An Unexpected Visit

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  1. 12:13 Jonah : (Cheers! Greatly appreciated Henrietta !)
  2. 12:13 Jonah : "Darn, and here I was planning to go out to the pyromaniac convention tonight. Alright then, doctors orders."
  3. 12:12 Henrietta : (And NOW scene. Cheers for that! Got a log and some rolls and yay for healing.)
  4. 12:12 Henrietta : "Look after yourself,Jonah. Try to avoid getting immolated again." A little smirk and she sauntered off out, closing the door behind her.
  5. 12:11 Jonah : "See you then"
  6. 12:10 Jonah : "Yes, well, if the nightmares get too bad you could always sit down for a therapy session while you're here." he half-joked, but fully willing to offer some kind of emotional support in exchange. "It will be the highlight of my day, I'm sure~"
  7. 12:09 Henrietta : "Unfortunately, I think that prospect is going to haunt my nightmares for a while." She sighed and shook her head, lifting herself to her feet with yet another sigh. "Same time tomorrow?"
  8. 12:08 Henrietta : (*Cackle!*)
  9. 12:08 Jonah : (when he said he wished he could do it to himself xD)
  10. 12:08 Jonah : (Just to clarifyJonah was talking about the pain killers not the happy fun time stuff)
  11. 12:07 Jonah : "Id love to be able to do the same effect on myself. Would save me some hospital bills and my liver some work." he blinked and flushed dark red at the insinuation. "I assure you, I never once drew from Winter, though there were times she seemed... interested by the prospect." he folded his arms and tried not to think of it.
  12. 12:06 Henrietta : "Eh, it's all good. We're on the same side, after all. Just let's not make it a habit?" Her smile was a little crooked and she shook her head as though to clear it. "Oh god, did you use this on Winter? But like, the happy fun feeling kind? Because I just an insight into your sex life that I did not need."
  13. 12:05 Jonah : (Yep, you are on some magical pain killers for a bit)
  14. 12:05 Jonah : "Youll have some pins and needles for a while but its no different than if your arms had fallen asleep. Im feeling a bit better already. Thank you. I meant it when I said I owe you."
  15. 12:04 Henrietta : (Whee, tattoo time!)
  16. 12:04 Jonah : (Oh yeah, your ALL of your skin is numb for the rest of the scene. Not just vs my touch)
  17. 12:03 Henrietta : Her own eyes closed, just a moment as the weariness of four hours of intensive medical care suddenly hit her at once and her arm drooped before her eyes snapped open once again. "That is enough to make a girl think she's getting the flu. But how do you feel?"
  18. 12:03 Jonah : (reflexively spend 1 Ephemera to heal 1 Lethal) Her hours of labor reducing the swelling and treating the scarring and combating the infection came to fruition, as between two blinks of an eye, the more superficial wounds from where shed removed dead tissue and stitched them back up has already knitted themselves back together, though he was far from out of the woods.
  19. 12:01 Jonah : (3s, Henrietta loses 3 WP,Jonah gains 3 Ephemera)Jonah simply closes his eyes a moment. Henrietta feels something leave her and she feels a bit numb and maybe a little tired, but otherwise normal. IfJonah hadn't specifically warned her ahead of time she might have missed it all together. (You also take a -5 on any rolls to notice him draining you, take no wound penalties for the remainder of the scene, and any supernatural senses stuff you have might trigger, depending)
  20. 11:58 Henrietta : (I don't know of any, so a base of 3 for Resolve.)
  21. 11:58 Jonah : (all good)
  22. 11:57 Henrietta : (Ohh, Suprnatural Tolerance. I was unfamiliar with the acronym)
  23. 11:57 Jonah : (Huh? No, I need to subtract your Resolve dots and any Supernatural Tolerance you might have)
  24. 11:56 Henrietta : (Is that Survival?)
  25. 11:55 Jonah : Jonahnodded, concentrating briefly and drawing from her "I apologize for the burden" (what is Hettie's Resolve + Su Tol?)
  26. 11:53 Jonah : (didnt mean to include winking emoji)
  27. 11:53 Henrietta : "I think it would be best to go for numbness and neutrality. Let's not make this any weirder than it already is." She laughed and rolled her eyes, flopping back down onto the chair and extending an arm.
