Aug 2nd, 2011
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  1. [23:25:28] <@Paradox> For a second, Maka feels as though she's been punched in the face. The world is full of SOUND and LIGHT and PAIN. But suddenly, it's all over, and it's hard to even remember that brief flash.
  2. [23:26:25] * Maka winces and shuts her eyes tightly as the sensation hits her. After a few seconds, she slowly opens her eyes and peeks at her new surroundings.
  3. [23:26:45] <@Paradox> (Hang on, let me finish <:3c)
  4. [23:26:52] <Maka> (oops, sorry!)
  5. [23:29:29] <@Paradox> Maka opens her eyes and finds herself in the middle of a vast field of black. Clarity and Terri are there as well - Terri is as you saw him before - in full armor, holding an axe and sword.
  6. [23:30:33] <@Paradox> Clarity is dressed in long white robes trimmed with red, wearing red gloves and boots, and holding a long fishing rod.
  7. [23:32:37] <@Paradox> Maka herself is wearing long dark blue robes and wearing a straw hat, and holding a long black staff that ends on an O unown.
  8. [23:32:44] <@Paradox> It blinks once at Clarity.
  9. [23:34:30] * Maka wipes the remaining tears from her face then rushes at Clarity, latching onto her.
  10. [23:34:43] <Maka> "W-where are we?! Why are we dressed like this?!"
  11. [23:34:58] <Terri> (Do I remember anything?)
  12. [23:35:30] <@Paradox> (No you do not Terri)
  13. [23:35:34] <Clarity> "Heh heh! See?" The non-pole-holding hand reaches out and ruffles Maka's hair a little. "I flippin' TOLD you it wasn't anything bad! Hahaha oh man, this is awesome, did you SEE how th- ... waiiiiiit a sec." Stepping back, she lifts an arm... then another, looking the robes over. "... Reaaaaally? Buff Guy gets all that cool stuff and this is IT? Are you kidding me?"
  14. [23:35:42] <Terri> (k)
  15. [23:36:22] <Maka> "T-this isn't bad?" Maka spins around. "But it's pitch black! A-and..." she tries desperately to hold her staff so the Unown is as far from herself as possible.
  16. [23:37:00] <Clarity> "Well, y'know, we're still here, aren't we? We could be like, corpses or something, that'd be a lot less fun."
  17. [23:37:20] <Terri> "I feel heavy. Why so dark? Where am we?"
  18. [23:37:38] <Maka> "D-don't even say that." Maka turns to Terri. "Y-you disappeared and...came back. W-what is this place? How do we go back?"
  19. [23:38:23] * Terri takes a moment to process what Maka says. "Not know."
  20. [23:39:02] <Clarity> "Hahaha! Oh 'Ka, don't be so anti-fun, I can't even IMAGINE all the kinds of crap we can find in here-- c'mon, let's go look! You too, Buff Guy!" Maka's grabbed by the wrist all of a sudden, as bulky-robed Clarity runs off in some random direction. Of course, in these robes it's PRETTY tough.
  21. [23:39:25] <@Paradox> As Clarity begins to run, the air in front of her shimmers
  22. [23:39:31] * Terri blinks, shrugs, and follows.
  23. [23:39:38] <@Paradox> And suddenly a Munna and Drowzee appear
  24. [23:40:00] <@Paradox> <Hello!>
  25. [23:40:02] <@Paradox> <Hi!>
  26. [23:40:09] <Clarity> "Huh." A brief pouty pause of looking them over. "Oh! S'up!"
  27. [23:40:11] * Maka is too stunned by the situation to do anything but let herself get dragged along. But she does her damned best to hold that freaky Unown far from her face.
  28. [23:40:28] <Maka> "...Hi?"
  29. [23:40:38] <Terri> "Talky pokemon?"
  30. [23:40:43] * Terri looks confused at them.
  31. [23:40:48] <Terri> "No lip move"
  32. [23:41:21] <Terri> (Actually wait. This is Terri. Spot check rolling for that.)
  33. [23:41:26] <Terri> 1d20-3
  34. [23:41:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 6 [1d20=9]
  35. [23:41:40] <@Paradox> NO LIP MOVE
  36. [23:41:46] <Terri> (Forget the lip movement comment.)
  37. [23:43:13] <Clarity> "So what kinda place is this? There's some kinda ADVENTURE or something to be had, right? You need us to slay some legendary evil that's been locked up for thousands of years? You do, right? Right right right~?"
  38. [23:43:15] <@Paradox> < Welcome back Terri. You came back with more people! >
  39. [23:43:34] <@Paradox> The drowzee looks at Clarity. < Well duh. >
  40. [23:43:49] <Terri> "Back? No know this place."
  41. [23:43:53] <Clarity> "... I think I love you guys already."
  42. [23:44:29] <@Paradox> < Actually I guess we need you to help free a legendary non-evil that's been locked up for thousands of years. >
  43. [23:43:34] <@Paradox> The drowzee looks at Clarity. < Well duh. >
  44. [23:43:49] <Terri> "Back? No know this place."
  45. [23:43:53] <Clarity> "... I think I love you guys already."
  46. [23:44:29] <@Paradox> < Actually I guess we need you to help free a legendary non-evil that's been locked up for thousands of years. >
  47. [23:44:32] <Maka> "I...I just want to read my books. I'm not well suited for a-adventure..." Maka meekly takes a step back.
  48. [23:45:01] <Terri> "leegund no evil?"
  49. [23:45:38] <@Paradox> The Drowzee suddenly appears behind Maka, and pats her on the shoulder. < There, there. I'm sure you'll do fine. Unlike all those others who have come before you and died horribly. >
  50. [23:45:39] <Clarity> "Oh, nah, that's cool too, we're not really too picky about that stuff. I've fished up non-legendary stuff that'd only been locked in the lake for a few years, and that's really not all that great. But this is something!" Nodnodnodnodnod.
  51. [23:46:27] <Maka> "D-died?!" Maka shivers and starts tearing up again.
  52. [23:47:06] <@Paradox> The Munna looks at the Drowzee crossly. < Don't lie to her. You'll scare her. >
  53. [23:47:40] <Clarity> A groaaaan. "Oh, now you've done it." Being some kind of weird narcoleptic big sister figure, she walks over and yoinks the girl to her feet. "C'mon, don't be such a wuss, we're gonna be fiiiine. You know I got your back, right? And Buff Guy... okay, well, he's just buff."
  54. [23:47:50] <Maka> "I..." Maka is at a loss for words and just drops her staff and freezes in place. "I don't...want..."
