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  1. Changelog of WhatsApp beta for iOS (WABetaInfo Changelog 5.2):
  3. 01) Bug fixes for the crash for iOS 9 users.
  4. 02) Updated Catalan, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak and Thai localizations.
  5. 03) Many improvements for the Camera feature (in particular for the orientation).
  6. 04) Added iOS 10 API in the Address book: you will be able to call (voice or video) your contacts.
  7. 05) Improvements for the forward key. Two forward keys are available: INSIDE and OUTSIDE the photo. Actually it is enabled the outside button (SEE SCREENSHOTS).
  8. 06) New video call icon in the Chat header.
  9. 07) Added the "Camera Roll" widget in the WhatsApp Camera (from the precedent beta).
  10. 08) You can insert a text in photos! New drawing tool! (HIDDEN).
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