  28. 11:53 Jonah : (Out of character, hes asking if she wants "Numbing Touch" or "Euphoric Touch":blink:
  29. 11:52 Jonah : *neutral and a little numb
  30. 11:51 Jonah : "If I have to I can draw from almost anyone I can accurately see, but its easier if they are roughly within arms reach. Now I should ask, would you prefer for it to feel a little nice, or for it to just feel neutral?"
  31. 11:48 Henrietta : He had four hours of intensive fussing. It was obvious that she loved being a caregiver, even when it was slightly awkward and she looked up from her suturing to blink owlishly at him. "Buh?" And then the penny dropped. "Oh. Really? Well, sure thing." She moved back to the chair, now suddenly uncertain. "Is it proximity based, or?"
  32. 11:46 Jonah : After a day of being nursed by Hettie,Jonah shyly speaks up and clears his throat. "I think I can clear some of it now, if I was to borrow something from you. I apologize for the trouble."
  33. 11:44 Jonah : (Huzzah! :bigsmile: )
  34. 11:44 Henrietta : (All the rolls are on the roller, 12 suxx for day 1)
  35. 11:43 Jonah : (Thanks for the scene henrietta !)
  36. 11:43 Jonah : (Fill me in with any future rolls you do to help out)
  37. 11:42 Jonah : (its an extended roll with 1 hour per roll, and requires 10 successes per point of agg downgraded to lethal)
  38. 11:38 Henrietta : (Take a scene log, and post this roll in the notes as well Hettie rolls 10 dice to Int + Med (8-again, 9-again) 3,1,1,10,9, 9,7,9,5,1, 6,5,5,2 (4 successes) )
  39. 11:32 Henrietta : (And now, we watch the dice roller HATE me. I'm gonna post in my thread that Hettie is doing some medicine work on the doc.)
  40. 11:31 Jonah : He waves goodbye, a little heartened by the encounter. "Hope to see you around"
  41. 11:30 Henrietta : "I'm a cat lady, myself." She grinned slyly, shaking her head and rising to her feet. "Rest. At the heart of all medicine, is rest. Be bored, but be better. I gotta get going."
  42. 11:29 Jonah : "If you stick around they are bringing the hospital dogs around soon"
  43. 11:28 Jonah : "Consent is important" he smirks at her "I'll let you know... and thanks... its good to see you Henrietta"
  44. 11:24 Henrietta : "Don't make me encourage them to be extra rought with your sponge bath, doc." Said with a sly little wink. "But seriously, I figure that everyone's got a past right? I'm done running from mine, time to embrace the skills I got and put them to good use. And if you reach the stage where you can sneak a little nibble or vitality? You can use me. Just give a girl a warning."
  45. 11:20 Jonah : "Well, even just checking in every now again and visiting would be a great help. I dont have a right to ask for your aid, but I'd definately owe you if you wanted to keep an eye on me when you come and go from the morgue. Probably see you more often than the nurses around here." he smirked
  46. 11:16 Henrietta : "I might fuck up. My usual patients are dead ones, sooo..."
  47. 11:12 Jonah : "I am if you are. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated" he stated simply
  48. 11:08 Henrietta : "So, with our histories all considered and then erased... we good? I promise not to use any of our past against you. Winter wasn't perfect, neither were you. And hell knows, my past is shitty so I think we're good. And if you want it, I can help out around here.Like I said, tired and overworked... Mistakes are made."
  49. 11:05 Jonah : "I dont think you will behave, but I appreciate the sentiment" he grinned back playfully and a tad smug as best he could through the bandages. He seemed genuinely relieved to see her laughing, and laughed along with her.
  50. 11:03 Henrietta : "Hey, I'd at least give some ativan and sildenafil. Might as well go out with a bang, right?" Now her composure broke and she snorted a laugh back. "Sorry, sorry. I'll behave."
  51. 11:03 Jonah : "I look forward to the surprise with bated breath" he smirks back, hoping hes read the room correct and it is infact a joke.