  55. [23:47:59] <@Paradox> The Drowzee rubs his head. < You're right, I'm sorry. No one has died. >
  56. [23:48:18] <Clarity> "... To go home. You wanna ADVENTURE!" And her wrist's grabbed again, Clarity gives off a HUGE smile.
  57. [23:49:09] <@Paradox> < They've just been forced to become unown to save their souls from being stolen. But they're all alive, every one. >
  58. [23:49:10] * Maka yanks herself away from Clarity. "No! I want to go back to the library and read! I don't want...adventure." she kinda trails off at the end.
  59. [23:49:42] <Terri> "Force steal bad."
  60. [23:50:17] <Clarity> "Uno- ... Ohh, THAT'S what those things are? Really, that's it?! I was hoping they'd be like, dead souls who were forced to turn into Pokémon and roam the Earth to- oh, wait."
  61. [23:50:19] <Maka> "B-become one of these?!" Maka slowly reaches down and picks up her staff.
  62. [23:50:32] <Maka> 1d100-23 channel that poor guy
  63. [23:50:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, channel that poor guy: 0 [1d100=23]
  64. [23:50:33] <@Paradox> It blinks at you.
  65. [23:50:42] <@Paradox> < Sup? >
  66. [23:51:15] <Maka> <W-who are you? I...I don't want to turn into one of you! How do I go home?!>
  67. [23:52:15] * Clarity spends time test-casting the pole over into the blackness, feeling the robe, knocking on Terri's armor, etc etc. More-or-less being everywhere in extremely short amounts of time.
  68. [23:53:09] <@Paradox> < I had a name once, but I don't remember it anymore. Now I'm just a poet, keeping alive the dead songs. >
  69. [23:53:52] <@Paradox> < I can take you home once we gather enough power! But you just got here. We haven't even GOTTEN to the first seal. >
  70. [23:54:19] <Maka> < First...seal? What even is that? >
  71. [23:55:43] <@Paradox> < It's a bit complicated. Let's make it simple for you, and say it's like .. a key! >
  72. [23:56:22] <@Paradox> < You have to break in and get the first key. You need six to win! >
  73. [23:56:50] <Maka> "Guys, we're looking for um...a...seal...key." Maka still looks terrified and confused.
  74. [23:57:53] <Clarity> "A Seel key? Oh, sure, I can fish that up, point me out to the pond or whatever." Nodnod.
  75. [23:58:34] <Terri> "What need break?"
  76. [23:59:12] <Maka> "" Maka looks toward the Unown again. < I still don't get it! >
  77. [00:00:03] <@Paradox> < Of course you don't. Let me explain. >
  78. [00:00:32] * Maka nods and begins wiping the tears from her face. Again.
  79. [00:00:58] <Clarity> Hand-on-hip. There really isn't much to... well, DO here. But the look Maka gets is less of an impatient one and more of an oh-boy-I-can't-wait-to-do-something-soon, like there's not the slightest doubt in her heart that something IS going to happen. And we can only hope rightfully so.
  80. [00:01:40] <Terri> "Please no cry book person."
  81. [00:01:56] <@Paradox> < You can the The Ink, and the Shrine of Fury was about 30 feet under your library. So, we've brought you into the The Place Between so you can break the Seal of Fury. >
  82. [00:02:00] <@Paradox> The unown blinks.
  83. [00:02:02] <Maka> "butidon'twanttoturnintoaletterthing" Maka mumbles.
  84. [00:02:13] <@Paradox> < Everything clear? Okay let's get ready then. >
  85. [00:02:30] <Clarity> "Don't worry, Buff Guy! She's crying because she's so happy that this place is so AWESOME~!" A thumbs-up toward him... kind of a reluctant one because it's a blatant lie, but still!
  86. [00:03:17] <Maka> < No! It's not! What is the ink? What is the seal of fury and...I...I just don't... > Maka's mindvoice is getting increasingly strained and whiney.
  87. [00:03:22] <Terri> "Oh tears of happy."
  88. [00:04:23] <@Paradox> The darkness blinks as three white unown eyes open up from nothingness, and step out and begin to fly around.
  89. [00:04:29] <Clarity> "Yeah, I-" A hand reaches up to her face and wipes a couple times... nothing. "Nope, not there yet, guess she just gets excited a little easier. Huh, who'da thunk?"
  90. [00:04:58] <@Paradox> They float all in a row, spelling out D_OR.
  91. [00:05:37] * Maka gives a little yelp as they appear and tries to become smaller. "Y-you want me to f-finish spelling t-that?"
  92. [00:06:04] <@Paradox> The Munna and Drowzee float over to the unown. < Yep! Then we can take you to the first seal! >
  93. [00:06:05] <Clarity> A weird squinty glance. "... Dor. Huh. What a weird name."
  94. [00:06:10] <@Paradox> < And you'll be out of here in no time. >
  95. [00:07:13] * Maka takes slow measured steps toward the other Unown, then with a shaky hand raises her staff to the missing O position. < O-okay...>
  96. [00:09:57] <@Paradox> The staff begins shining brightly, and suddenly the blackness all around you becomes a blinding white light
  97. [00:11:34] <Terri> "Briiight!"
  98. [00:11:54] <Clarity> "Ooh, that's new. Alright, c'mon treasure, c'mon excitement~!"
  99. [00:12:07] * Maka shuts her eyes tightly again as the light envelops her.
  100. [00:12:13] <@Paradox> When you're able to see again, you seem to be standing on the hill Maka's library sits on.
  101. [00:12:48] <Maka> (are the library or any other fixures of town in view?)
  102. [00:13:04] <@Paradox> But, well, the hill isn't there. Instead there's a large brown stone obelisk.
  103. [00:13:15] <@Paradox> You can't see the town at all; there's just nothing there.
  104. [00:13:43] * Clarity stretches with a loud YAAAAAAAAAWN. "Ohh man, it must be really early in the morning, even the buildings aren't up yet!"
  105. [00:13:52] * Maka shoots a desperate look at Terri. "Are you SURE you don't remember anything?!"
  106. [00:13:53] <Clarity> "... Wait, that doesn't sound right."
  107. [00:14:22] <@Paradox> (roll WIS)
  108. [00:14:29] <Terri> 1d20-3
  109. [00:14:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 14 [1d20=17]
  110. [00:14:35] <Clarity> 1d20-3
  111. [00:14:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d20-3: -2 [1d20=1]
  112. [00:14:45] <Maka> 1d20+6
  113. [00:14:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d20+6: 16 [1d20=10]
  114. [00:16:09] <@Paradox> As you turn around, looking in the direction of Mount Amaranth, you see a stone building protruding from the hills. Large statues of vaguely humanoid creatures stand on either side of a wide open doorway.
