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  1. <h1>Cats</h1>
  2.  <p>Cats can be black, white, tan, yellow, brown, and even hairless! Way back in ancient Egypt, They were worshiped like gods because the <em>goddess of the sun</em> chose the shape of a cat.</p>
  3.   <p>Cats are not all <strong>cuddle and cute.</strong> Some cats can even kill you. Those cats are lions,  panthers, tigers, and cheetahs.</p>
  4. <table border cell padding=4>
  5. <tr>   <th><EM>Cat</EM></th>       <th><EM>Color</EM></th>      <th><EM>bodyhair</EM></th>   </tr>
  6. <tr>   <td>Bob</td>       <td> black</td>     <td>hairless</td>    <tr>
  7. <tr> <td> One Eye</td>    <td>yellow</td>     <td>hairy</td>      </tr>
  9. </table>
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