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  1. Trannies
  3.     If I identify as 14,600,000 square miles of saltwater, can I be transatlantic?
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  7.     Let me guess. You couldn‘t find a girlfriend and were scared of growing up and becoming a man in society–God forbid you have to work hard! You also wanted the dream girl so bad that you became her. And now you wear her like a corpse–a puppet–and your entire life is lived wearing a mask that you dangle about the faces of others. Your only “redeeming” features are entirely sexual. You’re a living, walking, artificial whore with a tiny shrunken cock and a damaged chimera’s body stuck between man and woman that will slowly fall apart as you reach the end of your thirties.
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  11.     “Gender” is the concept popularized by degenerate kike psychologist John Money, who conducted immoral human
  12. experiments on children. David Peter Reimer was a Canadian boy, sexually reassigned as a female after his penis was destroyed during circumcision. John William Money was a psychologist and author, specializing in research into sexual identity and biology of gender. He persuaded Reimer’s parents that sex reassignment surgery was in David’s best interest. David’s testes were removed and he was assigned the name Brenda. Money saw David annually for roughly a decade for consultations and to assess the outcome of the surgery and societal reassignment. As this case had a control in the form of David’s twin brother Brian, Money sought to validate his claims that gender was exclusively a societal identity.
  13.     Reimer said that Money forced the twins to rehearse sexual acts involving “thrusting movements”, with David on the bottom. Reimer said that, as a child, he had to “get down on all fours” with his brother “up behind his butt” with “his crotch against his buttocks”. Money forced him, in another sexual position, to have his “legs spread” with Brian on top. Money also forced the children to “take their clothes off” and engage in “genital inspections”. On “at least one occasion”, Money photographed the children doing these activities. Money’s rationale for this was his belief that “childhood ‘sexual rehearsal play’ was important for a healthy adult gender identity.”
  14.     Notes by a former student at Money’s lab state that Reimer’s parents lied to lab staff about the success of the procedure. Brian Reimer developed schizophrenia. In David’s own account, he did not identify as a girl. He was ostracized and bullied by peers, and neither the frilly dresses he was forced to wear nor the estrogen he was forced to inject made him feel female. By the age of 13, Reimer experienced suicidal depression, and he told his parents he would commit suicide if they made him see Money again. His parents told him the truth about his gender reassignment, and at 14 he reassumed his male identity, calling himself David. He underwent testosterone injections, and double mastectomy, and two phalloplasty operations. David told his story to sexologist Milton Diamond in order to dissuade physicians from treating other infants similarly.
  15.     The brothers ended up killing themselves and the jew pedo not only got away with it by blaming right wingers, but he also got all the accolades and recognition from other degenerate leftists within the field of psychology. This is where the gender studies leftist creeps dwell and creep from. Genders studies is based in a ludicrous sick lie created and approved by the kikes and spread by the mentally unstable trannies.
  16.     For the first 30 years after Money’s initial report that the reassignment had been a success, his view on the “malleability” of gender became the dominant viewpoint among physicians and doctors, reassuring them that sexual reassignment was the correct decision in certain instances, resulting in thousands of sexual reassignments.
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  20.     If it is impossible for straights to know what is it like to be queer (ignoring the fact that some gays have been sane at one point and vice versa), it is impossible for blacks to know what it is like to be white, and vice versa. So using the tranny argument, we have draw. Using their argument, no matter how much a man feels he identifies as a woman, he is, by their argument, WRONG, because he cannot know what it is like to be a woman. Therefore he has no frame of reference to compare if he feels like a woman. Therefore, if he chose to identify as a woman, he still cannot be identified nor should be identified as a woman, because–since he had no frame of reference to judge–what he is choosing to identify as is a subjective view on what he thinks woman feel like, and he is simply trying to copy it.
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  24.     If gender is a social construct, then there is no such thing as a “gender binary.” If this is true, how can one “transition” between “genders” or be “genderfluid?” If gender is a social construct and stereotypical gender binary “gender identities” and the gender roles stereotypically assigned thereto are entirely made up by an oppressive society for its own uses, why would “transgenders” want to take on, themselves, made up roles assigned to the nonexistent “gender” to which they are transitioning, and thus reenforce the system’s fake stereotypes of gender roles in the gender binary? By this “logic”, a man can act like a man but claim that he is a woman and feel no need in “transitioning”, and everyone must accept it. Thus is proven the transsexual mental illness.
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  28.     If someone says they are Napoleon trapped in the body of a modern day human, society agrees they are insane and the person is given medication and treatment. They are not invited to rule France (or exiled) for being Napoleon.