  115. [00:17:40] * Clarity has a staring contest with the sky, on the other hand. If it's even actually sk- oh right, suddenly there's something to miss from back home. She grumbles a little.
  116. [00:18:10] * Maka slowly walks in the direction of the statues. < Is...that the right way? >
  117. [00:19:16] <@Paradox> The Munna does a sort of whole body nod as it floats around. < Yep! That's the Shrine of Fury! >
  118. [00:20:01] <@Paradox> < Terri already cleared everything out here last time, and managed to solve the test of fury to get the door open, buuuuuut... >
  119. [00:20:20] <@Paradox> < You still have to deal with the Guardians within the Shrine itself. >
  120. [00:20:58] <Maka> < That sounds scary! > Maka turns around and grabs Terri's hand. "...It's that way. A-and they told me you went y-you should lead the way."
  121. [00:21:45] <Terri> "No be scared. Guardian badmen?"
  122. [00:21:55] <Terri> (Guardian being pronounced horribly.)
  123. [00:22:40] <Clarity> "Oh man, Buff Guy, I was totally right about you! That's flippin' awesome!" She'd shake his hand if they weren't both full, meaning after a spin-around all he gets is a thoroughly impressed stare.
  124. [00:22:44] <Maka> "Um...yes, guardians are bad for us..." Maka slowly ennunciates the word for Terri.
  125. [00:23:42] <Clarity> "Heh heh-- what're we waiting for, then? Show us to 'em, we'll smash these things up!" Excited Clarity runs ahead of the other two and swings the fishing pole around excitedly.
  126. [00:24:07] * Terri attempts to lead them towards this shrine.
  127. [00:24:39] <Maka> "...B-but what if they turn me into...into one of these?" Maka eyes her Unown staff fearfully as she drags herself after the others.
  128. [00:25:23] <Clarity> "C'mon c'mon c'mon~! You know that won't happen, you freakin' worrywart! They'd get me first if anything, and like heck I'm gonna let THAT happen! Shouldn't you know that by now?"
  129. [00:26:07] <Maka> "'re not exactly the most reliable that doesn't make me feel much better..." Maka mumbles this softly, but if Clarity's paying attention she probably still hears this.
  130. [00:26:32] <Terri> "No worry. Me smash guardians."
  131. [00:26:47] <Clarity> Clarity? Pay attention? Hahahaha, she's already feet ahead of Terri even, frantically searching around and being excited at every minor thing.
  132. [00:26:58] * Terri takes out his axe, then remembers it's already in his hands, and then remembers he has a sword too.
  133. [00:27:01] * Maka nods slowly. Shiny armor and bladed weapons are a lot more impressive than Clarity's robes.
  134. [00:29:40] <Clarity> "C'mooooooon~! It's thattaway, right? Even Dossy's faster than that!" Prancing along and shouting waaaay back at the rest.
  135. [00:30:29] * Terri also looks at himself, and realises he's wearing armor.
  136. [00:30:38] * Terri gasps. "SHINY METAL SKIN!"
  137. [00:32:00] <Maka> "It's...armor."
  138. [00:32:20] <Terri> "Oh. SHINY METAL SKIN ARMOR!"
  139. [00:32:36] <@Paradox> As you finally get to the shrine, you see that even though there's no source of light it's easy to see within. There's more statues on either side of the entrance corridor, but these look a bit weirder than the ones outside
  140. [00:32:43] <Terri> "Me crush guardian good now."
  141. [00:32:50] <@Paradox> They look like extremely distorded Gengars, all making a face.
  142. [00:33:29] <Clarity> "Yeah yeah, Buff Guy, me too... well, I kinda hope, anyway. Dunno how I'm gonna do it with this--" An excited pep up. "Oh! Maybe the Guardians are fish?"
  143. [00:33:30] * Maka shivers at the sight of the statues, then pats herself down with her free hand, looking for her pokeballs. "I...I want Sartre here..."
  144. [00:34:18] <Terri> (OH god. I just realised. Boris ist still back at the library. D:)
  145. [00:35:29] <@Paradox> (Yep. None of you have pokemon here)
  146. [00:35:41] <Clarity> "Aw, Sky's got everything taken care of. Y'don't REALLY think we can't do something like this, right? I mean look how awesome I-" A thumb starts to point at her chest, before quickly turning into an index finger pointing in another direction. "Look how awesome he is!"
  147. [00:35:44] <@Paradox> Maka finds she has noballs.
  148. [00:37:00] <Maka> "but...I..." Maka takes another look at her staff. "...that used to be a person...and I want Sartre he- oh...oh no..." she gets a really distressed look on her face and clams up, just walking forward in silence now.
  149. [00:37:50] <Clarity> And she gets a huge slap on the shoulder before a hand finds itself resting there. "Ahaha! Cheer up, 'Ka, it's gonna be a piece o' cake. Count on us, 'kay?"
  150. [00:38:10] <@Paradox> "You do not belong here" says a deep monotone voice.
  151. [00:38:36] <Maka> "i'msosorryi'msosorry..." you can hear Maka muttering as she shakes Clarity off.
  152. [00:38:46] <Clarity> A quick reaction with a leaning back and point forward, Jojo-style. "No, you don't belong here."
  153. [00:39:28] <Terri> "I bee long here. Squiggly eyes tell me come here."
  154. [00:39:37] <Terri> "You bad guardian?"
  155. [00:39:41] <Clarity> Cough cough. "Oh yeah, but no really, we're gonna beat you up and take your stuff, if you're that guardian thing. No hard feelings, right?"
  156. [00:40:28] <@Paradox> A big shape drops down from the ceiling.
  157. [00:42:04] <@Paradox> It has a big brawny black body, which is slightly transparent, like obsidian. One of its arms ends in a large, sharp looking Axe. Its head looks kind of like a sigilyph.
  158. [00:42:21] <Clarity> "Right, didn't think so. So, uh..." A glance to the exit, and back. "Nice weather we've been having, huh?"
  159. [00:42:37] <Terri> "Hi. You have axe too!"
  160. [00:42:42] * Maka jumps as it drops down, then slowly starts backing away.
  161. [00:42:42] * Terri raises his axe.
  162. [00:43:03] <@Paradox> "I cannot allow you to break the seal. I am sorry."
  163. [00:43:17] * Clarity walks up with a huge grin... it's a goofy one, of course. "'Kay, stay back, we got this. You up for it, Buff Guy?"
  164. [00:43:44] <Terri> "You bad guardian?"
  165. [00:44:03] <@Paradox> The drowzee and munna step forward. < Don't forget about us!> says the Munna. < We're here to help,> affirms the Drowzee.
