Deferment (Days 20 - 22)

Sep 30th, 2012
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  1. Day 20
  3. Had a ‘talk’ with Rarity tonight. And by talked with I mean vented at. I suppose she didn’t really deserve it personally but I felt the whole sneaking into my room repeatedly was getting a little insulting. I’ve been pretty clear here I’d rather they just be straight with me on this. Guess it all kind of backfired for both of us though.
  5. Anyway like I said. Pretty obvious that it had been read. I made a habit of both leaving this facing the wrong way and also placing a hair on it. The first time the book was placed facing differently, the next two they managed to catch that but not the hair. Not to mention the pencil lead by the door hinge. I plan on stopping this all tomorrow though. Not only do I hope we reached an understanding but also I can’t keep wasting lead like that.
  7. So yes, knocking on Rarity's door. It didn’t take her too long to answer I guess I didn’t wake her though half an hour later I might have. She didn’t seem all that surprised to see me. Guess what I wrote tipped her off.
  9. Apparently both of us have been a little frustrated with the situation. While Cadence sees that it’s good to have a human around to help she also doesn’t want to compromise the safety of the ponies here. On the other hand several ponies have come forward vouching for my character. That’s when the whole sneaking into my room thing started. They were hoping to prove if I was a danger or not.
  11. The diary, in her opinion gave a bit of a mixed message. Yes I seemed like a good person but I was also suspicious of them. The fact that I was planning on leaving the day after didn’t help my cause either. My knowing they read it only complicated things because who would be able to tell if I was telling the truth. So all in all nopony learned anything they didn’t already know.
  13. So we came to an agreement. I don’t want them to think I’m hiding anything and they would rather not go behind my back about checking, just to be sure. First is that instead of sneaking into my room there will be periodic random checks. Which I guess isn’t so bad. I get to quit being paranoid and they get to rest easier knowing I’m not secretly making a bomb or something. Second is I will eventually get to leave the base, not for a week or so but after they start taking new arrivals again. I’ll have to have my things carefully checked before I go in or out though as a precaution.
  15. Honestly I kind of expected the second one even if we hadn’t had these issues. Even so, in exchange she offered to provide the things that I was going to town for. She doesn’t think she could find a clock that would work properly on earth but she could get the other four things. I suppose the socks and sweets are easy enough to just pick up in Ponyville and she offered to do the laundry earlier. The razor though, she has the most convoluted plan. She’s going to pass it off to the next pegasai traveling to the DC Camp/Embassy where they do have a few outlets, let them charge it, and then have them bring it back. This seems ridiculously excessive be she insisted it wouldn’t be any trouble.
  17. I guess it all worked out though. She urged me if I had any future concerns to take them up with her. She said she would like to maintain a good relationship with the humans who are trusting. I got about half way to the door before she remembered my other written request. Apparently she was already finished with the latest issues of Haberdasher and Fashion Life. She also lent me a book in case those weren’t to my liking. To be honest, I’m pretty sure I’ll probably actually enjoy the magazines even if just to learn a little more about the pony world. Even so, it was a nice gesture.
  19. Looking a little more closely though, The Masked Pegasai of Manehattan. I’m pretty sure it’s a romance novel. The cover looks almost exactly like an Earth Romance Novel except instead of Fabio it’s a chiseled stallion pressed up a frail looking white Unicorn. There’s a lot of bloom and there’s a fire breathing dragon in the background with a sunset. I’m kind of afraid to read it. I think I’ll stick to the magazines for now, who knows though, with no other Earthlings on the base I’ve had more free time.
  21. --------------------
  23. Day 21
  25. Forgot rain was scheduled for this afternoon, real downpour. Apparently all the sunny weather we had when people were coming through dried everything out. Rarity stopped by this morning before breakfast to pick up my things. I made an effort to air my laundry before but after you’ve been same 7 sets of clothes for 3 weeks they tend to smell a bit no matter what you do. At least this set has only been worn once before, planned on wearing it back to town. She took the razor and cord too, said she would pass it off to somepony before heading through the portal. Aparently she’s taking a personal day to spend with Sweetie Belle and Fluttershy.
  27. Saw a helicopter this morning too. It was right after breakfast when it flew overhead. Some of the guards were already chasing it. I’m guessing it was a news helicopter, though kind of odd that they would try filming us again after the last reporter. Could be a different channel or something. Perhaps nopony is doing interviews. Kind of makes me wish I knew what was going on outside. Perhaps that’s something else I could request. Like a newspaper, I’m sure something like that would interest a few ponies too.
  28. I guess I just ducked in to get out of the rain. Maybe I should check around camp a bit and see if anypony else is bored. I did bring a deck of cards. Maybe I can teach somepony a card game or learn a pony one myself. I wonder if their cards are even the same though.
  30. --------------------
  32. Day 22
  34. Things are starting to finally start moving again. Around noon after the ground finally dried out a little a wave of ponies began coming through the portal bringing building supplies. Apparently we are going to be reopening soon but first we’re going to expand. Capacity will be increasing from 250 to 500 so we should be able to handle 200 ponies a week. Should be exciting.
  36. Not too sure what I’ll be able to do to help with the construction though. Most of it is being done by unicorns, all the wood is precut so it just has to be fitted together. Very efficient. I have to wonder though. Winter is coming soon and these cabins don’t look particularly warm and none seem to have a heat source. I guess ponies have a coat of their own but I might freeze. I guess I’ll have to buy some heavier clothing when I do get back to town. Also steal all the blankets in camp and pile them onto my bed.
  37. I suppose this is one of those things I should tell somepony before it really becomes urgent. I did speak to Rarity but I didn’t think of it at the moment. Besides after she did everything we agreed on and more it would kind of be awkward to ask for more. All my clothing is fresh smelling and I finally got rid of all this facial hair. She even got me a selection of sweets from Ponyville. I’ve had to hide them from my sight to stop me from just eating all of them in one sitting. Got a new diary too but obviously I’m not using it yet. I feel kind of bad for asking Rarity to pick this up because now that I have it I feel kind of attached to this one.
  39. And the socks. I guess I hadn’t considered that there wouldn’t be any stores selling human socks in Equestria but she actually took time to make a few pairs. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to wear them all that often. I mean they look very nice. Whiter than white with a blue band around the top. And they’re pretty warm too. The issue is I don’t know how long they’ll last. Just walking around my room and I’m not feeling any cushion in the heel and that’s where I wear out my socks. Unless they’re heavy duty I usually wear out a pair of socks every week, I’m not sure if these would last half that long.
  41. Maybe I’ll just save them for special occasions or something. I did actually bring a dress shirt and some slacks. Fortunately they didn’t get too wet yesterday the rain was letting up a little right as I went out. There isn’t really much for formal occasions out here I suppose though. I do hear that Celestia or Luna may be stopping by in the future for an inspection. I suppose that might be the closest we get.
  43. I wonder what the Princesses are up to actually. I don’t think I’ve heard any news about them coming to Earth since before I came here. Apparently Cadence has been making the ambassadorial trips instead. I thought she was just a princess in name or something. Seems a little odd to not have the leaders of your world not be more visible when trying to make a good impression. I guess there must be messes of stuff on their end to take care of as well. I’m really out of the loop here. Now I want an Equestrian newspaper too.
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