  29.     Of course, this is a “terrible” sign of the “oppression” that “transNapoleons” face on a daily basis. Every single day, they try to live their lives in accordance with their inner “identity” as Emperor of the French, King of Italy, and Protector of the Rhine Confederations. Every single day, they are derided and mocked. Small children run up to them and yell, “You’ll never be real emperor!” and “You’ll never lead the Grand Armee against the combined armies of Tsar Alexander and Emperor Francis at Austerlitz!” All they want is what other Napoleons have–absolute power over the French Empire and its satellites in Europe, plus a dedicated Corps of Imperial Guards and a palace in which to live. But they can’t even move into the Palais de Versailles without “bigoted” policemen trying to arrest them. Think about that. We cis-identified people get to live in our natural homes, but if they try to move into their natural home, they get arrested. I don’t even want to think about how the Russians would treat them if they went to visit Moscow.
  30.     So have a heart, mes amis. Start working for greater social justice for transNapoleons!
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  34. Claim: Gender and Sex are a social construct.
  35. Origins: Liberals, feminists, and social scientists.
  36. Status: False.
  38.     The words “gender” and “sex” have been skewed by feminists with the common belief that human behavior (gender roles, sexual identity) are explained 100% by culture. This disregards biological (evolutionary, genetic) factors, despite evidence to counter their belief. Such fallacies are being implemented into universities today. We do not have a gender, we have a sex: male or feminine.
  40. Definitions:   
  41. Male: “Of, relating to, or designating the sex that has organs to produce spermatozoa for fertilizing ova.”
  42. Female: “Of or denoting the sex that produces ova or bears young.”
  43. Nouns have a gender.
  44. – Masculine
  45. – Feminine
  46. – Indeterminate (When we don’t know whether its female or male from the word. The noun ‘cat’ could be either. Cats have a sex, not a gender.)
  47. – Neuter
  48. (Tables, cups, gadgets. Objects. Not male or female.)
  50.     Two sexes.
  51.     XXX, XXY, and XYY all occur. They are always equal to the same sex and are bodily deformations caused by chemical imbalances/underdeveloped genitals. These are deviations–mutations–not a new sex that we’re only just discovering. XX and XY are by far the most commonly occurring chromosomes, it would be wise to assume that those are the standard and healthy chromosome variations. If you look at the process of meiosis, you’d see that XXY, XYY and the like can only be the result of a flaw in chromosome configuration. If you’d call these genotypes ‘mural’, then you’d have to call people with Trisomy 21 healthy, too. After all, it occurs due to the same meiotic error that causes sexual chromosome diseases.
  53. “Hermaphrodites exist:” True.
  54. “There are more than two sexes, in fact, there are at least seven sexes acknowledged.” False.
  55. “It’s possible to be something other than what your anatomy implies.” False.
  57.     Genetic mutations/defects can occur in prenatal development. This is not justification for classing these as newly discovered sexes.
  59. “What if someone’s body doesn’t start producing hormones when they reach puberty?”
  60. “What about people who have both sets of reproductive organs in whole or part?”
  62.     A genetic male yet fully functioning female exists in such a small minority that it is a medical anomaly. 99% of XY women never reach puberty and can never reproduce. People with 46,XY DSD require HRT to go through normal puberty. Their anatomy is also abnormal (they tend to be taller than average women). Fertile XX men do not exist at all. If someone is mentally female and physically male, this is due to an endocrine disorder, again, not a justification for classing them as a sex on their own. Take the brain that occurs the most and you will intuitively see that almost the entirety of the human species can be divided into a female brain and a male brain, almost all humans with a male brain possess XY chromosomes, while almost all of the female brains possess XX chromosomes. The point is that during embryonic development, male infants receive a gigantic surge of testosterone. If one or several receptors are not working properly, then certain brain parts remain in the default (female) status that they were in, rather than developing into male parts.
  63.     Biological factors–including genes, prenatal hormones, and brain structure–are well studied in determining a human sexual orientation. Gender roles and sexual identity are not explained by culture. Sexual orientation is also susceptible to environmental factors: males who have alleles that lead to poor expression of testosterone or are poisoned with chemicals like BPA are far more likely to adopt homosexual/bisexual lifestyles. Soy is high in antiandrogens, and bisphenol A, phthalates, pesticides and herbicides, triclosan and triclocarban, and the added estrogen burden of the water from birth control and HRT also contribute. The picture shows the typical brain differences between men and women (regardless of sexual preference). This supports the theory that gender is not a social construct at all, but rather a biological one, determined at (more precisely, before) birth. This merely acknowledges well studied, biological, genetic effects in prenatal development, whatever part such factors play. They have an influence in the development of a person.
