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  1. I am Amanda Sierra Lopez. I am an adventurous, determined, open-minded woman. I was born in Venezuela, when I was 7 my mom and
  2. I moved to California for a better life. When I was 20, I moved to Europe and lived in London, UK, Berlin, Germany, and Deventer,
  3. Netherlands. During my time in Europe I travelled often around Europe, but also around Asia and South America. During my time in Europe
  4. I found my interest in coding and self taught myself html and css.
  6. Coming to Turing was something unexpected. Before Turing I was starting off a bachelors degree in Software Engineering in the Netherlands
  7. but quickly realised that I was not happy with the schools structured and felt that I had not learned nothing at all. At the time i had
  8. been speaking to a friend that was a Turing alumni, Amanda Tjan. Talking to her convinced me to apply to Turing.
  10. After Turing, I am aiming to get a job in Los Angeles to live close to my mom after living in Europe for almost 6 years and find a
  11. junior Front End role there. Eventually, my goal is to be able to work remotely at a company as I love traveling and working remotely would be a great
  12. opportunity for me to be able to live comfortably and travel at the same time.
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