  166. [00:44:09] <Maka> < I...I have to fight this?! > Maka gives a pleading look at her staff.
  167. [00:45:05] <@Paradox> The guardian looks at Maka, and Maka feels a little sadness in the gaze. "No I am good guardian. I must stop intruders."
  168. [00:45:28] <@Paradox> Its eyes begin glowing, and two more normal looking Sigilyph appear from nowhere.
  169. [00:46:03] <Terri> "Guardians bad. You bad guardian. You lie to terri!"
  170. [00:46:06] <Maka> "I...I don't know what's going on..." Maka mumbles. "b-but...I can't go home if I don't break this seal."
  171. [00:46:08] <@Paradox> I say MORE normal looking because they're still odd. Instead of the three-pronged things most silyphs have, these have a single brawny black arm that ends in a club.
  172. [00:46:09] <Clarity> Hand-hip. "Well, either we invade and get to go home with awesome stories of heroism or we stay here and turn into those letter-things, from all the ramblings that've been goin' on or something. Really don't have much of a choice here, don'tcha think?"
  173. [00:46:15] <Terri> that being said....
  174. [00:46:34] <Terri> 1d20 night slash on guardian + one sigilgyph
  175. [00:46:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, night slash on guardian + one sigilgyph: 6 [1d20=6]
  176. [00:46:52] <Terri> (Ac2)
  177. [00:46:54] <@Paradox> (aaand that starts combat I guess)
  178. [00:47:02] <Clarity> (12 DEX, sup)
  179. [00:47:07] <Maka> (dex of 6)
  180. [00:47:36] <Terri> 23 dex
  181. [00:49:49] <Anise> (oh man, this shit is bananas. I want in on this next time :3)
  182. [00:50:22] <@Paradox> ( Terri's move hits, roll damage )
  183. [00:50:36] <Maka> (if Iona and Raven had succeeded at catching the Unown, it'd be you two in here)
  184. [00:50:38] <Terri> 2d20+6+6+5
  185. [00:50:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 2d20+6+6+5: 34 [2d20=9,8]
  186. [00:51:27] <@Paradox> Clarity is up!
  187. [00:51:27] <Clarity> "Hmm~ Yeah, you look like you'd be a good catch where I come from. I always had dreams of reeling in a Wailord and that kinda stuff... you don't mind if I give it a shot, right, Big Guy?" Eyeing the pole and almost mouthwatering at it, she takes a few steps back... and a few more... and a few more. With a massive swing, she casts the line over onto the big guardian's arm-- preferably the axe-holding one. Y'know, being a master angler gives you the ability to do this stuff. Well, being a master angler in some bizarro Unown dimension does, at least.
  188. [00:51:39] <Clarity> 1d20 WRAP on guardian~
  189. [00:51:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, WRAP on guardian~: 16 [1d20=16]
  190. [00:52:00] <@Paradox> It hits!
  191. [00:52:01] <Clarity> 1d8+6 awright
  192. [00:52:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, awright: 7 [1d8=1]
  193. [00:52:25] <@Paradox> It doesn't seem to bother the guardian much, but he is entangled in the line.
  194. [00:52:51] <@Paradox> MAKA
  195. [00:52:53] <Clarity> "Oh ho~! And time to reel i- holy friggin' CRAP you're heavy!"
  196. [00:53:21] <Maka> "...b-but...I've never fought something like this...only bandits and wild p-pokemon..." Maka keeps backing away, but her staff has other ideas and a spray of ice shoots toward the sigilyph.
  197. [00:53:27] <Maka> 1d20 powder snow can I hit more than 1?
  198. [00:53:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, powder snow can I hit more than 1?: 15 [1d20=15]
  199. [00:54:27] <@Paradox> You hit the guardian as well as the sigilyph
  200. [00:54:33] <Maka> 2d10+6
  201. [00:54:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 2d10+6: 13 [2d10=6,1]
  202. [00:56:02] <@Paradox> They're kinda cold they guess :B
  203. [00:56:12] <Maka> "w-wha...What just happened?!" Maka shakes the staff and examines the Unown end.
  204. [00:57:04] <Clarity> 1d4+1 oh right yeah sorry
  205. [00:57:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, oh right yeah sorry: 4 [1d4=3]
  206. [00:57:07] <@Paradox> < You're a champion of The Ink! You don't think we'd just throw you in here without helping a little, do you? >
  207. [00:57:18] <@Paradox> The Guardian can't move! It swings at Terri though.
  208. [00:57:19] <@Paradox> 1d20
  209. [00:57:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  210. [00:57:33] <@Paradox> 3d20+15
  211. [00:57:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 3d20+15: 44 [3d20=14,13,2]
  212. [00:57:37] <Maka> < T-that's not ink! T-that's ice! I don't understand! >
  213. [00:58:24] <@Paradox> < Don't worry about it! Do what comes naturally! Or at least, it SHOULD come naturally here. >
  214. [00:58:55] <@Paradox> The Sigilyphs rush toward the two psychic pokemon
  215. [00:58:58] <@Paradox> 2#1d20
  216. [00:58:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2#1d20: 1 [1d20=1], 2 [1d20=2]
  217. [00:59:03] <Terri> haha oh wow
  218. [00:59:06] <Maka> (pffcht)
  219. [00:59:09] <Clarity> (I snorted)
  220. [00:59:13] <@Paradox> The Munna and Drowzee dodge like pros.
  221. [00:59:29] <@Paradox> < Pfft. Guardians more like ... Butts. > says the Drowzee
  222. [00:59:51] <@Paradox> < Teehee, you'll have to do better than that~ > The Munna says with a giggle.
  223. [01:00:11] <Clarity> Some of the wackiest giggling ever resonated from the pole end of the... well, fishing pole. "Hehehe. That's clever."
  224. [01:00:29] <@Paradox> The unown at the end of Maka's staff speaks up. < Here, watch this. >
  225. [01:00:31] <@Paradox> 1d20
  226. [01:00:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  227. [01:00:57] <@Paradox> 2d20+5
  228. [01:00:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20+5: 35 [2d20=17,13]
  229. [01:01:33] <@Paradox> It blasts a beam of ice at one of the sigilyphs
  230. [01:01:40] <@Paradox> 1d20
  231. [01:01:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  232. [01:02:05] <@Paradox> 2d20+10
  233. [01:02:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20+10: 35 [2d20=16,9]
  234. [01:02:18] <@Paradox> The Drowzee jumps and headbutts the same sigilyph, bringing it down.