  66. “Gender is a social construct.”
  67. “Cisgendered.”
  69.     ‘Cisgender’ is a term feminists are now throwing around. Gender is fixed by biological constraints, as well. The fact that there happens to be some people who have psychological issues that make them feel otherwise doesn’t change this fact. I may feel like I am a dolphin–it doesn’t mean that species is a fluid concept. I may feel that I am identical to Barack Obama. That doesn’t make me President of the United States. Issues like these, when not overwhelmingly caused by mental illness, are rarely caused by enzyme deficiencies in utero leading to improper hormone levels which cause deformities. Those people are still biologically male or female by the presence or absence of a Y chromosome. Their congenital abnormalities don’t change the definitions of the words. A baby born with renal agenesis doesn’t cause the presence of kidneys to be a “social construct.”
  71. “This is a way to discriminate against people who aren’t in alignment with arbitrary rules on who can and can’t be what.”
  73.     Anything other than XX or XY is an aberration and should be treated as such. Healthy cells are diploid for every chromosome (one X can be replaced for a Y in men). If this is not the case, then cell division will malfunction and genes can be either over- or underexpressed, with a severe impact on the individual’s health. At most, you can argue two genital expressions are enough to satisfy breeding requirements for evolutionarily consistent breeding habits. There is a reason that XX and XY are the only consistent genotypes. The rest result in infertile and unhealthy individuals. Again, reason to classify these deviations as a disease, rather than a sex. Personal beliefs and feelings which lack evidence are of no use. There is no sociology required here. Facts are not “discriminatory” or “sexist.” Altering facts so they do not offend people should be of no importance. Implementing flawed, personal beliefs into education cannot be considered progress.
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  77.     Transsexualism destroys identity. One of the things that can be observed with serious addiction cases is the gradual disintegration of personality. In effect, the addict’s body and personality become mere devices for the procurement of the advice substance or behavior. Everything else–every other characteristic–is blunted or erased completely. If we look closely at the people around us, we can see that behavior which pushes people away from social interaction causes gradual erasure of the self, to be replaced with what are merely tics, fetishes, and compulsion (these lead to arousal and excitement but are joyless). The same process appears to be at work with transsexuals.
  78.     The first clue is the willingness to destroy close relationships through neglect, abandonment, or outrageous behavior. Such destructive activity results from a long descent into the fetish of autogynephilia–the process of fetishization infects the personality like a cancer, eventually crowding out all other desires and attachments. Relationships, which have inherently altruistic qualities for healthy personalities, weaken and break apart because the fetish becomes the central desire, as in cases of chemical addiction.
  79.     The second clue is the desire to self-mutilate–usually in the form of taking opposite sex hormones, but sometimes going to the extreme of genital mutilation to outwardly resemble that sex (of course internally nothing has changed). Similar to cases of anorexia nervosa, in which women are so consumed by a distorted self-image that they destroy their own bodies in response, trannies often make repeated alterations to their appearance that exposes them to significant health risks–everything from tracheal shaving to facial surgery to radical genital alteration. As should always be pointed out, when they opt for the last approach they are forced to keep dildos shoved into their open wounds at all times. The body cannot be fooled and will perpetually try to seal up the open wound they consider their “genitals.”
  80.     The third clue is the newly self-centered personality. Before assumption of a tranny identity (that is, when there is still some control over the transsexual fetish), many of these people achieve success in their careers and produce families, whereas afterward they appear to exist for no other reason than to be trannies. Contrary to tranny arguments, this is not because they have discovered their true identity. It is because they have obliterated their true identity. As mentioned elsewhere, at the heart of this is a great misconception–that the self is a pure entity that is masked or distorted by conformity to social rules. The exact opposite is true. The self only comes into being through the formation of healthy social relationships. The brain is plastic, but it is not indifferently so–there is healthy development and unhealthy development. The former maintains psychic security and resilience through social relationships and the latter malnourishes through isolation and obsession.
  81.     One need only look to the claims of trannies to see that they are completely deluded and inauthentic. Among other things they claim that they feel profound discomfort unless they are allowed to wear opposite sex garments (especially underwear) which do not really fit their bodies. This is a classic fetish symptom. The sense of agitation or restlessness unless they can experience the fetish even though it interferes with enjoyment of normal activities. My argument is that this is more than just delusional behavior. It is part of a process that destroys personality. Secondarily, we can judge the unhealthiness of this and other behaviors by the degree to which they damage important social relationships. It’s quite shocking to what heights of delusion society as a whole has risen. “Not every woman has a vagina,” is no longer a controversial statement.
