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  1. # Do you have any previous modding experience, if so, where?
  2. #### Yes. I was a Moderator on a small server called Proximity back in 2018 and currently a Helper in the updated server for 2019. I have a lot of confidence in my experiences because they have taught me how servers are run and the proper actions to take in every situation. Being in a small community allowed me to understand the basics while giving me good experience for future roles. My main accomplishment here was being apart of the UHC server and being able to vanish. I spectated players and eventually had some players banned because of xray, kill aura, etc.  I also consider myself as a Community Contributor on a now closed server called Woodycraft, even without having a rank. I was a top player on the leaderboard and I was constantly competing with others to maintain my spot. Unfortunately, hackers were a major problem on this server because the anitcheat wasn't very good. I have recorded over 100 hackers and posted them as unlisted on my Youtube channel. I would then fill out a "Report a Player" forum and have that player banned. I was helping the server without being staff and it felt really good to be known around the survival games community. I'd like to now list some of key skills that I've learned from being a staff member. Firstly, it takes a lot of patience to deal with players in any situation. Players will troll and start fights in chat that can get out of hand easily and I've learned to not get overwhelmed when this happens. It's also important to not take anything personal as players will even insult staff at times and I've learned that they are only there to cause trouble. Lastly, being a staff member is a big responsibility and it takes a lot of time. I love helping people and making them feel very comfortable in a server where they may be unfamiliar with. I love dedicating every single second I have into helping out players and making the server a place where everyone can feel welcome at.
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