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Update,Blockchain Bot.

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  1. So you've all seen my latest leak on here regarding Blockchains wallets and being able to take bitcoins from them within seconds with my bot. (https://pastebin.com/jCDFcESz)
  3. i've seen alot of people asking around for my bot on reddit & similar forums so i will send you it for 0.1BTC
  4. with the bot you will obviously get BTC back within running it for a few hours along with my complete database of Sha256(password/phrase)
  6. Bitcoin address : 1jZKFa9W7HMtMn2iGhdKkRyiwknFjJTfw
  8. Leave your email address within the notes, i will send the bot & db from a disposable email account.
  10. What you do with this bot is completely up to you and i am not held responsible.
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