  52. 11:01 Henrietta : "Who says I'd do something as banal as oxygen? Oh doctor Jordane, you are so... pedestrian." She smirked, her own joke just as grim. "I would probably start off by introducing warfarin, maybe rivaroxaban. Then some digoxin. Maybe bimatoprost."
  53. 11:00 Jonah : "Well, Zelma was a bit on drugs. I think one of her elixirs didn't go so well." he replied back "She lost a lot of blood but got out better than I did, drugs non withstanding." he relaxed back into his bed. "So have I passed your test or are you going to be putting some oxygen in my IV before you leave?" he joked grimly
  54. 10:56 Henrietta : "Sounds like there are new faces for me to meet. I like how you're describing the actions of everyone, and then just 'Zelma was there'." Her voice was just on the edge of laughter, but she swallowed it down with a little cough. "I am glad Robin is free. It has caused a lot of sleeplessness. I think crazy eyes is friends with Riley, however."
  55. 10:53 Jonah : Jonahtried to recall their names. "Marcellus was there, though he was a little out of it for the whole fight... kept trying to off himself. Riley kept him wrestled down until we could calm him down. Corazon was the one who brought me back from the brink. Zelma was there. A woman they kept calling Robin, the witch in question, who attacked us at first but P got her out of the machine she was in. And two other people I dont know by name. A girl with a big hunting rifle, and a guy with short hair and crazy eyes." (Jonahdescribes Noah and Liliane)
  56. 10:50 Henrietta : "So you actually worked with P? He is in trouble for not telling me about this little event." Her brows furrowed, and she sighed irritably. "Who else was there?"
  57. 10:49 Jonah : "Might have been a bit above my paygrade for a first combat mission though" he chuckled
  58. 10:47 Jonah : He nodded in recognition of her advice, and thought to comment about having known Winter off and on since early college, but it didn't feel important enough and he just let it stand. "If getting chewed out by Jennifer and getting served extra crispy is all it costed to keep those fuckers all stunlocked and not tearing up P or Angelique or anyone else that was there last night, then it was worth it."
  59. 10:43 Henrietta : "Yeah, Jennifer is going to chew you out." How casually she spoke of the de facto leader. "Nate will probably high-five you though. I'm pretty sure they'll be chill with us playing nicely. So, offer is open." She smiled softly. "Winter told me. I thought it was naive of you both, you'd barely known each other five minutes. And trust me, with a failed marriage and an epic break-up behind me, I'm decent at knowing how to handle rejection."
  60. 10:42 Jonah : He thought to himself wistfully as if in a far off place, "We had been engaged, you know? Though maybe she told you herself..." he offered a sad laugh, avoiding eye contact a few moments, obviously wrestling with regrets and still lingering on it all in some ways.
  61. 10:39 Jonah : "Embers in the night, and all that jazz? Yeah. Could hardly help joining up with the Null, though I've only just started. Heck of a start though, dont you think?" he smirked indicating his condition
  62. 10:37 Henrietta : "I used to wish that I had powers. But being with Atlas, seeing the toll that it took on him. I'm glad I'm relatively normal." A pause, then continuing. "So you're here with a candle against the darkness, too? Call any group home yet?"
  63. 10:35 Jonah : "Winter saw me going down a dark path and split things off. I suppose I should thank her for that. Shocked some sense into me... As for how I got here, fireball from a witch or some such."
  64. 10:34 Jonah : He sighed "Yeah well... I had known about darker corners of the world for only a few months when I got these powers. So of course I let my fear and selfishness take control. I just wanted to feel like I could do something about all the horrible things I was seeing. I thought that the powers were my chance to make a difference, to protect the people I cared about, protect Winter... at least once." he chuckled nervously not having meant to ramble like that.
  65. 10:30 Henrietta : "Why did you split up?" Totally off-topic, but maybe that was intentional. "I never heard the story, and believe me - I know Winter wasn't perfect either." Leaning against the chair arm languily, she picked up his chart again. "I meant how did you end up in ICU?"
