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  1. The First Lycan says: ummm i lost but my turn just started and i had 2 more stars than my opponent :l
  2. The First Lycan says: and all team members alive
  3. The First Lycan says: lost through timer??? wteff
  4. Faradik says: kkk
  5. Holzkopf says: yes timer is crucial
  6. The First Lycan says: vs SceoMyntan
  7. The First Lycan says: i had 2 more stars and all of my team were alive
  8. Holzkopf says: if the timer hits 0 you lose
  9. The First Lycan says: stars
  10. The First Lycan says: that doesnt make sense
  11. Holzkopf says: it does
  12. The First Lycan says: league matches are bugged then
  13. LeisureSuitLoli says: Not so
  14. The First Lycan says: howd did i lose through a timer if i have 2 more stars killed 1 enemy and my whole team is alive
  15. Gerrald Tarrant says: dont run out of time
  16. jeffles says: you are too slow then.
  17. jeffles says: Your timer ran out, not your opponents
  18. LeisureSuitLoli says: Time limit.
  19. The First Lycan says: :l
  20. The First Lycan says: that doesnt make sense
  21. RiftSlayer says: yo. someone wanna co-op?
  22. jeffles says: Each player has 10 minute clock for the entire game
  23. Gerrald Tarrant says: Noone at all likes long League games
  24. LeisureSuitLoli says: The time limit is in place so that people do not take forever
  25. Holzkopf says: if you take too long then yu lose same as in chess
  26. LeisureSuitLoli says: Otherwise people would just get stars and stall.
  27. The First Lycan says: but i was leading by a longshot and i had him on the run
  28. Holzkopf says: this game has many chess systems in it
  29. The First Lycan says: no you get auto kicked for stalling
  30. LeisureSuitLoli says: And how does the game know? The timer
  31. The First Lycan says: bugged league matches
  32. LeisureSuitLoli says: Prove it is bugged
  33. Holzkopf says: no that system is in the game for a long time
  34. LeisureSuitLoli says: Open the console (f1 twice) copy the log and show us
  35. PrimordialSoup says: Wtf is the hidden bandit stash?
  36. The First Lycan says: i had 2 more stars killed 1 enemy and my whole team was still alive
  37. The First Lycan says: but timer says i lost??????
  38. LeisureSuitLoli says: Time out is autoloss
  39. The First Lycan says: thats dumb
  40. LeisureSuitLoli says: How?
  41. The First Lycan says: should default tally of who did best
  42. The First Lycan says: not who ran away the longest
  43. Holzkopf says: dude you took 10 minutes for that
  44. LeisureSuitLoli says: No, that would be abusive
  45. LeisureSuitLoli says: Someone could get more stars then just wait the game out
  46. The First Lycan says: he only had 2 stars and 2 of his team left
  47. LeisureSuitLoli says: Doesn;t matter.
  48. The First Lycan says: thats dumb then.
  49. Holzkopf says: i dont understand the problem loli
  50. LeisureSuitLoli says: YOU run out of time, YOU lose
  51. LeisureSuitLoli says: Me either
  52. Holzkopf says: dude if you take forever for your turn that gives you a natural advantage
  53. The First Lycan says: :l
  54. The First Lycan says: it wasnt even more than 4s
  55. Holzkopf says: the timer is 10 minutes
  56. DupleX says: for each player
  57. The First Lycan says: dumb rule
  58. Holzkopf says: you can win with that much time
  59. The First Lycan says: i was ahead though
  60. LeisureSuitLoli says: I can ask the two people who made this game to explain the concept to you
  61. Holzkopf says: so what?
  62. The First Lycan says: by a long shot
  63. LeisureSuitLoli says: The timer does not care
  64. The First Lycan says: winning for running away
  65. Holzkopf says: ask data how i beat him in qd?
  66. The First Lycan says: thats like may weather vs pacqiau
  67. Holzkopf says: lol if he runs and you control vp you win
  68. Holzkopf says: wtf
  69. The First Lycan says: EXACTLY
  70. The First Lycan says: howd i lost
  71. Holzkopf says: makes no sense
  72. The First Lycan says: 2 more stars and my whole team is still alive
  73. The First Lycan says: lose*
  74. Holzkopf says: lol
  75. LeisureSuitLoli says: I bet if the timer started to blink and take up the entire screen people would still complain about it not being fair
  76. Mendragoon says: astraaea
  77. The First Lycan says: :l
  78. Holzkopf says: i mean its not like you hear a clock ticking in the background
  79. ryak says: do individual league games give the same reward as ranked matches in addition to leageu wins?
  80. The First Lycan says: league matches r bugged
  81. Holzkopf says: yes
  82. Holzkopf says: league and ranked both count towards mp chests
  83. Holzkopf says: no
  84. The First Lycan says: 3rd time something happ that didnt make sense
  85. LeisureSuitLoli says: Report the bugs to the forums:
  86. Holzkopf says: that rule is in ranked aswell
  87. The First Lycan says: only been happening in leagues
  88. Holzkopf says: i wanna see flax read that loli
  89. Holzkopf says: and he is like thats not a bug thats a game mechanic
  90. LeisureSuitLoli says: Take a screenshot and message him
  91. The First Lycan says: i freaking average 3-7s per turn too wteff
  92. Holzkopf says: lol
  93. ryak says: how long do you usually have to queue for a league match?
  94. Holzkopf says: depends
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