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  1. Chryssa Avci:
  2. A strange horned woman you encountered in the village of Khmedi. (Technically) married to a man by the name of Mazhar.
  3. Vital Statistics:
  4.     Height: 5'11"
  5.     Weight: ~160 lbs
  6.     Eye Color: Brown
  7.     Hair Color: Auburn
  8.     Complexion: Pale
  10. Max Vys: 44
  11.     Grandmaster Rank Earth
  12.     Master Rank Water
  13.     Vatis Rank Nature (1/3 Insights)
  14.     Vatis Rank Fire
  16.     Metamagic, Effects, & Techniques:
  17.         -Manipulate
  18.         -Weapon Channeling
  20.     Gear:
  21.     -Chryssa's Armor (+6 to Attack, +6 to Soak, Telescoping Vision, Magic Sight, Spell Amplification, Improves Health (Passive), Hazmat (Active), Self-Repairing (Active), Hidden Effects)
  22.     -Earth-shattering Mace (+6 to Attack, -6 to Soak Rolls for Target, Hidden Effects)
  23.     -Chryssa's Compound Bow (+12 Ranged Attack, +4 to Fire Magic, Chance for attacks to chain to near-by enemies, can project a field which negates all magic on command)
  24.     -Carved Skull (???)
  26.     Special Abilities:
  27.         -Impossibly Strong: Capable of incredible feats of strength. The upper limit of what she can do is unknown. (+8 to Attack, Soak, Dodge)
  28.         -Stoic Demeanor: Chryssa is not easily shaken. It takes something truly catastrophic to make her panic. (+4 to Resisting Outside Influence)
  29.         -Trained Vatis: After months of training and practice, Chryssa has finally mastered the most basic arts of spellcasting. (+2 to Meditation, +2 to Resisting Outside Influence)
  30.         -Sculptor: Chryssa has achieved Grandmastery of Earth magic through skill rather than brute force. (+6 Erosion, +2 Earth Manipulation)
  31.         -Touched by Madness: Chryssa can sense innately how close someone is to losing their marbles entirely.
  32.         -Polopian Hunter (Master): (+8 to Bows and Unarmed, +6 to Daggers and Axes, +4 to Long and Short Blades)
  34.     Inventory:
  35.         -How Earth Vatis Built the Rhynian Empire [Mik:Unread, Chrys:Finished]
  36.         -Earth Magic: An Advanced Guide [Mik:Unread, Chrys:Finished]
  37.         -The Stone Way: Basics of Earth Magic [Mik:Unread, Chrys:Finished]
  38.         -Fine Robes: A set of black robes with dark blue trim and a thin geometric design on the shoulders in gold.
  40. Profectus:
  41. A thousand-something year old Rhynian soldier subjected to unknown experiments to enhance his magical abilities. Prone to vice, but all around a reliable friend.
  42. Vital Statistics:
  43.     Height: 6'4"
  44.     Weight: ~210 lbs
  45.     Eye Color: Blue
  46.     Hair Color: Brown
  47.     Complexion: Pale
  49. Max Vys: 42
  50.     Master Rank Fire (4/5 Insights)
  51.     Expert Rank Earth (2/4 Insights)
  52.     Vatis Rank Water
  53.     Master Rank Nature
  55.     Metamagic, Effects, & Techniques:
  56.         -Manipulate
  57.         -Confuse
  58.         -Blast
  59.         -Leech
  60.         -Weapon Channeling
  62.     -Centurion Armor (+5 Soak Damage, Spell Amplification, Magic Detection (Active), Hazmat Gear (Active), Self-Repairing            (Active), Health Improvement (Passive), Boost Physical Attributes (Active), Hidden Effects)
  63.     -Enchanted Shortsword: ([Range: Close] +4 Attack, Spell-Amplifying, Ignores Soak, Hidden Effects)
  64.     -Shield of Leleki: (+8 Soak Damage, +2 Attack, Hidden Effects)
  65.     -Regenerative Scarab: (Heals one level of wound per round of combat, can regrow limbs with time.)
  66.     -Hiacian Signet Ring: (Restores the wearer's sanity at a rate of 1 point/week. Hidden Effects)
  67.     -Silver Pocket Watch: (Keeps track of astronomical info necessary for elves to conduct their religious rituals. Keeps time.)
  69.     Special Abilities:
  70.         -Volcanic Arm: His right arm has been replaced by a stone construction which can be shaped according to his will and made to spew flame with unbelievable intensity. (+6 to Fire Magic, +4 to Earth Magic, +2 to Soak)
  71.         -Lost Memories: Certain situations call to mind memories of his time as a Rhynian soldier a millennia ago.