  66. 10:27 Jonah : Jonah's heart sank at that, but he tried not to show it. "Hard to say myself really. Had an interesting relic dropped into my lap by a mysterious benefactor. Played around and studied it for long enough, and presto chango, your boy here has to leech on brain power to survive, but hey at least I got psychic powers out of it." he says, obviously bitter.
  67. 10:21 Henrietta : "Winter also referred to you as a parasite. But that was post break-up." Lips twitched in an effort to not grin. "So you're not as doe-eyed ingenue as I thought huh? What happened to you?"
  68. 10:18 Jonah : Jonahshook his head. "Nothing like that. These abilities aren't in my blood. So I'm hoping they will require less effort than gene splicing to be rid of. Be nice to have one less target on my back. Im hoping I can find some info to help me be rid of the whole thing, or at least override it with something else thats less... parasitic."
  69. 10:14 Henrietta : "You can change your DNA? Change the very basis of who you are?" An eyebrow lifting in surprise and mild amusement. "Fuck, you've been talking to P."
  70. 10:13 Jonah : "Im fully aware. I work with some of them, and I imagine you do the same. Didn't exactly happen by choice." he answered somberly, completely at her mercy. "If it helps you feel any better, Im not interested in it being a long term arrangement."
  71. 10:09 Henrietta : "Well, it just so happens that you have a medical prodigy in the vicinity who has some experience in minimising wounds, and extended wound care." Now she smirked. "Atlas was always getting himself into scrapes, I think the naughty nurse novelty wore off when I had him on restricted duties." She tsked, clucking her tongue against her teeth and then angled herself to face him. "I can look in on you, if you'd like. Make sure no tired nurses or overworked doctors make any fatal dosage mistakes." And then she processed his words, her smirky smile thinning. "I see. You know, there are those in the city who would hunt you down and kill you just for who you are."
  72. 10:08 Jonah : Jonahwaved his casted arm in a negatory response. "Full disclosure, I *can* drain people in such a way it would hurt them, but unless Im acting in self defense or protecting someone, its usually much better and easier to just pull willpower. Rather leave people feeling a little tired than actually hurt."
  73. 10:05 Jonah : "Not sure theres much point holding back here. Probably nothing new to you..." he mused aloud considering the facts. "Normally you'd be right. I would be able to borrow energy here and there and bounce back. But these aren't mundane wounds that I can heal so easily. I have to wait it out like anyone else."
  74. 10:05 Henrietta : "So your psychic vampirism doesn't extend to an exchange of health? I mean, as a one off I'd allow you to take enough to put you at less risk of death. So long as you don't need to suck any blood." She flopped back onto the chair and went back to regarding him warily.
  75. 10:02 Jonah : Jonahfrowned a bit as she shut the door, waiting until it was shut to answer. "Its not constant. Requires effort. And generally speaking I dont do it without good reason. The depth depends. I can find out certain things, but there are limits. Most of the time its only really useful for talking to people..." he answers as honestly and cooperatively as he can. He chuckled, "Yeah, that doesn't surprise me you'd know..." he sighs and stiffly scratches the back of his head.
  76. 09:56 Henrietta : "I could make a little space for you in the morgue. Be nice and cosy, cuddled up with a DUI DOA." That radiant smile turned distinctly into a smirk and then she leaned back in the chair, closing her eyes briefly. "Can you read minds all the time? Is it like a constant surface skimming or something?" And then her eyes opened again, regarding him quizzically. "If you're a, you know, can't you borrow from others to patch yourself up?" Without waiting for an answer, she moved over and shut the door. "There, that's better."
  77. 09:56 Jonah : (Oh wait, I realized there was the pool party that Neri and Hettie and Winter were all at, so retconJonah to have talked about that instead of the comic shop)
  78. 09:55 Jonah : "We seem to be on similar footing in that regard though, Winter never talked overmuch about you other than the occasional girls night out." he smirks as if remembering something fondly but then composes himself.