  235. [01:02:28] <@Paradox> < OH YEAAAAH >
  236. [01:02:31] <@Paradox> 1d20
  237. [01:02:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  238. [01:03:05] <@Paradox> (lol good thing it was ...)
  239. [01:03:16] <@Paradox> The Munna sprays stars at the other Sigil!
  240. [01:03:22] <@Paradox> 3d10+12
  241. [01:03:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 3d10+12: 28 [3d10=2,10,4]
  242. [01:03:51] <@Paradox> The Guardian swings an arm, and a blade of dark energy launches itself at Clarity.
  243. [01:03:53] <@Paradox> 1d20
  244. [01:03:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  245. [01:04:03] <@Paradox> 3d10+15
  246. [01:04:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 3d10+15: 32 [3d10=4,6,7]
  247. [01:04:17] <@Paradox> Terri's turn!
  248. [01:04:21] * Clarity coughs. "Yeooow, crap."
  249. [01:04:33] <Terri> "Gwaaaaah!"
  250. [01:04:36] <Terri> 1d20 AXE ATTACK
  251. [01:04:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, AXE ATTACK: 12 [1d20=12]
  252. [01:04:52] <Clarity> 1d20 oh right, new turn, take this wrap damage
  253. [01:04:53] <Terri> (Ac2)
  254. [01:04:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, oh right, new turn, take this wrap damage: 20 [1d20=20]
  255. [01:05:19] <Terri> 3d20+6+6+6+5
  256. [01:05:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 3d20+6+6+6+5: 59 [3d20=19,8,9]
  257. [01:05:31] <Terri> (on guardian btw)
  258. [01:06:03] <@Paradox> Clarity?
  259. [01:06:13] <Clarity> Tug tug. "Hang in there, Buff Guy-- get outta there if it gets tough. I'll keep it over there... er, I'll try."
  260. [01:06:34] <@Paradox> (roll wrap damage)
  261. [01:06:38] <@Paradox> (the 1d8 not the periodic)
  262. [01:06:45] <Terri> "Gah, Just scratch."
  263. [01:06:51] <Clarity> (I thought it was beginning-of-turn, so I just did a little way up)
  264. [01:07:04] <Clarity> (sorry~)
  265. [01:07:33] <@Paradox> (but you also do 1d8+stat on your turn)
  266. [01:07:37] <@Paradox> (so roll that :O)
  267. [01:07:42] <Clarity> 1d8+6 oh whoops
  268. [01:07:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, oh whoops: 7 [1d8=1]
  269. [01:07:53] <@Paradox> MAKA
  270. [01:08:19] * Maka watches the Unown carefully with fearful eyes...but this is actually something she understands! She runs up near the guardian and...
  271. [01:08:23] <Maka> 1d20 hidden power
  272. [01:08:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, hidden power: 2 [1d20=2]
  273. [01:08:28] <Maka> (pffftcht)
  274. [01:09:06] <@Paradox> Ice everywhere!
  275. [01:09:10] <@Paradox> Except on the Guardian
  276. [01:09:17] <@Paradox> 1d20
  277. [01:09:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  278. [01:09:33] <Maka> (dicemaid be trollan errybody tonight)
  279. [01:09:35] <@Paradox> It swings an axe-arm at Terri, who parries!
  280. [01:09:38] <@Paradox> 1d20
  281. [01:09:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
  282. [01:10:04] <@Paradox> 1d4
  283. [01:10:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d4: 4 [1d4=4]
  284. [01:10:27] <@Paradox> Everyone loses 30 HP!
  285. [01:10:46] <Clarity> (Oh boy, unreducable?)
  286. [01:10:50] <@Paradox> (yes)
  287. [01:10:52] <@Paradox> (Psywave)
  288. [01:11:02] <@Paradox> The Unown sits tight :I
  289. [01:11:08] <@Paradox> 1d20 Thunderpunch
  290. [01:11:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Thunderpunch: 2 [1d20=2]
  291. [01:11:18] <@Paradox> The Drowzee's fist crackles with energy ... but it misses :I
  292. [01:11:21] <@Paradox> 1d20
  293. [01:11:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  294. [01:11:52] <@Paradox> The munna launches an attack at the guardian, only to miss :I
  295. [01:11:57] <@Paradox> 1d20 Terri
  296. [01:11:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Terri: 20 [1d20=20]
  297. [01:12:11] <@Paradox> 75 damage to Terri
  298. [01:12:15] <@Paradox> and poison
  299. [01:12:36] <@Paradox> Terri's turn
  300. [01:12:37] <Maka> "T-terri are you okay?!"
  301. [01:12:58] <Clarity> "Buff Guy! Get outta there!" The tugging strengthens.
  302. [01:13:11] <Clarity> 1d20 wrap damage
  303. [01:13:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, wrap damage: 6 [1d20=6]
  304. [01:13:57] <@Paradox> Clarity's turn~
  305. [01:14:20] <Clarity> ... And the tugging stops, with a DIVE over to where Terri's at. "Hang in there.. hang in there, Buff Guy! I dunno what I'm doing, but..."
  306. [01:14:30] <Clarity> 2d20+6 healbot
  307. [01:14:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, healbot: 22 [2d20=13,3]
  308. [01:14:52] <@Paradox> GOGO MAKA MACHINE
  309. [01:15:00] <@Paradox> (Terri heals by 22 of course~)
  310. [01:15:23] <Clarity> (BUT THE BEAST IS FREED)
  311. [01:15:31] * Maka slides over to where the sigilyph is and tries again, raising her staff in the air.
  312. [01:15:34] <Maka> 1d20 hidden power
  313. [01:15:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, hidden power: 11 [1d20=11]
  314. [01:15:42] <Maka> 3d10 ice damage
  315. [01:15:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, ice damage: 20 [3d10=7,7,6]
  316. [01:17:51] <@Paradox> The Sigilyph looks weary
  317. [01:17:52] <@Paradox> 1d20
  318. [01:17:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  319. [01:18:18] <@Paradox> 3d10+12 Maka
  320. [01:18:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Maka: 39 [3d10=7,10,10]
  321. [01:18:31] <@Paradox> It unleashes a blade of wind at Maka!
  322. [01:18:54] <@Paradox> The unown on her staff retaliates with a burst of ice!
  323. [01:18:56] <@Paradox> 1d20
  324. [01:18:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  325. [01:19:03] <Maka> "Oww!" Maka cries out as the wind cuts into her.
  326. [01:19:38] <Clarity> "This... really really REALLY doesn't look very good." The really terrible white mage bites her lip. Why couldn't she have a glaive? Glaives are awesome.
  327. [01:19:41] <@Paradox> 2d20+10
  328. [01:19:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20+10: 29 [2d20=13,6]
  329. [01:20:07] <@Paradox> The Sigil goes down!