  72.         -Trained Vatis: Profectus, after much trial and error, has finally garnered enough skill to be called a competent Vatis. (+2 to Meditation, +2 to Resisting Outside Influence)
  73.         -Rhynian Martial Training (Veteran): (+6 to Short Swords and Blocking, +4 to Daggers and Throwing Weapons, +2 to Unarmed and Spears)
  75.     Inventory:
  76.         -Archeota: A small device which projects and captures moving and still images. Contains several books stored in the form of pictures.
  77.             Digital Copies:
  78.                 A Treatise on Advanced Water Magic by Master Yusef  [Mik:Finished, Prof:Unread]
  79.                 Grandmaster's Journal [Mik:Finished, Prof:Unread]
  80.                 Metamagic Instructions: Blast [Mik:Learned, Prof:Learned]
  81.                 Metamagic Instructions: Leaping [Mik:Learned, Prof:Unread]
  82.                 Five Effects Every Vatis Should Know [Mik:Finished, Prof:Finished]
  83.                     {(Slow), (Speed), [Confuse], (Manipulate), (Leech)}
  84.         -Breaking the Ninth Barrier: Fire Magic and You [Mik:5/18 Chapters, Prof:Finished]
  86. Fulvia:
  87. A Rhynian AI in a body she bought off a merchant by the name of Sadik. An avid fan of people watching and aspiring world conqueror.
  88. Vital Statistics:
  89.     Height: Varies
  90.     Weight: Varies
  91.     Eye Color: Varies
  92.     Hair Color: Varies
  93.     Complexion: Varies
  95. Max Vys: ???
  96.     Master Rank Nature
  97.     Master Rank Fire
  98.     Grandmaster Rank Water
  99.     Grandmaster Rank Metal
  100.     Vatis Rank Earth
  102.     Apprentice Rank Shaping Arts
  104.     Metamagic, Effects, & Techniques:
  105.         -Paralyze
  106.         -Poison
  107.         -Leech
  108.         -Manipulate
  109.         -Animate
  110.         -Create
  112.         -Slow
  113.         -Speed
  114.         -Ranged
  115.         -Leaping
  116.         -Vys
  117.         -Blast
  118.         -Area of Effect
  119.         -Selective
  120.         -Hidden
  121.         -Weapon Channeling
  123.         -Point Defense
  124.         -Surya's Vice
  125.         -Elemental Combination
  127.     -Upgraded Gladius (Spell-amplifying)
  128.     -Layered Armor (+4 to Soak Damage, Concealing)
  129.     -Cyclopian Chassis
  131.     Special Abilities:
  132.         -The Core: Fulvia's mind is contained within a reality warping gem known as a Core. It allows her compatibility with any construct body.
  133.         -Twist Reality: With enough stored Vys Fulvia can drag people and things into her core forcefully. Requires truly unfathomable amounts of vys.
  134.         -Tether: An extension of her ability to warp reality, she is able to impose her reality onto the outside world, granting her immense influence over a fairly large area. Requires truly unfathomable amounts of vys.
  135.         -The Sight: Fulvia's Cyclopian Chassis has a version of The Sight which allows her to perceive spirits and other such creatures.
  137.         -Vatis: Because she possesses all of Mikhael's memories from his time as an apprentice, she gains all the benefits of having gone through the training herself. +2 to meditation, +4 to resisting outside influences.
  138.         -Shaper: Mikhael's complete understanding of the soul has been incorporated into Fulvia's core, including his knowledge of the shaping arts. +2 meditation, +2 resisting outside influences.
  139.         -Enchanter: Fulvia has integrated what memories and knowledge Mikhael has of enchanting into her own mind, including his runic library. +2 to finalization rolls and +4 to inscription rolls.
  141.         -Marsala Ve (Veteran): (+6 to Spear and Unarmed combat. +4 to Long Swords and Daggers, +2 to Bows and Short Swords)
  142.         -Way of Metal (Trainee): (+1 to Unarmed and Blocking)
  143.         -Rhynian Martial Training (Trainee): (+1 to Short Swords and Blocking.)
  145.     Inventory:
  146.         -1x Antimage Core (Fulvia)
  148. Thaddeus "Skull Kid" Humboldt:
  149. A heavily augmented man from the future. Apparently a former bank robber and terrorist, he has journeyed with you into your world to escape the law. Aspires to go down in history as the greatest inventor to ever live.