  79. 09:53 Jonah : "So you came here for an autopsy, then? You must be pretty skilled then. Here's hoping I can avoid the autopsy slab in favor of some reconstructive surgery~" he remarks as to her admission of formaldahyde then. He grins through the opening in his bandages, but his expression drops a bit in response to her leaning in and whispering. He simply nods. "If you know that much you might have a guess as to why Im really in here, then"
  80. 09:52 Henrietta : "Winty never divulged too much about you to me. I know you were close, and then you were not." And, ignoring all such smells that ight be between them, she leaned in closer to him and spoke oh-so softly. "I know you're a psychic, and a telepath." And then pulling away, a radiant smile upon her face.
  81. 09:50 Jonah : "You're right though, I can't smell much of anything with these bandages over my face. Just all the medicine and ointments they have on me."
  82. 09:49 Jonah : "Yeah well, if you got up to the same sort that Winter did, I might have at least a start of a guess. But maybe not." he chuckled a bit, knowing she was friends with Winter but not confident as to her exact affiliations. "Only so much zagging that could be done. I got lucky, really. I'll forgive the formaldahyde if you forgive the anti septic and char." he quipped back, trying to maintain some appearances of normality.
  83. 09:46 Henrietta : "There is an awful lot you don't know about me, doc." An upnod in recognition of his status and then she shook her head. "You zigged when you should have zagged." She wandered closer, dropping herself gracelessly onto the visitor's seat by the bed. And then she sniffed. "Sorry if I smell like formaldehyde. I mean, you may not be able to smell much."
  84. 09:44 Jonah : "Yeah well, I gathered as much from my own assessment, and what the doctors tell me. On the bright side, Id go great with some butter and jam." he smirks, then grimaces a bit. His attention turns to how she reviews the chart, all to familiar with the look. "Didn't know you studied medicine. I can tell you know what you're looking at..."
  85. 09:41 Henrietta : She strode in when she assessed his condition, and had his chart in her hands before he evan had drawn the breath to speak. "Ah, Doctor Jordane. You're right, it has been a while." Scanning his chart and then looking back up toJonah's face. "You look like shit." Mama Hen that she was, she still didn't sugar coat things.
  86. 09:41 Jonah : "My nephew loved the ones you helped me pick out, by the way. Don't think I ever told you that." he offered a warm, weak smile.
  87. 09:39 Jonah : He offers a sad excuse for a wave. "Its been a while. Glad to see you're doing well. You might not recognize me. Especially done up like this, and it being so long..." he offered a bit of a smile, further sound of his voice adding some more pieces to the puzzle. "JonahJordane. A pleasure to meet you again. Last we met that I clearly remember you were done up in cosplay offering me advice on what comic books to buy in Atlas's place." he coughed a bit and did not seem in good shape at all.
  88. 09:35 Henrietta : She politely excused herself from the group and headed off in search of the voice. Nobody used her full name any more, so hearing it startled her from the reverie. Heels clicked on the polished floor and announced her presence before she knocked on the doorframe. "You called?" He's bandaged to hell and back, plus it's been a while so she looked at him with unfamiliarity.
  89. 09:32 Jonah : He couldn't even play on his phone properly from the way his hand was done up in this damned cast. But it was preferable to the alternative. He flopped back on the bed and clumsily tried to navigate his smartphone but smashed the buttons at random before dropping the phone on the bed in a huff. He watched out the open door into the hallway and caught a glimpse of a vaguely familiar face, "Henrietta?" a soft and scratchy voice called out to her from the hospital room, one she hadn't heard in quite some time.
  90. 09:30 Henrietta : Hettie was not a doctor, nor was she a nurse. In fact, Hettie had no clue theJonah was even there, or the events of the previous night and had been in the morgue assisting in an autopsy before making her way through the hospital - accompanying a resident on their rounds like a little creeper. She was her usual self, sunny disposition and all.
  91. 09:28 Jonah : Jonahsits upright in a clean hospital room, the majority of his face covered in bandages. He wearily passed the time chatting with the medical staff when possible, watching bad TV, and staring out the window, and thankful for the pain killers.
  92. 09:27 Jonah :
  93. 09:27 Jonah : (woops0
  94. 09:27 Jonah : Jonah
  95. 16:28 System : "I'm going to open up the hunter scene for prep in SR 1 - Athena"
  96. 16:00 System : "one hour until the hunter scene"
  97. 06:50 System : This room has been cleared by Cernunnos
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