  82.     These people are ultimately just harmless nutjobs, but their existence and the acceptance thereof is a symptom of a grave societal illness–a society that believe and stands for nothing, which can no longer even defend the most obviously true propositions about the world, for it privileges the feelings of shrill malcontents above facts. We are in the second stage of this cancer. In the first, people already lacked the steadfastness to defend their values, even if they held to facts. We can see this behavior in rationalists and scientists still. They accept all manner of social aberration (being leftists), but [rattle on about their evidence and their reason, not recognizing that they already ceded crucial ground when they refused to defend the core values of their culture. Now, a few decades later, they are remnants of a bygone age. The cultural phenomenon of reason has failed, because the culture undergirding it was allowed to fail. Rationalism has been relegated to the private hobby of a niche population from which the left wing periodically demands obeisance in the form of the sacking of this or that scientists for some crime think (James Watson, Tim Hunt, et. al.) just to demonstrate who’s boss.
  83.     The denial of reality itself is the natural successor to this phenomenon. The anti-social segments have seen that they were able to get away once, so they push the envelope and demand that people distance themselves, not just from “ evil chauvinism”, but from inconvenient facts, too. I am a bald, bearded man with a large penis and hairy legs, but if I “identify” as a woman, you have to accept that as fact, no further evidence necessary, because demanding evidence has become an illegitimate form of argumentation. Only personal feelings and claims of membership in an “oppressed” (read: culturally hostile) group are admitted now. “I can say X because I’m a member of group Y” might be classically invalid, but it’s utterly uncontroversial nowadays. e.g.:
  84.     “I can talk about black crime because I’m black.”
  85.     “I can dislike gays because I’m gay.”
  86.     “I can call for white genocide because I’m an autistic transsexual black midget.”
  87.     The concrete issues do not matter. What truly unifies these groups is their hatred of mainstream, Western culture, personified in the straight, white male. A feminist might prattle on about “rape culture”, for instance, and a Muslim about Islamophobia, but it will be a cold day in Hell on which the feminist talks about the pervasiveness and brutality of rape in the Muslim community. Rape, as such, doesn’t matter to them. Attacking the enemy does. And they know who their enemy is.
  89. ~:~
  91.     What annoys me is the fact that liberals and their ilk preach the fact that trannies really do have an imbalance in their brains–a real issue in their development that triggers them to feel like a female–and that this issue may even manifest in some physical characteristics, as the body produces slightly more or less testosterone/estrogen. At the same time, they vehemently oppose any hint at the idea that this can be corrected.
  92.     “Otherkins” are retards who deserve ridicule, but trannies are usually speaking legitimately when they say they can’t shake the feeling that they are the wrong sex. It is a chemical imbalance, it is a fault in development, and it can be corrected. They want so hard to believe that “it’s who they are; it’s a part of them; it’s their very being!” when no, it’s a fault–a defect–and it can and should be corrected by medical science, just like every other defect that occurs in the body. We don’t claim autism is “just part of who we are!” We don’t claim it of epilepsy, colorblindness, or cancer. We treat those things that the defects that they are and we work to correct them. Liberals want to have their cake and eat it, too. “It’s a real brain issue; it’s not just a phase!” at the same time as “It’s not something that can be corrected; it’s not just a brain issue!” Kill them all.
  94. ~:~
  96.     Thing is, SRS doesn’t work. Hormones don’t work. Both of these things only make the problem much, much worse.
  99.     This is Dennis Avner, the Cat Man. Heard of him? He was transgender and transpecies. He believed himself to be a female tiger. So he had all the surgeries he wanted. He had his teeth filed into fangs, his lips, nose and ears surgically altered, his body tattooed, got contacts, and purchased an animatronic tail, and what ended up happening at the end of his transformation? The same thing that happens to most trannies, he killed himself.
  100.     Gender Identity Disorder is similar to Body Integrity Identity Disorder, wherein someone believes a part of their party is foreign to them, and if they just cut it off their life will improve. Fittingly, there’s a lot of overlap between the two conditions. In fact, you may as well call them the same. It’s also very similar to people addicted to plastic surgery. Women getting breast reductions, and then implants, and then smaller implants, then larger. Liposuction, nose jobs, botox–on and on; it never ends. They end up looking freakish and malformed and are never able to fix what they perceive is wrong with them.
