecond when he swooped her up from the bed which she was pushed on forcefully into a kiss of lust and most importantly, love. Her plump lips connected to his, the depth being one comparable to a french kiss. Pulling away what felt like minutes later,
  41. “Matios, I love you so much.”
  42. She stated firmly as usual for what she knew, before allowing the silk wrapping to slip off, exposing her perked, round breasts and thin frame before him.
  43. Villainilla11/14/2018
  44. "Aria..." He whipsered her name as he made a trail of kisses down her neck and body, running his hands up and down her sides. He slowed his kissing as his lips met the fragrant  flesh of her breasts. Each kiss was tender as he scooped her up with one arm and pulled Aria closer. His thick beard brushing against her while he slipped his thick, warm tongue over her supple skin. With his free hand, he groped and massaged her, holding her as though she were made of glass.
  45. daji11/21/2018
  46. His lips which connected to her breast sent her head inclining back into an immense fit of pleasure, head rolling into his shoulder, lips pressed to his neck as elegant moans escaped the cocoa tinted Empress. Kisses and nibbles were felt to his neck, finding his force comforting.
  47. “Matios, please..” A plead, which she pleaded for him, to give her what she wanted the most. Aria’s smooth, silky hands explored his muscular back finely, scratching his skin ever so slightly.
  48. Villainilla11/21/2018
  49. Matios slid his hands down Aria's back, pulling her slender hips towards him. His stiffened member shrouded behind his robes grinding against her soft nether regions. Setting her down again he sits back and disrobes himself the rest of the way, repeating the motion again. This time a second hand slides down her back, going down further to grasp her rear in his palm. Giving it a firm squeeze as he slowly grinded against her. His golden eyes peering down at Aria, "What is it that you want from me, Aria? Say it nice and loud, I will grant you it." His voice and gentle smile taunted her. His fully erect cock rubbed subtly against her, sliding over her tender, fleshy lips.
  50. daji11/21/2018
  51. Her eyes easily held a feast, watching her man unclothe himself, eyes widening— as they always do at the sight of his beautifully large cock, swearing it had gotten bigger every time she had it. Her back was touched, goosebumps filling her body, them soon fleeing in a pleasurable burst when her round, volumous ass was groped, cock pressed against her warm, now easily wet folds. “Matios, baby..” Her head fell back “Your cock, my Sultan. Please,” Her espresso eyes melting to the feeling of his shaft against her. “Please fuck me, please,”
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