  330. [01:20:18] <@Paradox> 2#1d20
  331. [01:20:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2#1d20: 10 [1d20=10], 8 [1d20=8]
  332. [01:20:31] <@Paradox> The Drowzee and Munna rush the guardian together!
  333. [01:21:04] <@Paradox> The Drowzee pulls a glowing sword of light from nowhere, slashing at the guardian!
  334. [01:21:18] <@Paradox> 2d20+1d8+20
  335. [01:21:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20+1d8+20: 29 [2d20=2,2; 1d8=5]
  336. [01:22:03] <@Paradox> The Munna meanwhile lobs a ball of bright green energy
  337. [01:22:08] <@Paradox> 5d10+12
  338. [01:22:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 5d10+12: 49 [5d10=9,8,3,9,8]
  339. [01:22:36] <@Paradox> The freed Guardian swipes at Clarity with his axe hand!
  340. [01:22:37] <@Paradox> 1d20
  341. [01:22:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  342. [01:22:43] <@Paradox> 3d20+15
  343. [01:22:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 3d20+15: 49 [3d20=16,12,6]
  344. [01:22:57] <@Paradox> Terri's turn
  345. [01:23:52] <Maka> (I think Terri is down?)
  346. [01:23:56] <Maka> (unless his armor gave DR)
  347. [01:24:10] <Clarity> "Euuuggggh... feels kinda dizzy. Reaaaaally dizzy." She holds her head with a spin... before a cough. "Nope, nevermind, you're nothin'!"
  348. [01:24:56] <Terri> )SOrry. Derped)
  349. [01:25:09] <Terri> (tireD)
  350. [01:27:15] <@Paradox> (Well, Maka's turn if Terri is down)
  351. [01:27:24] <Clarity> (Oh sure, I don't get one? ;_;)
  352. [01:28:02] <Maka> (yeah, should be Clarity after Terri)
  353. [01:28:18] <@Paradox> (Er, Clarity I mean <:3c )
  354. [01:28:22] <Terri> (Sorry. Catching up.)
  355. [01:28:24] <Clarity> (Teehee~)
  356. [01:29:18] <Terri> (Ko'd.)
  357. [01:29:34] <Terri> however for my missing turn...
  358. [01:29:38] <Clarity> (Time to fix that then)
  359. [01:29:45] <Terri> 1d20 AXE SMASH
  360. [01:29:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, AXE SMASH: 2 [1d20=2]
  361. [01:29:50] <Terri> nope.avi
  362. [01:30:18] <Clarity> "C'mon, Buff Guy... you're supposed to be buffer than this! ... Kinda hurts, though, to say so myself. Okay!"
  363. [01:30:27] <Clarity> 2d20+6 LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN, BUFF GUY
  364. [01:30:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN, BUFF GUY: 27 [2d20=3,18]
  365. [01:31:00] <Terri> (That would bring me back to 17 HP)
  366. [01:31:20] * Clarity winces. "Yow... hope you can cover this, 'Ka! I think this is gonna hurt. A lot." A gulp, staring up at the guardian.
  367. [01:31:34] <@Paradox> Maka's turn!
  368. [01:31:59] * Maka gulps and stares at the guardian. "...d-do what's natural...okay..." she grits her teeth, closes her eyes and....charges at the thing, swinging her staff.
  369. [01:32:02] <Maka> 1d20 ac 6 arms attack
  370. [01:32:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, ac 6 arms attack: 14 [1d20=14]
  371. [01:32:09] <Maka> 2d20+6 damage if hits
  372. [01:32:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, damage if hits: 38 [2d20=13,19]
  373. [01:33:50] <@Paradox> BONK
  374. [01:34:05] <@Paradox> The Guardian blinks at Maka
  375. [01:34:16] <@Paradox> Then slowly begins to fall over
  376. [01:34:27] <@Paradox> Completely disppearing before it hits the ground.
  377. [01:34:48] * Maka opens her eyes slowly. "...huh? D-did...did that work?!"
  378. [01:35:10] * Clarity falls over too. "... Okay, I lied, let's NEVER do that again. There aren't enough days on the calendar for the nap I'm gonna need after this."
  379. [01:36:36] <Maka> "...does this mean we're the main characters in this story? ...I..don't like adventures...I feel sorry for main characters in books now..." Maka remains standing but is swaying a bit. She winces as she pokes at her fresh bruises.
  380. [01:37:51] <@Paradox> < But you did it! You really did it! >
  381. [01:38:04] <@Paradox> The Munna hovers in circles around Maka's head.
  382. [01:38:08] <Clarity> "Hah... hah... well, it doesn't FEEL all that great." She stands up reluctantly, brushing off as well. "Well, I guess it feels awesome in a different way. Thanks to you guys too!"
  383. [01:38:25] <@Paradox> < Yeah, only five more to go. Well, let's go actually BREAK the seal and get on with it > says the Drowzee
  384. [01:38:37] <Maka> "I...guess so." Maka resumes staring at the Unown. " were a person once...standing here in this same plac- FIVE MORE?"
  385. [01:38:47] <Clarity> "Five more...? You mean, RIGHT now? Are you frickin' kidding me?"
  386. [01:39:23] * Clarity can't contain the excitement. "Ooooo~kay, I lied again, that sounds SO AWESOME!"
  387. [01:39:43] <Maka> "N-n-n-no...NO it doesn't!"
  388. [01:39:53] <@Paradox> < No, not right now, you big silly! >
  389. [01:40:00] <Clarity> "... Oh." Huge pout.
  390. [01:40:03] <@Paradox> That's the drowzee.
  391. [01:40:47] <Maka> "T-then..." Maka looks between her battered companions. "...then we can go home, right? ...b-but you're going to bring us here again..."
  392. [01:40:56] <@Paradox> Unown: < The Deceiver's waited a long long time. He can wait a little more, you need to rest! Go break the seal so I can take you home >
  393. [01:41:10] <Maka> < I do that? >
  394. [01:41:35] <Clarity> Maka gets another pat on the shoulder again. "Listen to what your heart tells you! ... At least, that's how all the books do it. Er, y'know, the ones that aren't bad. Actually, some of those ARE pretty bad."
  395. [01:42:10] <Maka> "...b-but those are books. real."
  396. [01:42:45] <Clarity> "Hmm, good point." The pole-arm (get it?) scratches her head in a weird way. "Maybe someone should write one about it?"
  397. [01:43:11] <@Paradox> The drowzee snorts. < The seal is in the next room. Let's go. >
  398. [01:43:20] <Clarity> Quick headshake. "... Naaah. This would be a terrible ending, it'd be like twenty pages. Went too quick."