  101.     Trannies have high levels of overlap with autism and mental retardation, as well. A notable anecdote can be found in I Think We’re Alone Now, a documentary about the stalkers of some pop singer named Tiffany. The second stalker followed is a sad case of a man who lived his whole life normally. He was straight, happy, and very intelligent, and then he suffered a traumatic brain injury. When he woke up, his speech was slower and he couldn’t process things as quickly. He suddenly felt he was gay, and not long after that decided he was a woman. You think there’s something wrong with you, something maybe surgery can fix, but it never does. Now what happens to someone when they finish their “transformation”–when they’ve made the change they thought would fix them, and none of their actual problems have gone away?
  102.     Add to that the devastating effect bombarding your body with hormones would have on anyone. Then consider that you have to keep taking those hormones for the rest of your life, because as soon as you stop the changes go away since the human body is absolutely astonishing at fixing itself. Then you find you can’t really look how you want to look; you end up looking at best neither male nor female, having a voice that’s instantly jarring and a body covered in scars. You’ll never be able to reproduce the way someone the gender you believe you are does. If you were MtF you’re not getting your balls back. If you were FtM, you’re not getting your boobs back.
  103.     Now magnify that even further. Suppose you’re surrounded by a media telling you this is the right decision for you, that you’ll be better and should be celebrated for it, and you get into a community of other people all going through the same thing, and they’re all supportive but aggressive and irrational, and then once you reach the end of your “transition” you feel it was a mistake, and suddenly all those family members and counselors and members of your “community” who supported you suddenly turn their back on you. Admitting you could be wrong means admitting they were wrong. Now all that progressive, empty-headed support is gone and you’re left still being bombarded by those hormones in a mutilated body.
  104.     So ask yourself, who hates these people? The ones who want them to be happy and continue to live, or the ones who are perfectly fine watching them ruin their lives and kill themselves because to do otherwise would conflict with their political dogma?
  106. ~:~
  108.     I think a lot of them believe the bullshit about the ‘transitioning.’ They fully expect to feel different and ‘more like a woman’ once they are gelded and mutilated. It comes as a big shock to most that they are exactly the same except they now have to sit down to piss and use a medical dildo everyday to stop their fauxgina from sealing up. Their body, obviously, recognizes the fauxgina as an open wound and wants to heal it by sealing it up. That’s it; that’s the big change other than some also get plastic surgery and implants to look like they have breasts. The support they were getting egging them on to transform into a woman tends to dry up afterward, as well, and the attention dies down. They are, at some point, hit with the realization that everyone now expects them to go and live a mundane life like everyone else where you have to get up at 7, have a shit, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, do the cooking, laundry, housework, etc. They are no longer a special snowflake. They are just a “woman,” and they are a freakish looking woman who gets quizzical looks from strangers.
  109.     There is a great video on YouTube of a transgender couple that moved into a flat together after the dude ‘transformed’ into a woman. He has a look I can’t quite describe, but is something like shell shock and dawning realization that all is not well. Anyway, they find it very hard/impossible to date a regular guy; the only people interested in them are other trannies or faggots. The faggots don’t last long, as there is no cock to suck or be fucked with, and the trannies don’t like other trannies, as they are invariably mentally ill and interacting with one is like holding up a mirror of truth and they find it uncomfortable to think about. Over time they become depressed as they realize they have few friends and most family are just being polite to stop the tranny from committing suicide. This leads to antidepressants, which leads to weight gain, confused thought process, and hormone imbalances, which causes them to lose jobs and fuck up any relation they might be lucky enough to have, as well as sending their health downhill. At some point, they start to wonder if they weren’t, in fact, a woman trapped in a man’s body, maybe just a homosexual or maybe, just maybe the hormone blockers (and other drugs) they were initially given made them temporarily mentally ill and confused the shit out of them which–with the ‘support’ and encouragement they received–lead them down this dark and terrible path. It dawns on them that they are not a woman, they never will be a woman and they have lost the right to be called a man.
  110.     I don’t even blame most of them. I look at them as victims of a terrible and insidious industry which reaps its rewards at the brainwashing and destruction of others. Just like we look back in horror at old medical practices such as lobotomy, the next generation will look back in horror at how mentally ill individuals were not only encouraged to live a lie, but were mutilated along the way to self destruction while being gleefully applauded by an uncaring media which was just after ratings and clicks.
  112. ~:~
  114.     The more normalized this thing gets, the more media attention it receives, the more likely it is that it could ensnare one of your loved ones at a weak moment in his life. Consider this.