  150. Vital Statistics:
  151.     Height: 6'1"
  152.     Weight: ~270 lbs
  153.     Eye Color: N/A
  154.     Hair Color: N/A
  155.     Complexion: Pale
  157. Max Vys: 0
  159.     -Enchanted Whipblade ([Range:Medium] +8 to Attack, -2 to Dodge, Opponent receives only half of soak bonus)
  160.     -Warhammer ([Range:Close] +4 to Attack, Opponent receives only half of Soak bonus)
  161.     -Skull Kid's Helmet (Infrared, Ultraviolet, and Night Vision. Also features magnification, a heads up display, and target tracking.)
  162.     -Artificer's Armor (When activated, the armor becomes suffused with vys. It projects a field which protects from both ranged and physical attacks, and at the cost of dropping the field can fire burst of vys from the gauntlet. It covers only the torso and right arm at the moment.)
  164.     Special Abilities:
  165.         -Augmented: Skull Kid is much tougher, stronger, and faster than any human has a right to be. (+6 to Attack, Soak, Dodge. Heals one level of wound per round of combat, but cannot regenerate limbs.)
  166.         -Futuristic Homeworld: Skull Kid is intimately familiar with technology that your world has never seen.
  167.         -Career Criminal: If you need to rob a bank, kidnap someone, or plant a bomb Skull Kid is the one to ask.
  169.     Inventory:
  170.         -Decoded Rhynian Letter
  171.         -Research Data
  172.         -Rhynian Computor
  173.         -4x Rhynian Reactor Worker's Notes
  174.         -1x Rhynian Supervisor's Reports
  175.         -3x Crate of Junk (Skull Kid)
  176.         -2x Crate of Wires (Skull Kid)
  178.     Pets:
  179.         -Gadget-Bot, Levitating Tool Box (Contains a welder, buzz-saw, lockpicks, screwdriver, fire extinguisher, manipulator appendages)
  181. Gunay Darzi:
  182. Captain of the 32nd Division of the El-Amin City Guard. She was born amongst the bhataki and spent most of her life wandering from village to village, peddling her family's goods. Sent on a mission to wipe out bandits in the mountains, her subordinates were slaughtered and she was taken captive.
  183. Vital Statistics:
  184.     Height: 6'5"
  185.     Weight: ~180 lbs
  186.     Eye Color: Amber
  187.     Hair Color: Black
  188.     Complexion: Bronze
  190. Max Vys: 43
  191.     Master Rank Fire
  192.     Master Rank Water
  193.     Expert Rank Earth (2/4 Insights)
  194.     Expert Rank Nature
  195.     Apprentice Rank Metal
  197.     Metamagic, Effects, & Techniques:
  198.         -Slow
  199.         -Speed
  200.         -Confuse
  201.         -Manipulate
  202.         -Leech
  203.         -Ranged
  204.         -Hidden
  205.         -Weapon Channeling
  207.     -Elaudian Armor (+12/[*2] to Soak, +4 to Attack, -2 to Dodge, Concealable (Active), Reactive (Passive), Self Repairing (Passive), Health Improvement (Passive), Hidden Effects)
  208.     -Guard Armor (When worn within the city of El-Amin, allows her to pass herself off as a guard captain.)
  209.     -Odd Spear ([Range: Medium/Distant] +4 to Attack, Spell Amplifying, Ranged, Hidden Effects)
  211.     Special Abilities:
  212.         Marsala Ve (Master): (+8 to Spear and Hand to Hand combat. +6 to Long Swords and Daggers, +4 to Bows and Short Swords)
  213.         Pudhari: She is able to effectively lead troops in the field and has an understanding of military tactics. (+6 to Leadership)
  214.         Trained Vatis: She has a solid grasp of all the basics, and could likely pass all the necessary trials to earn her robes. (+2 to Meditation, +2 to Resisting Outside Influence)
  216.     Inventory:
  217.         -Five Effects Every Vatis Should Know       [Mik:Finished, Darzi:Finished]
  218.             {(Slow), (Speed), (Confuse), [Manipulate], [Leech]}
  219.         -Metamagic Instructions: Ranged             [Mik:Learned, Darzi:Learned]
  220.         -Metamagic Instructions: Hidden             [Mik:Learned, Darzi:Learned]
  221.         -Metamagic Instructions: Selective          [Mik:Learned, Darzi:Unread]
  222.         -Metamagic Instructions: Area of Effect     [Mik:Learned, Darzi:Unread]
  223.         -Abusing Metaphysics                        [Mik:Finished, Darzi:Finished]
  224.         -Ritual Book of Surya                       [Mik:Finished, Darzi:3/16 Chapters Read]
  225.         -Metal Codex                                [Mik:Finished, Darzi:2/10 Chapters Read]
  226.         -The Serpent and The Staff                  [Mik:Unread, Darzi:1/17 Chapters Read]
  227.         -Fine Robes: White silk with gold trim, ornamented with shawl meant to resemble a peacock's feathers.