  399. [01:43:27] <@Paradox> The Drowzee keeps walking along the corridor, with the Munna following.
  400. [01:43:48] * Maka follows the pair of pokemon, eyes still fixated on the Unown staff. < You...had to do this too? >
  401. [01:44:30] * Clarity drags Terri along by some force of monstrous teenager strength. "Great work takin' all the hits for us, by the by, Buff Guy! I couldn't-- okay, I probably could take all that actually, but you looked cool!"
  402. [01:45:11] <Terri> (Am I back up?)
  403. [01:45:20] <@Paradox> ( yeah, you got healed to 17 wasn't it?)
  404. [01:45:20] <Clarity> (Yeah, you were up to 17 last round)
  405. [01:45:35] <Terri> (Yeah. Also was poison healed?)
  406. [01:45:45] <@Paradox> Unown: < I never even managed to open the temple door. >
  407. [01:45:48] <@Paradox> ( yes Terri )
  408. [01:45:53] <Terri> (k)
  409. [01:46:03] <Maka> < I'm...I'm sorry. >
  410. [01:46:03] <Terri> "Guardian hit hard."
  411. [01:46:26] <Clarity> "So... we just gotta bust this open too, right?"
  412. [01:46:46] <Maka> "h-hey..." Maka goes up and taps the Munna. "C-can...can I bring my brother next time? He's a better fighter than I am...Or some of the other villagers..."
  413. [01:47:31] <@Paradox> Unown: < Your brother? Uh. No I don't think that would be a good idea. It doesn't really work that way. It's all a bit complicated >
  414. [01:47:46] <Clarity> Confidence is alllll back. "Ahahaha! Really, you think Missy could beat ME? That was frickin' awesome and you know it!"
  415. [01:48:28] * Maka looks down at her feet. "...Oh." and she glumly continues forward.
  416. [01:48:28] <@Paradox> As you keep walking, you eventually reach a small shrine at the very back of the building.
  417. [01:48:29] <Clarity> "Kinda wish I could bring Sky though, he'd be into this stuff. Sucks." A shrug. "Oh well!"
  418. [01:49:03] <@Paradox> < Sky? If they're a pokemon, it shouldn't be a problem. Just come better prepared next time. >
  419. [01:49:31] <Terri> "Boris be big help. He must worried."
  420. [01:49:40] <Clarity> "Aw pfft, you mean we really could've just ASKED for help like that? You guys're cheaps!"
  421. [01:49:45] <@Paradox> The shrine altar is made of smooth brown stone. There's a scroll on it.
  422. [01:50:00] <Maka> "...I'm definitely bringing Sartre next time then." Maka carefully approaches the altar and gingerly picks up the scroll.
  423. [01:50:03] <Clarity> Maka gets yet another slap on the back. "'Kay, do your stuff! G'luck, have fun."
  424. [01:50:29] <@Paradox> The scroll is rolled up, and a bit dusty.
  425. [01:51:06] * Maka leans her staff against the altar then slowly unfurls the scroll.
  426. [01:52:28] * Terri watches.
  427. [01:53:15] <@Paradox> "Here is trapped the Fury of The Deceiver, so that his Strength may never trouble mortal men upon the earth."
  428. [01:53:22] <@Paradox> That's all it says.
  429. [01:53:35] <@Paradox> < Go on then! Rip it up! >
  430. [01:53:50] <Terri> (Inb4 we're doing a BAD thing.)
  431. [01:53:52] <Clarity> "I have a feeling we're about to do something really... what's the word?"
  432. [01:54:07] <Clarity> A snap of her fingers. "... Right. Awesome."
  433. [01:54:10] * Maka gives a quizzical look to her staff, then tears the scroll in half. then in half again. Then she's full on shredding it.
  434. [01:56:46] <@Paradox> Nothing happens for a bit.
  435. [01:57:24] <Clarity> "... Welp, that could've been more awesome than it was. So who's ready to walk home?"
  436. [01:57:27] <@Paradox> Then suddenly the three of you suffer that feeling of being punched in the face with LIGHTSOUND again
  437. [01:57:45] <Terri> (POKETHULHU. Also you're the one with the int. Im suprised you havent asked about DECEIVER.)
  438. [01:57:47] <@Paradox> And you're all on the library floor, dressed normally.
  439. [01:57:47] <Clarity> "... Oh pfff-"
  440. [01:58:02] <Terri> "Ow."
  441. [01:58:12] <Maka> (oh right, Dox I have Prophet. Do I know anything about this Deceiver?)
  442. [01:58:19] <@Paradox> (nope)
  443. [01:59:29] <@Paradox> The O unown is still there, hovering over Clarity.
  444. [01:59:39] <@Paradox> The Drowzee and Munna are there too, standing by.
  445. [01:59:46] <Maka> (do we remember everything or do we derp like Terri did?)
  446. [01:59:50] <Terri> ^
  447. [01:59:52] <@Paradox> 1d100
  448. [01:59:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 91 [1d100=91]
  449. [02:00:09] <@Paradox> (Roll WIS, each of you)
  450. [02:00:15] <Clarity> 1d20-3 oh no
  451. [02:00:15] <Terri> 1d20-3
  452. [02:00:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 1 [1d20=4]
  453. [02:00:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, oh no: 2 [1d20=5]
  454. [02:00:17] <Maka> 1d20+6
  455. [02:00:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d20+6: 25 [1d20=19]
  456. [02:00:20] <Maka> (Ahahaha!)
  457. [02:00:23] <@Paradox> Maka remembers everything
  458. [02:00:30] <@Paradox> Clarity and Terri don't remember a thing.
  459. [02:00:31] <Clarity> (AWESOME END)
  460. [02:00:46] <Maka> "Oh...oh god we're home. We're back!" Maka practically yells at Terri and Clarity.
  461. [02:00:52] <Terri> (Do I still have SORD?)
  462. [02:00:56] <Terri> "Huh?"
  463. [02:01:05] <Clarity> ".... Huh." She stares at the Unown, eyes following it.
  464. [02:01:06] <@Paradox> < Oh man, I haven't been in the real world in AGES. Do you have SNACKS? > The Drowzee asks
  465. [02:01:12] <Terri> "I not home."
  466. [02:01:14] <Clarity> "Why do I feel like I just took the longest nap in decades?"
  467. [02:01:18] <@Paradox> (you do not have sord)
  468. [02:01:46] <Maka> "We're out of...that place..." Maka shivers, then notices the other pokemon. "Um...there's candy at the desk...are you staying here?"