  115.     Childhood can be a fragile time for a boy. Imagine your son is being made fun of because he doesn’t really like football. He’s naturally upset about this. Later, his teacher introduces his class to the magical world of trannyism. Your confused and upset son decides that the only explanation for him not liking football is that he’s actually a girl somehow. So he announces this decision to the world, and thanks to new “child protection” laws, you’re not allowed to question or go against it. You’re forced to put him through hormone therapy and eventually the genital mutilation procedure known as a “sex change,” as if flipping a dick inside out can change the genes that put it there. Your son grows up and realizes that not fulfilling every single male stereotype is a stupid–and ironically a sexist standard to make a life-altering decision off of–that he was never really a girl at any point in his life, and that he’ll never be happy in this unnatural body you’ve been forced to provide for him. So, like millions of trannies before him, he blows his fucking brains out. Your son is dead now because liberals wanted to normalize a fucking mental illness. That is how trannyism affects normal people. That is how it can affect you. It provides yet another danger that threatens children in the liberal utopia of THE CURRENT YEAR.
  117. ~:~
  119. Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’
  121.     Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. The transgendered person’s disorder, said Dr. McHugh, is in the person’s “assumption” that they are different than the physical reality of their body, their maleness or femaleness, as assigned by nature. It is a disorder similar to a “dangerously thin” person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and thinks they are “overweight,” said McHugh. He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”
  123. Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness, Not A Civil Rights Issue
  125.     If someone came to a doctor and asked him to cut off a perfectly healthy arm because it just felt “wrong” for the arm to be there, should the doctor do it? This isn’t an idle question because this does happen with a mental illness called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). People who have it feel as if they’re not supposed to have a certain body part, like an arm or leg. As a general rule, doctors won’t remove a healthy body part; so some of these poor deluded people crush, mangle, burn, or otherwise deliberately destroy their own arms or legs in order to get a surgeon to slice them off. This raises a question: Are surgeons who refuse to remove healthy limbs from people with BIID doing them a service because they’re mentally ill or are they denying them their civil rights? MOST of us would say that a surgeon who refuses to cut off a healthy leg is doing the right thing. Of course, not everyone would agree. In fact, there are some people who will tell you that mental illness is a “super power.” Additionally, your mortality rate will be 51% higher than the general population because of suicide and all the female hormones you’ve pumped into your body en masse. In fact, the suicide rate for people who are transgender is 25 times that of the general population according to the American Psychological Association.
  128. Jerry Springer-I’m Happy I Cut Off My Legs!
  131. Adult Gender Identity Disorder (GID) Can Remit
  133.      This fluctuation can be in tandem with that of comorbid psychopathology or in response to sexual and other life events. Remission has been documented at up to 10 years. If evaluated over many years, GIDs and paraphilias can be less fixed than is often thought. The frequency of permanent remission may be underestimated, as such subjects may not consult clinicians. So if you have other problems, you can get GID. Also, they found adults which had GID up to 10 years and then it vanished.
  135. Transsexualism, Dissociation, and Child Abuse
  137.     Sixty percent reported one or more types of severe child abuse. In the course of discussing other issues, participants also reported having experienced many of the commonly cited initial and long-term effects of child abuse, including fear, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, excessive aggression, and suicide ideation and attempts. [...] I have speculated, as have some of the participants themselves, that in some cases transsexualism may be an adaptive extreme dissociative swival response to severe child abuse. Most people with GID show effects of child abuse, even 60% openly reported serve ones. So instead of being a ‘genetic’ problem, he (and the people he interviewed) speculated that it was an adaptive response to this early child abuse.
  139. The frequency of personality disorders in patients with gender identity disorder
  141.     The frequency of personality disorders was 81.4%. The most frequent personality disorder was narcissistic personality disorder (57.1%) and the least was borderline personality disorder. The average number of diagnoses was 3 per patient.
  143. Personality Disorders in Persons with Gender Identity Disorder
  145.      Persons with GID compared to cisgender heterosexuals have higher presence of PDs, particularly Paranoid PD, avoidant PDs, and comorbid PDs. In addition. MtF persons are characterized by a more severe psychopathological profile. Short: They do have more PDs and MtF are even more damaged then FtM.
  147. Increased Gender Variance in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  149.     Evidence suggests over-representation of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and behavioral difficulties among people referred for gender issues [...] As compared to non-referred comparisons, participants with ASD were 7.59x more likely to express gender variance; participants with ADHD were 6.64 times more likely to express gender variance. Autists have around 8x more GID and people with ADHD around 7x the average.
  151. Gender Identity Disorder and Schizophrenia: Neurodevelopmental Disorders with Common Causal Mechanisms?
  153.     Clinical evidence suggests that schizophrenia occurs in patients with GID at rates higher than in the general population and that patients with GID may have schizophrenia-like personality traits. Conversely, patients with schizophrenia may experience alterations in gender identity and gender role perception. Neurobiological research, including brain imaging and studies of finger length ratio and handedness, suggests that both these disorders are associated with altered cerebral sexual dimorphism and changes in cerebral lateralization. Various mechanisms, such as Toxoplasma infection, reduced levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), early childhood adversity, and links with autism spectrum disorders, may account for some of this overlap.