  229. Zahak Abdul-Hakim:
  230. Mikhael's adoptive son, a dragon hatched from an egg he found deep within the Mines of Longia, separate from the rest of the mother's brood. Only a few weeks old.
  231. Vital Statistics:
  232.     Length: ~30 feet
  233.     Wingspan: ~40 feet
  234.     Weight: ~600 lbs
  235.     Eye Color: Yellow
  236.     Scale Color: Sandy Grey
  237.     Hoard Size: 75 gold, 314 silver, 1 silver pendant, 2 diamond earrings, 1 ruby, 1 emerald, 23 pearls, gilded cutlass
  239. Max Vys: 72
  240.     Master Rank Fire
  241.     Master Rank Earth
  242.     Master Rank Water
  243.     Expert Rank Nature
  244.     Expert Rank Metal
  246.     Metamagic, Effects, & Techniques:
  247.         -None
  249.     Special Abilities:
  250.         Dragon: He possesses an immense natural talent for Fire magic. (+6 to Fire Magic)
  251.         Youth: While his personality has begun to take shape he's still very easily influenced by those he looks up to.
  253.     Inventory:
  254.         -Burning Blanket (A sentimental token from Mikhael, burns eternally.)
  255.         -Aegis Saddle (A gift from Mahana, linked to Zahak's self-image, allows him to generate protective barriers. +10 Soak [Active])
  256.         -Scale Armor (Enhances flight speed, softens landing, hurls metal blades. +6 to Soak, +6 to Dodge [Aerial], +4 to Attack)
  258. Mortia:
  259. A strange woman from the same dimension as Skull Kid. She claims to be a Venfica, a particular type of Rhynian Vatis that fused magic with alchemy to great effect. Seems somewhat sheltered.
  260. Vital Statistics:
  261.     Height: 5'5"
  262.     Weight: ~140 lbs
  263.     Eye Color: Green
  264.     Hair Color: Black
  265.     Complexion: Pale
  267. Max Vys: 44
  268.     Grandmaster Rank Nature
  269.     Vatis Rank Water
  270.     Expert Rank Earth
  271.     Apprentice Rank Fire
  272.     Novice Rank Metal
  274.     Metamagic, Effects, & Techniques:
  275.         -Weapon Channeling
  277.     -Glass Armor (+2 to Soak, +4 to Dodge, Hidden Effects)
  278.     -Sword of Mors Alba (Applies Poison and Pain upon strike, +6 to Attack (*2 vs Spirits/Void Entities), Hidden Effects)
  279.     -Mask of Mors Rubra (Hidden Effects)
  281.     Special Abilities:
  282.         Venfica: Mortia is an extremely adept alchemist, especially when it comes to creating poisons and mutagens. (+8 to Draconic Magic)
  283.         Futuristic Bumpkin: Though her homeworld was highly advanced, Mortia was exposed to only limited technology.
  284.         Trained Vatis: Your Master has corrected the mistakes of her previous tutor. (+2 to Meditation, +2 to Resisting Outside Influence)
  286.     Inventory:
  287.         -Alchemical Uses of Pidjatan Plantlife [Mik:Unread, Mortia:Finished]
  288.         -Necklace of Mors Aurea (Hidden Effects)
  289.         -Chest of Mors Ater (Hidden Effects)
  290.         -Beads of Mors Caerulea (Each bead can be used to store the soul of a living entity)
  291.         -Fine Robes: Colored a rich gold, trimmed with purple. Has a black shawl patterned with a star chart in silver.
  292.         -Satchel:
  293.             -6x Painkillers (Temporarily remove one level of the wounded modifier)
  294.             -12x Antivenom (Remove Poisoned modifier)
  295.             -4x Soporific (Puts someone to sleep)
  296.             -8x Poison (Applies the Poison modifier)
  297.             -4x Stimulant (Revives someone from unconsciousness)
  298.             -2x Coagulant (Stops bleeding)
  299.             -4x Hallucinogen (Acts as a meditative aid)
  300.             -2x Vials of Liquefied Vys (???)
  301.             -10x Shards of Crystallized Vys (???)
  302.             -1x Beaker of Gaseous Vys (???)
  304.     Pets:
  305.         -Draculus: A ten foot long spitting cobra bound to her will by one of the Beads of Mors Caerulea.
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