  469. [02:01:53] <Terri> (Do I remember having that sword from when I was in the library with it?)
  470. [02:02:34] <Clarity> "That place... uh, like a bed? And uh.." YAAAAAAAAAAAAWN. "When'd those guys get here?" A point to the two newcomers.
  471. [02:02:42] <@Paradox> (yes Terri you do)
  472. [02:02:54] <Terri> "Huh? Where sword?"
  473. [02:02:59] <@Paradox> The Drowzee claps and wanders off to get CANDY.
  474. [02:03:15] <Terri> "Also no feel heavy now"
  475. [02:03:15] <Maka> "'re kidding!" Maka whirls around and flashes a desperate look at the O Unown. < T-they don't remember ANYTHING? >
  476. [02:03:33] <Clarity> "Oh yeah, Buff Guy, you're right, that really was a funky dream. Did we both have it? Ahahaha... I love when that hap- whoa!"
  477. [02:03:57] <@Paradox> < They can't see The Ink. It's going to be hard for them to remember anything in the dreamtime. The girl is so used to it I thought she probably would, but I guess not. >
  478. [02:03:58] * Clarity falls to the ground after a sudden Shinx attack, then stands up giggling with him cradled and subject to a head-pat.
  479. [02:04:31] <Terri> "Huh. I no sleep. I had sword. No had dream."
  480. [02:04:52] <Terri> "I like axe."
  481. [02:04:54] <@Paradox> Maka only: The Munna waggles its head apologetically. < I'm very sorry that we must intrude on you, but he and I must be here in the real world so we can monitor any anomalies that may happen! >
  482. [02:04:57] * Terri hugs his rusty axe.
  483. [02:04:59] <Clarity> "Oh, hey Sky. What's that all about, was I out for a really long time or something?" A lengthy pause. "... What season is it, anyway?"
  484. [02:05:16] <Maka> < T-that's too cruel...I...but... > Maka slumps over, defeated and turns toward the Munna and Drowzee. "...So you're staying?"
  485. [02:05:16] <Terri> Also, Boris is freaking the fuck out, but is glad to see Terri back.
  486. [02:05:21] <@Paradox> < We'd be happy to be helpful in any ways we could while we're here! >
  487. [02:05:53] <Clarity> (Also, is Maka the only one getting telepathy'd to now or can we all still hear it?)
  488. [02:06:09] <@Paradox> (Maka only right just now)
  489. [02:06:37] * Maka nods. "S-so...when do we have to go back?"
  490. [02:06:59] * Clarity marches up to the timid girl with a puzzled-- no, call it 'concerned' look. "Just who ARE you talking to, anyway?"
  491. [02:07:11] * Terri yawns. "Me tired."
  492. [02:07:51] * Clarity backs off with a shrug. "Yeah, me too, Buff Guy. Really weird, since I swear I just got up."
  493. [02:07:55] <@Paradox> < Uh ... I don't know! We'll have to look for an access point to the other seals. I'll let you know if I sense anything! >
  494. [02:07:55] <Maka> "Them of cou- ...oh, right..." Maka sighs and doesn't quite know how to start explaining.
  495. [02:08:23] * Terri lays down, and uses a book as a pillow.
  496. [02:08:38] <@Paradox> < Oh! Sorry! Uh ... > The Munna turns to clarity. < Munna ... Munna? >
  497. [02:09:00] <Clarity> Yaaaaaaawn. "Right, Munna Mun- wait, what?"
  498. [02:09:13] <Maka> "Terri, d-don't....okay..." Maka looks back toward the Unown. < that why you keep appearing around me? >
  499. [02:09:27] <Terri> "zzZzZzzZzzzz"
  500. [02:09:33] <@Paradox> < Because you're an access point? Yes! >
  501. [02:09:58] <@Paradox> The Drowzee waddles back in the room, holding a bowl of candy.
  502. [02:10:14] <@Paradox> < Candy! Delicious candy! Real actual candy! Not DREAM candy. REAL CANDY. >
  503. [02:10:19] <@Paradox> OMNONOM
  504. [02:10:20] <Maka> < was creepy! You were always staring and never explaining anything and oh god why did you... > Maka almost looks a bit angry now.
  505. [02:10:44] <Clarity> "Really? Buff Guy gets off that easy?" The teenager's visage is more puzzled than ever before. "Maaan, you're really out of it, 'Ka. Maybe you should lie down too? I'm just gonna go over here..." She goes over there. Sky isn't happy about it.
  506. [02:11:00] <@Paradox> < Well, we couldn't speak to you. We knew we -could- though, but you were the one that hard to start the link. >
  507. [02:11:45] <Maka> < don't think you could have spelled it to me or something?! >
  508. [02:12:12] <@Paradox> < Well, you only had enough power to sustain about five of us at a time... >
  509. [02:12:33] <@Paradox> < And it's not like we got to pick WHICH five of us came over >
  510. [02:13:17] <Maka> < I...I...what? > Maka blinks. < Oh god is that something I can do? I..I don't want this... It's scary... > she backs away and slumps into a chair.
  511. [02:13:49] <@Paradox> < You can do it! I'll be with you every step of the way. I promise. >
  512. [02:14:46] <Maka> (that was indeed awesome. but oh god Dox, you had to do the Unown is people thing after Gar and I established that Arawn EXTERMINATES these things when he visits the library, didn't you?)
  513. [02:14:48] <@Paradox> (Either of you interested in the drowzee or munna?)
  514. [02:15:12] <Clarity> (Didn't get my ballz until the 56th, even though they seem nice!)
  515. [02:15:14] <@Paradox> (YEP. Arawn is now a murderer. Well, more of a murderer. )
  516. [02:15:17] <Maka> (Hm, Maka probably would let them stay in the library but not formally capture them)
  517. [02:15:46] <Garlyle> (You should have waited for me to make a book from Unown, Dox)
  518. [02:15:53] <Garlyle> (I was going to make the Pokenecronomicon)
  519. [02:15:56] <Maka> ( Maka needs to go continue the breakdown she started to have when she realized she's been having Arawn kill people for her ;_;)
  520. [02:15:57] <Clarity> (Drowzee is like the most amazing thing for a narcoleptic.)
  521. [02:15:59] <Garlyle> (It would've been even more horrifying had it of happened)
  522. [02:16:13] <Maka> (both of those are great for Clarity. Both dream-associated pokemon)
  523. [02:16:28] <@Paradox> ( Well, you should talk to O about it sometime )
  524. [02:16:35] <@Paradox> ( The been-killing-people thing )
  525. [02:16:37] <@Paradox> (BUT NOW NOW)
  526. [02:16:39] <@Paradox> </session>
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