  154.     So people with GID are similar to those who have schizophrenia-like personality traits which suggests that something in the brain is fucked up which can stem from infections, autism, some brain imbalance or childhood problems.
  156. A Follow-up Study of Boys with Gender Identity Disorder
  158.     This study provided information on the long term psychosexual and psychiatric outcomes of 139 boys with gender identity disorder (GID). [...] At follow-up, 17 participants (12.2%) were judged to have persistent gender dysphoria. Regarding sexual orientation, 82 (63.6%) participants were classified as bisexual/ homosexual in fantasy and 51 (47.2%) participants were classified as bisexual/homosexual in behavior.
  159.     So here they studied boys at around 8 and then at 20 regarding the development of GID. Of these 139 boys which had GID at the first study only 12% had it 12 years later, 47% were bi/gay and 41% were hetero or asexual.
  161. Psychiatric Comorbidity of Gender Identity Disorders: A Survey Among Dutch Psychiatrists
  163.     These respondents reported on 584 patients with cross-gender identification. In 225 patients (39%), gender identity disorder was regarded as the primary diagnosis. For the remaining 359 patients (61%), cross-gender identification was comorbid with other psychiatric disorders. In 270 (75%) of these 359 patients, cross-gender identification was interpreted as an epiphenomenon of other psychiatric illnesses, notably personality, mood, dissociative, and psychotic disorders. In around 75% of the patients, GID was seen as the result of other personality problems / illnesses.
  165. Psychiatric Axis I Comorbidities among Patients with Gender Dysphoria
  167.     Eighty-three patients requesting sex reassignment surgery (SRS) were recruited and assessed through the Persian Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I disorders (SCID-I). Results. Fifty-seven (62.7%) patients had at least one psychiatric comorbidity. Major depressive disorder (33.7%), specific phobia (20.5%), and adjustment disorder (15.7%) were the three most prevalent disorders.
  169. ~:~
  171.     To be male or female is so much more than just fucking. That’s almost secondary, because it’s the innate spiritual qualities of men and women that are far more important. I know that some people aren’t huge fans of Evola because his writings are pretty esoteric, but not only was he completely right about the nature of men and women, this is how the nature of men and women has been understood for thousands of years prior to the fairly recent mass insanity that we’re currently experiencing.
  172.     Aristotle associated the male principle with form and the female with matter. According to Evola, form means “the power that determines and arouses the principle of motion development; becoming” while matter means “the substance or power that, being devoid of form in itself, can take up any form, and which in itself is nothing but can become everything when it has been awakened and fecundated.” The fundamental feminine characteristic is changeability. Thus the female is associated with water, which is fluid, and adapts to whatever form it is put into, just as matter is shaped by form. Evola writes that woman “reflects the cosmic female according to its aspect as material receiving a form that is external to her and that she does not produce from within” (Eros, 153) This fits in with Carl Jung’s description of woman’s animus, which is not self-created but instead is a subconscious collection of the thoughts of men. This changeability is related to a woman’s tendency to live for someone outside of herself due to the fluidity and changeability of her nature. For Evola, this means following the path of a mother or lover, fixing herself to a virile force in order to obtain transcendence In contrast, “modern woman, in wanting to be for herself, has destroyed herself.” (Revolt. 165) By believing that she is merely her personality, she loses her transcendent aspect.
  173.     The problem is that a tranny just can’t fake these things. It doesn’t matter if you look like a woman and you can fuck someone like a woman, because you’re not a woman. It would be meaningless from a purely physical perspective, and the act of having sex with a tranny is about as disturbingly purposeless as trying to plant seeds in a pool of cement. Nothing will grow, no children will be born, the whole act is pointless because it’s just impossible. From a spiritual and psychological perspective, trannies just don’t possess the nature of the sex that they’re attempting to emulate. They can’t, and this is especially true for a MTF because being a mother is one of the core parts of womanhood. I’d go as far as saying that a girl isn’t even a woman until she’s a mother, because motherhood and that connection to her family is such a profound part of what it means to be a woman.
  174.     We live in a disgusting time where people no longer care to recognize these things, though, and everything is crumbling because of it. People just throw their children to strangers and have them raised in daycares while the mother rejects her role as a mother entirely, wears trousers, and goes to work as if she was the husband. Everything is either backwards or completely destroyed. Now we live in a world where true femininity has been buried away and women have been told that they must essentially act like a man in order to be a “modern woman,” and so it’s really no surprise that people get very confused in such a mixed up and disgusting world and they begin to think that men can become women and women can become men. I don’t even blame them for thinking this. It’s not much of a leap to think that the difference between the sexes is just a slight difference in behavior when society tries to promote the idea that female behavior is really nothing more than a slight variation of male behavior with slightly different clothes and a sassy, high pitched voice.
  176. ~:~
  178.     I’ve never felt this much hate. I’ve always tried to be reasonable and thought “once an economic depression happens, they’ll finally be thrown off their high towers and see how wrong they are.” But these people are a sickness. They honestly delude themselves and force their delusions on other people. It mimics a virus. It’s the most disgusting form of degradation and degeneracy I’ve ever seen.
  179.     I used to be like those people. I was an estrogen-filled teen and honestly thought that I should transition. It wasn’t until I realized how utterly disgusting and selfish transitioning really is that I completely did a 180 and began increasing my testosterone levels in my body. Transitioning doesn’t work and completely fucks up your hormones along with your mood. It also greatly increases your risk of becoming infertile–or if you mutilate your balls, guarantees you won’t have children.
  180.     That’s no fucking life, especially after 40 or 50 when your body goes to shit and your hormones continue to mess with your body. (Unless you’re loaded, like Bruce Jenner) You’ll be alone in a house with your wife/husband (lesbian trannies are a thing) and you’ll adopt some African or orphan children who will leave you immediately when they reached 18 out of sheer hate for ruining their already shitty childhood, sucking up what little money you had on estrogen pills and medicine. Barely any friends, no real family, no real job (try to find a serious company that isn’t media that hires trannies) and nothing to carry on your legacy. It’s literally hell. Let me tell you a little secret: these people are the result of fetishism and psychological superior feminization. These people want simple and cheap power; they want all the privileges women have and more. Think about it; women have so much fucking social power in society, it’s ridiculous. A women says something stupid? She’s cute and adorable, her friends laugh, etc. A guy says something stupid? Forget about it. He’s called the dumbass that he really is. Women are prizes to be won in society and these people, feminine and submissive already, see becoming a women as the only option to escape their weak reality. But they fail horribly because (you physically can’t do this and) the media disgustingly cherrypicks examples of “normal” trannies that look very close to a women when in reality they’re met with the brutal fact that trannies are, on average, extremely ugly and at best are barely passable.
  181.     Nobody is “born this way.” If you’re weak in social situations in the real world and you don’t have caring parents to help you man up, you develop a feminine personality. It’s simple. If you masturbate enough and slowly fetishize yourself, you will, of course, eventually become “gay.” Some are more inclined to become gay than others if they’re exposed to more estrogen in their environment. This is probably the only place I’ll ever post this and will probably be the last time. This is to see inside the mind of these disgusting people. It’s ironic. The left is constantly preaching for people to “understand and tolerate” trannies, when in reality truly understanding them doesn’t make you tolerate them. It makes you hate them even more, and in a sense pity them. Don’t be fooled by the poison they spew on “acceptance.” It nearly got me; don’t let it get to other people. They deserve more than this mentally deranged mutilation. They deserve real help on regaining their self respect and their manhood. That’s why I hate them so much. They preach that Bruce is “saving lives” when in reality he’s ruining them.
  183. ~:~
  185. Transsexuals are four times more likely than the average person to be infected with HIV.
  188. About 88% of children who have gender dysphoria do not hold those beliefs when they grow older.
  191. Only 12% of boys who believe they are transsexuals still believe so when they are older.
  194. MRI scans indicate that MtF transsexuals are either men aroused by the thought of possessing female genitalia or homosexuals who want to seduce straight men.
  197. 41% of transsexuals have tried and failed to commit suicide.
  200. Transsexuals who undergo sex reassignment surgery are more likely to commit suicide.
  203. 65% of transsexual youth have seriously considered suicide within the last year.
  204. 37% of transsexual youth have attempted suicide within the last year.
  205. Most young transsexuals have committed self-harm within the last twelve months.
  206. 1 in 10 young transsexuals has attempted suicide more than three times in the last year.
  209. Only 21% of transsexuals can successfully pass as the opposite gender.
  212. 53% of mothers of transsexual children have Borderline Personality Disorder, compared to only 6% of mothers of normal children.
  215. 16% of transsexuals have been sent to jail or prison, compared to 2.7% of the general population.
  218. Gay and transgender students are half as likely to graduate high school as straight students.
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